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Kandyland Tickets for the Luckiest of Guys Where do you think the really lucky guys are doing right now? They are buying Kandyland tickets! The luckiest guys of all will be going to the Kandyland Party at the Playboy Mansion this coming June 23rd. I saw coverage on this party on Channel 11 news last year; I decided that I am going to be one of those luckiest guys. I can’t imagine any guy not wanting to go. My god, talk about SEXY!! I had never seen so many incredibly sexy, busty, beautiful woman all flaunting it and partying like there was no tomorrow. Most of the girls who get in are hand-picked. Think sweeeeeet! Some girls even wear edible lingerie! (I will be on the look-out for those girls, because one of my biggest fantasy is eating the clothes off of someone). And check this out—there will be Playboy Playmates there! And Kandy body-painted models! It gets pretty wild as the night goes on, with the booze free flowing and inhibitions flying out the window. Sexy fun, sexy dancing, sexy shit definitely goes down. I’ll be right in the midst of it! LOL. I’m getting my Kandyland tickets at, because for every ticket you buy from them, you get entered into a drawing for 2 tickets to a future party at the Mansion! Now you can’t beat that! You can do whatever you want on June 23th. Me, I’ll be one of those lucky guys at the Kandyland Party at the Playboy Mansion!

Kandyland Tickets for the Luckiest of Guys