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Waldorf Astoria New York

WHEREVER IN THE WORLD YOU STAY WITH US, YOU’LL ENJOY THE SAME EXCEPTIONAL HOSPITALITY Over 4,600 hotels in 100 countries. One warm welcome. Choose from the Hilton Worldwide portfolio of brands and enjoy a warm welcome wherever life takes you. Each of our award winning brands has its own distinct personality and focus, while bringing you our signature hospitality. So whether you’re visiting a bustling city or relaxed resort, seeking sumptuous luxury or value for money, your total satisfaction is assured.


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04 .......... INTRODUCTION TO MARK INTERNATIONAL 05 .......... MARK INTERNATIONAL - GROUP TRAVEL 07 .......... VIP CONCIERGE SERVICE 13 ........... VIP CONCIERGE ITINERARIES 46 .......... LAS VEGAS 49 .......... WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT - Orlando, FL 51 ........... DISNEYLAND RESORT - Anaheim, CA 52 .......... AULANI, A DISNEY RESORT & SPA - Hawaii 66 .......... FLORIDA 69 .......... NEW YORK

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73 .......... NEW ORLEANS 76 .......... CALIFORNIA 81 ........... RENO/LAKE TAHOE 85 .......... CHICAGO 87 .......... NATIONAL PARKS 89 .......... SCOTTSDALE, AZ 93 .......... COLORADO 95 .......... OREGON 99 .......... TEXAS 103 ......... HAWAI’I 107 ......... MEXICO

Mark International works with only those hotels and resorts that will provide the very best travel experience possible. Find the rating that is right for you. )))))


Exceptional accommodations, superior services and a full range of amenities.



Deluxe accommodations, excellent services and a wide range of amenities.



Pleasant accommodations, good services and many amenities available.



Comfortable accommodations, with some services and amenities.

FRONT COVER Grand Canyon National Park Inset: Las Vegas, photo courtesy of Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority



Simple accommodations, with few services and amenities.



ƒ” –‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽǡ’ƒ”–‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ””ƒ˜‡Ž ”‘—’ǡ‘ơ‡”•‘˜‡”ͣ͜ǡ͜͜͜Š‘–‡Ž•ǡƒŽŽ•—’’‘”–‡†„›„ƒ•‡†ǡ͞͠Š‘—” …—•–‘‡”•‡”˜‹…‡ǡ‡š…Ž—•‹˜‡’”‹…‹‰ƒ†—‹“—‡’”‘‘–‹‘•Ǥ•™‡ŽŽƒ•Šƒ˜‹‰‘˜‡”ͣ͜͜’”‡ˆ‡””‡†ƒ‰”‡‡‡–•‹ƒŽŽƒŒ‘” …‹–‹‡•ǡ™‡Šƒ˜‡‡š’ƒ†‡†‹‘–Š‡”‡›†‡•–‹ƒ–‹‘••—…Šƒ•ƒ–‹‘ƒŽƒ”•ǡ–Š‡ƒŽ‹ˆ‘”‹ƒ‘ƒ•–ƒ†‡š‹…‘Ǥ

͜͞͝͠ǡ‹’ƒ”–‡”•Š‹’™‹–Š‘—”•‹•–‡”…‘’ƒ›”ƒ–‡””ƒǡ™‡’”‘—†Ž›Žƒ—…Š‡†‘—”‡™ ‘…‹‡”‰‡’”‘‰”ƒǡ ‘ơ‡”‹‰…—•–‘‹–‹‡”ƒ”‹‡•ƒ†‡š…Ž—•‹˜‡’”‘†—…–ˆ‘”–Š‡‘”‡†‹•…‡”‹‰’ƒ••‡‰‡”Ǥ•‡Ž‡…–‹‘‘ˆDz™Šƒ–‹•’‘••‹„Ž‡dz‹• Š‹‰ŠŽ‹‰Š–‡†‹–Š‹•ƒ‰ƒœ‹‡ǡ„—–™‡‘™‡˜‡”›’ƒ••‡‰‡”‹•†‹ơ‡”‡–ǡƒ†•‘‹•™Šƒ–™‡‘ơ‡”ǡ–Š‡‘Ž›…‘•–ƒ–„‡‹‰ ‘—”Š‹‰Š•–ƒ†ƒ”†•ƒ†Ž‡˜‡Ž‘ˆ•‡”˜‹…‡Ǥ ƒ” –‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ’”‹†‡•‹–•‡Žˆ‘‹–•˜ƒŽ—‡•Ȃ‡‹“—‡Ǧ‡‡ŽŽǡ‘”‡ŽŽǡ‹˜‡‡ŽŽȂ „”ƒ…‡Šƒ‰‡Ȃ ‡–Your Hƒ†•D‹”–›Ȃ•Ȃ‹˜‡†Ǧ–‘Ǧ†Ǥ DzŠ‡•‡˜ƒŽ—‡•ƒ”‡–Š‡ƒ–”ƒ„›™Š‹…Š™‡Ž‹˜‡ǡƒ†‡’Šƒ•‹œ‡–Š‡ “—ƒŽ‹–›‘ˆ•‡”˜‹…‡ǡ•—’’‘”–ƒ†‡ơ‘”–™‡’Žƒ…‡‹–‘‡˜‡”›–Š‹‰™‡†‘Ǥdz •ƒ›•‡ƒƒ›Ž‹••ǡ ‡‡”ƒŽƒƒ‰‡”ƒ†‹…‡”‡•‹†‡–Ǥ


”ƒ˜‡Ž™‹–Šƒ” –‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ‹•ǯ–Œ—•–Ž‹‹–‡†–‘™Šƒ–ǯ•‘–Š‡•‡’ƒ‰‡•Ǥ ”‘’”‹˜ƒ–‡ –‘—”•–‘ ‡š…—”•‹‘•ǡŒ—•–ƒ•ǡƒ†‘—”…‘…‹‡”‰‡•‡”˜‹…‡™‹ŽŽƒ‡‹–Šƒ’’‡Ǥ



EXPERTS IN Las Vegas, Or lando, Ne w York Cit y, Ha wai‘i, Mexico & Caribbean • We focus on providing quotes within

24-48 hours of receipt. • We actively negotiate the most lucrative group policies for each group.

• We have strong relationships with key hoteliers and top tour companies. • We have over 40 dedicated group specialists on our team waiting to assist you.


”‘–Š‡™‹Ž†‡”‡••‘ˆ‡™‰Žƒ†–‘ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ǯ•ƒ…‹‡–•Š‘”‡•ǡ™‡‘ơ‡” thousands of properties in hundreds of destinations across the United States.




Mark International’s VIP Concierge Service, operated by Traterra, a subsidiary of La Macchia Enterprises, provides extraordinary travel experiences for even the most discerning clientele. ƒ…Š‘ˆ‘—”…ƒ”‡ˆ—ŽŽ›Ǧ…”ƒˆ–‡†‹–‹‡”ƒ”‹‡•‹•„ƒ…‡†„›‘—”͜͠›‡ƒ”•‘ˆ travel expertise, an unrivaled commitment to client care, and the insider knowledge of each concierge. ‡†‘ǯ–Œ—•–…”ƒˆ–’‡”ˆ‡…–˜ƒ…ƒ–‹‘•ǡ™‡…”ƒˆ–’‡”ˆ‡…–Ž›–ƒ‹Ž‘”‡† vacations. Guests can combine the glitz and glam of their Las Vegas wedding with the natural scenery of the Grand Canyon, cut loose with an exciting trip through some of the best shopping experiences in Los Angeles and immerse themselves in the colorful history of New ”Ž‡ƒ•ǤŠ‡–Š‡”‰Žƒ‘”‘—•‘””—•–‹…ǡ”‡Žƒš‡†‘”Š‹‰ŠǦ‡‡”‰›ǡ–Š‡ possibilities are endless, but the vacations are one of a kind. Your VIP Concierge will handle all the details and special touches, ‹…Ž—†‹‰Ž‹‘—•‹‡–”ƒ•ˆ‡”•ǡ’”‹˜ƒ–‡–‘—”‰—‹†‡•ǡŠ‹‰ŠǦ‡†”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ– reservations and more. From the moment you contact us to the moment you return home, we’re available to you.


ASK Ask, and we’ll make it happen. Call us at +1-800-222-2025 to get started.



CHRISTMAS IN NEW ORLEANS They’ve made an excellent choice to visit New Orleans [over the Christmas season]. Below is the start of an itinerary we think will make their holiday truly unique.

ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATIONS ‹”•–ǥ‹Â?Â?‡”•‡–Š‡Â?‹Â?–Š‹•‹…‘Â?‹……‹–›™‹–Š–™‘Â?‹‰Š–•ƒ–Š‡‘‘•‡˜‡Ž–‡™”Ž‡ƒÂ?•ǤŠ‹•ƒŽ†‘”ˆ•–‘”‹ƒ ‘–‡Ž ‹•Œ—•–ƒ•Š‘”–•–”‘ŽŽ–‘–Š‡ ”‡Â?…ŠÂ—ÂƒÂ”Â–Â‡Â”ÇĄ ƒ…Â?•‘Â?Â“Â—ÂƒÂ”Â‡ÇĄ‘—”„‘Â?–”‡‡–ƒÂ?†–Š‡”–•ĆŹƒ”‡Š‘—•‡‹•–”‹…–Ǥ After two nights at The Roosevelt, a private car will transport them to Oak Alley Plantation, where they’ll stay in the Honeymoon Suite over the Christmas holiday.

DINING Sumptuous food, endless wine and spicy conversation are the raisons d’être of New Orleans. At a private cooking lesson at the New Orleans Cooking Experience, they’ll watch and learn about local lore as well as ƒŒ—Â?…—‹•‹Â?‡ˆ”‘Â?ƒ……Žƒ‹Â?‡†‡™”Ž‡ƒÂ?•…Š‡ˆ•ǤÂˆÂ–Â‡Â”Â™ÂƒÂ”Â†Â•ÇĄ–Š‡›ǯŽŽ‡Â?Œ‘›ƒ†‹Â?Â?‡”’ƒ”–›ƒÂ?†ƒ–‘—”‘ˆ–Š‡ •…Š‘‘Žǯ•Í?ͼ–Š…‡Â?–—”›—‡‡Â?Â?Â?‡nj•–›Ž‡Š‘Â?‡Ǥ A visit to New Orleans isn’t complete without dinner at Commander’s Palace, a Garden District landmark •‹Â?…‡Í?ͤͤ͜Ǥ‡ǯŽŽƒ””ƒÂ?‰‡ˆ‘”–Š‡Â?–‘‡Â?Œ‘›–Š‡Â…ÂŠÂ‡ÂˆÇŻÂ•–ƒ„Ž‡ˆ‘”–Š‡Â?‹‰Š–ǥˆ”‘Â?™Š‹…Š–Š‡›…ƒÂ?™ƒ–…Š–Š‡ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?–ǯ•Â™Â‘Â”ÂŽÂ†ÇŚÂ…ÂŽÂƒÂ•Â•…Š‡ˆ•’”‡’ƒ”‡ƒÍ?Íž…‘—”•‡ ƒ—–‡”‡‘Ž‡–ƒ•–‹Â?‰Â?‡Â?—ǥ…‘Â?’Ž‡–‡™‹–Š™‹Â?‡’ƒ‹”‹Â?‰•Ǥ

ACTIVITIES During their day in New Orleans, we’ll arrange for a private guide to take them on a tailored tour, focusing on the history, gardens, music or whatever other aspects of this singular city interest them. That evening, they’ll experience a night at Preservation Hall and an intimate, acoustic concert by master practitioners of traditional ‡™”Ž‡ƒÂ?•ŒƒœœǤŠ‡‹” ˆ”‘Â?–”‘™–‹…Â?‡–•–‘–Š‡‡š…Ž—•‹˜‡ܠÂ?‹‰Š–”‡•‡”˜‡•…‘Â?…‡”–•‡”‹‡•™‹ŽŽ‹Â?…Ž—†‡ early admission, private open bar and catering and a meet and greet with the artists. Š‡Š‹‰ŠŽ‹‰Š–‘ˆ–Š‡‹”•–ƒ›ƒ–ƒÂ?ŽŽ‡›ŽƒÂ?–ƒ–‹‘Â?‹•–Š‡Â?Â?—ƒŽŠ”‹•–Â?ĥ‘Â?Ƥ”‡ƒ”–›ǤŠ‡›ǯŽŽ‡Â?Œ‘›†‡Ž‹…‹‘—• ƒŒ—Â?ƒÂ?†”‡‘Ž‡ÂˆÂ‘‘†ǥƒÂ?‘’‡Â?„ƒ”ƒÂ?†–‘—”•‘ˆ–Š‹•‰”ƒ…‹‘—•ƒÂ?–‡„‡ŽŽ—Â?Â?ƒÂ?•‹‘Â?„‡ˆ‘”‡Œ‘‹Â?‹Â?‰ƒ’ƒ”ƒ†‡‘ˆ ”‡˜‡Ž‡”•–‘–Š‡„ƒÂ?Â?•‘ˆ–Š‡‹••‹••‹’’‹ˆ‘”…ƒ”‘Ž‹Â?‰ƒÂ?†–Š‡Ž‹‰Š–‹Â?‰‘ˆ–Š‡„‘Â?Ƥ”‡Ǥ‹˜‡Â?—•‹…ƒÂ?††ƒÂ?…‹Â?‰ …‘Â?–‹Â?—‡•„ƒ…Â?ƒ––Š‡Â?ƒÂ?•‹‘Â?—Â?–‹ŽÂ?ܠÂ?‹‰Š––‘”‘—Â?†‘—–ƒ•’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ”‡˜‡Â?‹Â?‰‘ˆ—Ž‡–‹†‡Œ‘›Ǥ

Call us at +1-800-222-2025 to get started.



The Roosevelt New Orleans


ƒ”ˆ”‘•‹’Ž›’”‡•‡”˜‹‰–”ƒ†‹–‹‘ƒŽ‡™”Ž‡ƒ•Œƒœœǡ–Š‡͜͜͝φ‡„‡”•‘ˆ”‡•‡”˜ƒ–‹‘ ƒŽŽǯ• musicians’ collective keep this truly American art form thriving.


Oak Alley Plantation gets its ƒ‡ˆ”‘–Š‡–™‡–›Ǧ‡‹‰Š– ͟͜͜Ǧ›‡ƒ”‘Ž†‘ƒ–”‡‡•™Š‹…Š shade the lane leading to the manor house on the banks of the Mississippi River.


Commander’s Palace renowned head chefs have included Emeril Lagasse, Paul Prudhomme, ƒ‹‡Šƒ‘ƒ†‘”›…Šƒ‹ŽǤ



A WEDDING IN L AS VEGAS ‡ǯ˜‡’—––‘‰‡–Š‡”–Š‡ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™‹‰‹–‹‡”ƒ”›–‘…”‡ƒ–‡–Š‡‹”’‡”ˆ‡…–ƒ•‡‰ƒ•™‡††‹‰Ǥ ‡Ž‘‘ˆ‘”™ƒ”†–‘™‘”‹‰™‹–Š›‘—–‘…”‡ƒ–‡ƒƪƒ™Ž‡••‹–‹‡”ƒ”›ˆ‘”–Š‡–‘•Šƒ”‡Ǥ

ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATIONS ’‘ƒ””‹˜ƒŽǡ–Š‡…‘—’Ž‡™‹ŽŽ•–ƒ›ƒ––Š‡‡š“—‹•‹–‡–Š”‡‡Ǧ„‡†”‘‘͜͝ǡ͟͜͜Ǧ•“—ƒ”‡Ǧˆ‘‘–‘„—‹ŽŽƒǤ‡•‹‰‡†„› ƒ˜‹†‘…™‡ŽŽǡ‹–‹•ƒ‡•ƒ”•ƒŽƒ…‡ǯ•‘Ž›”‘‘ˆ–‘’˜‹ŽŽƒǤŠ‡‘„—‹ŽŽƒ‡–‹…‡•–Š‡Ƥ˜‡•‡•‡•™‹–Š‘†‡” ƒ’ƒ‡•‡Ǧ‹•’‹”‡††‡•‹‰ǡŽ‡‘Ǧ‰‹‰‡”•…‡–•ǡ…—•–‘—•‹…ǡ•’ƒ•‡”˜‹…‡•ƒ†Ƥ‡…—‹•‹‡ƒ†‡„›‘„—…Š‡ˆ•Ǥ Š‡•›†‡…‘ơ‡”•˜‹‡™•‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ•‡‰ƒ•–”‹’ǡƒƤ”‡ƒ†™ƒ–‡”ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡ǡƒˆ—ŽŽ„ƒ”ƒ†„ƒ”„‡…—‡’‹–ǡ ƒ†‹‹‰ƒ”‡ƒƒ†ƒ•‡…Ž—†‡†‡‰ƒ”†‡™‹–Šƒ –ƒŽ‹ƒǦƒ†‡™Š‹”Ž’‘‘ŽǤŠ‡ƒ•–‡”„‡†”‘‘‡˜‡‘ơ‡”• a private entrance to the Zen garden.

