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Kandy Vegas Party 2012 It was last Kandy Vegas. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see a thing, but all my senses told me that something was creeping towards me, something dark and ominous. I felt a panic attack welling up. What was it? What was coming? I couldn’t take it anymore and I ran, yelling as I went, right into the Haunted Forest. This was not what I had planned, for I found myself surrounded by creepy sounds and yellow eyes and moaning everywhere. I about faced and ran and ran. Had to get out of here. Had to find safety. But where? I could see threatening silhouettes in the distance, stalking me, walking towards me. I kept running, my heart pounding. It seems like an eternity, but I saw a light ahead. I bolted for it, and found myself at the Playboy Mansion. I scrambled inside, and heaved a sigh of relief. The lighting was misty, the décor was freaky and the music was loud, but there were people around! And they were all alive. Very alive in fact. There were Playboy Playmates, and Kandy BodyPainted models, and boat loads of beautiful, sexy, incredible women in slinky, costume lingerie. They were dancing and shaking their boobs, pressing them into my face, and hanging all over me. Oh yeah! I had the time of my life. Now do you think I’m going to miss the Kandy Vegas 2012 party? No way in hell! I know the tickets sell out fast so I’ve already got mine and my costume too. But I think I’ll skip taking a solo tour of the Mansion grounds this time.

Kandy Vegas Party 2012