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Kandyland Tickets for Sexy Fun Sexy and fun is the Kandyland Party at the Playboy Mansion. As a child, the word Kandyland conjured up visions of heaps of the most delectable candy of every kind, candy everywhere you turn, and the OK to gobble up whatever you want. In the adult world, Kandyland has a whole new meaning. Guess we just can’t get passed that sweet tooth and chocolate cravings that we grew up with. But Kandyland parties are beyond those fantasies we had as a child. Not only will you be surrounded by outrageous, humongous candy, you’ll be overwhelmed by over 1,000 hand-picked Kandy women, Playmates, Cyber Girls, Kandy Go-Go girls, and body-painted Kandy models. The party gets quite wild as the night goes on, and the girls are doing more than kissing and putting their arms around you. Hot damn, it’s sweet. Nothing like a coy cutie turned diva! Nothing like a fresh swim in the pool with two models hanging onto you. Nothing like sipping champagne with the most beautiful half-naked girl you’ve ever met. Or sharing a lollipop with a girl whose perfect body makes you forget anything and everything. Kandyland at the Playboy Mansion will be held on Saturday, June 23th 2012. Only 600 Golden Kandyland tickets are available to purchase, and the proceeds goes to select charities. Kandyland Tickets can be purchased at So come one, have a rocking, sexy time, and know in your heart you’re helping needy people and good causes. What more could you ask for?

Kandyland Tickets for Sexy Fun