ACTIVITIES ”‡Ǧ™‡††‹‰†ƒ›ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡•…‘—Ž†‹…Ž—†‡ƒ•–‘’ƒ––Š‡Š‡ͥ͟͝͞‘—”„‘ƒ”ǡ™Š‹…Šˆ‡ƒ–—”‡•ƒ‡š–‡•‹˜‡ǡ ’”‘Š‹„‹–‹‘‹•’‹”‡†…‘…–ƒ‹Ž’”‘‰”ƒǤŠ‘‘•‡ˆ”‘Šƒ†Ǧ…”ƒˆ–‡†•…”ƒ–…ŠŽ‹„ƒ–‹‘•ˆ”‘–Š‡‘•–’‘’—Žƒ” •’‡ƒ‡ƒ•‹‡•‘ˆ–Š‡ͥ͜͝͞•ǡ‹…Ž—†‹‰…—•–‘„ƒ””‡ŽǦƒ‰‡†™Š‹•‡›Ǥ ƒ††‹–‹‘ǡ–Š‡›Šƒ˜‡ƒˆ—ŽŽ”ƒ‰‡‘ˆˆ‘‘† •‡”˜‹…‡•’‡”ˆ‡…–ˆ‘”–Š‡…‘—’Ž‡•’”‡Ǧ™‡††‹‰‹‰Š–•‘‹”‡‡Ǥ Their wedding day will begin with a private limousine transfer from their hotel to our exclusive VIP helicopter –‡”‹ƒŽ‹ƒ•‡‰ƒ•ǤŠ‡›ǯŽŽ‡„ƒ”‘ƒ—ˆ‘”‰‡––ƒ„Ž‡ǡƒ””ƒ–‡†ƪ‹‰Š–ˆ”‘ƒ•‡‰ƒ•–‘–Š‡ ”ƒ†ƒ›‘‹ …‘’Ž‡–‡ƒ’‹ŽŽ‘Ž—š—”›ǤŠ‡–Š‡›ǯŽŽ†‡•…‡†͠ǡ͜͜͜ˆ‡‡–‹–‘–Š‡†‡’–Š•‘ˆ ”ƒ†ƒ›‘‡•–ǡƪ›‹‰’ƒ•–•Š‡‡” rock formations formed by the Colorado River over millions of years. They’ll touch down by the banks of the beautiful Colorado River where they’ll exchange their vows surrounded by nature’s canvas, the Grand Canyon. Finally, they can capture this special moment with a champagne toast and wedding cake, ƒ†ƒ•ƒ‰”ƒ†ƤƒŽ‡ǡƪ›†‘™–Š‡ƒ•‡‰ƒ•–”‹’ƒ†‡Œ‘›–Š‡‹–›–Šƒ–‡˜‡”•Ž‡‡’•Ǥ––Š‡‡†‘ˆ–Š‡‹‰Š–ǡ ƒŽ‹‘—•‹‡™‹ŽŽ„‡•–ƒ†‹‰„›–‘–ƒ‡–Š‡–‘ƒ͡Ǧ•–ƒ”†‹‡”ƒ– ‡ƒǦ ‡‘”‰‡•–‡ƒŠ‘—•‡Ǥ

DINING ‡ƒǦ ‡‘”‰‡•‘‰‡”‹…Š–‡Ž‡†•Š‹•ƒ‡–‘–Š‡•–‡ƒŠ‘—•‡ƒ–”‹ƒǡƒ†–Š‹•ƒ™ƒ”†Ǧ™‹‹‰…Š‡ˆ‹•ƒ‰‘‘†‹†‹…ƒ–‹‘ ‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ‘—–‘ˆ–Š‘—‰Š––Šƒ–™‡–‹–‘–Š‹•”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–ǤŠ‡‡™Ž›ƒ””‹‡†…‘—’Ž‡…ƒ‡š’‡…––‘Ƥ†‹‘˜ƒ–‹˜‡ ƒ††‡Ž‹…‹‘—•‡–”‡‡•‹…Ž—†‹‰ƒˆ—ŽŽƒ””ƒ›‘ˆ•–‡ƒ…—–•Ž‹‡ƤŽ‡–ǡǡ”‹„Ǧ‡›‡ǡƒ†’‘”–‡”Š‘—•‡ǤŽ—•ǡ–Š‡”‡ ƒ”‡‘Ǧ„‡‡ˆ†‹•Š‡•Ž‹‡Š‹Ž‡ƒ‡ƒƒ••ǡŽ‘„•–‡”ƒ†…Š‹…‡ǡƒ†•‹†‡‘’–‹‘•–Šƒ–‹…Ž—†‡–Š‡‘”‡ –”ƒ†‹–‹‘ƒŽ‰”‹ŽŽ‡†ƒ•’ƒ”ƒ‰—•‘”ƒŽ–‡”ƒ–‹˜‡•Ž‹‡Žƒ…”—ƫ‡ƒ†‘–‡ ”‹––‡”Ǥ Call us at +1-800-222-2025 to get started.




The contemporary and stylish space at Jean-Georges Steakhouse is sectioned into an exciting lounge, elevated dining areas, and two private dining rooms perfect for a private wedding reception.

Villa Outdoor Patio at Nobu - Las Vegas

EXCLUSIVE TO YOU The 1923 Bourbon Bar is a private, hidden bourbon bar located underneath the escalators in Mandalay Bay.

Nobu - Las Vegas


The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, one of the seven natural wonders of the world and the exclusive wedding spot of only the luckiest couples.



SHOPPING IN LOS ANGELES Š‹•‹•Œ—•––Š‡•–ƒ”–‘ˆ™Šƒ–™‹ŽŽ„‡ƒ–”—Ž›Â?‡Â?‘”ƒ„Ž‡™‡‡Â?‡Â?†‘ˆ•Š‘’’‹Â?‰‹Â?‘•Â?‰‡Ž‡•Ǥ ‡Ž‘‘Â?ˆ‘”™ƒ”†–‘Š‡Ž’‹Â?‰›‘—…”‡ƒ–‡–Š‡‹”‰ŽƒÂ?‘”‘—•‰‡–ƒ™ƒ›Ǥ

ARRIVAL & ACCOMMODATIONS Their shopping adventure begins with a private driver escorting them to their elegant stay at Montage Beverly Hills. This relaxing respite is vintage Hollywood. It provides a welcomed reprieve from bustling Los Angeles, while still maintaining all of its alluring and sophisticated pleasures. Guests can unwind from a busy day with spa treatments at the award winning Montage Spa, and be fully immersed in an experience that will get anyone red carpet ready.

ACTIVITIES Then, when they’re ready, a private escort will pick them up from the hotel and take them to the hottest shopping •’‘–•‹Â?‡˜‡”Ž› ‹ŽŽ•ǤŠ‡›ǯŽŽ„‡‡š’‡”–Ž›‰—‹†‡†–‘‡˜‡”›…ƒÂ?ǯ–njÂ?‹•••Š‘’’‹Â?‰‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡ƒ–‹Ž•Š‹”‡ǥ‘†‡‘”‹˜‡ and Melrose Avenue. Plus, they’ll get VIP access to the L.A. County Museum of Art. The three blocks of luxury ƒÂ?†ˆƒ•Š‹‘Â?ƒ–‘†‡‘”‹˜‡ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡‡š…Ž—•‹˜‡‡˜‡Â?–•”ƒÂ?‰‹Â?‰ˆ”‘Â?Ž—š—”‹‘—•Œ‡™‡Ž”›ˆ‡•–‹˜ƒŽ•–‘•‡ƒ•‘Â?Š‘Ž‹†ƒ› •’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ”•ǤŠ‡Â?ÇĄ‡Ž”‘•‡˜‡Â?—‡ƒÂ?†‹Ž•Š‹”‡ƒ”‡ƒŠ‘†‰‡’‘†‰‡‘ˆƒŽŽ–Šƒ–‡Â?…‘Â?’ƒ••‡•‘•Â?‰‡Ž‡•Ǥ ‹Â?ÂƒÂŽÂŽÂ›ÇĄ ƒ––Š‡ǤǤ‘—Â?–›—•‡—Â?‘ˆ”–ǥ‰—‡•–•…ƒÂ?…ƒ–…Šƒ‰Ž‹Â?’•‡‘ˆ–Š‡ˆƒÂ?‘—•‘‹•‘ƒ”†Â?ƒÂ?Œ‡™‡Ž”›…‘ŽŽ‡…–‹‘Â?Ǥ

DINING Š‡Â?–Š‡›ǯ”‡”‡ƒ†›–‘–ƒÂ?‡ƒ„”‡ƒÂ?ˆ”‘Â?•Š‘’’‹Â?‰–‹ŽŽ–Š‡›†”‘’ǥ–Š‡”‡ǯ•ƒŽ™ƒ›•Ž—Â?…Šƒ––Š‡‘Ž‘‘—Â?‰‡‹Â?–Š‡‡˜‡”Ž› Hills Hotel. As a local area favorite, the meals are served with piano accompaniment and a variety of specialty cocktails. Š‡Â?ÇĄ–Š‡›…ƒÂ?ƤÂ?‹•Š–Š‡‹”•Š‘’’‹Â?‰†ƒ›‘ƥ™‹–Š†‹Â?Â?‡”ƒ–Â”ÂƒÂ‹Â‰ÇŻÂ•‘Â?‡Ž”‘•‡Ǥ –ǯ•ƒÂ?—•–nj•‡‡‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡–‘†”‹Â?Â? in the life of a celebrity and even get the chance to see a few stars of their own. Otherwise, if guests are looking for a more relaxed spot to wind down from their day, dinner at Bouchon provides a truly relaxing French bistro experience. ‹–Š…Žƒ••‹… ”‡Â?…Š†‹Â?‹Â?‰ǥÂ?‘•ƒ‹…ƪ‘‘”ƒÂ?†ƒÂ?–‹“—‡Ž‹‰Š–Ƥš–—”‡•ǥ‹–ǯ•–Š‡’‡”ˆ‡…–™ƒ›–‘ƤÂ?‹•Š–Š‡‹”’‡”ˆ‡…–†ƒ›Ǥ

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Montage Beverly Hills


The Spa Boutique at Montage Beverly exclusively features L.RAPHAEL’s renowned relaxing skincare products.

A REALLY PRETTY PENNY The $12 million House of Bijan, located on Rodeo Drive, is the most expensive store in the world.


“Hottest restaurant in LA…I don’t think they’ve had an empty table since they opened.” – Larry King on Craig’s on Melrose

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–Š‡Žƒ•–•‡˜‡”ƒŽ›‡ƒ”•ǡƒ•‡‰ƒ•Šƒ•Ƥ”Ž›‡•–ƒ„Ž‹•Š‡†‹–•‡Žˆƒ•—…Š‘”‡–ŠƒŒ—•–‡‘•‹‰•ƒ†•Š‘™‰‹”Ž•Ǥ—”‡†„›Š‹‰ŠǦ‡†•Š‘’’‹‰ǡŠ‹‰ŠǦ…ƒŽ‹„‡” ‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡–ƒ†•‹œœŽ‹‰‹‰Š–Ž‹ˆ‡ǡ˜‹•‹–‘”•Š‡”‡‡Œ‘›ƒŽ—š—”‹‘—•‡š’‡”‹‡…‡„‘–Š‹ƒ†‘—–‘ˆ–Š‡…ƒ•‹‘ǤŠ‘—‰Š”‹‰Š–Ž›‘™ˆ‘”‹–•‡š…‹–‡‡–ǡ–Š‡…‹–›ǯ• ƒ›‹†—Ž‰‡–•’ƒ•‹‰Š–Œ—•–ƒ‡–Š‡Dz–‡”–ƒ‹‡–ƒ’‹–ƒŽ‘ˆ–Š‡‘”Ž†dz›‘—”ˆƒ˜‘”‹–‡”‡Žƒš‹‰”‡–”‡ƒ–Ǥ


ƒ•‡‰ƒ•Šƒ•”‡†‡Ƥ‡†–Š‡…—Ž‹ƒ”›ƒ†™‹‡‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ „›‘ơ‡”‹‰–Š‡‘•–…‘’”‡Š‡•‹˜‡…‘ŽŽ‡…–‹‘‘ˆŽ‡‰‡†ƒ”› …Š‡ˆ•ǡ…‡Ž‡„”ƒ–‡†”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•ƒ†ƒ•–‡”‘‡Ž‹‡”• ‘ˆƒ›†‡•–‹ƒ–‹‘‹–Š‡™‘”Ž†


LAS VEGAS CONVENTION & VISITORS AUTHORITY INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD VISITORS KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO LAS VEGAS? That depends. But if they’re looking to explore the amazing hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, they should wear comfortable shoes. The size of the hotels make them appear closer than they really are.

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES IN LAS VEGAS? Š‡”‡ƒ”‡•‘ƒ›–Š‹‰•–‘•‡‡ƒ††‘–Šƒ–‹–ǯ•Šƒ”†–‘ƒ‡Œ—•–‘‡‘”‡˜‡–‡–Š‹‰•Ǥ—–‹ˆ‹–ǯ•–Š‡‹”Ƥ”•––‹‡‹ƒ•‡‰ƒ•ǡ–Š‡›•Š‘—Ž†•‡‡ƒ•Š‘™Ǥ Either one of the seven Cirque du Soleil shows or a residency show like Celine, Britney, Jennifer Lopez or Elton John. Then they should dine at one of –Š‡ƒ›‡Ž‡„”‹–›Š‡ˆ‘™‡†”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•Ǥ†ƤƒŽŽ›ǡ‹ˆ–Š‡›ǯ˜‡‡˜‡”˜‹•‹–‡†–Š‡ ”ƒ†ƒ›‘ǡ–Šƒ–ǯ•ƒ—•–Ǥ

WHAT’S NEW IN LAS VEGAS? When it comes to Las Vegas, what’s new is all relative. But here are a few examples. ‹”•–‘ơǡ–Š‡ ƒƒ•ƒ‰”‘—’‘’‡‡†‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡Š‘––‡•–…Ž—„•‹ƒ•‡‰ƒ•ǣ‹ƒƒ–ƒ‡•ƒ”•ƒŽƒ…‡ǤŠ‡ǡ–Š‡ ‘—–ƒ‹•‘ˆ‡ŽŽƒ‰‹‘ƒ”‡‰‡––‹‰ funky. In collaboration with Bruno Mars, Bellagio recently debuted a new Fountains show to the music of the world-wide smash “Uptown Funk”. This ™ƒ•ƒ††‡†–‘–Š‡ƒ––”ƒ…–‹‘•…‘ŽŽ‡…–‹‘‘ˆ‹…‘‹…•‘‰•Ǥˆ…‘—”•‡ǡ–Š‡„ƒ•‡„ƒŽŽ‹…‘‡–‡‘•‡”‡…‡–Ž›‘’‡‡†‡–‡‘•‡ƒ”ƒ† ”‹ŽŽǤ‡˜‡Ž‘’‡†‹ ’ƒ”–‡”•Š‹’™‹–Š

ƒƒ‰‡‡–ǡ–Š‡ͥǡ͜͜͜Ǧ•“—ƒ”‡Ǧˆ‘‘–”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–‹•ƒ––Š‡‡’‹…‡–‡”‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ•‡‰ƒ•–”‹’ǡƒ…”‘••–Š‡•–”‡‡–ˆ”‘ Ǥ†ƒˆ–‡” —…Šƒ–‹…‹’ƒ–‹‘ǡƒ•‡‰ƒ•ǯŠ‘––‡•–”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–ǡ


IS THERE ANY EXCITING NEWS YOU CAN SHARE OF THINGS TO COME? ‡”‡ƒ”‡ƒˆ‡™‰”‡ƒ––Š‹‰•Ǥ  ‡•‘”– –‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽŒ—•–‘’‡‡†ƒ‡™ƒ†—‹“—‡‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡–…‘’Ž‡šˆ‘”ƒ•‡‰ƒ•…ƒŽŽ‡†Š‡ƒ”Ǥ‡‘ˆ–Š‡Š‹‰ŠŽ‹‰Š–•‹•–Š‡Ǧ‘„‹Ž‡ ”‡ƒ–Šƒ–”‡…‡–Ž›‘’‡‡†™‹–ŠŠ‡‹ŽŽ‡”•ƒ†•’‡…‹ƒŽ‰—‡•–ƒ›‡‡™–‘ǤŠ‡ƒ”‡ƒ™‹ŽŽŠ‘Ž†—’–‘͜͞ǡ͜͜͜’‡‘’Ž‡ƒ†„‡‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡‘•–ƒƒœ‹‰ ˆƒ…‹Ž‹–‹‡•‘ˆ‹–•‹†ǤŽ•‘•…Š‡†—Ž‡†–‘’‡”ˆ‘”ƒ––Š‡‡™ƒ”‡ƒ™‹ŽŽ„‡ ƒ”–Š”‘‘•ƒ† ‡‘”‰‡–”ƒ‹–ǤŽ•‘ǡ–Š‡ ƒƒ•ƒ ”‘—’—˜‡‹Ž‡†–Š‡‡™ ‹‰Š–Ž‹ˆ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ƒ– ‡•‘”–Ƭƒ•‹‘Ǥ –ǯ••‡––‘’‡’”‹‰͜͢͞͝Ǥ

CAN YOU SHARE SOME LOCAL TIPS AND SECRETS WITH US? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN LAS VEGAS? ”‡‘––”‡‡–ƒ•–Ǥ‘•–’‡‘’Ž‡™Š‘–”ƒ˜‡Ž–‘ƒ•‡‰ƒ•‘™ƒ„‘—––Š‡ ”‡‘––”‡‡–‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ǡ„—–Œ—•–ƒˆ‡™„Ž‘…•‡ƒ•––Š‡›ǯŽŽƤ†ƒƒ”‡ƒ ™Š‡”‡ƒ›Ž‘…ƒŽ•Ž‘˜‡–‘‰‘Ǥ ”‡‘–ƒ•–‹•ƒ…‘—‹–›‘ˆ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•ǡ„ƒ”•ƒ†…‘ơ‡‡•Š‘’•–Š‡›Œ—•–Šƒ˜‡–‘˜‹•‹–Ǥ

An Astonishing World.



MGM RESORTS INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO MGM RESORTS? As a leader in the hospitality and entertainment industry, MGM Resorts International is dedicated to providing guests with unique experiences and premier service designed to create lasting impressions and lifelong memories. From entertainment and dining to retail and spa, each resort appeals to a wide range of domestic and international travelers.

CAN YOU SHARE ANY EXCITING NEWS OF THINGS TO COME? In the fourth quarter of 2016, the $1.3 billion MGM National Harbor will open its doors just outside of the nation’s capital, becoming the newest addition to the MGM Resorts International portfolio. The 308-room resort will sit a short distance from Washington, D.C. and will feature a collection of premier amenities including entertainment, spa, luxury retail and gaming as well as restaurants from celebrity chefs José Andrés, Marcus Samuelsson, and Bryan and Michael Voltaggio.

WHAT ARE SOME MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES AT MGM RESORTS? MGM Resorts continually seeks out new ways to enhance the guest experience and ensure that every visit is fresh and invigorating. This April, the highly-anticipated 20,000-seat T-Mobile Arena will open on the Las Vegas Strip and play host to a roster of A-list entertainers including Garth Brooks, George Strait, Guns N’ Roses and ‹š‹‡Š‹…•ǤŠ‡ƒ”ƒŽ•‘™‹ŽŽ‘’‡‹’”‹Žǡ‘ơ‡”‹‰‰—‡•–•–Š‡‘’’‘”–—‹–›–‘•‘…‹ƒŽ‹œ‡ǡ”‡Žƒšƒ†‡š’Ž‘”‡™‹–Š‹ƒ‹‡”•‹˜‡‘—–†‘‘”†‡•–‹ƒ–‹‘ˆ‡ƒ–—”‹‰ƒ selection of charming culinary destinations.

CAN YOU SHARE SOME LOCAL TIPS AND SECRETS WITH US? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO AT AN MGM RESORTS? Plan ahead and let our Concierge and MGM Resorts Connections teams do all the work for you. The Concierge team at each resort is ready to help plan a memorable vacation and make the most of your time in Las Vegas. If you’re traveling with a group for a special occasion, MGM Resorts Connections is a one-stop-shop for building out the entire Las Vegas experience including hotel and restaurant reservations, VIP nightclub access, private spa suites, show tickets and more.




