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REboot THIS GAME Setting up a Cobra Triangle reboot with today’s gaming tech would be simply amazing. With the water physics and effects from the last few years; you could build a fast paced ocean-action game.

INSANE GAME COLLECTION This month we’re taking a look into JV Raschi’s collection, which is plenty insane. Did we mention he’s been collecting video games since the 80’s!





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How to Buy a PINBALL

When shopping for a pinball, determine what best meet your needs. Here are some key factors.


We Cover the RetroN 5 vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One in our Page 10 review.



We give you all the details Life is full of regrets! We on the reboot of the let the world know about classic PC game. Page 09 fails each month Page 05

TOP-10 RETRO VIDEO GAME VILLAINS Here are your choices for the scummiest and most vile villians in Video Games.


from the Editor... RETRO: The Multi-Format, Throw-Back Video Game Magazine of the Future. I want to welcome everyone to the preview issue of RETRO, The Multi-Format Throw-Back video game magazine of the future. Within these hallowed pages will be a united group of some of the best, most influential video game journalists from the past three decades.

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Scott Schreiber David Giltinan

Tech Questions The majority of my classic gaming centers around my home collection of about 50 various coin-op games. I like pinball, video games, slots, cars and technolgy.

Classic Reviews Gamer since the Commodore 64 and running geek media site @ UltraMegaDeathR. Secret agent.All proceeds go to the David Giltinan Pocket Fund.

Steve Sawyer

Features I’ve written over 300 gaming related articles, and have a wealth of reviews, news, and previews on the web with my name proudly attached to them.

David Siller

Interviews My one gaming regret? I don’t have any. Gaming is what you make it, so let’s make it fun. Welcome to what will be a great ride through gaming.


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Contents >> 10 PRESCREEN


CLASSIC GAMES TO LOOK OUT FOR when you can find them!


Tower Fall


Grand Theft Auto V Secrets Revealed!

12 Tech Quest 12

Busted CRT’s


Pinball lights



Coin Crushers Reunite at last! Keith Robinson

12 Hardware 16

Game Add-ons


Light Gun Reviews


iPad Cases




Longer Game Title over two Lines Platform


We interview Ted Dabney, super cool Co-founder of Atari thsi month.

22 SWAG BAG 35

Top Ten Arcade Villians


Pinball Auction Buyers Guide


The Ultimate Game Room Guide


How to Pimp out your Ouya






13 Comics

RETRO | Issue 1 | October 2013



We sit down with a creator of video games to find out what’s happening.




NeoGAF rant

Would you buy a Steambox day one if HL3 was a launch game and exclusive?

We investigate and discuss a topic which is important to the future of the video game marketplace.




Hyperkin Retron 5!

Hyperkin Retron 5 combines ten consoles into one on December 10 for $99. 4 | RETRO


That’s Nice

Marriage proposal through a hacked version of Contra





161 In 1 MVS This amazing cart combines 161 of the best Neo Geo games onto a single Neo Geo cartridge. The cartridge uses a built-in OSD (On Screen Display) to first graphically navigate to the game you wish to play. Once finished playing, simply hold down Player 1 START button for 5 seconds to immediately return to the OSD game selection screen again. While a game here and a game there are glitched out (AERO FIGHTERS 3) its mostly works perfectly. This cart worked great, I was worried about game load time, but it was super quick, 2 sec max, also each game settings are easy to set; other than I wish there were not so many clones of the same game, if you use this on a CRT monitor it can cause burn because it doesn’t go into demo mode when you power it up. Price: $99.95


R4 DS Cartridge

The SupaBoy will play original SNES cartridges on a built-in 3.5” LCD screen and is designed to look like an original SNES controller including a D-pad, face buttons, as well as right and left shoulder buttons. The SupaBoy also includes two front loading ports that are compatible with full-size SNES controllers and video/audio out.

