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JULY 2016

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SIDNEY Titan Boats produces a range of pleasure, patrol and workboats





OAK BAY The Marina Restaurant: A uniquely West Coast dining experience

Family Business Association Breaks From National Organization Retaining autonomy and successful programing motivated association to become individual entity BETH HENDRY-YIM


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IC T OR I A - I f it i s n’t broken don’t fix it. A solid piece of advice that the newly formed Family Business Association Vancouver Island (FBAVI), takes very seriously. Originally known as the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise Vancouver Island Chapter (CAFEVI), the group offers unique and targeted support for businesses owned and operated by multiple family members. With a sizeable membership and highly successful programing, it has been one of the most active chapters of CAFE in Canada. However, when the national organization chose to change some of its policy and structure to better serve the needs of its

struggling chapters, the Vancouver Island branch asked its membership for their opinion. “Our members were not comfortable with the changes national was wanting to make to its standardized experience,” said Stewart Story, president of the former CAFE VI and newly created FBAVI. “A lot of thought went into the decision by national to ensure it delivered good value to all of its members and we understood its need to consider all chapters.” But in 2015 when the membership was asked for an informal vote on the new direction CAFE was taking, it unanimously supported an autonomous position to retain its independence, values and popular activities. SEE FAMILY BUSINESS |  PAGE 13

Members of FBAVI felt peer advisory groups and family business events were a vital part of the success of the Vancouver Island chapter. L to R: Mike Brooks of Rinald Tax Advisory and FBAVI Treasurer and right, Stewart Story of Story Construction and FBAVI

Tectoria Venture Partners Launches with Intent to Form Victoria’s First Tech Sector Angel Fund New investment management initiative seeks to solve problems of tech entrepreneurs and investors alike


ICTORIA— It all started with a survey to uncover the current state of Victoria’s tech ecosystem. What comes next is anybody’s guess, but Tectoria Venture Partners is betting it will be big. In May 2016, the new investment management initiative

announced its arrival on the Victoria scene and major buzz ensued. The reason? Tectoria Ventures had conducted a survey to gauge the readiness of Victoria’s tech industry ecosystem to sustain a formal angel investment fund— and the results looked good.

“Talks of an angel fund [for tech companies in Victoria] have been circulating for years, but no one had decided to take the reigns,” explains Tectoria Ventures associate Joelle Blaikie, “and there was uncertainty as to whether Victoria had enough deal flow to sustain an angel fund. This


question is what led us to start by conducting our survey.” By quantifying the last 5 years of tech activity, Tectoria Ventures discovered that Victoria’s tech ecosystem is indeed fertile ground for investors. They SEE TECTORIA VENTURE |  PAGE 11

Business Examiner Victoria - July 2016  

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