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Kandy Masquerade Party 2012 Kandy Masquerade Party 2012 is the party that everyone has been waiting for. This is the party which is the favorite party of all the people in the city especially the youngsters. There is so much you can do in this party that you cannot just get over it. It is fun and it is awesome people just love it and you can have a great night which is total seduction and you will love it the way it is. The party is the fantasy land it happens in the playboy mansion. The playboy mansion is turned in to a great party place where you will have everything and your all fantasies will come true. And this party just happens once in a year and it is the best party of all time and people eagerly wait for this party to come so that they can enjoy and this time in Kandy Masquerade Party 2012 it is going to be bigger and even better you will love what you will see so if you have not booked the tickets yet then you better get going and book your tickets soon before it gets too late.

Kandy Masquerade Party 2012