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Get Your Kandyland Tickets Got guts? Got smarts? Got enough of what it takes to do what you want and not get caught? Then get your Kandyland Tickets. That’s right. The party at the Playboy Mansion. That’s what it takes for us married men to go to these parties. Yeah, those sexy, bad-assed, dirty parties where the women are busty, sexy, and just naked enough--sometimes more than enough. I really get off at the parties at the Playboy Mansion. Can’t wait for the one in June—the Kandyland Party. I don’t care for all the candy decorations—I just care about the candy on the Playboy women. In particular the Body Painted Models are the ones for me. They have the hottest bodies, are shaved bare in all the right places, and they are totally naked, ‘cept for the paint in the places that count. Shit, I get hot just thinking about them. I like the ladies that wear the edible candy lingerie too. Love eating the candies off! The Kandyland Tickets are already on sale even though the party is not until June 23rdth. I heard the tickets are selling good though. Only 600 people are allowed to attend. I’m gonna be there, no matter what. I’ll pull something over on my wife. Tell her I’m on a biz trip, or having a night out for the guys. Whatever, I know I just have to be there. Bye-bye, wife. Hello, Playmate!

Get Your Kandyland Tickets