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Very Tired Here is yet another comment I made on a forum post about low carb diet Quote: Today is day seven for me of induction and I am being very careful this time. Normally I am sneaking in low carb sweet snacks, like sf pudding and jello and stuff, I know you are not supposed to, but I always did anyway !! However this time, NO LOW CARB SWEETS. Just protein and some veggies. Hardly any cheese at all. Really only one pinch of mozzerella last night at dinner, no cheese otherwise. I only drink water and watered down crystal light. I am just very tired. I have lost 8.5 pounds, my blood pressure isdown to close to normal, and my blood sugar is also down to close to normal again. I am falling asleep on the sofa as early as seven watching tv and sleepy all day as I work and do housework. Normally I am not falling asleep until between nine and ten. I get up around six to seven am. I was not this tired prior to starting my plan. I thought I was eating enough, I eat eggs and bacon for breakfast, or turkey patties. I have meat and a small amout of veggies for lunch and same for dinner. I know your supposed to have salad but had to wait until pay day today to pick up salad stuff. It has been less than two cups a day of brocoli or asparagus, or green beans !! I have made chicken, turkey cutlets, turkey patties, eggs sometimes for dinner as well. Bacon. Itallian sausage once. I am trying hard to do it right this time. Is it normal to be sleepy and tired. By the way, I take a lot of suppliments, always have. So, they are not new, but plenty to keep me going on the plan. any advice is welcome, it is not a deal breaker by any means, but it would be nice to have more energy !!! Oh, also, I cook my food in either olive oil or the organic coconut oil, or butter.Will appreciate any suggestions or advice that is offered. February numbers were similar to the January numbers below.

Hi booklady, Yes induction does make you tired. There are a huge amount of changes going on in your body when you change your food eating pattern the way that you have to in order to go into induction. Firstly because your body is not yet used to digesting the type of foods that you are eating and secondly the fact that you are no longer hopefully eating the low grade food that you’ve been used to does mean that your body is able to put more energy into repair and renewal and at the same time it’s eliminating a lot of the poisons and other garbage that had been floating around in it due to a less than optimal diet. So allow your body time to recover. For most people it will last no more than three to five days occasionally a week but after that you should find that you have even more energy than you had before. As Jerry in China has said upping your fat intake may well be beneficial. Also make sure you’re drinking enough and make sure that you’re having adequate levels of salt. Your body will be deprived of those particularly if you’ve cut out processed foods as they do inherently contain a lot of salt. Hope that helps, Mark


Mark Moxom is a long term lowcarber, researcher, natural health advocate and author of The Snack Box Diet Book

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Mark Moxom is the founder of the Snack Box Diet System and author of the associated book ‘The Snack Box Diet’ as well as a number of other b...

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