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I hate to exercise ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Here is a post over at lowcarber forum where I have commented on about exercise

From BlueDress: So... I hate to exercise. I hate to feel hot. I hate having sweat pouring down my face BUT I want to feel fit & healthy. I want the whole package and I'm going to give it a solid go. I'm going at my pace. The goal is to improve my fitness without injury. I'm working with a bad back and weak, left leg that I inherited after a long episode with sciatica. Inever want to go back to that so safety is my first priority. **************

My comment: Hi BlueDress, Yes I know exactly where you're coming from. That's the part about exercise I never really liked, feeling hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. But the great thing about doing exercise is that it gradually gets easier as you're finding out and does we get fitter the exercise we do becomes easier therefore less hot and less sweaty. Years ago when I used to do weight training when I first started, almost by the end of the first exercise I felt like I was melting yet towards my affair with that type of exercise I went low carb and within a very short period I was doing the same type of exercises with much heavier weights and a much faster pace and many times wouldn't even break out into a sweat. So you just keep going doing what you're doing, knowing that's it doing you good and the only pace that matters is yours. Well done you! Mark **************

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I hate to exercise  

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