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Popular and Delicious Low Carb Diet Foods These days one of the most popular diets out there is the low carb diet. It has been proven that a diet rich in protein and low in carbs is a great way to significantly reduce a persons body fat levels. While most people know the weight loss benefits associated with a low carb diet, not nearly as many know what low carb diet foods to eat. Fortunately for you, the following article has some of the most popular and delicious low carb foods that you can make a part of your next diet. Read on and learn. The first food group we'll discuss is meats. Of course at the center of most low carb diets is meat. Most meats contain no carbs at all so you should feel free to eat as much meat as you want. One thing to watch out for is fat content. Many meats, such as red meat and pork contain lots of unhealthy saturated fats. While you can have these foods on occasion, you are better off sticking with lean meats such as chicken, turkey and fish. Try and consume only the white meat portion of your turkey and fish as the dark meat also contains more unhealthy fat. It is important to note that meats are going to be the center of your low carb diet so hopefully you aren't a vegetarian.

Next we'll talk about vegetables and fruits. Generally on a low carb diet, want to avoid simple carbohydrates that contain a lot of sugar. The one exception however comes in the form of fruits and vegetables. You need to make these foods a staple in your diet no matter what type of diet you are on. While fruits do contain a good amount of carbs, they also contain lots of other nutrients that your body needs in order to maintain itself. However, it may not be a bad idea to cut down on your fruit intake, and increase the amount of vegetables you eat. That having been said, all vegetables are not created equal on a low carb diet. Leafy greens are among the most popular low carb diet foods out there. They contain very few carbs and are jam packed with nutrients. You would also be wise to stay away form starchy vegetables such as potatoes and carrots as these foods tend to have a higher carb content.

Last, we'll talk about grains. You are going to want to stay away from grain based foods altogether. Foods like bread, cereal and pasta are pretty much nothing but carbs so they should be avoided at all costs. The one exception are low carb versions of these foods that have a high fiber content.

Some other popular low carb diet foods include cheese, nuts and protein shakes. These are great to get you the extra calories that you miss out on from avoiding some of your favorite high carb foods. Try a low carb diet today and watch the fat melt away.


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Popular and Delicious Low Carb Diet Foods