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VIP Exclusives: Kandy Masquerade 2012 @ the Playboy Mansion There are so many parties happening these days but everywhere you find the same old thing happening few friends and food drinks dancing and music and there is nothing new which can excite us or make the party sound like a party and not just another causal meet the party definition has become very boring and I was changing my whole idea of party until one day my friend came up to me and asked me to go with him and other friends to some Kandy Masquerade I was very bored but as usual I was dragged to that party I went with them and I was thinking that it will be the same old thing music and dancing and a bar but when I went there and what I saw there made me change my mind. The sexy part I found out was that the party was in the playboy mansion and there were hot chicks in the hot attires and lingerie there were models and hot hunks and awesome crowd and all of them were the party lovers and there was a hot and happening crowd and that gave me a very good feeling and I was very happy to see all the new things in a party which is in a real sense a party and I was very happy and that was just the beginning I saw many other things there which made me crazy and I started to love this party even more. I saw that people can book a cabana and get a royal entrance and not just that you can even book a center lounge and all the attention will be yours as you will be in the middle and all the people will be going crazy as they will try to get in the lounge. The party is without any rules and regulations you can do what so ever you wish to do and I was so pleased to see all that happening and from that day onwards that party became my favorite party and I have decided to go to this party every year and this party is now right around the corner and this time I am taking all my friends in a cabana and we have planned to book the lounge and get the attention. I am sure it is going to be fun waiting for that day to come if you do not want to miss out on the Kandy Masquerade party then book yourself today and have fun.

VIP Exclusives: Kandy Masquerade 2012 @ the Playboy Mansion