3730 South Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89158 ย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‡ย† ย‹ย ย–ยŠย‡ ยŠย‡ยƒย”ย– ย‘ยˆ ย–ยŠย‡ ยƒย• ย‡ย‰ยƒย• ย–ย”ย‹ย’วก ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย–ฦฌยƒย•ย‹ยย‘ย‹ย•ยƒ ย‹ย˜ย‡ ย‹ยƒยย‘ยย† ย™ยƒย”ย†วฆย™ย‹ยยย‹ยย‰ ย†ย‡ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวค   ย‹ย• ยƒย ย‡ย’ย‹ย… ย”ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย– ฦคยŽยŽย‡ย† ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ย•ย’ย‡ย…ย–ยƒย…ย—ยŽยƒย” ย’ย—ย„ยŽย‹ย… ย•ย’ยƒย…ย‡ย•วก ย™ย‘ย”ยŽย†วฆย…ยŽยƒย•ย• ยƒยย‡ยย‹ย–ย‹ย‡ย•วกยƒยย†ย‡ยย†ยŽย‡ย•ย•ย–ย‡ยย’ย–ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยย•วค ย”ย‘ย ย–ย‡ย…ยŠยย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย…ยƒยŽยŽย› ยƒย†ย˜ยƒยย…ย‡ย† ย”ย‘ย‘ยย• ยƒยย† ย•ย—ย‹ย–ย‡ย• ย–ย‘ ยƒย ย‹ยย’ย”ย‡ย•ย•ย‹ย˜ย‡ ยƒย”ย”ยƒย› ย‘ยˆ ย†ย‹ยย‹ยย‰ ย‘ย’ย–ย‹ย‘ยย• ยˆย”ย‘ย ย…ย”ย‹ย–ย‹ย…ยƒยŽยŽย› ยƒย…ย…ยŽยƒย‹ยย‡ย† ย…ยŠย‡ยˆย• ย–ย‘ย™ย‘ย”ยŽย†วฆย…ยŽยƒย•ย•ย•ยŠย‘ย’ย’ย‹ยย‰ยƒยย†ย‡ยšยŠย‹ยŽยƒย”ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ ย‰ยƒยย‹ยย‰วก ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย–ฦฌยƒย•ย‹ยย‘ย†ย‡ยŽย‹ย˜ย‡ย”ย•ยƒย ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡ย–ยŠยƒย–ย‹ย•ย•ย—ย”ย‡ย–ย‘ย•ย‡ย†ย—ย…ย‡ย›ย‘ย—วค

ยƒ ย‘ย—ย–ยŠย‡ย”ย ยƒยŽย‹ยˆย‘ย”ยย‹ยƒ ยˆยƒย˜ย‘ย”ย‹ย–ย‡ ย–ย‘ ย–ยŠย‡ ยƒย• ย‡ย‰ยƒย• ย–ย”ย‹ย’วก ยƒย˜ย‹ย‡ย”วฏย• ย†ย‡ยŽย‹ย˜ย‡ย”ย• ยƒ ย”ย‹ย…ยŠ ยŠย‡ย”ย‹ย–ยƒย‰ย‡ ย‘ยˆ ยƒย—ย–ยŠย‡ยย–ย‹ย… ย‡ยšย‹ย…ยƒย ย…ย—ย‹ย•ย‹ยย‡ ยƒยŽย‘ยย‰ ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยŠยƒยย†วฆย•ยŠยƒยย‡ย ยยƒย”ย‰ยƒย”ย‹ย–ยƒย• ยƒยย† ยƒ ยŠย‹ย‰ยŠวฆย‡ยย‡ย”ย‰ย› ยƒยย„ย‹ยƒยย…ย‡ ย–ย‘ ยƒย• ย‡ย‰ยƒย•วค ยŠย‡ยˆ ย‡ยƒยวฆ ย‡ย‘ย”ย‰ย‡ย•ย‘ยย‰ย‡ย”ย‹ย…ยŠย–ย‡ยย‡ย•ย…ยŠย‡ย™ย• ย–ย”ยƒย†ย‹ย–ย‹ย‘ย ย„ย› ยย‡ยŽย†ย‹ยย‰ ย„ย‡ยŽย‘ย˜ย‡ย†ย•ย–ย‡ยƒยยŠย‘ย—ย•ย‡ ย–ย‘ย—ย…ยŠย‡ย• ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยƒ ย†ย‡ย…ย‹ย†ย‡ย†ยŽย› ย…ย‘ยย–ย‡ยย’ย‘ย”ยƒย”ย› ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡วค ยย‘ย–ยŠย‡ย” ย”ย‡ยย‘ย™ยย‡ย† ย…ยŠย‡ยˆ ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‡ย• ย‡ยƒยวฆยŠย‹ยŽย‹ย’ย’ย‡ยƒย—ย”ย›ย™ยŠย‘ย„ย”ย‹ยย‰ย• ยŠย‹ย•ย•ย‹ย‰ยยƒย–ย—ย”ย‡ย…ยŠย‘ย…ย‘ยŽยƒย–ย‡ย•ย–ย‘ ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย–ฦฌ ยƒย•ย‹ยย‘ยƒย– ย‡ยƒยยŠย‹ยŽย‹ย’ย’ย‡ยŸย–ย‹ย•ย•ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡วค

ยŠย‡ ย„ย‡ย•ย– ย‘ยˆ ยƒยŽยŽ ยƒย• ย‡ย‰ยƒย• ยย‹ย‰ยŠย–ยŽย‹ยˆย‡วก    ยŽย–ย”ยƒ ย‘ย—ยย‰ย‡ ย…ย‡ยŽย‡ย„ย”ยƒย–ย‡ย• ย–ยŠย‡ ย’ย‡ย”ยˆย‡ย…ย– ย…ย‘ยย˜ย‡ย”ย‰ย‡ยย…ย‡ ย‘ยˆ ย’ย”ย‡ยย‹ย—ย ย•ย’ย‹ย”ย‹ย–ย•วก ย‹ยยƒย‰ย‹ยยƒย–ย‹ย˜ย‡ย‹ยย‰ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย‡ยย–ย•ฦฌยŠย‹ย‰ยŠยŽย›ย•ย–ย›ยŽย‹ยœย‡ย† ย‘ย’ย—ยŽย‡ยย…ย‡วค  ย‹ย–ยŠ ยƒ ย–ย‹ยย‡ยŽย‡ย•ย• ย•ย‘ย—ยย†ย–ย”ยƒย…ย ยƒยย†ย’ยŽย—ย•ยŠย•ย‡ย–ย–ย‹ยย‰ย†ย‡ย•ย‹ย‰ยย‡ย†ยˆย‘ย”ย—ยย™ย‹ยย†ย‹ยย‰วก ย…ยƒย”ย‘ย—ย•ย‹ยย‰ ยƒยย† ยย‹ยย‰ยŽย‹ยย‰วก    ย•ย‡ย–ย• ย–ยŠย‡ ย•ย…ย‡ยย‡ยˆย‘ย”ยƒยย›ย”ย‡ยย†ย‡ยœย˜ย‘ย—ย•วค

ย‡ย™ ย†ย‹ยย‹ยย‰ ย…ย‘ยย…ย‡ย’ย–ย• ยƒย–   ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย– ฦฌ ยƒย•ย‹ยย‘ ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‡ ย‡ย”ย”ย‹ยย‰ย„ย‘ยย‡วก ย”ย‹ยƒย ยƒยŽยƒย”ยย‡ย›วฏย• ยƒย…ย…ยŽยƒย‹ยย‡ย† ย‘ย…ย‡ยƒยวฆย–ย‘วฆย–ยƒย„ยŽย‡ ย…ย‘ยย…ย‡ย’ย– ยƒยย† ยƒย”ย„ย‘ยย‡วก ยƒ ย…ย‡ยŽย‡ย„ย”ยƒย–ย‡ย† ย…ย‘ยย…ย‡ย’ย–ยˆย”ย‘ยยƒย”ย‹ย‘ยƒย”ย„ย‘ยย‡วกย‹ย…ยŠย‘ย”ย”ย‹ย•ย‹ ยƒยย† ย‡ฦก ยƒยŽยƒยœยย‹ย…ย ย’ยƒย›ย‹ยย‰ ยŠย‘ยยƒย‰ย‡ ย–ย‘ ย–ยŠย‡ ย–ยƒยŽย‹ยƒยวฆยย‡ย”ย‹ย…ยƒย ย”ย‡ย•ย–ยƒย—ย”ยƒยย–ย• ย‘ยˆ ย–ยŠย‡ ยย‹ย†วฆอžอœย–ยŠ ย…ย‡ยย–ย—ย”ย› ศ‚ ยƒย ย‡ย”ยƒ ย‘ยˆ ย‰ยŽยƒยย‘ย—ย”วก ย•ยŠย‘ย™ยยƒยย•ยŠย‹ย’ยƒยย†ย–ยƒย„ยŽย‡ย•ย‹ย†ย‡ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ย…ย‡วค

ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ ยƒย”ย‡ ย’ยŽย‡ยย–ย› ย‘ยˆ ย†ย‹ยย‹ยย‰ ย‘ย’ย–ย‹ย‘ยย• ย‹ย   ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย– ฦฌ ยƒย•ย‹ยย‘วค ย”ย‹ยย‰ย‹ยย‰



2600 W. Harmon Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89158  ย…ยŠย‹ย… ยŠย‘ย–ย‡ยŽ ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยƒ ย•ย‘ย’ยŠย‹ย•ย–ย‹ย…ยƒย–ย‡ย† ย‹ยย–ย‡ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒยŽ ฦชยƒย‹ย”วก ย†ยƒย”ยƒ ย‘ย–ย‡ยŽ ฦฌ ย’ยƒ ยƒย’ย’ย‡ยƒยŽย•ย–ย‘ย‰ย—ย‡ย•ย–ย•ย™ยŠย‘ยŽย‘ย˜ย‡ย–ยŠย‡ย‡ยย‡ย”ย‰ย›ยƒยย† ย‡ยšย…ย‹ย–ย‡ยย‡ยย– ย‘ยˆ ยƒย• ย‡ย‰ยƒย•วก ย„ย—ย– ย…ยŠย‘ย‘ย•ย‡ ย–ย‘ ย‡ยยŒย‘ย› ย‹ย– ยˆย”ย‘ย ยƒย ย‡ยšย…ยŽย—ย•ย‹ย˜ย‡วก ยย‘ยวฆย‰ยƒยย‹ยย‰วก ย•ยย‘ยย‡วฆยˆย”ย‡ย‡ย‡ยย˜ย‹ย”ย‘ยยย‡ยย–วค

ย†ย‡ยƒยŽยŽย› ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‡ย† ย„ย‡ย–ย™ย‡ย‡ย   ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย– ฦฌ ยƒย•ย‹ยย‘ ยƒยย† ย‡ยŽยŽยƒย‰ย‹ย‘วก ย†ยƒย”ยƒ ย‘ย–ย‡ยŽ ฦฌ ย’ยƒ ย‘ฦกย‡ย”ย• ยƒ ย…ย‘ยย–ย‡ยย’ย‘ย”ยƒย”ย› ย‹ยย–ย‡ย”ย‹ย‘ย” ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ย–ยŠย‡ ย˜ย‡ย”ย›ยŽยƒย–ย‡ย•ย–ยƒยย‡ยย‹ย–ย‹ย‡ย•ยƒยย†ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ย…ย‡ย•วค ย”ย‘ย˜ย‹ย†ย‹ยย‰ ยƒย ย‘ยƒย•ย‹ย• ย‘ยˆ ย”ย‡ยŽยƒยšยƒย–ย‹ย‘ย ยƒยย† ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย›ย‘ยย–ยŠย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย‰ยƒย•ย–ย”ย‹ย’วกย†ยƒย”ยƒ ย‘ย–ย‡ยŽ ฦฌย’ยƒยƒย’ย’ย‡ยƒยŽย•ย–ย‘ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย›ย–ย”ยƒย˜ย‡ยŽย‡ย”ย•ยƒยย†ย•ย’ยƒ ย‡ยย–ยŠย—ย•ย‹ยƒย•ย–ย• ย–ยŠย”ย‘ย—ย‰ยŠ ยƒ ย—ยย‹ย“ย—ย‡ ย„ยŽย‡ยย† ย‘ยˆ ย…ย—ย•ย–ย‘ยย‹ยœย‡ย† ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ย…ย‡ ยƒยย† ย’ย‡ย”ย•ย‘ยยƒยŽย‹ยœย‡ย† ยƒยย‡ยย‹ย–ย‹ย‡ย•วค ยŠย‡ ย‹ย†ย‡ยƒยŽ ย„ยƒยŽยƒยย…ย‡ ย‘ยˆ ยƒย…ย…ย‡ย•ย• ยƒยย†ย‡ย•ย…ยƒย’ย‡ย‹ย•ย‘ฦกย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย–ยŠย”ย‘ย—ย‰ยŠยƒยย‘ย’ย—ยŽย‡ยย–วก ยˆย—ยŽยŽวฆย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ย…ย‡ ย™ย‡ยŽยŽยย‡ย•ย• ย•ย’ยƒ ยƒยย† ย•ยƒยŽย‘ยวก ยƒ ยˆย—ยŽยŽย›วฆย‡ย“ย—ย‹ย’ย’ย‡ย† ฦคย–ยย‡ย•ย• ย…ย‡ยย–ย‡ย”วก ยƒ ย‰ย‘ย—ย”ยย‡ย–

ย”ย‡ย•ย–ยƒย—ย”ยƒยย– ยƒยย† ย„ยƒย”วก ยƒยย† ยƒ ย”ย‘ย‘ยˆวฆย–ย‘ย’ ย’ย‘ย‘ยŽ ยƒยย†ยŽย‘ย—ยย‰ย‡วค ย’ยƒยƒยย†ยƒยŽย‘ยย†ยƒย”ยƒย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‡ย•ยƒย–ยŠย‘ย—ย‰ยŠย–ยˆย—ยŽ ย…ย‘ยŽยŽย‡ย…ย–ย‹ย‘ยย‘ยˆยยƒย•ย•ยƒย‰ย‡ย•วกย„ย‘ย†ย›ย–ย”ย‡ยƒย–ยย‡ยย–ย•วก ยƒยย† ย•ยย‹ยย…ยƒย”ย‡ ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ย…ย‡ย• ยˆย‘ย…ย—ย•ย‹ยย‰ ย‘ย ยŠย‘ยŽย‹ย•ย–ย‹ย… ยŠย‡ยƒยŽย–ยŠ ยƒยย† ย—ย–ย‹ยŽย‹ยœย‹ยย‰ ยŠย‹ย‰ยŠวฆย‰ย”ยƒย†ย‡วก ยยƒย–ย—ย”ยƒยŽ ย‹ยย‰ย”ย‡ย†ย‹ย‡ยย–ย• ย†ย‡ย”ย‹ย˜ย‡ย† ยˆย”ย‘ย ยŠย‡ย”ย„ย•วก ฦชย‘ย™ย‡ย”ย•วกยˆย”ย—ย‹ย–ย•วกย˜ย‡ย‰ย‡ย–ยƒย„ยŽย‡ย•วกยƒยย†ย‘ย‹ยŽย•วคยŠย‡ย•ย‡ ย’ย‡ย”ย•ย‘ยยƒยŽย‹ยœย‡ย†วกยŠย‘ยŽย‹ย•ย–ย‹ย…ย•ย’ยƒย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ย…ย‡ย•ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‡ ย•ย—ย…ยŠย–ย”ย‡ยƒย–ยย‡ยย–ย•ย–ยŠยƒย–ย…ย‡ยŽย‡ย„ย”ยƒย–ย‡ย–ยŠย‡ย’ย—ย”ย‹ย–ย› ยƒยย†ย‘ย”ย‰ยƒยย‹ย…ยˆย”ย‡ย•ยŠยย‡ย•ย•ย‘ยˆยยƒย–ย—ย”ย‡วค ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ ย–ยŠย‡ ยˆย—ย ยƒยย† ย‡ยšย…ย‹ย–ย‡ยย‡ยย– ย‘ยˆ ย–ยŠย‡ ยƒย• ย‡ย‰ยƒย• ย–ย”ย‹ย’ ย„ยŽย‡ยย† ย•ย‡ยƒยยŽย‡ย•ย•ยŽย› ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยƒยŽยŽ ย‘ยˆ ย–ยŠย‡ ย…ย‘ยยˆย‘ย”ย–ย• ย‘ยˆ ยƒ ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย› ย”ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย–วก ย†ยƒย”ยƒ ย‘ย–ย‡ยŽฦฌย’ยƒย‹ย•ยƒยย‹ย†ย‡ยƒยŽยŠย‘ยย‡ยƒย™ยƒย› ยˆย”ย‘ยยŠย‘ยย‡วค

