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Mark Kenny

Profile An established team builder with global brand experience and an understanding of forward thinking production techniques. A passion for improving workflow with a strong drive for doing things ‘the right way’ to reduce time and money spent on redoing work and more time for the people doing it properly.

Objective To produce award winning global creative advertising with the lowest impact on people and finances by using technology effectively. To be in complete control of supplying accurate work to print and broadcast standards, with files that are consistent with a company’s brand image, across the globe.

Qualifications As a Mac based Typesetter, Photographer and Retoucher, Video Editor and now Studio Director with 18 years experience in media, I am best placed to make decisions and steer a company to profit making production using the latest techniques. Having implemented a successful strategy at 180 in Amsterdam, I’ve had a proven impact on my clients brands by producing award winning creative and effective campaigns as well as reducing costs to supply print and TV globally.

Education 1986 —1991, Charters Secondary School, Berkshire. Various software, first aid and management training courses as well as one-on-one life coaching. I’ve taken multiple training courses in popular software; Quark Xpress, Microsoft Office and Creative Suite but found them unsuitable for my own style. I spend too much at Amazon on reference books and My own library totals 150 manuals, DVDs, guides and magazines, plus years on internet discussion forums.

Technology Skills QuarkXpress from 1990, InDesign from 2000, Photoshop since version 2.0. Currently using Creative Suite 5 daily for presentations with embedded media and print in a RGB workflow. Apple Remote Desktop and JAMF Casper Suite for managing 40 Macs. FontLab for development of OpenType fonts. Final Cut Studio 3, establishing SD and HD workflow with archive and backup strategy. XSAN since version 1, now running 28TB on 4GBbps fibre network, Office 2010 for PowerPoint presentations and templates and Excel for yearly budget. Extensis Portfolio, Expression Media and Lightroom for DAM and RAW workflow. Gretag Macbeth ProfileMaker and GMG ColorProof for RGB photographic profiling and CMYK ISO proofing. MAMP for Apache, MySQL and MediaWiki, I built and maintain the 180 Wiki server. As a intensive Mac user I employ different software on a daily basis to improve workflow. Management Skills I have built my team from the ground up, hiring the best I could to support the agency vision. I implemented a middlemanagement layer once we reached 20 people. Using clear communication and investing my time in protecting, growing and rewarding the team, I now have an environment people like to work in, regularly stay after hours and often argue over who works the weekends on pitches! 180 Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL 1999—Present, Head of Studio and AV Departments, The first studio/production operator at 180, I’ve help grow the company from 5 people to 200 at the peak. Developing the Print Studio to 16 and AV to 14. Producing all presentation materials and ‘pre-vising’ production materials. AV is now a full production department with HD, audio and online facilities. Money In 2001 I established a self contained business unit called “253k”. All growth has been achieved with no mergers, partnerships or compromises. As Department Head I’ve maintained a 45% profit margin for the agency as well as fund all growth for my department. In 2008 253k relaunched as U-TURN offering broadcast and still production and retouch facilities working to a 24% profit. Technology I was one of the first in Europe to make the complete switch to InDesign 2.0, migrating 6 Studio and 10 creatives over a 7 day period. I am responsible for the asset management of all agency shoots, with Adobe Lightroom I catalogue and establish keywords for all shoot images and maintain a library of 500,000 photos for instant access

and over 1,000,000 in archive. I built the agency Wiki for inter-company communcations and Wordpress blog for external and I am currently developing the agency photo library and historical archive for print and TV with a web enabled search engine. From starting our internal AV in 2001, implementing XSAN fibre optic network in 2005, HD in 2006, I also project managed the move of our video facilities to new premises in 2008, a project that was scheduled two take two weeks, but because of workload, we executed the move with just one day downtime for the agency (Sunday). With the change in deadlines, I still managed to deliver under budget. People I truly believe with the right tools and trust in people who are passionate about what they do, good design and accurate production for global brands can achieved without the need for large networks and expensive and closed-loop systems. I actively develop the careers of the team I work with and personally help further their growth with advice and training. Brands Global: adidas, Sony, DHL, Amstel, BMW, HTC, Omega, Glenfiddich, Cialis and of course, 180.

Sluisstraat 42-Hs, 1075 TG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Tel: +31 614 789 244 Status: Married with children. Nationality: British.