The R4 DS Cartridge is the current top-of-the-line in Nintendo DS SLOT-1 Flash card. It is just an amazing little device like original DS cart size, it is a complete solution with no need to purchase any additional components or deal with any messy software. To simply put it, this is a must have peripheral for any regular Nintendo DS/DS lite owner. Price: $79.99 Price: $34.99



GAME STICK GameStick is a highly affordable, yet powerful device that brings a world of games directly to the big screen. The device plugs directly into a TV’s HDMI slot and comes with a fully featured Bluetooth Game Pad - ready to go right out of the box. When on the move, the two combine into a single unit,

putting a world of big screen gaming directly into the pocket. Access a world of content via the easy to use storefront right from your TV screen featuring a wide range of the most exciting Android games available

PRICE: $79.99


GUNBOY! Another famicom in a controller, this one doubles as the lightgun, hence the name “gunboy.” Has 64in-1 games, including pretty good versions of arcade classics like Pacman, Galaxian, Missile Command, etc. Most of the units also have their

own cartridge slot. Seems to be several different variations of this type of thing. It’s a piece of crap, run away with your money! PRICE: $29.99

Alcohol Breath Tester Key-ring It’s all too easy to have one alcoholic drink too many, and over the long term this can lead to serious health problems. This sleek looking Alcohol Sensor Key-ring gadget can help you keep a check on your alcohol intake, letting you know when it’s time to stop!

The Alcohol Sensor is a small (approx 8cm long) handheld device which shows breath alcohol level in one of three levels, displayed on an LED display PRICE: $15.99

OUYA We’re very pleased to announce this incredible news to the entire OUYA community, now you are able to use a real version of XBMC that can be installed through your OUYA Discover Store naturally and not through a whole complicated download process like it used to be. This makes OUYA pretty much the easiest platform to install XBMC onto

to date. It’s pretty much already there, you’re basically just turning on the functionality at this point. Omnitem lam faccabor apiciis as eium, et aut quis dus, testrum et resectia volorem quia aut que. PRICE: $99




Nolan had worked his way through college at the carnival kind of thing, so he knew games and he, you know, he was really into that kind of stuff. Anyway, while he was working at AMPEX, he heard about this game on a computer over at Stanford that he wanted me to take a look at too … go with him and see it. It was called Spacewars or something. It was a neat game but it was on this big computer, you know, million megabyte kind of thing and he said, “Hey,


we should be able to do that with a smaller computer and timeshare, you know, these TVs.” Well, so that was our whole idea so we got a hold of Larry Bryan, who was a computer programmer, and we formed the company Syzygy. Scott: Now, let me ask you one question about that. I’ve heard it said … well, the Legend of Nolan … we’ll, for now, call it The Book of Nolan. The Book of Nolan sayeth that Syzygy was created by Nolan Bushnell. I’ve heard that-

Ted Dabney

No, absolutely not. Scott: I’ve heard him saying Ted Dabney dba Syzygy.

Ted Dabney

No, no, no. Larry Bryan, Nolan and I were sitting around my living room one day trying to think of what we wanted to do. We had decided to come up with a partnership. The partnership included

the three of us, and we each were to put in one hundred dollars to kind of get this thing started. We knew that wouldn’t be enough, but at least it was a place to start. And while we’re trying to think of a name we couldn’t use “D.N.B.” because that was Dunn & Bradstreet, we couldn’t use “B.N.D” because that was Black & Decker. So Larry Bryan said, “Hey I saw this really neat word in the dictionary and it was Syzygy.” So we looked it up and, sure enough, there it was: Syzygy, alignment of planets and that kind of thing. So that’s what we called the company. And … so that was it. Okay, so I started a bank account and put in my hundred dollars, Nolan put in his hundred dollars, Larry never put in his hundred dollars. In the meantime, we concluded that there was no way we could make it cost-effective on the price of the PDP-12 or whatever the Hell the computer … you know, this was forty years ago. Scott: Yeah, PDP-11.

Ted Dabney Huh?

Scott: PDP-11.

