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I need some advice on dieting. I have been looking at several diets? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Another comment of mine on a forum post about dieting over at Yahoo answers

Hi Jeanie, Well looking at what you’re doing as far as activity goes, you're already doing a lot more than most people to keep yourself active. Going to the gym once or twice a week plus a daily walk and one or two bike rides a week for a whole layer, you're doing very well actually as far as activities go. With that level of activity I would suggest you try the Atkins diet that is low carb with high fat and a good percentage of protein. The books are inexpensive and easy to follow and the more closely you follow the method as set down in the book, the greater you will find your success and quite often you'll find the books in a library as well if you don't want to invest in one for yourself although I would strongly encourage you to try to do that. Your doctor by the way is in error. Whilst the body may be able to store certain things over the short term it cannot do so over the long term. If you're not getting enough nutrition, then your body will start to use every resource it can. If these were not the case, then you would not see emaciated people on the news when they’re reporting about famines; that is just plain obvious. I would however concur that it might be better for you to eat more than one meal a day. So well done for doing the amount of exercise you're doing but please do look seriously at properly doing a low carb diet as I think that will help you address many of your health problems. Cheers, Mark


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I need some advice on dieting. I have been looking at several diets?  

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