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This is a copy of a recent comment I made on a forum post regarding low carb diet

Hi Polly.B, I would agree with 'nette it's not absolutely critical to start out in the induction phase although doing so may make your future efforts easier and certainly reward you more quickly in the short term. As you and the others have said cutting out grains, sugars, pastas, starchy veggies, high glycemic fruits, etc. is something you must do and don't forget to add to that rice and I would also add processed food as well as many processed foods will contain huge amounts of fillers consisting primarily of carbohydrate ingredients. Remember too to make sure that you drink more water than you are probably usually used to drinking and don't forget to make sure that you not only weigh yourself but measure each part of your body so you can truly see where you're losing weight from. That will be from the neck, the bust, the chest, the waist, the hips and the thighs. Just do that once a week so you can be encouraged because sometimes the scales stop moving Most of all well done for starting your diet and I wish you every success. Mark **************

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Low/Controlled Carb Eating  
Low/Controlled Carb Eating  

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