LAS VEGAS ] ออฅ



3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

ยย•ย’ย‹ย”ย‡ย† ย„ย› ย–ยŠย‡ ย˜ย‹ยŽยŽยƒย‰ย‡ย• ย‘ยˆ ย—ย”ย‘ย’ย‡วก  ย‹ย˜ย‡ ย‹ยƒยย‘ยย† ย‡ยŽยŽยƒย‰ย‹ย‘ ย‘ย˜ย‡ย”ยŽย‘ย‘ยย• ยƒ ย‡ย†ย‹ย–ย‡ย”ย”ยƒยย‡ยƒยวฆย„ยŽย—ย‡ยŽยƒยย‡ย‹ยย™ยŠย‹ย…ยŠยˆย‘ย—ยย–ยƒย‹ยย• ย’ย‡ย”ยˆย‘ย”ย ยƒ ยยƒย‰ยย‹ฦคย…ย‡ยย– ย„ยƒยŽยŽย‡ย–วค ย™ยƒย”ย†วฆ ย™ย‹ยยย‹ยย‰ ย†ย‹ยย‹ยย‰วก ย™ย‘ย”ยŽย†วฆย…ยŽยƒย•ย• ยƒย”ย– ย‰ยƒยŽยŽย‡ย”ย›วก ย‹ย”ย“ย—ย‡ย†ย—ย‘ยŽย‡ย‹ยŽวฏย•ย•ย–ย—ยยย‹ยย‰ย’ย‡ย”ยˆย‘ย”ยยƒยย…ย‡ย‘ยˆ วฒอƒวณวกย•ย—ยย’ย–ย—ย‘ย—ย•ย•ย’ยƒยƒยย†ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย›ย•ยŠย‘ย’ย’ย‹ยย‰ ยƒย†ย†ย–ย‘ย–ยŠย‡ย•ย›ยย’ยŠย‘ยย›ย–ยŠยƒย–ย‹ย•ย‡ยŽยŽยƒย‰ย‹ย‘วค ย‘ย—ย” ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡ ยƒย– ย‡ยŽยŽยƒย‰ย‹ย‘ ย—ยยˆย‘ยŽย†ย• ยŽย‹ยย‡ ยƒ ย•ย–ย‘ย”ย›วคยƒย…ยŠยƒย–ย–ย”ยƒย…ย–ย‹ย‘ยย‹ย•ยƒย—ยย‹ย“ย—ย‡ย…ยŠยƒย’ย–ย‡ย”ย‘ยˆย‹ย–ย• ย‘ย™ยวก ยˆย”ย‘ย ย–ยŠย‡ ยˆยƒยย‡ย† ยƒยย…ย‹ยย‰ ย‘ย—ยย–ยƒย‹ยย• ย–ย‘ ย–ยŠย‡ ยยƒย–ย—ย”ยƒยŽ ย™ย‘ยย†ย‡ย”ย• ย‘ยˆ ย–ยŠย‡ ย‘ยย•ย‡ย”ย˜ยƒย–ย‘ย”ย› ยƒยย† ย‘ย–ยƒยย‹ย…ยƒยŽ ยƒย”ย†ย‡ยย• ย–ย‘ ยˆยƒยย‘ย—ย• ยƒย”ย–ย™ย‘ย”ยย• ยƒยย† ย„ย‡ย›ย‘ยย†วค ย‹ย”ย“ย—ย‡ย†ย—ย‘ยŽย‡ย‹ยŽอ‚ย™ย‡ยƒย˜ย‡ย•ยƒยยƒย“ย—ยƒย–ย‹ย…ย–ยƒย’ย‡ย•ย–ย”ย› ย‘ยˆ ยƒย”ย–ย‹ย•ย–ย”ย›วก ย•ย—ย”ย”ย‡ยƒยŽย‹ย•ยวก ยƒยย† ย–ยŠย‡ยƒย–ย”ย‹ย…ยƒยŽ ย”ย‘ยยƒยย…ย‡ ย‹ย ย–ยŠย‡ ย–ย‹ยย‡ยŽย‡ย•ย• ย’ย”ย‘ย†ย—ย…ย–ย‹ย‘ยวก วฒอƒวณวค ยŠย‡ ย‹ยย–ย‡ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒยŽ ย…ยƒย•ย– ย‘ยˆ ย™ย‘ย”ยŽย†วฆย…ยŽยƒย•ย• ยƒย…ย”ย‘ย„ยƒย–ย•วก ย•ย›ยย…ยŠย”ย‘ยย‹ยœย‡ย† ย•ย™ย‹ยยย‡ย”ย•วก ย†ย‹ย˜ย‡ย”ย• ยƒยย† ย…ยŠยƒย”ยƒย…ย–ย‡ย”ย• ย’ย‡ย”ยˆย‘ย”ย ย‹ยวก ย‘ย ยƒยย† ยƒย„ย‘ย˜ย‡ ย™ยƒย–ย‡ย” ย–ย‘ ย…ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย‡ ยƒ ย„ย”ย‡ยƒย–ยŠย–ยƒยย‹ยย‰ ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡ ย‹ย ยƒ ยยƒย‰ยย‹ฦคย…ย‡ยย– ย–ยŠย‡ยƒย–ย”ย‡ ย”ย‡ยย‹ยย‹ย•ย…ย‡ยย– ย‘ยˆ ยƒ ย—ย”ย‘ย’ย‡ยƒยย‘ย’ย‡ย”ยƒยŠย‘ย—ย•ย‡วค ยย”ย‹ย˜ยƒยŽย‡ย† ยˆยƒย”ย‡ ย’ยƒย‹ย”ย• ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ย—ยย”ย‹ย˜ยƒยŽย‡ย† ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย› ยƒย– ยƒยย› ย‘ยˆ ย‡ยŽยŽยƒย‰ย‹ย‘วฏย•  ย‹ย˜ย‡ ย‹ยƒยย‘ยย†วฆ

ยƒย™ยƒย”ย†ย‡ย† ยƒย• ย‡ย‰ยƒย• ย”ย‡ย•ย–ยƒย—ย”ยƒยย– ย‘ย’ย–ย‹ย‘ยย•วค ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡ ยƒ ย‰ยŽย‘ย„ยƒยŽ ยƒย†ย˜ย‡ยย–ย—ย”ย‡ ย‘ยˆ ยˆย‘ย”ยยƒยŽ ยƒยย† ย…ยƒย•ย—ยƒยŽ ย”ย‡ย•ย–ยƒย—ย”ยƒยย–ย•วค ยƒย‰ย‘ ย„ย› ย—ยŽย‹ยƒย ย‡ย”ย”ยƒยย‘วก ยƒ ยย‡ย™ ย…ย‘ยย…ย‡ย’ย– ยˆย”ย‘ย ย‘ยย‡ ย‘ยˆ ยƒย• ย‡ย‰ยƒย•วฏ ยย‘ย•ย– ย…ย‡ยŽย‡ย„ย”ยƒย–ย‡ย† ย…ยŠย‡ยˆย•วก ยˆย‡ยƒย–ย—ย”ย‡ย• ยƒย ย‡ยšย“ย—ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‡ย†ย‹ยย‹ยย‰ย”ย‘ย‘ยย™ย‹ย–ยŠฦชย‘ย‘ย”วฆย–ย‘วฆย…ย‡ย‹ยŽย‹ยย‰ ย’ยƒยย‘ย”ยƒยย‹ย…ย™ย‹ยย†ย‘ย™ย•วคยƒย‰ย‘ย„ย‘ยƒย•ย–ย•ย–ยŠย‡ยย‘ย•ย– ย•ย’ย‡ย…ย–ยƒย…ย—ยŽยƒย” ย˜ย‹ย‡ย™ย• ย‘ยˆ ย–ยŠย‡ ย”ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย–วฏย• ยˆย‘ย—ยย–ยƒย‹ยย• ย‡ย˜ย‡ย”ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡ย†ย‘ยยŠย‡ย–ย”ย‹ย’วค ยŠย‡ย–ยŠย‡ย”ย›ย‘ย—ย’ย”ย‡ยˆย‡ย”ยŠย‹ย‰ยŠวฆย‡ยย‡ย”ย‰ย›ย‘ย”ยƒยย‘ย”ย‡ ย‹ยย–ย‹ยยƒย–ย‡ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡วก ยƒย•ย‡ย‰ยƒย• ยย‹ย‰ยŠย–ย…ยŽย—ย„ย• ยยƒย› ย…ย‘ยย’ย‡ย–ย‡ ยˆย‘ย” ยƒย–ย–ย‡ยย–ย‹ย‘ยวก ย„ย—ย– ยย‘ยย‡ ย”ย‹ย˜ยƒยŽ ย–ยŠย‡ ย•ย‘ย’ยŠย‹ย•ย–ย‹ย…ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ย ยƒยย† ย•ย–ย›ยŽย‡ ย‘ยˆ ย‡ยŽยŽยƒย‰ย‹ย‘วฏย• ย•ย‹ย‰ยยƒย–ย—ย”ย‡ย•ย’ย‘ย–ย•วค ย›ย†ย‡ ย‡ยŽยŽยƒย‰ย‹ย‘ ย’ย”ย‘ย˜ย‹ย†ย‡ย•ยƒย ย‡ยย–ย‹ย…ย‹ยย‰ยย‹ย‰ยŠย–ยŽย‹ยˆย‡ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡ย‹ยยƒย•ย’ย‡ย…ย–ยƒย…ย—ยŽยƒย” ออœวกอœอœอœวฆย•ย“ย—ยƒย”ย‡วฆยˆย‘ย‘ย–วกย‹ยย†ย‘ย‘ย”ศ€ย‘ย—ย–ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย˜ย‡ยย—ย‡วค ย‡ยŽยŽยƒย‰ย‹ย‘ ย‘ฦกย‡ย”ย• ยƒย ยƒย™ยƒย”ย†วฆย™ย‹ยยย‹ยย‰ ย„ย‡ยƒย—ย–ย› ย‘ยƒย•ย‹ย• ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ย–ยŠย‡ ย•ย‹ยย‰ย—ยŽยƒย” ย‰ย‘ยƒยŽ ย‘ยˆ ย’ยƒยย’ย‡ย”ย‹ยย‰ ย›ย‘ย—วค ยŠย‡ ย•ย’ยƒ ฦฌ ย•ยƒยŽย‘ย ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ย…ย‡ย• ย™ย‹ยŽยŽ ย”ย‡ย•ย–ย‘ย”ย‡วก ย”ย‡ย˜ย‹ย˜ย‡ ยƒยย† ย”ย‡ย’ยŽย‡ยย‹ย•ยŠ ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยƒ ย—ยย‹ย“ย—ย‡ ยย‡ยย— ย‘ยˆ ย‹ยย–ย‡ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒยŽ ย–ย”ย‡ยƒย–ยย‡ยย–ย• ย‹ย ยƒ ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย‹ย‘ย—ย• อขอกวกอœอœอœวฆย•ย“ย—ยƒย”ย‡วฆยˆย‘ย‘ย–ย•ย‡ย–ย–ย‹ยย‰วคย…ย‘ยย’ย”ย‡ยŠย‡ยย•ย‹ย˜ย‡ ย•ย‡ยŽย‡ย…ย–ย‹ย‘ยย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย”ยƒย’ย‡ย—ย–ย‹ย…ยˆยƒย…ย‹ยƒยŽยƒยย†ย„ย‘ย†ย›ย…ยƒย”ย‡ ย–ย”ย‡ยƒย–ยย‡ยย–ย•วก ยƒยย† ยƒย ย‹ยย˜ย‹ย‰ย‘ย”ยƒย–ย‹ยย‰ ย‡ยšย‡ย”ย…ย‹ย•ย‡ ยˆยƒย…ย‹ยŽย‹ย–ย›ย™ย‹ยŽยŽย‡ยŽยƒย–ย‡ย›ย‘ย—ย”ย•ย‡ยย•ย‡ย•วค



SEE SEPAR ATE PDF w/DESCRIPTION Copy was submitted in “bullet” format and now exceeds maximum word limit (300)

LAS VEGAS ))))1/2


3799 South Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 MGM Grand Hotel & Casino boasts a remarkable array of new rooms & suites, entertainment, clubs, lounges and world-class dining. Guests enjoy a Grand spa, fitness center, Cristophe Salon, expansive pool complex and the sexy Wet Republic Ultra pool. Everything you need for a complete Las Vegas experience is under one roof. We didn’t invent entertainment – we perfected it. Entertainment at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino includes the Grand Garden Arena, KÀ™ by Cirque du Soleil®, Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club and the unparalleled Hakkasan. KÀ™ by Cirque du Soleil® is an unprecedented theatrical event. A masterpiece in story-telling, KÀ uses acrobatic performances, the thrills and action of martial arts techniques from all over the world, plus innovations in puppetry and multimedia to tell the epic

tale of twins on a perilous journey to fulfill their shared destiny. Hakkasan Las Vegas, a restaurant and nightclub complex at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, offers guests a 360-degree curated experience combining fine dining and unparalleled entertainment and nightlife inside a beautifully designed five-level structure. At Craftsteak, celebrity chef Tom Colicchio insists on the finest ingredients from small family farms and other specialized venues. While this famous steakhouse offers mainstays like Kobe Beef, it also tempts your taste buds with veal, salmon and lobster dishes.


LAS VEGAS ))))1/2

THE SIGNATURE AT MGM GRAND 145 E. Harmon Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Signature at MGM Grand is your gateway to the best of Las Vegas. Three all-suite towers adjacent to The Signature at MGM Grand sets new standards in personalized service and amenities in a non-smoking, non-gaming environment. ’ƒ…‹‘—• …‘†‘‹‹— •—‹–‡• ‘ơ‡” spectacular views and superior amenities, ™‹–Šƒ•–ƒ–‡Ǧ‘ˆǦ–Š‡Ǧƒ”–Ƥ–‡••…‡–‡”ǡƒ† multiple pools. Directly connected to the energy and excitement of Las Vegas at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino as well as the serene luxury of The Signature At MGM Grand, you get the best of both worlds. At Delights, a gourmet delicatessen, enjoy breakfast and lunch favorites with a twist. Perfect for grabbing a bite on your way, or enjoying a sit-down breakfast or lunch out on our patio. The Lounge is an intimate gathering place to recount the day’s events - or plan the night’s - over specialty cocktails or a refreshing glass of wine.

As your private portal to everything Las Vegas, at The Signature you’re free to indulge in an incredible array of diversions – with one commonality: an elevated level of personalized service. So whether you’re grabbing a drink at The Lounge or basking in the private luxury of your own poolside cabana, you’ll experience a level of attention and dedicated service that’s unsurpassed.



MANDALAY BAY RESORT AND CASINO 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino ’”‘˜‹†‡• ƒ ’‡”ˆ‡…– ‘ƒ•‹• ˆ‘” ˆ—Â?njƤŽŽ‡† days in Las Vegas. Enjoy the 11-acre ƒÂ?†ƒŽƒ› ƒ› Â‡ÂƒÂ…ÂŠÇĄ ĆŞÂ‘ÂƒÂ– †‘™Â? –Š‡ Žƒœ› ”‹˜‡” ƒÂ?† ™‹–Â?॥ ‘˜‡” Í?͜͜ •’‡…‹‡• ‘ˆ •Šƒ”Â?• ƒÂ?† ‡š‘–‹… Ƥ•Š ‹Â? Šƒ”Â? ‡‡ˆ Aquarium. Hop on the free tram that connects the Mandalay Bay Resort and ƒ•‹Â?‘ ™‹–Š —š‘” ‘–‡Ž ĆŹ ƒ•‹Â?‘ƒÂ?† š…ƒŽ‹„—” ‘–‡Ž ĆŹ ƒ•‹Â?‘ ˆ‘” ÂŠÂƒÂ•Â•ÂŽÂ‡ÇŚ free transportation. With action-packed gaming, unforgettable entertainment and upscale dining, there is something for everyone. ‹…Šƒ‡Ž ƒ…Â?•‘Â?„›‹”“—‡†—‘Ž‡‹Ž takes the audience through a series of seamless visual and musical tableaux, ƒ– –Š‡ Š‡ƒ”– ‘ˆ ƒ ™‘”Ž† –Šƒ– ‹• ‹Â? –—”Â? majestic, playful, magical and heart™ƒ”Â?‹Â?‰Ǥ  ‹• ƒ Š‡ƒ”–ˆ‡Ž– –”‹„—–‡ –‘ –Š‡™‘”Â?ÇĄ ‹Â?Â?‘˜ƒ–‹˜‡•’‹”‹–ƒÂ?† Ž‡‰ƒ…›‘ˆ Michael Jackson.

For a specialty dining experience, Kumi Japanese Restaurant + Bar By Akira Back at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino features a modern Japanese menu ™‹–Š ƒ ‘”‡ƒÂ? Â?‡”‹…ƒÂ? –™‹•–Ǥ —Â?‹ǯ• sumptuous cuisine is complimented by ƒ™‹†‡ƒ””ƒ›‘ˆ•’‡…‹ƒŽ–›…‘…Â?–ƒ‹Ž•…”‡ƒ–‡† by master mixologists. ‹–Š ‹Â?•’‹”ƒ–‹‘Â? †”ƒ™Â? •–”ƒ‹‰Š– from the sands of Ibiza, DAYLIGHT brings sophistication, high-energy ‡Â?–‡”–ƒ‹Â?Â?‡Â?–ǥ™‘”Ž†nj”‡Â?‘™Â?‡† •ǥƒÂ?† ƤÂ?‡…—‹•‹Â?‡–‘ƒÂ?†ƒŽƒ›ƒ›‡•‘”–ƒÂ?† Casino. Centered around a luxurious pool ™‹–Š –Š”‡‡ ™‡– †‡…Â?•ǥ 

 ‡ƒ…Š Ž—„•‡–•–Š‡�‡™•–ƒ�†ƒ”†ˆ‘”†ƒ›Ž‹ˆ‡‹� Vegas.



3940 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119 ”‹Â?‰‹Â?‰ ƒÂ? ‡Â?–‹”‡Ž› Â?‡™ „‘—–‹“—‡ ‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡ –‘ –Š‡ ĥ ‡‰ƒ• –”‹’ǥ ‘—–Š Â‡ÂƒÂ…ÂŠÇŻÂ• ‹…‘Â?‹… ‡ŽƒÂ?‘ ĥ ‡‰ƒ• Šƒ• created an artful oasis in the heart of vibrant Las Vegas. Fusing personalized service and high concept design, Delano Las Vegas delivers an unexpected touch of individuality, creating an intimate ‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡™‹–Š‹Â?–Š‡’”‹˜ƒ–‡•‡…‘Â?†–‘™‡” of the Mandalay Bay Resort Complex. Enjoy craft cocktails, Cubano sliders and …‘Â?˜‡”•‡ ‹Â? ‡ŽƒÂ?‘ǯ• •‡†—…–‹˜‡ Ž‘„„› bar, Franklin. Gold lighting accents and cocktail tables add a touch of glamour –‘–Š‡”‘‘Â?ÇĄ™‹–Š†”ƒÂ?ƒ–‹…Â?ƒ˜›•Š‡‡”• draping from above. As the day turns to night, immerse yourself in the sounds of DJs and eclectic beats. ˜‘…ƒ–‹˜‡‘ˆ‡ŽƒÂ?‘‘—–ŠÂ‡ÂƒÂ…Šǥ‡ŽƒÂ?‘ Beach Club includes an oversized chess

„‘ƒ”† ’‡”…Š‡† ƒ–‘’ –Š‡ ’‘‘Žǯ• ”‡ˆ”‡•Š‹Â?‰ ™‡–†‡…Â?ÇĄƒ††‹Â?‰–‘–Š‡Ž‹˜‡Ž›‡Â?‡”‰›ǥ™Š‹Ž‡ chaise lounges and private cabanas give pool goers an exclusive retreat. Extending the Delano Las Vegas experience outside, ‰—‡•–•™‹ŽŽ‡Â?Œ‘›–Š‡•‘—Â?†•‘ˆ‹Â?†‹‡ƒ”–‹•–• ™Š‹Ž‡ •ƒ˜‘”‹Â?‰ •Â?ƒŽŽ „‹–‡•ǥ •‹‰Â?ƒ–—”‡ cocktails and poolside massages. ‡™ †‹Â?‹Â?‰ …‘Â?…‡’–• ‹Â?…Ž—†‡ Â‹Â˜Â‡ÂƒÇĄ ‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰ ƒ ”‡Â?‡™‡† –ƒÂ?‡ ‘Â? ƒ ”‡Â?…Š ƒÂ?† –ƒŽ‹ƒÂ? ‹Â?ƪ—‡Â?…‡† …—‹•‹Â?‡ ˆ”‘Â? internationally celebrated Chef Alain Ducasse. Other dining options include Â‡ÂŽÂŽÂƒÇŻÂ• ‹–…Š‡Â?ÇĄ •‡”˜‹Â?‰ „”‡ƒÂ?ˆƒ•– ƒÂ?† Ž—Â?…Š ™‹–Š ƒÂ? ‡Ž‡‰ƒÂ?– …‘Â?„‹Â?ƒ–‹‘Â? ‘ˆ classics, comfort food and seasonal specialties centered around fresh, locally sourced ingredients.


