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Don’t Miss Out on Kandy Halloween Tickets A few of us guys are going to the Playboy Kandy Halloween Party coming up June 23rd. It’s happening at the Playboy Mansion. Let me tell you, I went to this party last year and it was beyond my wildest expectations! I met the sexiest, wildest, most fun girls in my life, and they were all there to flirt, kiss, and party. And I mean really party! So this time my friends want to go. I showed him the pictures I took at the last party and that was all they needed to immediately buy their Kandy Halloween Tickets. I told him to buy them at Tickets to the That’s because whenever you buy tickets from them, they enter you into a drawing for 2 free tickets to a future party at the Playboy Mansion. Man that would be so cool! This party is the best because it has all these crazy, huge candies everywhere, and even Umpa Lumpas. The girls wear outfits made of edible candy. There are Playboy Playmates, Kandy Go-Go Dancers, body-painted Kandy models (my favorites!), and over 1,000 hand-picked gorgeous, sexy girls. Plus there’s tons of great food and free booze. This party sells out fast, and we don’t want to take a chance at missing out. That’s why we already bought our Kandy Halloween Tickets.

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Don’t Miss Out on Kandy Halloween Tickets