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The Ultimate Halloween Party Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday. And a great Halloween Party is damn near as good as an orgasm. I’ve been to all sorts of Halloween parties: Knott’s Scary Farm, Halloween at Disneyland, in Hollywood, at the beach…you get it. But from what I’ve heard, nothing comes close to what is in store at the Kandy Halloween Party to be held on October 26 & 27th at the Playboy Mansion. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas! This party promises to be the ultimate in Halloween. The mansion itself will be transformed into a haunted nightmare. Cool! There will be incredible lighting effects, computerized creatures, pneumonic monsters, blood, guts, gore, and horror. Awesome! The Haunted House is guaranteed to be heartstopping, and the Haunted Forest is said to be outright dangerous. That rocks! But imagine mixing horror with lust and unabashed fun! The resulting concoction would be volatile, wild, sexually charged, and impossible to resist! There will be over 1,000 hand-picked, sexy women, along with Playboy Playmates, erotic pole dancers and the daring body painted models— all in sexy costumes. What red-blooded male could resist that? I’ll be the one in the costume with flashing lights and a girl on each arm.

The Ultimate Halloween Party