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Lingerie Party playboy Mansion I was feeling pretty cocky when I walked into the bar to meet my buddies and announced loudly, “You guys wanna go to a party at the Playboy Mansion?” Every one of my buds stopped dead in their tracks. “You wanna go to the hottest party the Playboy Mansion has?” Heads nodded vigorously. “Well,” I said slowly, noticing their rapt attention, “it’s coming up real soon. This month. The 31st, to be exact.” The guys looked at each other, then back to me. “It’s a Lingerie Party,” I said, emphasizing “lingerie”. I smiled triumphantly as an audible rumble filled the room. “Yep.All the girls will be wearing only lingerie. The real sexy stuff. And some will have their lingerie painted on. That’s right. They will be wearing only paint”. Whooping and whistling erupted. I was darn excited myself. “There will be Playboy Playmates— can you imagine that? And models, and about a thousand babes that are hand-picked –they only pick thereally foxy, sexy ones with big boobs, tight butts and long legs. And these girls love to kiss and flirt and party all night. They even kiss each other. Man, it’s hot!”The guys were getting up out of their chairs now.

“Yep,” I said, “there will be live entertainment, pole dancing, open bars all night, and celebs too. You can get your ticket at” Suddenly I stopped and looked around. All my buds were gone. I barely saw Joe as he disappeared through the door. “Hey!” I yelled. “Where’d you all go?” “To get our Lingerie Party Tickets, you idiot!”

Lingerie Party playboy Mansion