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Cell Site Lease The uppermost thought in any landowner's mind would be, 'Is my property a prime one for setting up cell towers’? Can I lease out my land as cell site lease? With the advent of newer and higher-end technologies, dependancy on wireless towers has marginally decreased. But as per the CITA (International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry) there are roughly 250,000 cell sites in the United States in 2010 alone. Now while the penetration of of wireless users is still at 93% only, with land phones and other devices still under use, the need for land for erecting wireless towers or using the existing ones is still in demand. With iPhones, iPads, iTV’s... the list of cellular carriers seems to be growing and the need to penetrate and achieve 100% into the market of wireless users needs to be tapped. According to survey and reseaches carried out there easily will be a market of 100,000 additional new cell sites in the next 5-10 years. Now the basic need for land to set up a cell tower should be atleast 1200 to 2000 square feet of ground space or rooftop space. Landowners need to be aware of this fact and also make sure before bidding to put their land int he lease market that the land isnt marked in a flood zone or any other natural disaster zone area. They also need to keep in mind that the land hasnt been earmarked as a contaminated area or has some sort of historical significance that can land the company leasing it and the owner leasing it out, to be embroilled in legal tangles. Landowners eager to advertise their land as cell site lease need to market their location by submitting details and other required information about their land to the cellular carriersa nd cell phone tower companies directly. Make sure that you arent taking the help of any agent or middlemen who would again place a lot of strain on your purse. All the leading cell phone companies in the US have provisions on their websites for prospective landowners to fill in. All they need is: • Contact Information, name, telephone and email • Property location's address • Zoning information • Parcel number (Section, Block, Lot) • Size of the Property • Coordinates if possible and • Photographs, site plans or pictures if available All the landowners need is to provide the information that the companies are looking for in the best possible manner and then sit abck and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Cell Site Lease