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Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp Are you looking for some great place to be on this Halloween? Tired of going to the same old party? Want to have some real fun? If you wish to rock n roll and if you wish to have the greatest and the most amazing fun of your life then the rock n roll fantasy camp is waiting for you. This is the type of party which you have been looking for. The places where there are lots of things to enjoy and there are many things which will be a great add on as well. This is surely the biggest party of the year and the most awaited as well. Many youngsters have been looking for this party all year long and they are looking forward to have a ball time on this Halloween at the mansion. This time it is even bigger and even better there are lots of things to be discovered and there are lots of things which will be new to bring that twist and turn in your rock and roll fantasy camp. This camp is a real joy camp especially for all the young guys as you will find some great models around you looking after you and serving you and will make sure you have a great time in whichever way possible. The play boy mansion is turned in to a Halloween party place and the area is around 4000 square feet and it is a haunted place you will find lots of ghouls and monsters and also many actors of the play ground and they will also be there to entertain you, isn’t this a great idea to party? Sure it is. Rock and roll fantasy camp is on November 12th 2011 and the rush has begun people are running hard to get in the best amazing party of the year. There is nothing to think about this party it is surely going to be the best of the best party of the year. You are in for the ultimate night of Rock 'n' Roll at the Playboy Mansion this November 12th, 2011. Don’t miss out on something that you really don’t wish to miss. Get your tickets now and enjoy this Halloween in a bit different but way more exciting way. And you will surely have a great time on the rock n roll fantasy camp.

Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp