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National Day of Pilgrimage “For nothing will be impossible with God� Luke 2.27

forming fresh expressions of the church in a sacramental and contemplative tradition

Celebrant and Preacher The Most Revd. Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury Coventry Cathedral Monday, 8th December, 2008 The Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary 10.30am to 4pm

You are warmly invited to join the Archbishop of Canterbury in a day of pilgrimage and prayer on Monday 8th December in the striking setting of Coventry Cathedral. In recent years, the Church of England

Renewal in mission comes through

has discerned a vocation to form

returning to our roots. The day will

fresh expressions of the church in a

therefore focus on opportunity for

time of significant cultural change. In

prayer and reflection centred on the

fulfilling this calling we stand in the

Eucharist and prayer in different parts

great missionary traditions of Paul, of

of the Cathedral.

Hilda and Bede, of Clare and Francis, of Keble and Newman, of Roland Allen

Archbishop Rowan

and Vincent Donovan.

writes: “Each of

us promises in the This








the of

Anglican formularies to proclaim the faith

forming fresh expressions of church

afresh in each generation by the grace

within the catholic tradition of the

of the living God at work within us. To

Church of England. As pilgrims we

do this well in our own day involves

will gather to journey together and

a willingness to go to every part of



our changing culture and, often,

Eucharist and the Exposition of the

to work with the Spirit to form new

Blessed Sacrament, as we recall the

communities of word and sacrament

beginning of Mary’s adventure in

in fresh and imaginative ways. I hope

saying ‘Yes’ to God and pledge

and pray that people from every part

ourselves to develop the mission of

of the anglo-catholic tradition will be

the Church in our days.

able to join me in this day of prayer




and pilgrimage as we seek God’s renewal in our common mission”.

The Order of the Day 10.30am : The Gathering at the font and Renewal of Baptism Vows 10.50am : Coffee and welcome 11.10am : An Address from the Archbishop of Canterbury

A reflection from Abbot Stuart Burns, OSB

Eucharist 12.30pm : Lunch (provided in the Cathedral) 1.30pm : Quiet hour with stations for prayer telling the story of catholic and contemplative fresh expressions of the church 2.30pm : Exploring fresh expressions from a Catholic and Contemplative perspective (see panel below) 3.30pm : Closing reflections 3.45pm : Blessing and sending out

The afternoon groups include workshops and discussions which will cover various aspects of fresh expressions and the catholic and contemplative traditions. These include What is Pioneer Ministry? How to be catholic and focused on mission? A step into contemplative practice for busy people. Technology and worship. Body prayer workshop. Why bother with fresh expressions? The ministry of healing through the anointing of oil. There will a chapel set aside for silent prayer for those who have heard too many words.

The day will draw on the expertise of a number of fresh expressions of the catholic and contemplative traditions including Blessed, Contemplative Fire, Feig, Glorious, mayBE, Moot, Nightchurch and Visions.

Booking information The day is designed for up to 300 people only. Advance booking



essential. There is a nominal charge of £5.00 to cover some of the expenses of


day. Lunch will be provided. You can book online at uk/pilgrimage

Directions to the Cathedral can be found on the website and will be sent out by email in advance of the day.

Commendations “Whether you like the language of fresh

“Sacraments, or at least a follow on strategy

expressions or not, catholic parishes in

to introduce people to meeting Christ in the

the Anglican tradition have always been

Sacraments, must be at the heart of any

in the forefront of mission, often in the

‘fresh expression’ if the ‘freshness’ they offer

toughest places. This day gives us another

is to be faithful to the vision of the Church

opportunity to learn about how we can

presented to us in the New Testament. This

engage in this sort of mission today and

insight is the great and essential contribution

we hope that many priests and lay people

those with a catholic heart have to offer the

will want to come and find out more. We

Church as we seek to proclaim Christ in our

have a lot to learn. But we also have a lot

generation. The day planned for Coventry

to offer: after all, the best buildings have

with the Archbishop sounds like a helpful and

the surest foundations.”

hopeful occasion to reflect together and

The Rt. Revd Stephen Cottrell,

encourage one another in these things.”

Bishop of Reading The Rt. Revd Tony Robinson,

The Rt. Revd Lindsay Urwin OGS,

Bishop of Pontefract

Bishop of Horsham Priest Administrator (Designate) of the

“Join us for a pilgrimage where we

Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham

will experience the richness of our Tradition in a fresh way.”

Jonathan Clark, Chair of the Board of Affirming Catholicism

Company no 3598030. Registered Charity no 1080103. Fresh Expressions Ltd, Lambeth Palace, London, SE1 7JU Correspondence: 15 Fyfield Road, Oxford, OX2 6QE

changing church for a changing world email: Telephone 0300 365 0563 (10am-4pm)

Fresh Expressions conference invite  

Fresh Expressions conference invite

Fresh Expressions conference invite  

Fresh Expressions conference invite