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A corporate video is audiovisual material, created for the use of an specific organisation, company or institution. Corporate videos can have many different purposes: • Staff Training • Promotional Films • Private presentations with prospect clients or stakeholders. • Safety videos

This kind of videos are specially relevant in the B2B industry as it is usually intended to be seen by a private audience. Also, Corporate films are becoming especially relevant in the digital era, thanks to online video sharing platforms. In fact, many of the company comercials that you are going to see in the following slides are intended to be watched only in internet, reason why they are much longer than regular ads. VsbDEPzQVdk

A corporate video is completely accesible to any company, it is only necesary to have a good creative idea and some money to pay for the company that will produce it. If you don´t believe it, look at the next example‌ WdWZ8WVv6qk

Corporate videos are becoming especially important nowadays, thanks to the easy distribution that video sharing platforms like Youtube or Vimeo, that allow any company reach their target audience, by using social media networks to distribute their content. If you have a company, just think if you would see it benefitial for your business or not. In case it does, just search for companies that do corporate videos, and get your business out there in the online world. If you want to see some more examples, you can click here

Great Examples of Corporate Videos  

This document explains what is a corporate video, and gives some good examples seen in the past few years.

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