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Aircraft Inspections

By Matt Stevens

Dated: 16/08/2012

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What Is Aircraft Inspection? To systematically examine, check and test The aircraft structural components Detect actual or potential hazards

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What Are The Areas Of Aircraft Inspection?  The blades of the fan  The engine & engine controls  The oil system and fuel system  The induction and exhaust systems  The starting and charging systems  The cabin interiors and controls  Brakes and instrument panels  Tires, lighting, fuel tanks, flaps, wheels, fixed gears, radios etc.

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What Are The Category Of Inspections?  Category A – regular aircraft maintenance  Category B – regular maintenance every 3 months  Category C – detailed maintenance every 1520 months  Category D – thorough checking every 5-6 years

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What Are The Steps Of Inspections?

 The maintenance records are checked  The tire pressure & condition is checked  The brakes & brake liquid are checked  Next the fuel tank is checked  The battery & electrical components are checked  The wing flaps, propellers & landing gear are physically tested  Ultimately, it is checked that there are no structural damages

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