MONTE CARLO RESORT AND CASINO 3770 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

At Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, ‡Â?Œ‘› ‡š–”ƒ˜ƒ‰ƒÂ?…‡ ™‹–Š‘—– ‡š–”ƒ˜ƒ‰ƒÂ?– ’”‹…‡•ǥ •‡”˜‹…‡ ™‹–Š‘—– –Š‡ ƒ––‹–—†‡ ƒÂ?† unpretentious luxury from the moment ›‘— ™ƒŽÂ? –Š”‘—‰Š –Š‡ †‘‘”Ǥ – ‘Â?–‡ ƒ”Ž‘ ‡•‘”–ƒÂ?† ƒ•‹Â?‘ǥ™Š‡Â?›‘—ǯ”‡ ‹Â? ‘—”  ‘—” ‹ƒÂ?‘Â?† Â™ÂƒÂ”Â†ÇŚÂ™Â‹Â?Â?‹Â?‰ ”‡•‘”–ǥ ›‘—ǯŽŽ ‰‡– ƒŽŽ –Š‹• ƒÂ?† Â?‘”‡ǣ poolside cabanas, a tranquil spa, and amazing restaurants and lounges. And •‹Â?…‡ ™‡ Šƒ˜‡ –Š‡ „‡•– Ž‘…ƒ–‹‘Â? ‘Â? –Š‡ –”‹’ǥ›‘—ǯŽŽ„‡”‹‰Š–‹Â?–Š‡Â?‹††Ž‡‘ˆ–Š‡ action. – Â‹ÂƒÂ„ÂŽÂ‘ÇŻÂ• ƒÂ?–‹Â?ÂƒÇĄ Â?‹š ‘Â?Â‡ÇŚÂ’ÂƒÂ”Â– •ƒ˜‘”›‡š‹…ƒÂ?”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?–™‹–Š‘Â?Â‡ÇŚÂ’ÂƒÂ”Â– sizzling nightclub, add a frozen margarita Â„ÂƒÂ”ÇĄ–Š”‘™‹Â?ƒ‰‹ƒÂ?–Š‡‡ŽÇŻ‹Â?ƒÂ?†ƒ •“—‡‡œ‡‘ˆŽ‹Â?‡ƒÂ?†Â›Â‘Â—ÇŻÂ˜Â‡‰‘–‘Â?‡‘ˆ–Š‡ Š‘––‡•–†‡•–‹Â?ƒ–‹‘Â?•‘Â?–Š‡–”‹’Ǥ‘…ƒ–‡† at the front of Monte Carlo Resort and ƒ•‹Â?‘ ‹Â? –Š‡ Š‡ƒ”– ‘ˆ –Š‡ –”‹’ ƒ…–‹‘Â?ÇĄ

Â‹ÂƒÂ„ÂŽÂ‘ÇŻÂ• Šƒ• ‡˜‡”›–Š‹Â?‰ ›‘— Â?‡‡† ˆ‘” ƒ night out. Monte Carlo Resort and Casino recently —Â?˜‡‹Ž‡†  ÂŽÂƒÂœÂƒÇĄ ƒ Â?‡™ ‘—–†‘‘” destination adjacent to the Las Vegas –”‹’ˆ‡ƒ–—”‹Â?‰ƒ˜ƒ”‹‡–›‘ˆ…—Ž‹Â?ƒ”›˜‡Â?—‡• ‹Â?ƒ…ƒ•—ƒŽƒÂ?† ‹Â?–‡”ƒ…–‹˜‡‡Â?˜‹”‘Â?Â?‡Â?–ǣ —•Š‘ •‹ƒÂ? ”‹ŽŽ ĆŹ ƒÂ?‡Â? Š‘—•‡ǥ ͤ͜͜ ‡‰”‡‡•‡ƒ’‘Ž‹–ƒÂ?Â‹ÂœÂœÂ‡Â”Â‹ÂƒÇĄƒÂ?„ƒŽƒ––‡ ‘ƥ‡‡ ‘—Â?‰‡ ĆŹ •’”‡••‘ ÂƒÂ”ÇĄ ‘—„Ž‡ Barrel Roadhouse and BLVD Creamery. Live music and entertainment can be found throughout the hotel at Double ÂƒÂ”Â”Â‡ÂŽÇĄÂ‹ÂƒÂ„ÂŽÂ‘ÇŻÂ•ƒÂ?–‹Â?ƒƒÂ?†Š‡—„Ǥ

LAS VEGAS ))))1/2


3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 The Mirage Hotel and Casino is the original Vegas mega-resort, a AAA Four ‹ƒÂ?‘Â?† ÂƒÂ™ÂƒÂ”Â†ÇŚÂ™Â‹Â?Â?‡” Ž‘…ƒ–‡† ƒ– –Š‡ Š‡ƒ”–‘ˆ–Š‡ĥ‡‰ƒ•–”‹’™‹–ŠƒÂ?Â‡Â˜Â‡Â”ÇŚ ‡˜‘Ž˜‹Â?‰ ƒÂ?† ÂƒÂŽÂ™ÂƒÂ›Â•ÇŚÂ”Â‡Â˜Â‘ÂŽÂ—Â–Â‹Â‘Â?ƒ”› Ž‹•– ‘ˆ ‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰•ƒÂ?†ƒÂ?‡Â?‹–‹‡•ǤŠ‡‹”ƒ‰‡ ‘–‡Ž ƒÂ?† ƒ•‹Â?‘ ‹• ƒ– –Š‡ ˆ‘”‡ˆ”‘Â?– ‘ˆ –”‹’ excitement, energy and entertainment. Each room and suite is contemporary and ‹Â?’‡……ƒ„Ž› ‘—–Ƥ––‡†Ǥ ‹Â?’Ž‡ Ž‹Â?‡• ƒÂ?† ‡”‰‘Â?‘Â?‹… †‡•‹‰Â? ‡ƥ‘”–Ž‡••Ž› ‡Â?…‘Â?’ƒ•• plush perks and pleasures. Experience riveting entertainment at The Mirage Hotel and Casino. Beyond tribute, The Beatles™ LOVE™ by Cirque †— ‘Ž‡‹Ž͂ ‹• ƒ ’Š›•‹…ƒŽ Â?ƒÂ?‹ˆ‡•–ƒ–‹‘Â? ‘ˆ Â?—•‹… ƒÂ?† Ž›”‹…•Ǥ ‘Â?‰•ǥ •‘ ™‡ŽŽnj Â?Â?‘™Â? ƒÂ?† ›‡– ”‡‹Â?˜‡Â?–‡†ǥ ƒ”‡ „”‘—‰Š– to electric, exuberant life by some of the best aerialists, acrobats and dancers in –Š‡™‘”Ž†Ǥ

– ‡”‹–ƒ‰‡–‡ƒÂ?ÇĄ‡Â?Œ‘›Â?‡”‹…ƒÂ?†‹Â?‹Â?‰ ƒ–‹–•„‡•–Ǥ‡™‘”Â?…Š‡ˆ‘Â?‘Ž‹……Š‹‘ „”‹Â?‰• Š‹• ’ƒ••‹‘Â? ˆ‘” …‘‘Â?‹Â?‰ ™‹–Š Ƥ”‡ –‘ –Š‡ ĥ ‡‰ƒ• –”‹’Ǥ Š‹• ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?– focuses on meats prepared entirely over ƒÂ? ‘’‡Â? ĆŞÂƒÂ?‡ Č‚ ˆ”‘Â? ™‘‘†nj„—”Â?‹Â?‰ ovens to charcoal grills. For the ultimate in nightlife, 1 OAK is the embodiment of sophistication and Â™Â‘Â”ÂŽÂ†ÇŚÂ…ÂŽÂƒÂ•Â• Â•Â‡Â”Â˜Â‹Â…Â‡Ç˘ ‡’”‡•‡Â?–‹Â?‰ –Š‡ passion of the avant-garde and embracing –Š‡Â?‡™ƒÂ?†–Š‡—Â?Â?Â?‘™Â?ÇĄ‘ƥ‡”•ƒ‘Â?‡nj of-a-kind nightlife experience.



LUXOR HOTEL AND CASINO 3900 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119 A marvel of modern architecture, —š‘” ‘–‡Ž ƒÂ?† ƒ•‹Â?‘ǯ• ‰”‡ƒ– ‘Â?›šnj hued pyramid has become a distinctive ŽƒÂ?†Â?ƒ”Â?‘Â?–Š‡ĥ‡‰ƒ•–”‹’Ǥ ‡ƒ–—”‹Â?‰ ‘Â?‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ™‘”Ž†ǯ• Žƒ”‰‡•– ƒ–”‹—Â?• ƒÂ?† ƒ light beam that can be spotted from space, this popular hotel has something for every member of the family. From the entertaining nightclub to the gourmet dining options, impressive casino and Egyptian-themed guestrooms, guests of all ages receive expert pampering and indulgences such as those enjoyed by the ancient pharaohs and queens. Hop on the free tram that connects the Mandalay Bay Resort and ƒ•‹Â?‘™‹–Š—š‘” ‘–‡ŽƒÂ?†ƒ•‹Â?‘ƒÂ?† Excalibur Hotel and Casino for hasslefree transportation to enjoy the sights and sounds of these nearby hotels.

Enjoy an array of dining options including •‹ƒÂ?ˆ—•‹‘Â?ƒ–‹…‡ĆŹ‘Â?’ƒÂ?›‘”’Ž‡ƒ•‡ ›‘—” ’ƒŽ‡––‡ ™‹–Š ƒ ƤŽ‡– ƒ– Í‚ •–‡ƒÂ?ĆŹ•‡ƒˆ‘‘†Ǥ”ƒ˜‹Â?‰Â?Â‹Â‰ÂŠÂ–ÂŽÂ‹ÂˆÂ‡ÇŤ ‹‰Š–…Ž—„ ™‹ŽŽ •Š‘…Â? ›‘—” •‡Â?•‡• ™‹–Š its oversized mirrors and shimmering chandeliers. Luxor Hotel and Casino is home to Blue ƒÂ? ”‘—’ǥ ™Š‡”‡ ›‘—ǯŽŽ „‡ …Ž‘•‡” to the action than ever before at the specially designed Blue Man Theater.

–ǯ• ƒÂ? ‘—–”ƒ‰‡‘—• Â?—Ž–‹nj•‡Â?•‘”› ‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡›‘—ǯŽŽÂ?‡˜‡”ˆ‘”‰‡–Ǥ


NEW YORK-NEW YORK HOTEL & CASINO 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

‡‡™Š‡”‡–Š‡‡š…‹–‡Â?‡Â?–‘ˆ–Š‡•–”‡‡–•‘ˆ ‡™‘”Â?…‘Â?‡• –‘ Ž‹ˆ‡™‹–Šƒ†‹•–‹Â?…–Ž› ‡‰ƒ•ƒ––‹–—†‡Ǥ‡™‘”Â?ÇŚ‡™‘”Â? ‘–‡Ž ĆŹ ƒ•‹Â?‘ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡•ƒÂ? Í¤Í ÇĄÍœÍœÍœÂ•Â“Â—ÂƒÂ”Â‡ÇŚÂˆÂ‘Â‘Â– casino, nonstop dining destinations, and endless opportunities of excitement. ‡™ ‘”Â?ÇŚ‡™ ‘”Â? ‘–‡Ž ĆŹ ƒ•‹Â?‘ is home to the tantalizingly erotic —Â?ƒÂ?Â‹Â–Â›ÍƒÇĄ Š‡ ‡Â?•—ƒŽ ‹†‡ ‘ˆ ‹”“—‡ †—Â‘ÂŽÂ‡Â‹ÂŽÍƒÇĄ–Š‡ƒÂ?ƒœ‹Â?‰†—‡Ž‹Â?‰’‹ƒÂ?‘•ƒ– ƒ”ƒ–‹Â?‡•Â“Â—ÂƒÂ”Â‡ÍƒÇĄƒÂ?ƒ—–Š‡Â?–‹… ”‹•Š —„ Č‚ ‹Â?‡ ‹Â?‡ ”‹•ŠÂ?‡Â?ÇĄƒÂ?† –Š‡™‹Ž† ride that is The Roller Coaster. At Nine Fine Irishmen, our chef ˆ‡˜‡”‹•ŠŽ› ™‘”Â?‡† –‘ …”‡ƒ–‡ •‹‰Â?ƒ–—”‡ dishes made of only the freshest, natural

”‹•Š ‹Â?‰”‡†‹‡Â?–•Ǥ ƒ‹” –Š‡•‡ ™‹–Š –Š‡ ƤÂ?‡•– •–‘—–•ǥ ÂƒÂŽÂ‡Â•ÇĄ ÂŽÂƒÂ‰Â‡Â”Â•ÇĄ •’‹”‹–•ǥ Â?—•‹…ǥ entertainment by special guest artists, ƒÂ?† •’‘”–• ™ƒ–…Š‹Â?‰ǥ ƒÂ?† Â›Â‘Â—ÇŻÂ˜Â‡ ‰‘– ƒ

little piece of the Emerald Isle in the heart of Las Vegas. ‡™ †‹Â?‹Â?‰ ‘’–‹‘Â?• ‹Â?…Ž—†‡ ‘Â?ǯ• ”„ƒÂ?ÇĄ ƒÂ? ‡…Ž‡…–‹… „Ž‡Â?† ‘ˆ –Š‡ ™‘”Ž†ǯ• ˆƒ˜‘”‹–‡ •–”‡‡– ˆ‘‘†• ƒÂ?† ŠƒÂ?‡ Šƒ…Â?ÇĄ critically acclaimed, modern day “roadsideâ€? burger stand. ƒÂ?‡ƒ„”‡ƒÂ?ˆ”‘Â?–Š‡‘—–•‹†‡™‘”Ž†ƒÂ?† pamper yourself. Quiet your thoughts, relax your mind, and rejuvenate your body. In the midst of the busy city, you ™‹ŽŽ ƤÂ?† •‘Žƒ…‡ ‹Â?•‹†‡ Š‡ ’ƒ ƒ– ‡™ ‘”Â?ÇŚ‡™‘”Â?Ǥ



2880 S .Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 –‡’ ”‹‰Š– —’ –‘ ‹”…—• ‹”…—• ‘–‡Ž ĆŹ ƒ•‹Â?‘ ™Š‡”‡ ˆ—Â? ƒÂ?† ‡š…‹–‡Â?‡Â?– ƒ™ƒ‹– you under the big top. Try your luck at any one of the many gaming tables and slot machines in the casino or grab a front ”‘™ •‡ƒ– –‘ –Š‡ …‘Â?’Ž‹Â?‡Â?–ƒ”› •–—Â?– spectaculars performed by circus stars ˆ”‘Â?ƒ”‘—Â?†–Š‡™‘”Ž†ǤÂ?–Š‡Â?‘”–Š‡”Â? ‡Â?†‘ˆ–Š‡ĥ‡‰ƒ•–”‹’ǥ‹”…—•‹”…—• ‘–‡Ž ĆŹ ƒ•‹Â?‘ ‹• ƒ ˆƒÂ?Â‹ÂŽÂ›ÇŚÂˆÂ”Â‹Â‡Â?†Ž› Š‘– spot boasting outdoor pools, colorful accommodations and an indoor theme park featuring a roller coaster, laser-tag, Â?‹Â?‹ƒ–—”‡‰‘ŽˆƒÂ?†ƒ ‡””‹•™Š‡‡ŽǤ

 –‡ƒÂ? ‘—•‡ƒ–‹”…—•‹”…—• ‘–‡Ž ĆŹ ƒ•‹Â?‘ Šƒ• „‡‡Â? ˜‘–‡† ‡•– ‘ˆ ĥ ‡‰ƒ• ˆ‘” ‘˜‡” ͜͞ ›‡ƒ”• ƒÂ?† ™ƒ• Â?ƒÂ?‡† ÂƒÂ‰ÂƒÂ–ÇŻÂ• ͜͞Í?Í? ‘’ –‡ƒÂ? ‘—•‡ ‹Â? ĥ ‡‰ƒ•Ǥ Š‹• ÂƒÂ™ÂƒÂ”Â†ÇŚÂ™Â‹Â?Â?‹Â?‰ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?– features mesquite-grilled steaks, prime rib, lobster and crab legs in a traditional •–‡ƒÂ?Š‘—•‡•‡––‹Â?‰ǤŠ‡Â?Â‘Â—Â–ÂŠÇŚÂ™ÂƒÂ–Â‡Â”Â‹Â?‰ cuisine and impeccable service make this the best kept dining secret in Vegas.

‹”…—• ‹”…—• ‘–‡Ž ĆŹ ƒ•‹Â?‘ ‘ƥ‡”• ƒÂ? ƒ””ƒ› ‘ˆ •–‘”‡• ƤŽŽ‡† ™‹–Š ĥ ‡‰ƒ• souvenirs, gifts and other must-haves. The Promenade is the ideal locale for a day of perusing and bagging unique items. –”‘ŽŽ–Š‡…‘„„Ž‡•–‘Â?‡™ƒŽÂ?™ƒ›•ƒÂ?†‡Â?Œ‘› fashionable apparel, gifts and collectibles.



