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Atkins and fruit ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Another one of my comments over at lowcarber forum about a post on Atkins

I'm not a fruit eater except if it's mixed into salad and then not too much because I find it too sweet. Now if you were to slice an avocado cover it with mayonnaise and sprinkle cayenne pepper over the top, it wouldn't last long if it were put in front of me that's for sure. But getting back to your question Firefly428, your getting more tired and want to have a snooze, if I'm having a hard day physically I can sense my blood sugar level dropping and yes you can get a bit shaky. In cases like that I normally turn to cheese as that's a good safe source of energy and I find if I let my consumption of cheese drop too much or fat on general, come to that, and I do feel a little bit lethargic. Hope that helps, Mark **************

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Atkins and fruit  

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