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Stories are the popular source of entertainment and relaxation and bedtime stories is like a diamond in the necklace. We often listen the lovely fairy tales, fables, adventurous, inspirational and motivational stories from our grandparents or parents and these stories are the best memories of our childhood days. Stories always been a popular source to teach anyone and is a great bond between our parents and grandparents. These stories in some sense or another entertain, motivate and inspire us throughout our life and play a very important role in our upbringing.

After a busy and hectic day, bedtime stories are the best way of relaxation and entertainment. But in this era of fast moving life where everyone is busy, no one has time to tale bedtime stories. But here we have this unique website that provides you the platform to read the provoking, relaxing and interesting bedtime stories. We have lovely fairy tales and adventurous stories for kids and horror and romantic love stories for teens and toddlers. So bedtime stories online is just a few click away from you. You can simply relax on a bed and enjoy your short bedtime stories with a cup of tea that’s takes you to another world of entertainment and relaxation.

We believe in providing our users the best stories so we personally review the stories before displaying them on the website. We also doesn’t believe in repetition of those old and boring bed time grandma type stories, we offers you the best novice short stories written by experienced or budding writers and authors from all over the world. We also don’t copy stories from other websites or books or novels. Copying is the simple thing that anyone can do. We provide our readers the fresh stories to read.

We have above 500 real writers and authors from all over the world and more than 2000 visitors on our facebook page and its popularity is increasing day by day. We offer the authors or writers the opportunity to have their extraordinary writing talent to be viewed and appreciate by millions of people from all over the world through our website.

About Us: is the online platform that offers the novice writers or authors to reveal their artistic talent and let it be appreciated by others. It is the unique network where everyone can connect, enjoy and appreciates the writings of each other. This unique website also offers good platform for budding writers and authors where they can showcase their creativity to others and earn their precious appreciations. You just need to be click on sign up in header and fill a simple form , you will receive an account activation link in your email. Just confirm you mail by just clicking on that link and you will be a member of our website. Now just got to the home page of website and click on “Submit Your Story” and submit your story in appropriate category.

Fascinating Bedtime Stories for kids and toddlers  
Fascinating Bedtime Stories for kids and toddlers  

Welcome to the world of riveting short stories “”. Enjoy amazing bedtime stories with the largest store of online storie...