3850 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 ‘—ǯŽŽƤÂ?†–Š‡„‡•–ĥ‡‰ƒ•Šƒ•–‘‘ƥ‡” Č‚Â˜ÂƒÂ”Â‹Â‡Â–Â›ÇĄ ˜ƒŽ—‡ ƒÂ?† ‡š…‹–‹Â?‰ ƒ––”ƒ…–‹‘Â?•Ǥ —” „”‹‰Š–ǥ Â?‘†‡”Â? ”‘‘Â?• ‘ƥ‡” ƒŽŽ –Š‡ comforts of home. By day, Excalibur ‘–‡ŽƒÂ?†ƒ•‹Â?‘‘ƥ‡”•ƒ™‹†‡˜ƒ”‹‡–›‘ˆ ÂƒĆĄÂ‘Â”Â†ÂƒÂ„ÂŽÂ‡•Š‘’’‹Â?‰Ž‘…ƒŽ‡•ƒÂ?†„›Â?‹‰Š–ǥ Tournament of Kings, The Australia Bee

‡‡•ǣ  ”‹„—–‡ –‘ –Š‡ ‡‡ ‡‡•ǥ ƒÂ?† Š—Â?†‡” ˆ”‘Â? ‘™Â? Â?†‡” ’”‘˜‹†‡ electrifying escapes. Excalibur Hotel and ƒ•‹Â?‘‘ƥ‡”•Â‡Â‰ÂƒÂ•ÇŻ„‡•–…‘Â?„‹Â?ƒ–‹‘Â?‘ˆ location, amenities and fun. ‘Â?ǯ– Â?‹•• –Š‡ Â?‘•– ’‘’—Žƒ” ĥ ‡‰ƒ• †‹Â?Â?‡” •Š‘™ǥ ‘—”Â?ƒÂ?‡Â?– ‘ˆ ‹Â?‰• ÇŚÂƒ medieval experience including invading armies, dancing maidens, jousting, Ƥ”‡™‘”Â?•ƒÂ?†‡ƒ–‹Â?‰™‹–Š›‘—”ƤÂ?‰‡”•Ǥ In the ever-changing Las Vegas restaurant •…‡Â?‡ǥš…ƒŽ‹„—” ‘–‡ŽƒÂ?†ƒ•‹Â?‘ǯ•†‹Â?‹Â?‰ options remain famous for value, variety

and a full serving of the extraordinary. Â?Œ‘›†‹Â?Â?‡”ƒ–Š‡–‡ƒÂ?Š‘—•‡ƒ–ƒÂ?‡Ž‘–ǥ the quintessential Las Vegas steakhouse. Š‹• ƒ‰ƒ– Â™ÂƒÂ”Â†ÇŚÂ™Â‹Â?Â?‹Â?‰ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?– ‘ƥ‡”•–Š‡ƤÂ?‡•–…—–•‘ˆÂ„Â‡Â‡ÂˆÇĄƒŽ‘Â?‰™‹–Š–Š‡ ˆ”‡•Š‡•–•‡ƒˆ‘‘†ƪ‘™Â?‹Â?†ƒ‹Ž›Ǥ

ˆ ›‘— ™ƒÂ?– –‘ ˆ‡‡Ž Ž‹Â?‡ ƒ Â?‹Â?‰ ‘” “—‡‡Â? ˆ‘”ƒÂ†ÂƒÂ›ÇĄŠ‡’ƒƒ–š…ƒŽ‹„—”ĆŹ ‹–Â?॥ Center is the place to be. Be pampered ™‹–Šƒ™‹†‡˜ƒ”‹‡–›‘ˆ ÂˆÂƒÂ…Â‹ÂƒÂŽÂ•ÇĄ Â?ÂƒÂ•Â•ÂƒÂ‰Â‡Â•ÇĄ „‘†› ™”ƒ’• ƒÂ?† ‘–Š‡” –”‡ƒ–Â?‡Â?–•ǥ ‘” ‡Â?Œ‘›ƒ ”‹‰‘”‘—•™‘”Â?‘—– ‹Â? –Š‡•–ƒ–‡‘ˆ –Š‡ƒ”–Ƥ–Â?॥…‡Â?–‡”Ǥ






3131 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Wynn Las Vegas has been designed to be explored and discovered and built with great attention to luxury detail. Signature restaurants bring the dining experience to a new level of distinction while the nightclubs arouse an unparalleled, vibrant energy. ›Â?Â?ĥ‡‰ƒ•‘ƥ‡”•‹–•‰—‡•–•ƒÂ?ƒ””ƒ›‘ˆ amenities and indulgences including private lagoons and waterfalls, an exclusive shopping promenade featuring renowned designers, an 18-hole golf course designed by Tom Fazio and Steve Wynn, a tranquil spa and salon, and the provocative water show Le RĂŞve - The Dream. While some resorts borrow the names of great chefs, we bring the chefs themselves to our kitchens to prepare nightly fare. You’ll call it heaven. Our chefs call it home. Costa di Mare at Wynn showcases the acclaimed seafood prepared by Chef Mark LoRusso. His menu, created nightly, features fresh Mediterranean seafood and Italian cuisine with house-made pastas and over forty ˜ƒ”‹‡–‹‡•‘ˆˆ”‡•ŠƤ•ŠƒÂ?†•Š‡ŽŽƤ•Šƪ‘™Â?‹Â? daily from Italy’s coastal waters. You may choose to sit in the bold, freshly redesigned dining room or outside in a private cabana surrounding the serene lagoon.

For a golf outing, the second collaboration of Tom Fazio and Steve Wynn has resulted in 18 unforgettable holes right outside Wynn and Encore’s back door. Nestled away in the heart of the resort, the Country Club provides a traditional clubhouse setting complete with lounge, men’s and women’s full-service locker rooms, pro shop, practice facility, caddy service, and professional assistance. At Wynn Las Vegas, the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rated Spa and Salon ‘ƥ‡”• –Š‡ —Ž–‹Â?ƒ–‡ ‹Â? ’‡”•‘Â?ƒŽ …‘Â?ˆ‘”– with inspiring settings of elegance and luxury. Experience a customized blend of massage practices from around the world –ƒ‹Ž‘”‡†–‘Ƥ–›‘—”‹Â?†‹˜‹†—ƒŽ†‡•‹”‡•ǤŠ‡ Wynn Spa features 45 treatment rooms for massage, facials, hydrotherapy and more. Among many other treatments, a few unique options include the signature Good Luck Ritual, Mimosa Lemongrass Body Polish, the Radiance Facial and the Tibetan Blissful Sleep Ritual. The Wynn ƒŽ•‘ ‘ƥ‡”• ƒ ÂˆÂ—ÂŽÂŽÇŚÂ•Â‡Â”Â˜Â‹Â…Â‡ •ƒŽ‘Â? ƒÂ?† ƒÂ? upscale barber shop.




3121 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

—‡•–•‘ˆ Â?…‘”‡ƒ– ›Â?Â? ĥ‡‰ƒ•™‹ŽŽ enjoy all of the amenities and indulgences ‘ˆ ›Â?Â? ™‹–Š ƒÂ? ƒ””ƒ› ‘ˆ ƒ††‡† accommodations, signature restaurants, exquisite designer boutiques, relaxing spa, salon and pool areas and dynamic Â?‹‰Š–…Ž—„•Ǥ   ƒÂ?† —””‡Â?†‡” ™‹ŽŽ Â?‡‡’ –Š‡ ’ƒ”–› ‰‘‹Â?‰ ƒŽ‘Â?‰ ™‹–Š –Š‡ —Ž–‹Â?ƒ–‡ daylife hotspot Encore Beach Club. Ruby-red Murano glass chandeliers illuminate the casino. Images of „—––‡”ƪ‹‡•ǥ ƒ •›Â?„‘Ž ‘ˆ ‰‘‘† Ž—…Â?ÇĄ ƒ”‡ found throughout this sophisticated space. Located steps from Wynn Las Vegas, yet still under the same roof, Encore ƒ–›Â?Â?ĥÂ‡Â‰ÂƒÂ•ÇŻˆƒÂ?…‹ˆ—ŽƒÂ?†‹Â?–‹Â?ƒ–‡ atmosphere features sunlit corridors and •’”ƒ™Ž‹Â?‰ ’‘‘Ž• ˜‹•‹„Ž‡ –Š”‘—‰Š‘—– –Š‡ resort. –‡˜‡ ›Â?Â?ǯ• Š‘™–‘’’‡”•ǥ „”‹Â?‰• ƒ vibrant and talented cast of 66 singers, †ƒÂ?…‡”•ǥƒÂ?†ƒˆ—ŽŽ‘”…Š‡•–”ƒ™‹–Š†ƒœœŽ‹Â?‰ scenery and costumes to the intimate Â?…‘”‡ Š‡ƒ–‡”Ǥ  ”‡ƒ–‡† ™‹–Š –Š‡ •ƒÂ?‡ unmistakable elegance and style that ‹• —Â?‹“—‡Ž› ›Â?Â?ÇĄ –Š‡ •Š‘™ ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡• ƒ

reinvented collection of songs that make audiences stand up and cheer. Š‡›Â?Â?ƒÂ?†Â?…‘”‡•’ŽƒÂ?ƒ†‡•‘ƥ‡”ƒ great many luxury brands to choose from, ĥ™‡ŽŽĥ—Â?‹“—‡•Š‘’’‹Â?‰‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡•Ž‹Â?‡

‹˜‡Â?…Š›ǯ• Ƥ”•– ǤǤ „‘—–‹“—‡ǥ ‘—” ŠƒÂ?†nj curated selection of luxury fashion at Wynn Collection and the one-of-a-kind Rolex Experience. Explore retail opportunities –Šƒ– ƒ”‡ —Â?‡“—ƒŽ‡† ƒÂ?›™Š‡”‡ ‡Ž•‡ ‹Â? –Š‡ country along the shopping esplanades of our resort. Imagine enjoying the freshest seasonal cuisine in an airy, conservatory-like setting over-looking shimmering pools and Â?ƒÂ?‹…—”‡†‰”‡‡Â?‡”›Ǥ ƒ”†‹Â?‹•‘—”Â?‡™‡•– Â”Â‡ÂŽÂƒÂšÂ‡Â†ÇŚÂ†Â‹Â?‹Â?‰”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?–ǥ™‹–Š’ƒÂ?‘”ƒÂ?‹… ’‘‘Ž˜‹‡™•ǤŠ‡ˆ ‘•‡’ŠƒÂ?‡ŽŽ‹ǯ•…”‡ƒ–‹‘Â?• delight for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Š‡ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?– ‘ƥ‡”• …ƒ•—ƒŽ ‡Ž‡‰ƒÂ?…‡ ™‹–Šƒ Â?‡Â?— –Šƒ– ‹• ‹Â?Â?‘˜ƒ–‹˜‡ Â?‡”‹…ƒÂ? cuisine. Dine inside for the best vantage ‘ˆ ƒ”†‹Â?ǯ• ‹Â?nj–Š‡nj”‘—Â?†Â˜Â‹Â‡Â™Â•ÇĄ ‘” ”‡“—‡•– a patio table to immerse yourself in the picturesque setting day or night.

You’ve heard the stories. There is a side of Vegas that most don’t know. Welcome to You’ve heard the stories. There is a side of Vegas that most don’t know. Welcome to Anthology, a Anthology, a collection of our finest Las Vegas suites fit for every lifestyle and taste. Guests collection our finest Las Vegas fit for every suites lifestylethat andwere taste.previously Guests now have access now have of access to opulent villassuites and celebratory reserved only to for celebrities andcelebratory our most elite guests. With fabulous like VIP check-in, opulent villas and suitescasino that were previously reserved perks only for celebrities and ourlimo most transportation to and from the airport butler service on select rooms, there willthe elite casino guests. With fabulous perksand like24-hour VIP check-in, limo transportation to and from be stories to tell when they return home. airport and 24-hour butler service on select rooms, Anthology ensures an unforgettable experience. Ask, and we’ll make it happen. Contact us at 800-222-2025 or to get started. Ask, and we’ll make it happen. Contact us at 1-800-222-2025 or to get started. Contact Mark International for reservations.

Must be 21 or older to gamble. Know When To Stop Before You Start.® Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-522-4700. ©2015, Caesars License Company, LLC.


CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT INTERVIEW WHAT IS THE ANTHOLOGY COLLECTION? ›†‡Ƥ‹–‹‘ǡƒ–Š‘Ž‘‰›‹•ƒ…‘ŽŽ‡…–‹‘‘ˆ•–‘”‹‡•ǡ•‘‰•‘”™‘”•‘ˆƒ”–Ǥƒ‡•ƒ”•–‡”–ƒ‹‡–Šƒ•–ƒ‡–Š‹•…‘…‡’–ƒ†ƒ’’Ž‹‡†‹––‘–Š‡Ƥ‡•–ƒ•‡‰ƒ• •—‹–‡•Ǥƒ…Š‘ˆ–Š‡•—‹–‡•ƒ””ƒ–‡•‹–•‘™—‹“—‡•–‘”›ƒ†‹•‰—ƒ”ƒ–‡‡†–‘‘ơ‡”•‘‡–Š‹‰ˆ‘”‡˜‡”›Ž‹ˆ‡•–›Ž‡ƒ†–ƒ•–‡Ǥ ”‘Žƒ˜‹•Šƒ‡‹–‹‡•ƒ†•–›Ž‹•Š ˆ—”‹•Š‹‰•ǡ–‘’”‹˜ƒ–‡’‘‘Ž’ƒ”–‹‡•ƒ†‰Žƒ‘”‘—•‘˜‹‡•–ƒ”Š‹•–‘”›ǡ–Š‡”‡ǯ•‘–Š‹‰–Šƒ–…ƒǯ–„‡ƒ†‡ƒ”‡ƒŽ‹–›Ǥ

WHAT MAKES THE ANTHOLOGY LAS VEGAS SUITES & VILLAS COLLECTION UNIQUE? Š‡›‰‹˜‡•‰—‡•–•–Š‡‘’’‘”–—‹–›–‘‡š’‡”‹‡…‡–Š‡‡š–”ƒ˜ƒ‰ƒ–ƒ……‘‘†ƒ–‹‘•ƒ†ƒ‡‹–‹‡•–Šƒ–™‡”‡’”‡˜‹‘—•Ž›‘Ž›ƒ˜ƒ‹Žƒ„Ž‡–‘–Š‡‘•–‡Ž‹–‡…ƒ•‹‘ ‰—‡•–•Ž‹‡…‡Ž‡„”‹–‹‡•ƒ†Š‹‰Š”‘ŽŽ‡”•Ǥ ‘”‰—‡•–••‡‡‹‰ƒ‘˜‡”Ǧ–Š‡–‘’ǡ“—‹–‡••‡–‹ƒŽƒ•‡‰ƒ•‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ǡ–Š‡•‡•—‹–‡•’—–ƒ„‡˜›‘ˆ’‡”•”‹‰Š–ƒ– –Š‡‹”Ƥ‰‡”–‹’•Ǥšƒ’Ž‡•‹…Ž—†‡•—‹–‡•…‘’Ž‡–‡™‹–Š‘˜‹‡–Š‡ƒ–‡””‘‘•ǡ•–ƒ–‡Ǧ‘ˆǦ–Š‡ƒ”–•‘—†•›•–‡•ƒ†’”‹˜ƒ–‡’‘‘Ž•ƒ†•’ƒ•ǤŠ‡•‡‹’”‡••‹˜‡ ƒ……‘‘†ƒ–‹‘•ƒ”‡‘ơ‡”‡†ƒ–ƒ‡•ƒ”•ƒŽƒ…‡ǡŽƒ‡– ‘ŽŽ›™‘‘†‡•‘”–Ƭƒ•‹‘ǡƒ”‹•ǡ Žƒ‹‰‘ǡ ƒ””ƒŠǯ•ƒŽŽ›ǯ•ǡ‘„— ‘–‡ŽǡŠ‡”‘™‡ŽŽǡƒ†Š‡  ‘–‡ŽƬƒ•‹‘Ǥ‡…ƒ—•‡‘ˆ–Š‡‹”‡š…Ž—•‹˜‹–›ǡƒ›‘ˆ–Š‡Žƒ”‰‡”•—‹–‡•‡‡†–‘„‡„‘‘‡†–Š”‘—‰Š–Š‡ƒ” –‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ …‘…‹‡”‰‡†‡’ƒ”–‡–Ǥ

WHAT TYPES OF LUXURY AMENITIES DOES THE ANTHOLOGY COLLECTION OFFER? Š‡’‡‘’Ž‡–”ƒ˜‡Ž–‘ƒ•‡‰ƒ•ǡ–Š‡›ǯ”‡Ž‘‘‹‰ˆ‘”–Šƒ–‘…‡Ǧ‹ǦƒǦŽ‹ˆ‡–‹‡‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ǤŠ‡–Š‡”–Š‡›ǯ”‡Ž‘‘‹‰ˆ‘”ƒ‡š–”ƒ˜ƒ‰ƒ–˜‹ŽŽƒ–‘…ƒŽŽŠ‘‡ˆ‘”ƒ ™‡‡‡†™‹–Šˆ”‹‡†•ǡ‘”Ž‘‘‹‰–‘‹†—Ž‰‡™‹–Š’‡”•‘ƒŽ‹œ‡†͞͠ǦŠ‘—”„—–Ž‡”•‡”˜‹…‡‹‘‡‘ˆ‘—”’‡–Š‘—•‡•ǡ–Š‘Ž‘‰›—‹–‡•Ƭ‹ŽŽƒ•‡‡–•ƒ†–Š‡‡š…‡‡† –Š‡‡š’‡…–ƒ–‹‘•‘ˆ‰—‡•–•Ǥ –Š‘Ž‘‰›‘ŽŽ‡…–‹‘‰—‡•–•ƒ”‡ƒŽ•‘‡–‹–Ž‡†–‘ƒ—„‡”‘ˆ‡š…Ž—•‹˜‡ƒ‡‹–‹‡•†—”‹‰–Š‡‹”•–ƒ›ǡ‹…Ž—†‹‰ …Š‡…Ǧ‹ƒ†“—‡—‹‰ƒ–ƒŽŽƒ‡•ƒ”•–‡”–ƒ‹‡– ƒ•‡‰ƒ•”‡•‘”–•ǤŽ—•ǡ•‡Ž‡…–•—‹–‡•ƒ†˜‹ŽŽƒ•ƒŽ•‘‹…Ž—†‡…‘’Ž‹‡–ƒ”›Ž‹‘–”ƒ•’‘”–ƒ–‹‘–‘ƒ†ˆ”‘–Š‡ƒ‹”’‘”–ǡƒ•™‡ŽŽƒ•͞͠ǦŠ‘—”„—–Ž‡”•‡”˜‹…‡Ǥ



‹”’‘”–Ž‹‘•‡”˜‹…‡™‹ŽŽ„‡’”‘˜‹†‡†–‘ ‰—‡•–••–ƒ›‹‰‹•‡Ž‡…–”‘‘•

—–Ž‡”•‡”˜‹…‡‘ơ‡”‡†–‘‰—‡•–• •–ƒ›‹‰‹•‡Ž‡…–”‘‘•



CAESARS PALACE 3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 From the moment you walk through the doors of Caesars Palace, you’ll understand why this iconic Las Vegas luxury hotel sets the standard for opulent details, impeccable service and lavish Las Vegas accommodations. Special touches make –Š‡†‹ƥ‡”‡Â?…‡„‡–™‡‡Â?ƒÂ?‘”†‹Â?ƒ”›˜‹•‹––‘ Vegas and a spectacular experience.

experience aside the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. The Caesars Palace Las Vegas Ž‘…ƒ–‹‘Â?‘ƥ‡”•‰—‡•–•ƒ™Š‹Â?•‹…ƒŽÂ…ÂƒÂˆÂą™‹–Š many similarities to its New York location. The over-the-top desserts and sweets are perfect for the ultimate indulgence, and the variety of savory creations makes for a haven of comfort food.

