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Need to stop weighing myself daily ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is a recent comment that I made on a forum post abut weight loss

Hi want2Bskny, You don't mention whether or not you measure yourself. Taking your body measurements around the neck, bust, chest, stomach, hips and thighs is always a good idea when we start any weight loss journey because as others have said the scales do lie. The tape measure however doesn't lie as much but the great thing is they seldom lie together. I do recommend also that people take a set of clothes that were snug when they first started the diet and try those on once a week to see how the fit is changing. You can also measure yourself once a week as well. I would normally recommend people measure, weight and see how loose the clothes are getting just once a week all on the same day but if you prefer to have more ongoing encouragement you can do all those on different days so you’re still doing each of them once a week but you’re getting an encouragement every two or three days, say. So measure your weight on Monday, see how your clothes fit on Wednesday and jump on the scales on Friday or Saturday and don't forget to keep a record of each one because that way you'll see the numbers slowly descending and even though the weight may not be going down, you might find you’re losing inches and even though the inches may not be going down you might find that the fit of your clothes has got loser. I'm sure you get the picture. Hope that helps, Mark **************

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Need to Stop Weighing Myself Daily  

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