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Question on Carbs/Rungs _______________________________________ Below is a copy of the comment I made on a forum post about low carb diet

Hi brastymama, As not2late has said, stick to the carb level that you're losing on after all it's the weight loss and subsequent gain in fitness that is the important thing. Obviously it's nicer to make the diet more appealing and you can do that by adding in other things other than cheese. Be brave and experiment a bit. On the other hand if you do like cheese but you are reacting to cow's milk then you also have goat and sheep cheeses available in some of the better stores. Some of these types of cheeses are incidentally quite delicious especially those that are not too mature. Hope that helps, Mark


Mark Moxom is a long term lowcarber, researcher, natural health advocate and author of The Snack Box Diet.

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Question on carbs/rungs  

Mark Moxom is the founder of the Snack Box Diet System and author of the associated book ‘The Snack Box Diet’ as well as a number of other b...

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