Ted Dabney

Yeah PDP-11. It was one of them … you know, early computers. There was no way we could time share it. The computer wasn’t fast enough, we didn’t … you know, it just couldn’t happen. Larry Bryan never wrote any code at all to even show us how to start this thing. So the idea kind of died. In the meantime, Nolan had this great idea about a pizza parlor that had talking barrels and singing bears and all that kind of stuff so we started running around looking at those kind of pizza parlors and eating places. So, one day we were sitting there, and Nolan said, “You know, on a TV set you … when you adjust the vertical control, the picture starts moving back and forth, you know. How does that happen?” So I explained it in detail how that happened. He said, “Could we do something like that?” I said, “Yeah we could do that, we’d have to do it digitally though. We couldn’t do it analog, we wouldn’t have any control.” He said, “How do we do that?” So we went , I went through the counters, you know, the little different counter bits on one … on the video counter versus the synch counter. The synch counter would always have to run the same but the video counter can run a little bit faster and a bit slower. I said, “I don’t know how that’s going to come out. We could go one bit and have the thing going too fast. I don’t know yet.” So I breadboarded it and that was when I was working in my daughter’s bedroom. I breadboarded it and sure enough it worked! The spot was moving, I was … my neighbors are coming over looking at this spot moving on the screen. “Oh wow! That’s really good, Dabney!” So, that worked. So, Nolan and I started talking and I said you could do exactly the same thing for the horizontal as you can for the vertical. I said, the only reason you can’t the horizontal hold for the TV set because you’ll screw up the high voltage. You know, because the high voltage runs off the horizontal frequency counter. So anyway, that’s what started it. We started looking at what we could do and Nolan really, really worked on it. He really worked on … just … you know, how we would do this sort of thing. So I helped him with all the circuit design, and we built up a breadboard and at some point, and I don’t know where it was, he decided to contact Nutting Associates, mainly because there’s no way we could have done anything with it, no matter how good it was. So, he went and talked to Nutting and, I guess, he worked out some kind of deal. SoCal Mike: So they were going to manufacture it?

Ted Dabney

Yeah, yeah, Nutting had a game called Computer Quiz that they had been milking for years and years and years. They had a hot rod salesman

that was doing a hell of a job … you know … just keeping the game company going with that game. So anyway, Bill Nutting was kind of desperate for something so I think that’s why he got the deal with Nolan. But we owned the game. That was the whole deal. We owned the game. They were going to manufacture it and they were going to pay us a royalty. And they’re going to pay us a salary while we’re building this thing up. You know, developing it. Scott: Well, and on the Computer Space control panel it says right there “Engineered by Syzygy.”

Ted Dabney

Syzygy engineered, yeah. I put that on there. Scott: Ahh! That was your doing?

Ted Dabney

Yes that was definitely my doing. SoCal Mike: Do you remember what type of royalties or financial situation was worked out with you guys originally when you first took off?

Ted Dabney

No I really, I don’t know. I’ve seen something in print somewhere but I don’t remember, I was not part of that. Nolan did all the business stuff, I did the engineering. SoCal Mike: He did all the money stuff.

Ted Dabney

Yeah, yeah, except I had to keep the books. (laughs) Scott: Now, do you know whatever because of those

prototype breadboards and all, because that would be a huge piece of video game history.

Ted Dabney

Well that was … the Computer Space one was done at Nutting’s lab and I’m sure that that became part of his stuff. Al Alcorn had the one for Pong. But that was developed by us after the Nutting thing. Al Alcorn had the original one, and then I had the second one that got built up from that one of my neighbors stole. Scott: Well, that was nice of him.

Ted Dabney

Well yeah, well whatever I didn’t care. It doesn’t matter to me. SoCal Mike: Ted, can you explain a little bit, and maybe we don’t want to go into this or maybe we do, but I’ve always been curious about the whole Kee Games setup, did you have any say-

Ted Dabney

No, no I didn’t have any say about anything, and this was after I left. SoCal Mike: Okay.

