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New dx for boyfriend _______________________________________ Here is a comment I made on a forum post about diabetes and low carb diet

Quote: Hi, my name is Lindsay, and I used to be an forum regular at a few places. It’s been a few years, but I’m back, and I have a few very important questions to ask, if you don’t mind My boyfriend was recently dx type 2 diabetic. We’re fumbling around with low carb, but neither one of us knows how many carbs each of us need a day to maintain a low carb/diabetic way of eating. Can anybody shed any light on this for me? Also, do we need to count calories? And how much fat is too much? Or too little? TIA! Hi Lindsay, Linds The important thing is not to fumble. Both „nette and Michelle have given some good advice. I can only reiterate that particularly as I have been asked by diabetics in the past what they should do. My advice has always been to start on Atkins induction and then take it from there. That does have the tendency to “normalize” blood sugar levels for virtually everybody diabetics included. Many of those who have taken that approach have found that their problem with diabetes gets dealt with very quickly and the next visit to their doctor is a far more pleasant experience for them and quite often an eye opener for the doctor in question. Also Michelle‟s advice about getting a glucose meter is a sound advice and these are inexpensive and readily available. Just watch out for the price of testing strips as it may be better to buy a slightly more expensive meter that has the cheaper consumables as these quickly mount up particularly if you‟re testing more than once or twice a day. Hope that helps, Mark **************

Mark Moxom is a long term lowcarber, researcher, natural health advocate and author of The Snack Box Diet Book.

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New Dx for Boyfriend  
New Dx for Boyfriend  

Mark Moxom is the founder of the Snack Box Diet System and author of the associated book ‘The Snack Box Diet’ as well as a number of other b...