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Sports drink for Low Carb cycling Part 2 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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jludders: Thanks Sounds like a good alternative what sort of ratio's would you recommend and could you use a potassium salt for the mixture? **************

My reply: Hi jludders! As we're on a low carb forum, I am of course assuming that you're getting your daily potassium intake from good green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach and so on. Just three good servings of those will give you around about 2,500 to 3,000 mg of potassium each day. Obviously it is important that you maintain a slightly higher potassium to salt ratio. As for salt I would also recommend that you choose a good natural salt without any chemicals added. The last thing of course, to bear in mind is the ratio of salt and potassium to liquid that you take. After all you want to make up for what is lost, I would assume rather than just correct the imbalance. So rather than just pick some figures out of the air, it's probably better that you have a look at some of the more accessible scientific literature. Here's an article that should give you most of the answers that you need and if you want anything further, please do come back to me or follow some of the links that you'll find on this website. Hope that helps, Mark **************

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Sports drink for Low Carb cycling Part 2  

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