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Playboy Mansion Kandyland Tickets Last year I waited to get my Kandyland Tickets, and damn if they sold out! I was so mad at myself. I swore I would never let that happen again. So, even though the Kandyland party isn’t until June 23rd, I got my Kandyland tickets today! My friend and I are going. It’s at the coolest place on earth: the Playboy Mansion. My friend knows a guy that went to a party there, and man, he said he met the sexiest girls in his life, and they were all there to party, likereally party! They wore only lingerie and they were all about flirting and hugging and kissing and dancing like crazy. It’s a guy’s heaven on earth. Hundreds more gorgeous girls than guys. Now where can you find that ever? We got our Kandyland Tickets at TicketsToThe They were very friendly and helped us pick out the right package to buy and gave us all the information we need. I wouldn’t miss this party for anything! There’s going to be Kandy Pole dancers, Playboy Playmates, body-painted models, and hundreds and hundreds of hand-picked, gorgeous girls. And yeah, there’s going to be lots of Kandy. Tons and tons.Huge ones and decorated ones.I heard some of the girls’ will be wearing edible candy! What I would give to eat some of those candies! Now this is what life is all about.

Playboy Mansion Kandyland Tickets