Ted Dabney

Nolan had this idea … if he set up a different … okay, I’ve got to back up a little bit because there’s a bunch of stuff that goes on.

Ted Dabney was the co-founder of Syzygy and Atari. With Al Alcorn and Nolan Bushnell, Ted unwittingly helped launch a thirty-eight billion dollar industry with the introduction of Computer Space and Pong. RETRO | 9


About how many games do you have in your collection? Have you ever counted all of them precisely?


2 NESTOPIA on a SHELF Why not have several copies of Dragon’s Quest? Nice and alphabetized.

peripherals, Check!

3 BONGOS Gamecube’s Bongo peripherals would make an excellent addition to any insane collection. is a great site for finding gaming treasures and collectibles. So it’s no surprise that a lot of our members have amassed some truly impressive gaming collections. We thought it would be really cool to share some of the photos from the most active collectors on! This month we’re taking a look into JV Raschi’s collection, which is plenty insane. Right off the bat you’ll notice a healthy amount of games, and plenty of older systems. Check out the photos below and see what other gems you spot in JV Raschi’s collection! Note the amount of still boxed PSX stuff in this unaltered wide shot of the collection! And check out the boxes just full of old carts for older systems! We could get lost in here for hours! Holy wowzers! Check out all

If your game console accessories and games are creating piles of clutter in your room, then it might be time to grab something like the Level Up...



Did those PSone games spawn more? This guy doesn’t descriminate, check out the Vita boxes.

Preratur aut quo derspero velique velibus pa delibus doluptatur simolorum doluptatur,

those lovely umsmashed jewel cases! While it looks like it’s mostly PSX titles, you can see some Sega Saturn emblems down the spine of the games to the immediate right, and some Atari 2600 boxes beneath the Sega Saturn titles. Why there are so many copies of Ice Hockey for NES? The world may never know...

turbo joystick that made tons of games easier or harder, depending on who you ask. As we near the end we check out this quick shot of a couple of boxes in decent shape, some older systems and controllers... but most importantly there’s those pesky DK Bongos that have become a familiar sight at flea markets and the like. Anyone else digging the classic 7-Up ice box?

Here’s another picture of some of the games in the collection. While we’ve got a couple of GameCube games in the top left, it’s pretty much the PS2 dominating the pack. Then there’s the boxes of carts for almost all the major older cart systems. Awesome! This is a picture of some of the accessories in the collection. Two multitaps, a light gun, and fightpad round out the PSX stuff, and beneath we’ve got a cornucopia of accessories, but the standout is probably the NES

Not much new ground covered here, but it’s a nice picture to end on if only because of the nice natural light coming in from outside. Thanks to GameGavel. com member JV Raschi for sharing your collection with us! Email us your insane collections at admin@!

RETRO | 11

LY N O RS E B M ME ETking like a K C A Jl item for loo t an acrade tia tes a Essen prostitu h t on. wi aucti pimp

COOL PATCHES Get these patches and more on sale!



DK ONESIE Put that little one in something that screams rad.

$50 MARIO HAT Not a plumber? No problem!


CHILL OUT Keep your drink cool and look cooler!

12 | gamegavel


ASTEROID KICKS PEW PEW PEW! Not availabe in vector

FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD Veteran arcade industry figure Jack Guarnieri has been in the amusement industry since 1975 when he began by servicing electro-mechanical pinball machines. Since then he has participated and led in all sides of the industry, from developing amusement centers, designing games, creating the online site in 1999 and even bringing Shuffle Alley back to life with

JACK OF ALL TRADES MASTER OF FUN! Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. was founded to design and manufacture full featured mechanical action commercial

arcade pinball machines. Games that will be played and enjoyed for generations to come. We are committed to exclusively building full-sized, full featured commercial arcade pinball machines and we are the only current manufacturer of Pinball Machines in the United States with that Mission. Jack Guarnieri started servicing electro-mechanical pinball machines in 1975. From that beginning love-

at-first-sight experience, Jack has worked passionately in the amusement game industry. His love of pinball is well documented and in 1999 he started which boasts over 11,000 loyal customers, many of whom Jack counts as friends today. Our Passion is to create games that are fun to play and earn money commercially. These games are treasured and appreciated by pinball players of every age and gender all over the world.