From celebrity-owned concepts and a Â™Â‘Â”ÂŽÂ†ÇŚÂ…ÂŽÂƒÂ•Â• „—ƥ‡– –‘ —’•…ƒŽ‡ †‹Â?‹Â?‰ ƒÂ?† …ƒ•—ƒŽÂˆÂƒÂ”‡ǥƒ‡•ƒ”•ƒŽƒ…‡‘ƥ‡”•–Š‡ƤÂ?‡•– ‹Â?ĥ‡‰ƒ•”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?–•‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰ͥ͞†‹˜‡”•‡ dining options including celebrity chefbranded restaurants by Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Nobu Matsuhisa, Guy Savoy, ƒÂ?†–Š‡ÂƒÂ™ÂƒÂ”†nj™‹Â?Â?‹Â?‰ƒ……ŠƒÂ?ƒŽ—ƥ‡–Ǥ

For a true taste of luxury, stay at one of the ‡Ž‹–‡•—‹–‡•‘ƥ‡”‡†ĥ’ƒ”–‘ˆ–Š‡Â?–Š‘Ž‘‰› Collection. The Laurel Collection ‡Â?–Š‘—•‡ƒ–ƒ‡•ƒ”•ƒŽƒ…‡‘ƥ‡”•Â?‘†‡”Â? luxury and sophistication. This twobedroom suite includes a separate media room, wet bar and eight-seat dining area. ÂŽÂŽ ‘ƥ‡” ƒ •–‡ƒÂ? •Š‘™‡” ƒÂ?† †‡•‹‰Â?‡” Bvlgari spa products to help you relax and luxuriate, making a stay in this Vegas penthouse a truly lavish experience.

Serendipity 3, one of New York City’s most „‡Ž‘˜‡†‡ƒ–‡”‹‡•™‹–Š Â?‘”‡ –ŠƒÂ? ÍĄÍœ›‡ƒ”• ‘ˆ Š‹•–‘”›ǥ ‘ƥ‡”• ƒ ‘Â?Â‡ÇŚÂ‘ÂˆÇŚÂƒÇŚÂ?‹Â?† †‹Â?‹Â?‰


NOBU HOTEL 3570 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Š‡™‘”Ž†ǯ•Ƥ”•–‡˜‡”‘„— ‘–‡Žƒ–ƒ‡•ƒ”• Palace is a luxury infused, celebrity-driven exhibition. Immerse yourself in luxury that emerges at every turn, every texture, and every amenity.

brewery on Sado Island, one of which is made by hand and goes through a slow †”‹’’”‘…‡••Ǥ‘„— ‘–‡Ž‰—‡•–•�ƒ›‡�Œ‘› complimentary cocktails and meet and ‰”‡‡–•™‹–Š–Š‡‘„— ‘–‡Ž–‡ƒ�Ǥ

For the best night’s sleep, enjoy the ultra-luxury pillow-top bed dressed with exclusive Filo Doro linens with down duvet and pillows. The hotel also features Inspirational Nobu room service, priority Nobu Restaurant reservations, Celebrity known Natura Bisse designer toiletries and wide range of VIP access and amenities. Experience the ultimate relaxation with an in-room spa treatment or visit the heavenly Qua Baths & Spa.

•’ƒ”–‘ˆ–Š‡Â?–Š‘Ž‘‰›‘ŽŽ‡…–‹‘Â?ÇĄ‘„— ‘ƥ‡”• —Â?‹“—‡ •—‹–‡• ƒÂ?† ˜‹ŽŽƒ• ˆ‘” –Š‡ ultimate luxury experience. The Penthouse Suite is the largest of the Nobu suites, ”ƒÂ?‰‹Â?‰ ˆ”‘Â? ÍžÇĄÍžÍœÍœ ÇŚ Í ÇĄÍ&#x;ÍĄÍœ •“—ƒ”‡ ˆ‡‡–Ǥ This suite features a curved staircase with a second-story terrace and sleek furnishings. Ideal for the ultimate Vegas party, the ƒ’ƒÂ?‡•‡nj‹Â?•’‹”‡†•—‹–‡‹Â?…Ž—†‡•ƒÍĽÍœÇŚÂ‹Â?…Š ĆŞÂƒÂ– •…”‡‡Â?ÇĄ „‹ŽŽ‹ƒ”† –ƒ„Ž‡ ƒÂ?† ƒ •‡’ƒ”ƒ–‡ dining area.

Socialize and be seen in the stylish Nobu Lounge, great for cocktails, dates and large parties. In the mood for sake? Nobu stocks –Š”‡‡ ”ƒ”‡ •ƒÂ?‡• ˆ”‘Â? ƒ’ƒÂ?ǯ• ‘Â?—•‡–•—



3595 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 The Cromwell presents the Strip’s first •–ƒ�†ƒŽ‘�‡ „‘—–‹“—‡ Š‘–‡ŽǤ ƒ…Š ‘ˆ –Š‡ 188 rooms and suites features luxurious accommodations in an intimate, Parisianinspired atmosphere. Whether it’s the hardwood floors, plush furnishings or dim and romantic lighting, each room gives guests a glamorous, VIP experience. The hotel’s blend of modern ƒ�† ˜‹�–ƒ‰‡ †‡•‹‰� ‹• ƒ�‘–Š‡” —�‹“—‡ element. Italian food lovers rejoice: Emmy-Award winning celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis has opened her first-ever restaurant, GIADA inside The Cromwell. This charming restaurant welcomes diners with warm colors, comfortable furniture and natural lighting thanks to huge retractable windows that look out upon the Bellagio fountains and Caesars Palace. The menu consists of Italian cuisine with refreshing, Californian influences.

Invite your closest friends and spend an elegant evening at Bound, The Cromwell’s sophisticated lobby bar. Located right next to the hotel check-in, Bound takes your Las Vegas bar experience to a new Ž‡˜‡Ž ™‹–Š ˆ”‡•Š ƒÂ?† —Â?‹“—‡ …‘…Â?–ƒ‹Ž• „› Salvatore Calabrese, one of the world’s most respected mixologists. For those who are seeking for a highenergy nightlife experience, just look to the roof. Drai’s Beachclub • Nightclub takes entertainment and nightlife to new heights with the only rooftop Beachclub on the Strip. Once night falls, Drai’s turns into a dazzling, multi-level club with more than ÍŁÇĄÍœÍœÍœ •“—ƒ”‡ ˆ‡‡– ‘ˆ –Š‡ Â?‘•– •–ƒ–‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ art high definition LEDs in production.



3535 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Located right in the center of the Las Vegas Strip, The LINQ Hotel & Casino is the social hub for trend-setters and partiers alike. Rooms include cutting-edge technology, modern furnishings and close access to the LINQ outdoor shopping district. The LINQ ‘–‡Ž ĆŹ ƒ•‹Â?‘ ‘ƥ‡”• ƒ —Â?‹“—‡ ĥ ‡‰ƒ• casino experience. Let loose and play all of your favorite Vegas casino games, including poker, craps and video slots. Fans of pool parties and day clubs can enjoy a cabana-like experience on their own. The brand new Deluxe Poolside Cabana rooms provide private patios with direct access to The LINQ’s year-round pool. Soak up the sun with waitress service from the nearby pool bar. Picture it like your own private, day club experience. Aside from modern room features, The LINQ Hotel & Casino is steps away from live concerts at Brooklyn Bowl, hip restaurants & bars, and the world-famous High Roller.

O’Sheas has been reborn! Enjoy the new edition of this beloved Las Vegas casino, bar, & pub featuring gaming, beer and a live stage. Take a moment to relax and indulge at The Spa at The LINQ, featuring a modern twist on the traditional spa. Guests have the option of playing their own music in their treatment room by connecting their player to the room’s speakers while enjoying aromatherapy with every spa treatment at no additional charge. Guests also receive access to Las Vegas’ only Himalayan salt therapy cave. Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen + Bar at The LINQ ‘ƥ‡”• ‰—‡•–• ƒ –ƒ•–‡ ‘ˆ ‹‡”‹ǯ• •‹‰Â?ƒ–—”‡ …—‹•‹Â?‡ǥ ˆ‡ƒ–—”‹Â?‰ „‘Ž† ĆŞÂƒÂ˜Â‘Â”Â• ƒÂ?† —Â?‹“—‡ twists on traditional dishes. The restaurant’s extensive drink menu features 16 craft beers, in addition to the Sonoma County wine selection and a frozen tap system shot bar that will create a one-of-a kind experience for guests.



PARIS LAS VEGAS HOTEL & CASINO 3655 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Experience everything you love about Paris, right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. At Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, you’ll be transported to the City of Lights including all the passion, excitement, and ambiance of Europe’s most romantic city. Here, you can explore your palate with a diverse selection of restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for upscale French cuisine, delicious crepes or savory comfort food with creative burger concepts, dining at any of the Paris Las Vegas restaurants will tantalize your taste buds. Our hotel radiates the spirit of France by featuring the country’s most popular dishes. Mon Ami Gabi’s charming ĥ‡‰ƒ• „‹•–”‘‘ƥ‡”•“—‹Â?–‡••‡Â?–‹ƒŽ ”‡Â?…Š cuisine and an extensive wine list. Speaking of wine, you can wine and dine on outdoor patios and admire remarkable views of the Las Vegas Strip. Plus, you can take romance to the next level – a much higher level - with your sweetie at the Paris Las Vegas ‹ƥ‡Ž‘™‡””‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?–Ǥ‹–—ƒ–‡†Í?͜͜ˆ‡‡–ƒ„‘˜‡

ground, witness a captivating view of Las Vegas Strip all while savoring upscale French cuisine. Š‡ ÂŠÂ‹Â‰ÂŠÂŽÂ›ÇŚÂ’Â”ÂƒÂ‹Â•Â‡Â† ‘”†‘Â? ƒÂ?•ƒ› –‡ƒÂ? restaurant brings traditional steakhouse ÂˆÂƒÂ”Â‡ÇĄ™‹Â?‡‘’–‹‘Â?•ˆ”‘Â?Ć¤Â˜Â‡…‘Â?–‹Â?‡Â?–•ǥˆ”‡•Š seafood and French-inspired sides. Or, make ƒ“—‹…Â?•–‘’ƒ–ÂƒÂˆÂą‡ŽŽ‡ƒ†‡Ž‹Â?‡ˆ‘”…‘ƥ‡‡ ƒÂ?† ’ƒ•–”‹‡• ‘”  ‘—ŽƒÂ?‰‡”‹‡ ˆ‘” „”‡ƒÂ?ˆƒ•–Ǥ ™‡‡– –‘‘–Š •–‹ŽŽ Â?‘– Â•ÂƒÂ–Â‹Â•Ć¤Â‡Â†ÇŤ ƒ ”‡’‡”‹‡ ‘ƥ‡”•ƒ™‹†‡ƒ””ƒ›‘ˆ…”‡’‡•ǥÂ?ƒ†‡ˆ”‡•Š†ƒ‹Ž›Ǥ If you’re ready to indulge Vegas style, put ›‘—”Â?‘Â?‡›™Š‡”‡›‘—”Â?‘—–Š‹•™‹–Š—”‰‡” Â”ÂƒÂ•Â•Â‡Â”Â‹Â‡ÇŻÂ••‹‰Â?ƒ–—”‡†‹•Šǥ’”‹…‡†ƒ–͊ͣͣͣǤŠ‹• tempting Kobe beef and Maine lobster burger ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡• ‹Â?’‘”–‡† „”‹‡ ƒÂ?† Í?ÍœÍœÇŚÂ›Â‡ÂƒÂ” ƒ‰‡† balsamic vinegar. Wash down your meal with ƒ „‘––Ž‡ ‘ˆ ‘•‡ ‘Â? ‡”‹‰Â?‘Â? …ŠƒÂ?’ƒ‰Â?‡ǥ which is included with the meal.


PLANET HOLLYWOOD RESORT AND CASINO 3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 ŽƒÂ?‡– ‘ŽŽ›™‘‘† ‡•‘”– ƒÂ?† ƒ•‹Â?‘ features Las Vegas resort accommodations Ƥ– ˆ‘” njŽ‹•–‡”• ƒÂ?† ‘ŽŽ›™‘‘† „—ƥ•Ǥ All rooms and suites feature one-of-akind movie memorabilia set against the backdrop of stylish, modern luxury. When you stay in a Planet Hollywood hotel room, the celebrity lifestyle is yours for the taking and fame lies around every corner. ‹Â?‡ Ž‹Â?‡ ƒ Â?‘˜‹‡ •–ƒ” ƒÂ?† Ž‘‘Â? ‘—– ˆ‘” your favorite celebrities at one of the many Planet Hollywood restaurants. From eclectic dining options like Koi and Strip House to the celebrity-owned Gordon ƒÂ?•ƒ›  ÇĄ ŽƒÂ?‡– ‘ŽŽ›™‘‘† ‘ƥ‡”• an exciting array of Las Vegas restaurants, ƒŽŽ ™‹–Š ‹–• ‘™Â? —Â?‹“—‡ ƒÂ?† ‰ŽƒÂ?‘”‘—• atmosphere. Whether you’re dancing to the beat at ‘‹ ‘—Â?‰‡ ‘” ƤÂ?†‹Â?‰ –Š‡ ’‡”ˆ‡…– ‘—–Ƥ–

at Miracle Mile Shops, Planet Hollywood sets the bar for fun things to do in Vegas – ƒŽŽ†ƒ›ƒÂ?†ƒŽŽÂ?‹‰Š–ǤƒÂ?‡•—”‡–‘…ƒ’‘ƥ each night by having a drink at one of the resort’s high-energy bars.



3555 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 The Flamingo Las Vegas hotel is a self…‘Â?–ƒ‹Â?‡† …ƒ•‹Â?‘ ƒÂ?† ”‡•‘”– ‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰ everything an adventurous vacationer could want: A tropical Wildlife Habitat, Go Pool - a 15-acre Caribbean-style party pool with an ambiance that rivals Vegas’ hottest day clubs, and select rooms with fabulous views of the 550-foot-tall High Roller. Set on the famous four corners of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road, this Las Vegas hotel combines heart-pounding excitement with hospitality and service that’s second to none. Located adjacent to The LINQ and The High Roller.

a MegaBeat Jackpot starting at $200,000. You can also play Vegas casino games like craps, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. For a more relaxing experience, The Flamingo ĥ‡‰ƒ•‘ƥ‡”•ƒÂ?‡Â?‘Ž‘—Â?‰‡Â?‡š––‘–Š‡ race and sports book.

Welcome to Payout Paradise – a Las Vegas gambling area with more than 1,600 casino slot games, including video poker and Megabucks. With so many choices, you’ll always experience a great time at this Las Vegas casino.

And when we say tropical, we really mean it: At this resort, take a peaceful outdoor stroll through the Wildlife Habitat and …‘‘Ž‘ƥƒ– –Š‡’‘‘ŽǤ ‘”ƒ –”—‡‡•…ƒ’‡ –‘ paradise, relax at the spa or sip on islandinspired cocktails at one of the several bars located across the property.

Extend your gaming experience at ‹Â?Â?› —ƥ‡–ǯ• ÂƒÂ”Â‰ÂƒÂ”Â‹Â–ÂƒÂ˜Â‹ÂŽÂŽÂ‡ÇĄ ˆ‡ƒ–—”‹Â?‰ a 15,000-square-foot casino. Enjoy the Vegas casino’s laid-back island vibe and choose from 22 gaming tables and 220 slot machines. You’ll also have easy access to and from the Las Vegas Strip.

Flamingo Las Vegas’s poker room features non-stop action, daily tournaments and

LAS VEGAS )))1/2


3475 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Come out and play and stay at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Harrah’s Las Vegas includes 86,664 square feet of casino space, six outstanding restaurants, sparkling outdoor swimming pool, luxurious spa, state-of-the-art health club, fullservice beauty salon and, of course, the entertainment you would expect from a Vegas hotel destination. Whether you’re thinking about shopping, swimming, sipping or a spa day, ÂƒÂ”Â”ÂƒÂŠÇŻÂ• ‹• ƒ ‘Â?‡nj•–‘’ •Š‘’ ‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰ many fun things to do in Vegas. Relax at the spa and salon, enjoy an afternoon at the pool, or have a drink at the nightlife destination Carnaval Court. ƥ‡”‹Â?‰–ƒ•–›ƒÂ?†’Žƒ›ˆ—Žˆ‘‘†‘’–‹‘Â?•ǥ Harrah’s Las Vegas brings the fun to Las Vegas restaurants. With an array of creative and delightful dishes, the restaurants at Harrah’s Las Vegas will satisfy any appetite.

For those looking for a more luxurious ‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡ǥ ÂƒÂ”Â”ÂƒÂŠÇŻÂ• ĥ ‡‰ƒ• ‘ƥ‡”• a selection of unique suites as part of the Anthology Collection. The Harrah’s Vice Presidential Suite features one bedroom, living room, dining room, wet bar and entertainment area with a stereo system. Relax in the suite’s whirlpool tub, or heighten your experience further by inviting even more friends along with an upgrade to a connecting bedroom.



BALLY’S LAS VEGAS 4756 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 For spectacular entertainment, Art Decostyle accommodations and gracious amenities, Bally’s Las Vegas has something for every taste. Bally’s tropical garden boasts a dynamic 30-person spa tub, while the open-air bar, superb dining options, excellent gaming action and dazzling performances provide the perfect setting for unforgettable Vegas vacations. Relax at the pool or escape the hustle-and bustle with a trip to the spa, or be in the center of the action and enjoy drinks with live Las Vegas entertainment. Experience classic Las Vegas at Bally’s, Las Vegas where visitors play traditional reels, video poker and modern video games.

Introducing the all new Jubilee Tower at Bally’s, named after the property’s iconic show, Jubilee! The fresh, new Jubilee Tower accommodations encompass 450 square feet of living space with chic lounge furniture yielding a stylistic and welcoming atmosphere. The newly-remodeled Jubilee Celebrity •—‹–‡ ‘ơ‡”• ‹–• ‘™ •‡•‡ ‘ˆ •–›Ž‡ ƒ† spunk. The 1700-square-foot suite features enviable views of the Strip, geometric designs and contemporary furnishings with striking pops of red. The spacious living room includes a six-seat dining set, bar area and a seating area. For a luxury suite experience, the Jubilee Celebrity suite is perfect for any occasion.

The resort features highly acclaimed restaurants including BLT Steak and Sea Thai, as well as the famous Sterling Brunch.

