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Will eating low carbs everyday help me lose weight? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Here is a post on Yahoo Answers about low carb that I have commented on

That one kid: I have a goal of trying to lose 40-50 pounds by the end of May,so I heard eating less carb and more fruits and vegetables can help me lose weight. Is that true? I run like a mile, bike for like a few miles and do stairs. What else can I do? **************

My answer: Hi That one kid!, Losing 40 to 50 lbs by the end of May is perfectly doable on a low carb diet. Both from the way you have posted your question I can honestly say that you will do yourself a lot of favors by finding out more about exactly what a low carb diet is. The two front runners are obviously Atkins and to a certain extent South Beach and of those two Atkins is normally the easiest one for people to do and for most people will provide good results and feedback fairly quickly. In both cases the books are fairly cheap to buy from your local bookstore or Amazon plus you'll find that your local library will generally have copies of both the Atkins and the South Beach diet books. As Atkins have been around since the early 70s you'll also find copies of this book in secondhand shops for next to nothing. As an effective diet system low carb has been proven by hundreds of thousands of people over the last 40 years or more which would suggest that it will also work for you as well. However it will only work properly of you follow a tried and tested diet to the letter which means that one way or another you need to get yourself a book and simply follow it along. If you try and develop your own diet without a good deal in background knowledge it will take you a lot longer to get the results you want by trial and error so may as well use the wisdom and knowledge of something that's already in existence and get the results you want within the time that you want. Hope that helps, Mark **************

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Will eating low carbs everyday help me lose weight?  

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