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Infinity Plus One Ottawa Tutoring Services

The course content in a particular course in the Universities varies with the professor that has been assigned, thus it becomes harder to achieve a basic pre requisite that may be needed for the course. With the full time course load and the demand for work, it can get quite hard to get to the base so as to catch up to the level that is required. Infinity Plus One has been aiding students in Ottawa for over 20 years now in getting up to par and beyond just the necessary course level. It is one of the most preferred and largest Ottawa tutoring services that serves High school, Carleton and Ottawa University. Infinity plus One has a broad selection of tutors in most courses such as Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Engineering etc that are offered in both universities. The tutors are generally alumni or advanced students from the universities itself and therefore have great pointers and tricks that give the student a rigid schedule for smart study. There is no hassle for getting tutored in unknown places as the service is provided at the University of your Preference, since the safety and convenience of the student is one of priorities that Infinity Plus One values. One of the differences that Infinity Plus One Ottawa Tutoring Services has is that the time is molded around your schedule and rescheduling either a tutor or the date and time is as easy as making a phone call. The goal of Infinity Plus One is to ensure not only the success of the student but also to ensure that the university is aided by retaining their students. The students have complete freedom in choosing the number of sessions and can either carry over sessions if they feel comfortable in the part subject to add to another course of their choice or save them for a later date when new course load may be handed out. Infinity Plus tutors have great language skills and have prep material that may be easier to understand than notes that are handed in the classes. Infinity Plus One has been an Ottawa tutoring Service since 1989 and the reputation it has secured for itself is impeccable as proved through the students that have been using and keep bouncing back to take advantage of the service, over their years in University. If you'd like more information about Infinity plus One Ottawa Tutoring services, or to schedule an appointment please call 613-722-3366 or e-mail at

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