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Halloween party held by Playboy Mansion My marriage was solemnized in November last year and my friends had arranged for a bachelor’s party a week before the marriage. They told that we were going to California and when we reached there, I was quite surprised to see that they had arranged to get the tickets of Halloween party. This is a private event conducted since last many years in a vast area. The set is well designed with a haunted house, haunted forest and two graveyards. The area is full of bloody macabre creatures, monsters and ghouls. The actors and robots in the form of creatures play a very important part in frightening the guests. The music accompanied with dreadful screams is also horrific. If you can withstand if then you are most welcome otherwise beware because it is heard that many people had found it difficult to return. The DJs here are world famous and the music played by them makes everyone rock creating a hot background. There are thousands of sexy girls and models on the dance floor not leaving apart famous personalities like athletes, politicians, CEOs in costumes. I liked my surprise visit to the Halloween party and it is the best party I have attended till date. For more information visit below link:

Halloween party held by Playboy Mansion