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The Tubular 2000’s By: Mark Liberman, Allison Keepax, Alejandro Brilemberg

Table of contents Page 1 - Sports: Usain Bolt Breaks His Own Records! Page 2 - Book Review: Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type Page 3 - Music Page 4 - Celebrities: Michael Jackson is a Child Molester Page 5 - Disney World Page 6 - Education Page 7 - 9/11 Page 8 - 9/11 Page 9 - Coca Cola Page 10 - Film and Theatre Page 11- The IPod Page 12 - IPod ad

Table of contents Page 13 - Immigration and Obama Care Page 14 - Immigration and Obama Care Page 15 - Shout Ad Page 16 - Fashion Page 17 - The way of life Page 18 - Mac ad Page 19 - Atkins v Virginia Page 20 - Government and Politics Page 21 - Food Page 22 - Game Page 23 - m&m’s ad Page 24 - Citations Page 25 - Citiations

Usain Bolt breaks his own records! By: Mark Liberman Usain Bolt already held the record for the fastest 100 meter run. In 2009, he competed in the 200 meter run and broke the world record, now holding two of them. However, after all of that, he still wasn't done and he beat his own record for the 100 meter run. Not only had he shown that he still was the fastest man alive, a title he claimed in 2009, he also showed that he could still improve and become even faster, breaking more and more records every time. After he broke two records in 2008, he was severely criticized by some people because of the way he celebrated and therefore breaking his records again in 2009 was considered his redemption. Where in the last showdown, he left everyone in the dust and finished first place.


Children's Book Review: Click Clack Moo: Cows that Type Click Clack Moo: Cows that type written by Doreen Cronin and Illustrated by Betsy Lewin is a children's book about cows who find a typewriter and complain to their farmer about how the barn is cold and how they want electric blankets. Finding the notion ludicrous the farmer refuses. The next day a note is posted on the barn door. The cows refuse to let him milk them unless they get electric blankets. Still the farmer refuses and he returns the next day to find a note saying that the chickens are also cold and refuse to lay eggs if they do not receive electric blankets. The farmer and the cows finally make a deal that if they get electric blankets they will send duck, who is neutral, to give the farmer back the typewriter. The electric blankets are left by the bran door and duck takes the typewriter but instead of giving it to the farmer he takes it to the other ducks where they complain saying the pond is boring and they want a diving board. I believe this book teaches an important lesson of fighting for what you want persistently even if rejected the first time and being able to skillfully reach a compromise between opposing forces.


The music of the decade By: Alejandro Brillembourg The music industry was really starting to evolve into a different style of music in the 2000’s. People started to like rap a lot more because of the up and coming rapper biggie smalls and tupac. These rappers became big in the 90’s and carried their success into the early 2000’s. Unfortunately Tupac was murdered and could not continue his movement. He was more than just a rapper he brought different cultures together and made them unite. This made many young people aspire to come out of their dark past and share the story of their life with the people of the world by the method of rapping. People like biggie smalls became very popular and made a lot of many of their raw talent. Some popular artists from this time are Will Smith, Eminem, 50 cent, and Kanye West. Some of these artists are still famous today because of what music has done for them.


Michael Jackson is a child molestor By: Alejandro Brillembourg


In 2005 the king of pop, Michael Jackson, was accused of molesting a child. Jackson was accused of molesting a 13 year old child giving her alcohol or jesus juice, and was involved in a conspiracy to kidnap her and her family. Jackson denied all accounts. It was a circus for Jackson and one day he even showed up in his pajamas. He was a 13 year old boy who had testified against michael. The trial lasted 18 months and teh Jury concluded not guilty on all of his demeanors. In 2009 michael kill himself with an overdose on sedatives and before of his comeback concert.


Where dreams come true


Rise in Technology in Classrooms By: Allison Keepax Throughout history the main techniques of educating children have remained mainly the same. But in the 2000s, new trends became popular in the classroom. In traditional schools, the use of Google and Wikipedia soared, allowing students to access more databases of information and new resources to learn. Smart boards also became a huge trend in classrooms, replacing chalkboards and expo boards to provide digital interactive learning. Outside of traditional schools, online learning services became available for children who could not attend conventional schools because of illness, or frequent travelling. Finally the last new development of education in the 2000s was the matter of security. After the 9/11 attack, schools increased security measures to help keep the students safe in their school environment


Terrorist attack causes war By: Mark Liberman On september 11th 2001, terrorist hijacked 4 planes and attacked the twin towers and the pentagon. Many people were killed, some by the hit of the planes, others jumped from the tower as they were stuck on the top, and some even died because of the fire. In total, 3000 Americans lost their lives. This caused the security in the airports to be upgraded, and a lot of actions were taken to stop this from ever happening again. This caused a lot of tension with many islamic countries, so when Iraq refused to cooperate, the US believed it had no other choice but go to war. The US believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, so the US attacked in order to check for any deadly weapons. Even after searches were conducted, no mass destruction weapons were found. Many people criticized Bush, the current president, for getting the US involved in a war, based only on assumption and rumors and not actual facts.