The most important role Jack can be is our customer, a Pinball Player. To take the root of what is best loved, true mechanical action married to the latest technology where we build our games with Passion, not with a Calculator.


REBOOT THIS Cobra Triangle THIS GAME NEEDS REMADE! B oats are undeniably cool. I know this, because my dad constantly struggled to own a working boat, and still sort of does. It was a fleeting battle at best.. One fought between the junked out cars in the front yard that were singing death hymns while waiting for a restoration that would never come; and the junked out boats singing a similar tune. Both of them in a competitive battle against their larger foe: yard work. To say that I ever took a ride in any of those boats would be an outright lie. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think my dad ever managed to get one of them in working order, but it was fun to think about as a kid. In a way standing inside of one of those empty boats with the paint chipping away from the edges, and splinters ready to jump under your skin, was better than the real thing In my imagination I was captain of the USS Cobra Triangle; equipped with the most lethal of experimental weaponry, ready to smoke the bad guys in a moments notice. Did I mention I played a lot of Cobra Triangle? My rationale was this: if my dad was never going to fix the boats that we had, then I could at least play a video game with boats in it. Besides, what were the legitimate chances of my dad fixing one of the boats? Ok, sure maybe that was possible but what were the chances of my dad mounting forward facing machine guns and a rocket launcher on that boat? Do you see what Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m getting at here? Obviously, Cobra Triangle was far superior to the real thing. Hence my undying love and weekends spent absorbed in the game. My first

14 | RETRO

GAME INFO: Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System Developer: RARE Publisher: NINTENDO Country Origin: UK Online Price: $5 Release Date: Out Now No. Players: 1 Online Multiplayer: No

Below: Ahhh watch our for the whirlpools, they will get you every time you think you are safe.


Above: This game was super hard! Do you remember those dang jumps?

Above: Imagine the Imagine a huge ocean map littered with islands, and massive naval structures that you could speedboat and machine gun your way through.

Left: Speedboats may not be able to do 180 quick turns in the water without figuratively pulling themselves apart.


While it may not have been the best title in the world, the Stormfront Studios game Blood Wake demonstrated that the basic principles of speedboat combat were viable in the modern world of games. Building on the ideas established in that game could and should yield something terrific, and likely better. One thing that was sorely missing from Blood Wake was any type of mechanism or system that enabled your boat to lock onto enemies.

memory of playing Cobra Triangle was at my friend’s house. It was one of those Saturday afternoons where we decided to do the unthinkable and dragged every single NES cart out of the cabinet and onto the floor. It was a quickfire review session right there in the living room. Each participant had a few scant minutes to impress us or it was back into the cabinet for the losers. I remember that cabinet filling back up rather quickly until we popped Cobra Triangle into the NES and turned our dreams on. Here’s what I can tell you about Cobra Triangle more than 20 years later. That game is really, really hard. I played it again for this article, and holy crap, I couldn’t believe how relentless it was.. Have you tried beating that stupid Sea Serpent without losing a life? Well if you’re one of the few gifted souls that can, I kind of want to punch you because of my unbridled envy and contempt. No matter how

JACK OF ALL TRADES MA STER OF FUN! Above: While you could shoot homing missiles at enemies, it was a far cry from being able to target lock an enemy and circle around them.


