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Award-winning photographer from the Home of Golf

Brought up in St Andrews, it seemed inevitable that Mark would work in the golf industry. But after studying at Aberdeen and St Andrews universities, his first steps into journalism took him to the busy streets of London and the likes of the CBI and Janes. Sometime later, a return to Fife provided him with an opportunity to enter the world of freelancing from which he has never looked back.

Since then his work has appeared in various magazines (including Golf Monthly, Golf World, Golf Illustrated, Golf International, Today’s Golfer and Golf Course Architecture) not to mention a host of websites and corporate marketing literature. He has also worked with numerous international golfing bodies and organisations including two in his home town (St Andrews Links Trust and The R&A).




Mark’s photography – shooting at dawn and dusk

“Mark’s inquisitive mind comes to life in his photos. He captures the drama of the moment, if that is possible in a landscape shot.” Euan Grant golf course manager Turnberry


When commissioned to photograph golf courses by clubs, resorts and magazines, Mark spends a number of days on site photographing at dawn and dusk. His objective is to capture the essence of the property from a golfer’s perspective so the image compels the viewer to pick up a club and play. Each hole is shot and many are photographed from a number of angles to provide variety and choice.

Mark has used this approach to photograph Open Championship venues, luxurious five-star resorts and remote nine-holers. His work has taken him around the world helping well-established golf clubs reinvigorate their look and assisting new resorts to create their own identity.


Simon Holt Membership Director The Renaissance Club

“There was no question; Mark was the man for the job. He has taken photographs that not only show off the stunning vistas but they also tell a story. He understood the brief from outset.� 9

Shoots and subtle changes in light

A typical shoot will take three days to complete with two days in the studio processing files. Mark uses a pair of Canon cameras with an array of professionalgrade lenses to ensure every detail is captured and subtle changes of light recorded. All images are shot in a RAW file format which requires processing in a ‘digital’ dark room. These take a little longer to

produce, but the results are spectacular. As an example, the images used in this brochure are smaller thumbnails derived from the their full-size cousins. These larger images can be used for just about anything ranging from brochures, framed prints and magazine articles, up to largescale advertising boards that surround airports and motorways. Mark will provide you with both.


“It has been a real pleasure working with Mark, seeing his passion for photography, how he captures the moment and presents a golf course is fascinating. Mark is a true professional who continues to deliver quality time after time.� Phil Helsby director The Dutch 11

The resulting images - normally 30 - are supplied on a CD-Rom in both highresolution and (smaller) thumbnail files. They are provided in both landscape and portrait orientations (the latter being sought after by magazine editors for front covers etc). In addition, wide-angle, letter-boxstyle images are also included which are great for banners, magazine spreads and websites. 12

“Mark has taken the image of Finca Cortesin to a new level. His photography not only captures the beauty of our golf course, it has proved to be a great marketing tool for our resort.” Javier Reviriego Bóveda director general Finca Cortesin Golf Club


Other elements It is worth pointing out that during a shoot, Mark can also photograph other elements of the property such as spas, hotels and key personnel. This can be arranged with the only extra charge being derived from the time taken to process the shots.


“Mark captured the beauty of Vidago, the history, the old Portuguese country feel as well as the sophistication of a top-notch golf course. Excellent work.� Ivan Livschitz Vice President Capital Projects GLA Hotels


“Mark photographs through a golfer’s eyes. When he captures a golf course on camera, it’s a golfer’s dream come true.” Pamela Gromadzki director Modry Las Golf Club


Tailored licence agreements

All of Mark’s images are supplied with a comprehensive licence agreement covering marketing, PR and promotional activities. Commercial and exclusive rights licences are also available with each tailored to his clients’ requirements. Crucially, Mark’s licences do not carry any geographical limitations. Perhaps as important, payments can be made outright or in instalments thereby spreading the cost of the shoot.


Mark also attends major golf tournaments as an accredited photographer capturing all the thrills and spills of tour golf. Whether he is shooting for sponsors, venues, magazines or sanctioning bodies, Mark always makes sure he’s in the right spot at the right time. 18

Commercial photography

Mark’s ability to combine technique and timing enables him to create vivid studies of some well-known and not-so-well-known places and scenes. But his remit extends far beyond the sweeping undulations of landscape photography. An accomplished architectural , reportage and portrait photographer, Mark has been commissioned by numerous companies, trade bodies and umbrella organisations, as well as a host of magazines and newspapers, to photograph a range of personalities and projects. 19



For more information about commissioning Mark, buying prints or arranging usage rights, please call: T: +44 (0) 1337 858 807 M: +44 (0) 07855 361 203 E: For more examples of Mark’s work, please visit: 21

Mark Alexander Photography  
Mark Alexander Photography  

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