The terrorist attacks and the war also caused a lot of trouble for the US because it relies on the Middle East for its oil supply and because of all of the problems going on with the relationship of the US and Arab countries, the price for Oil rose by more than 100% of its original price. It went from $25 a barrel to $60 a barrel. There were also worries of a nuclear war with Iraq, which would cause a lot of destruction and would not be good for any country. However, after some time, it was possible to confirm that Iraq had stopped all of the nuclear plans and construction of warheads. In 2009 Obama decided that all of the troops in Iraq were to be removed and sent back to the US in 18 months.



Film and Theater By: Allison Keepax From 2000 to 2010 hundreds upon hundreds of movies were released though this article will focus in the top ten movies released, based on gross income. The themes that dominated in the popular movies tended to be action and adventure mixed in with a bit drama. This may be due to events that happened during the decade that may have swayed the american public's interests. The most popular movies, in order, were Avatar (2009), The Dark Knight (2008), Inception (2000), Inglourious Basterds (2009), The Lord of the Ring: Fellowship of the Rings (2001), Lord of the Ring: Return of the King (2003), Gladiator (2000), The Departed (2006), No Country for Old Men (2007), and The Prestige (2007).


The iPod By: Mark Liberman The first iPod was released in 2001, and many people were skeptical of where this would leave Apple, many people believed this would lead to its failure. By 2004, the iPod had become very famous and was a product used by most of the people. It was considerably small and could carry many songs in a very small space for the time. It was believed that all of the MP3 players were really bad, so Apple tried to create something better that would satisfy more people than the previous MP3 players, which resulted in the iPod. Before the iPod, if the user had a huge list of songs, the user would need to click the plus or the minus button many times in order to reach the desired song. However, with the new product which was a wheel, it was easier to scroll through many songs.



Immigration and Obama Care By: Allison Keepax In 2008 Barack Obama was elected to office as the 44 president bringing about new policies concerning immigration and healthcare. This act was called the DREAM act or Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors. The act stated that for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children or were born here but their parents were undocumented it would grant them the ability to reside in the United States. The term DREAMer was used to describe those which the act applied to. To qualify for the act the recipient had to be younger than 18 years of age before their initial entry into the United State, had to have proof of living in the united states for a least four consecutive years, and have graduated from an american school or been admitted to an institution of higher learning.


Obama Care was a health care act, also known as the affordable care act, it is a law enacted to insure that all american citizens had affordable health insurance. The act was signed into law on March 23, 2010. The uninsured population in the united states after the act nearly halved to it original percentage. This act also helped with income inequality as the top 1 percentile had to pay more in taxes to fund the health insurance which went to help families within the bottom 40 percentile. Though popular with those who needed it the act became unfavorable for many americans who already had health insurance.With a vote 5 to 4 in the Supreme Court states could chose to not to participate in the affordable care acts expansion.



The Fashion in the 2000's By: Alejandro brillembourg Sweat bands became a big trend in the 2000's. Whether you were coming from working out and sweating to at school doing your work they were used in non athletic circle. In hip- hop they were like the batter gloves of the 90's. A bizzare sports accessory that duded everywhere started to where in none-athletic contxtes. In punk and emo circles they became very popular, Ultimately becoming an accessory that was as ubiquitous as your local mall's Hot Topic. Today they're relegated back to exclusive wear during the sports that inspired the trend, but we'll lament their role as the most athletic way to show you're unathletic.


The way we lived By: Alejandro Brillembourg The people of the 2000’s were very different because they had to deal with all of the technological advancement of the decade. These people had to get used to the mobile era and how technology is advancing quickly. Also people became more aware of the LGBT community and movements online would be made much more easy to make since twitter and social media sites were introduced to the public and made things a lot easier to spread and make public. This decade had been one far different for the people and how they did everything in their life. It was definitely a turning point in History.



Atkins v. Virginia By: Mark Liberman The main question of the case was: Is the execution of mentally retarded persons "cruel and unusual punishment" prohibited by the Eighth Amendment? This was shown in the case of Daryl Renard Atkins who was sentenced to death after committing several crimes. It was argued that he had mental problems and therefore executing him would be considered cruel and unusual, and therefore not allowed by the eighth amendment. Because of their lessened culpability, executing them is considered excessive. This decision places a restriction on the state's power to take the life of a mentally disabled person.


Government/politics By: Alejandro Brillembourg 2000 - America chooses mediocrity: The decade opened with a divisive election where George W. Bush, an unsuccessful business executive, defeated Al Gore, a wooden but seasoned political servant, in an election decided by the Electoral College and the US Supreme Court. 2008 - America chooses hope: As the year progressed there were increasing signs of financial panic. Meanwhile, the country was enthralled by the presidential contest, eventually won by Barack Obama, an African-American. 2000-2009 was defined by dreadful political decisions and missed opportunities. America stagnated because of poor leadership and negative public sentiment.



From the beginning of the 2000s to the end of the decade new food trends spread vastly across the nation, and some are still popular today. Some examples of these trends include: the rise of food television networks, different fad diets such as no carbs or juice cleanses, and the expansion of the multi million dollar chain known as Starbucks. A few more food related trends from the 2000s are the cupcake craze in which cupcakes replaced full sized at birthdays and celebrations because of their convenience. As well as the obsession with organically grown foods compared to processed products.




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2000's by Mark Allison and Alejandro  

Group project

2000's by Mark Allison and Alejandro  

Group project