Employment—Abacus, London, UK (Then part of the AdMagic Group, now The Adplates Group) 1996—1999, Mac Operator/Studio Manager, As the sole operator in the head office I supplied backup for other Studios which included Mother, Weiden and Kennedy London, (then) Ammirati Puris Lintas, (then) Lowe Howard Spink, TBWA and various freelance locations. I was the first Mac Operator for Mother London and artworked their first logo and Emergency Underpants. Brands Global; Winston. UK; Rover, Channel 5 launch, Mother. Metropolitan Police. Employment—Ackroyds Design Emporium, Hants, UK 1995, Mac Operator. Multiple BTL clients and local advertising in South West England. Building print ready artwork in Quark 3.2/3.3.

Employment—Savacentre, Wokingham, UK 1993—1994 DTP Operator. The hypermarket arm of Sainburys Supermarket, we were the first national retail company in the UK to move to a digital Point of Sale system. I was the first employee and responsible for bug reports and initial coding of designs as well as the layouts. Technology We installed a colour laser copier at each location and, a team of 2, created the 1000–5000 a week instore displays under A3 size using a DOS based graphical database. I typeset and coded the initial 500 designs and provided technical support to the stores.

Achievements While I’m proud of everything I’ve done, especially the growth of 180 over the last 12 years, achievements made in production don’t get the recognition of Cannes, or Lions or pencils. Here’s some of the work I’m most proud of and had a major involvement with, my credits list. SavaCentre in-store POS system While it was not my decision to start this project, I was the first operator and built the original layouts and provided technical support for the 10 stores during roll out. This project saved £1,000,000 in the first year. Channel 5 I artworked the print and outdoor campaign for the launch in the UK, as well the the 3,000,000 6 colour PostIt™ notes for insertion in national press. 180 winning adidas I designed and built the presentation book that won us the business. adidas Global Print Distribution As part of adidas brand policy, I developed guidelines for print campaigns and streamlined the production to allow ad’ kits to be used. Working with (then) NMI London we still follow the same system to simplify artwork and the production stage to reduce effort when adaptating for size and language. The extra time spent on cutouts and development of adaptable materials massively reduces the need for local markets to recreate assets. adidas World Cup 2002 My last major print campaign I artworked. I developed the technique and guidelines for adapting the work across the globe. Using Quark Xpress 4.1 I ‘faked’ transparency to reduce the numbers of assets needed to create the print and reduce costs for adaptation and reprographics. Building XSAN based Video Production With no previous experience in video or broadcast production I implemented a 10bit SD Final Cut edit suite. I grew this by hiring very

talented juniors and off-setting hardware investments against a profitable Studio. This business model worked to build a 3 suite XSAN production department which then became financially self sufficient. Now I run 7 suites, audio recording and a full production office producing long and short form HD content for all clients, servicing the agency new business and generating profit for the agency. Implementing a RGB print workflow Learning from online tutorials, books and presentations from Bruce Fraser, we now work in RGB which saves system time, reduces file sizes and puts colour conversion in the RIP so fewer print errors during presentation and in production. Created the company Wiki and Blog I needed to learn digital, so I pulled a spare computer, installed MAMP and set up the resources that are still in use today. DAM for adidas Impossible in Nothing While we had a robust system for print materials using (then) iView Media Pro and Extensis Portfolio, this campaign produced over 100,000 RAW files shot by David Turnley. adidas World Cup 2010 I project managed the building of the font for the print campaign headlines and the shirts and ball. The production workflow I developed is so streamlined, the entire campaign was produced with just two operators and one project manager. 180 winning adidas Digital I managed the logistics and installed the presentation systems; 5 HD screens running PowerPoint for 12 separate presentations to client.

Personal Interests Digital imaging, photography; I shoot landscapes and parties and some video with a EOS550D and various lenses. Typography, a passion I inherited from my father, font identification is the game. Technology, I’m a constant tinkerer with hard drives, cases and cables, streaming

video and networking. Apple Macs. It seems cliché, but I saw my first Mac at 15 and left school to work on it. I saw the power it offered. I’m now a Apple shareholder and use almost every piece of technology they make on a daily basis! I try really hard to balance my time with my wife and daughter too!

Mark Kenny  

This is my CV as of May 2011.

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