Reviewed: Issue 1 / 95%

hard I tried, I could never beat this game. Still to this day I can’t beat this game, and it stands like some indestructible monument to Rare Ltd. just not giving a s**t. Cobra Triangle for all its impossibility is quite brilliant however. Level design in this old game is tight and focused, and the art direction is superbly unique. It’s a shame that Rare Ltd. never saw fit to expand upon the IP or make a sequel. So much time has gone by that the window for a sequel is probably long gone. So for these reasons, and more someone needs to reboot this! Setting up a Cobra Triangle reboot with today’s gaming tech would be simply amazing. Especially with the water physics and effects we have seen in the last few years; you could really build a believable and fast paced ocean-action game. By Steve Sawyer

RETRO | 15

ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE We sit down with a developer to see how their latest project is going >> Get some new insight into the lore of The Elder Scrolls Online in our latest round of Q&A. Today’s group of questions, all chosen from your submissions, focuses primarily on lore. Many of you care deeply about The Elder Scrolls setting, and you always have lots of great questions for us about what you’ll get to see in ESO. Please enjoy these new answers, and don’t forget to send your questions to We do a new Ask Us Anything every two weeks, and we may feature your question in the next article.I read in your last article about the Daggerfall Covenant that the city of Lainlyn would be featured in the game. Does that mean we’ll learn more about

16 | gamegavel

the origin and the culture of the harpies? Will we be allowed to attend Riglametha? Will the Dragonsword of Lainlyn be featured in the game? – By Jérémy Haut There will be adventures set in the Alik’r Desert port town of Tava’s Blessing, which is the precursor of Lainlyn. You will meet members of the Lainlyn family, for whom the town will later be renamed, and there are adventures in the desert with harpies, but that’s all we’ll reveal at present! In the time the game takes place does Orsinium exist as a major city? Or as a kingdom? – By Alon Saban Thanks to the treaty with the Daggerfall Covenant, Orsinium has been restored to the Orcs of


Left: The selection and accession of a new Mane is, in fact, one of the key events in which players can get involved in northern Valenwood and western Elsweyr.

Wrothgar, and they are rebuilding and reoccupying it. Southern Wrothgar is under the control of King Kurog of Orsinium, but north of the city the region is still a patchwork of strongholds. I am a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls games and I have played a Breton since Morrowind, so I’m

at least since the First Era, well within the time the game takes place. – By Jason McKinney Though the Reachmen are related to the Bretons, they consider themselves a separate race (and so do the Bretons). The Reachmen are not a playable race, as they’re basically enemies to everyone

NOW THERE ARE EVEN MORE WAYS FOR YOU TO JOIN THE BATTLE FOR TAMRIEL definitely joining the Daggerfall Covenant. My question has to deal with the Forsworn faction. Will they be implemented in the game, either as a faction or through quests? I always thought that their story was very interesting and wanted to know if it will be explored in ESO, since they have been around

(and like it that way), but you will see them causing trouble in High Rock, Hammerfell, Skyrim, and even Cyrodiil. The Forsworn are a FourthEra faction of the Reachmen that actually hearkens back to the Reach culture of ESO’s era, so they don’t

Above Left: How is a new Mane chosen and accepted? You’ll get to see Above Right: Orcs of Wrothgar have long been ambitious to have their own state

appear as such, but the Reachmen of our time resemble them. The oldest structure in Tamriel, the Adamantine Tower (or Direnni Tower) is in High Rock. Are we going to be able to visit this building, and if so, how are you going to represent it to us? – By Hampton D. Evans From the shores of the Iliac Bay you can see the Adamantine Tower rising from the heights of Balfiera Island. Can you visit it? Time will tell.In The Elder Scrolls V, players found that a number of Orcish Strongholds dotted the Skyrim landscape. What’s their history? Now that the Orcs and Nords are opposite sides, how will they play a role in the storyline? – By Chris

RETRO | 17


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Martin Alessi - Original member Electronic Gaming Review Crew Rob Welkner - COIN-OP.TV Kevin Steele - Publisher Game Room Magazine Kevin Baird - GFW Magazine,, Steve Sawyer-GameGavel,, David SoCal Mike, UK Mike and Scott Schreiber â&#x20AC;&#x201C; RetroGamingRoundup ....AND MORE TO COME!!! Design by

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RETRO, Multi-Format Throw-Back Video Game Magazine. Please consider supporting our kickstarter to get this publication created and printed a...