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Kandy Halloween Tickets I as panicking because I hadn’t gotten my Kandy Halloween Tickets yet, and Kandy Halloween tickets sell out fast. I can’t believe Halloween will be here so soon. I went last year, and I plan to go every year from now on. The Kandy Halloween party is held at the Playboy Mansion and is the most outrageous, incredible, sexiest, wildest Halloween party anywhere. Any party at the Playboy Mansion is guaranteed to be extravagant and exorbitant, but the Kandy Halloween Party tops them all. There’s the haunted forest, professional scare actors jumping out at you everywhere you turn, robotic monsters and a truly scary haunted house. Expert set designers and creepy décor and lighting adds to the overall effect. Costumes are mandatory, the sexier the better. There will be over 1,000 gorgeous, sexy women there! Body-Painted Kandy models, Kandy Go-Go Dancers, Playboy Playmates, Cyber girls, and hand-picked women intent on partying hard. There will be celebrity entertainment, food, all-night open bar, access to the infamous grotto, and a guaranteed time of your life. Gotta go. Getting my Kandy Halloween Tickets right now. Bye!

Kandy Halloween Tickets