LAS VEGAS )))1/2

RIO ALL-SUITE HOTEL & CASINO 3700 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89103 Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino features an action-packed, high-energy Las Vegas casino. You’ll love the masquerade-themed gaming space that includes exciting progressives and the latest themed video ”‡‡Ž•Ǥ ƒ”–›‹‰ ‘ơǦ–”‹’ †‘‡•ǯ– ‰‡– ƒ› better than this. Work up an appetite and feast on one of the many tantalizing Las Vegas restaurants at Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Satisfy ›‘—” –ƒ•–‡ „—†• ™‹–Š „—ơ‡– ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•ǡ ‘ơ‡”‹‰ –Š‡‡† …—‹•‹‡ ˆ”‘ ƒ”‘—† –Š‡ world and delectable seafood selections, along with dining options specializing in Chinese and succulent steak. In the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino’s Masquerade Tower, the spellbinding ‘‘‘‘ –‡ƒ ‘ơ‡”• ƒ —ˆ‘”‰‡––ƒ„Ž‡ dining experience, pairing an enticing menu with breathtaking views of the city. In addition to succulent steaks, the Las Vegas

restaurant includes French-Creole inspired dishes and signature cocktails. For the utmost in luxury, the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino’s Presidential Suite, part of the Anthology Collection, is not to be missed. After all, how many people can admire the city’s panoramic views, swim in a private pool and lounge in the shade all on their own private hotel balcony? These Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino suites ‘ơ‡”–Š‡Ƥ‡•–”‘‘ƒ‡‹–‹‡•ǡ‹…Ž—†‹‰ round-the-clock butler service, a large living room and dining area. From Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino’s real sand beaches at VooDoo Beach to an electrifying nightlife scene, you won’t have any worries about what to do in Las Vegas. Even if you choose to unwind with a spa treatment or go on a shopping spree, the ”‡•‘”– ‘ơ‡”• –‡’–‹‰ ‘’–‹‘• ˆ‘” ‡˜‡”› mood and lifestyle.



THE COSMOPOLITAN OF LAS VEGAS 3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

Š‡ ‘•‘’‘Ž‹–ƒ ‘ˆ ƒ• ‡‰ƒ• ‘ơ‡”• —‹“—‡‡•• ‹ ‡˜‡”› ”‘‘ǡ ˆ‡ƒ–—”‹‰ •’ƒ…‹‘—•Ž‹˜‹‰ƒ”‡ƒ•ƒ†’”‹˜ƒ–‡–‡””ƒ…‡• –Šƒ– Ž‡– ˆ”‡•Š ƒ‹” ƒ† •—Ž‹‰Š– •–”‡ƒ ‹Ǥ –‡’ ‘—–•‹†‡ ƒ† ‡Œ‘› ƒ ‹–‹ƒ–‡ „”‡ƒˆƒ•– ‘” ‡˜‡‹‰ …‘…–ƒ‹Ž ‘ –Š‡ ’”‹˜ƒ–‡ –‡””ƒ…‡ ‘” •‹’Ž› –ƒ‡ ‹ –Š‡ •’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ”ƒ•‡‰ƒ••›Ž‹‡Ǥ —š—”‹‘—• „ƒ–Š”‘‘• ™‹–Š ƒ’ƒ‡•‡ •‘ƒ‹‰ –—„•ǡ ”ƒ‹ •Š‘™‡”• ƒ† ƒ”„Ž‡ ƪ‘‘”• ‘ơ‡” ‘‡–• ‘ˆ —‡š’‡…–‡† –”ƒ“—‹Ž‹–›Ǥ ‡–”‡ƒ– ‡˜‡ ˆ—”–Š‡” –‘ ƒ ‘ƒ•‹•‘ˆ Ž—š—”›ƒ† ”‡Œ—˜‡ƒ–‹‘ƒ– ƒŠ”ƒ ’ƒǤ ‡Žƒš ‹ –Š‡ ƒ—–Š‡–‹… ƒƒ ’‡–Š‘—•‡‘”•’ƒ•—‹–‡•™‹–Š’”‹˜ƒ–‡•–‡ƒ ”‘‘•ƒ†‡†‹–ƒ–‹‘Ž‘—‰‡•Ǥ‡Œ—˜‡ƒ–‡ ‹ –Š‡ ˜‹–ƒŽ‹–› ’‘‘Žǡ †‡•‡”– ”ƒ‹ •Š‘™‡” ƒ† …‘Ž† ‹•– ”‘‘Ǥ Š‡ ‘•‘’‘Ž‹–ƒǯ• ‘‘Ž ‹•–”‹…– ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡• –Š”‡‡ †‹•–‹…– ’‘‘Ž ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡• –‘ …Š‘‘•‡ ˆ”‘Ǥ ‹–Š —”‹˜ƒŽ‡†•‡”˜‹…‡ǡ’”‡‹—ƒ‡‹–‹‡•ƒ† ˜‹‡™•—Ž‹‡ƒ›‹‡‰ƒ•ǡ›‘—ǯŽŽ–ƒ‡ƒ™ƒ› —…Š‘”‡–ŠƒŒ—•–ƒ–ƒǤ ƒ•–‡–Š‡†‹˜‡”•‡ƒ†‘”‹‰‹ƒŽ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ– collection that is elevating the Las Vegas

†‹‹‰‡š’‡”‹‡…‡Ǥ ‡ƒ–—”‹‰™‘”Ž†Ǧ…Žƒ••ǡ ‡™Ǧ–‘Ǧƒ”‡– …—Ž‹ƒ”› –ƒŽ‡–• •—…Š ƒ• ‘•±†”±•ǡ…‘––‘ƒ–ƒ†”—…‡ƒ† ”‹… ”‘„‡”‰ǡ ƒ• ™‡ŽŽ ƒ• ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–‡—” ‘•–ƒ•’‹Ž‹ƒ†‹•Ǥ ‘‘‹‰ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ’‡”ˆ‡…– ‹‰Š–…ƒ’ǫ ”‘ Š‡ Šƒ†‡Ž‹‡” –‘ Ž‹“—‡ǡ Š‡ ‘•‘’‘Ž‹–ƒ Šƒ• ƒ ‹š ‘ˆ „ƒ”• ƒ† Ž‘—‰‡• –‘ •‡”˜‡ ›‘—” ‡˜‡”› ‹†—Ž‰‡…‡Ǥ ‘” ƒ Ž‹˜‡Ž‹‡” ‹‰Š– ‘—–ǡ ƒ”“—‡‡ ‹‰Š–…Ž—„Ƭƒ›…Ž—„ƒ–Š‡‘•‘’‘Ž‹–ƒ ’”‘‹•‡•–‘„‡–Š‡‘•–•’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ”‡™ •’ƒ…‡ ‹ ƒ• ‡‰ƒ•Ǥ – Š‡ Š‡Ž•‡ƒǡ –Š‡ ‡™‡•– ‡˜‡– ƒ† ’‡”ˆ‘”ƒ…‡ •’ƒ…‡ ƒ– –Š‡ ”‡•‘”–ǡ ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ ™‘”Ž†Ȃ…Žƒ•• ‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡–ǡ …‘…‡”–•ǡ ƒ† •’‘”–‹‰ ‡˜‡–•‹ƒ—‹“—‡•‡––‹‰Ǥƒ„ƒ†‘‡† ‰Žƒ•• ˆƒ…–‘”› –—”‡† ™‘”‹‰ –Š‡ƒ–‡” ™ƒ• –Š‡ ‹•’‹”ƒ–‹‘ ˆ‘” –Š‹• ˜‡—‡ ™‹–Š ƒ •–—‹‰ …‘„‹ƒ–‹‘ ‘ˆ ‹†—•–”‹ƒŽ ‰”‹– ƒ† ƒ”–‹•–‹… ‰Žƒ‘—”Ǥ –›Ž‹•Š †‡•‹‰ ƒ† ƒ”– ‡‰ƒ‰‡ …—Ž–—”ƒŽ •‡•‹„‹Ž‹–‹‡• ™Š‹Ž‡ƒ˜‹„”ƒ–‹‰Š–Ž‹ˆ‡•…‡‡…ƒ’–‹˜ƒ–‡• ’‡”…‡’–‹‘•Ǥ




TROPICANA LAS VEGAS - A DOUBLETREE BY HILTON 3801 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Tropicana Las Vegas - a DoubleTree by ‹Ž–‘”‡†‡Ƥ‡•‡š’‡…–ƒ–‹‘•™‹–Šƒ…ƒ•—ƒŽŽ› ‡Ž‡‰ƒ– ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ ‘ –Š‡ ƒ• ‡‰ƒ• –”‹’Ǥ

‹˜‹‰ ‘ơ ƒ —‹“—‡ ‘—–Š ‡ƒ…Š ˜‹„‡ ƒˆ–‡” ƒ ͊͜͜͞ ‹ŽŽ‹‘ …‘’Ž‡–‡ –”ƒ•ˆ‘”ƒ–‹‘ǡ –Š‡ Š‘–‡Ž ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡• ƒŽŽǦ‡™ ”‘‘•ǡ •—‹–‡• ƒ† Ž—š—”› ˜‹ŽŽƒ• –Šƒ– ‡˜‘‡ –Š‡ •‡–‹‡– ‘ˆ ƒ „”‡‡œ› „‡ƒ…Š Š‘—•‡ ‘” ’‡–Š‘—•‡ ‹ ‹ƒ‹Ǥ Š‹• ˆ”‡•Š ”‡†‡•‹‰ ‹…Ž—†‡• –Š‡ ͜͡ǡ͜͜͜Ǧ•“—ƒ”‡Ǧˆ‘‘– …ƒ•‹‘ǡ ƒ ‡™ ”ƒ…‡ ƒ† •’‘”–• „‘‘ǡ •‡˜‡”ƒŽ ƒ™ƒ”†Ǧ™‹‹‰ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•ǡƒ† Ž‘™͂ǡƒ ƒ†ƒ”ƒ ’ƒƒ† Ƥ–‡••…‡–‡”Ǥ ‹–Šƒ…‘˜‡‹‡–Ž‘…ƒ–‹‘Œ—•–‹—–‡•ˆ”‘ –Š‡ƒ‹”’‘”–ǡƒŒ‘”…‘˜‡–‹‘…‡–‡”•ƒ†–‘’ ‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡– •–ƒ†‹—•ǡ –Š‡”‡ ‹• ƒŽ•‘ Ƥ”•–Ǧ class entertainment that includes “Raiding –Š‡ ‘… ƒ—Ž–dz ‹ –Š‡ ƒŽŽǦ‡™ ”‘’‹…ƒƒ Š‡ƒ–‡”ǡƒ—‰Š ƒ…–‘”›…‘‡†›…Ž—„ƒ†Ž‹˜‡ —•‹…‹–Š‡”‘’‹…ƒƒ‘—‰‡Ǥ Š‡ ”‘’‹…ƒƒ ƒ• ‡‰ƒ• ƒŽ•‘ ‘ơ‡”• •‡˜‡ –›’‡• ‘ˆ •—‹–‡•ǡ ƒŽŽ ‘ˆ ™Š‹…Š ƒ”‡ Žƒ˜‹•ŠŽ› †‡•‹‰‡†™‹–Š–Š‡’‡”ˆ‡…–„Ž‡†‘ˆŽ‹‰Š–‹‰ǡ

…‘Ž‘”ǡ –‡š–—”‡ ƒ† ƒ Ž‹„‡”ƒ–‹‰ •‡•‡ ‘ˆ •’ƒ…‡Ǥ ƒ…Š „‡•–Ǧ‹Ǧ…Žƒ•• ”‘‘ ‹• •–›Ž‡† ‹ ƒ •—•‡– ’ƒŽ‡––‡ ‘ˆ ™ƒ” •Šƒ†‡• ƒ† ƒ’’‘‹–‡† …—•–‘Ǧ†‡•‹‰‡† ˆ—”‹•Š‹‰•Ǥ Then the in-room entertainment is –”ƒ•ˆ‘”‡† ™‹–Š ƒ ͠͞Ǧ‹…Š ǡ ƒ ‹ ‘‡…Ž‘…”ƒ†‹‘™‹–Šƒ—‹˜‡”•ƒŽ†‘…‹‰ •–ƒ–‹‘ƒ†™‹”‡Ž‡•• –‡”‡–Ǥ ‹ƒŽŽ›ǡ–Š‡”‡…‡–Ž›—˜‡‹Ž‡†‘‘Ž‹ŽŽƒ•ƒ† › ‹ŽŽƒ• ’”‘˜‹†‡ ƒ ‡™ …Š‘‹…‡ ‹ Ž—š—”› ƒ……‘‘†ƒ–‹‘• ˆ‘” ‰—‡•–• ™Š‘ ’”‡ˆ‡” –Š‡Ƥ‡”–Š‹‰•‹Ž‹ˆ‡Ǥ‘–‡†–Š‡‡•–‘‘Ž ‹ ƒ• ‡‰ƒ•ǡ ƒ† •‡– ‘ ƒŽ‘•– –™‘ ƒ…”‡•ǡ ‰—‡•–•…ƒ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡–Š‡ƒ„‹ƒ…‡ƒ•–Š‡› „ƒ• ‹–Š‡‰Ž‘™‹‰”‡ƪ‡…–‹‘‘ˆƒ–”‘’‹…ƒŽ ’‘‘Ž‹–Š‡Š‡ƒ”–‘ˆƒ•‡‰ƒ•Ǥ‹–Šƒ„”‹‰Š–ǡ tropical setting that embodies the vibrancy ‘ˆ–Š‡”‡•‘”–ǯ•‘—–Š‡ƒ…ŠǦ‹•’‹”‡†–Š‡‡ǡ –Š‡ ’‘‘Ž ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡• ƒ ‡š’ƒ•‹˜‡ †‡… ™‹–Š Ž—•Š Žƒ†•…ƒ’‹‰ǡ ™ƒ–‡”ˆƒŽŽ• ƒ† ’”‹˜ƒ–‡ Ž‘—‰‡•’‘–•Ǥ




3300 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Treasure Island - TI on the Las Vegas Strip ย‘ฦกย‡ย”ย• ยย‘ย†ย‡ย”ย ย•ย–ย›ยŽย‡ ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยƒ ยŠย‹ย‰ยŠวฆย‡ยย‡ย”ย‰ย› ยƒย–ยย‘ย•ย’ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ยƒยย†ยƒย™ยƒย”ย†ย™ย‹ยยย‹ยย‰ย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ย…ย‡วค ย”ย‡ยƒย•ย—ย”ย‡ ย•ยŽยƒยย†วฆ ย‡ยŽย—ยšย‡ย‘ย‘ยย•ยˆย‡ยƒย–ย—ย”ย‡ ย—ยŽย–ย”ยƒ ย…ย‘ยยˆย‘ย”ย–ยƒย„ยŽย‡ ย’ย‹ยŽยŽย‘ย™ ย–ย‘ย’ ย„ย‡ย†ย•วก ฦชย‘ย‘ย” ย–ย‘ ย…ย‡ย‹ยŽย‹ยย‰ ย™ย‹ยย†ย‘ย™ย• ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยย‘ย—ยย–ยƒย‹ย ย‘ย” ย–ย”ย‹ย’ ย˜ย‹ย‡ย™ย•วก ยยƒย”ย„ยŽย‡ ย„ยƒย–ยŠย”ย‘ย‘ยย•วก ยŽยƒย’ย–ย‘ย’ ย•ยƒยˆย‡วก ย”ย‡ยˆย”ย‹ย‰ย‡ย”ยƒย–ย‘ย” ยƒยย† ยŠย‹ย‰ยŠวฆย•ย’ย‡ย‡ย† ย‹ยย–ย‡ย”ยย‡ย– ยƒย…ย…ย‡ย•ย•วค ย‘ย–ย‡ยŽย‰ย—ย‡ย•ย–ย•ย…ยƒยย‹ยย†ย—ยŽย‰ย‡ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย‹ย‘ย—ย• ยŽย‡ยย•ยƒยย†ย”ยƒย•ย’ยƒยƒยย†ย•ยƒยŽย‘ยวกยƒยย†ย”ย‡ยŽยƒยšย„ย›ย–ยŠย‡ ยŠย‡ยƒย–ย‡ย† ย‘ย—ย–ย†ย‘ย‘ย” ย–ย”ย‘ย’ย‹ย…ยƒยŽ ย’ย‘ย‘ยŽ ย‘ย” ยƒ ย’ย”ย‹ย˜ยƒย–ย‡ ย…ยƒย„ยƒยยƒย™ยŠย‹ยŽย‡ย•ย‹ย’ย’ย‹ยย‰ย…ย‘ย…ยย–ยƒย‹ยŽย•ย™ย‹ย–ยŠยŽย‹ย˜ย‡  ยย—ย•ย‹ย…ย‘ยย™ย‡ย‡ยย‡ยย†ย•วค ย”ย‡ยƒย•ย—ย”ย‡ ย•ยŽยƒยย† วฆ   ย†ย‹ยย‹ยย‰ ย†ย‹ย˜ย‡ย”ย•ย‹ย–ย› ย‹ย• ยƒยŽย™ยƒย›ย• ย‘ย ย†ย‹ย•ย’ยŽยƒย› ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยƒ ย•ย‡ยŽย‡ย…ย–ย‹ย‘ย ย‘ยˆ ออœ ย”ย‡ย•ย–ยƒย—ย”ยƒยย–ย•ย”ยƒยย‰ย‹ยย‰ยˆย”ย‘ยย‰ย‘ย—ย”ยย‡ย–ย•ย‡ยƒยˆย‘ย‘ย† ยƒยย†ย•ย–ย‡ยƒยยŠย‘ย—ย•ย‡ย–ย‘ยย‡ย”ย‹ย…ยƒยยƒยย†ย‡ยšย‹ย…ยƒย ย…ย‘ยยˆย‘ย”ย–ยˆย‘ย‘ย†ย•วค ย”ย‡ยƒย•ย—ย”ย‡ ย•ยŽยƒยย† ศ‚   ย†ย›ยยƒยย‹ย… ยย‹ย‰ยŠย–ยŽย‹ยˆย‡

ยˆย‡ยƒย–ย—ย”ย‡ย• อก ย†ย‹ฦกย‡ย”ย‡ยย– ย„ยƒย”ย• ยƒยย† ยŽย‘ย—ยย‰ย‡ย• ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰ยย‡ย…ยŠยƒยย‹ย…ยƒยŽย„ย—ยŽยŽย”ย‹ย†ย‡ย•ยƒย– ย‹ยŽยŽย‡ย›วฏย• ยƒยŽย‘ย‘ย ยƒยย† ยย‹ย‰ยŠย–ยŽย› ยŽย‹ย˜ย‡ ย‡ยย–ย‡ย”ย–ยƒย‹ยยย‡ยย– ยƒย– ย‡ร“ย‘ย” ย”ย‘ย‰วฏย•วค ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡ ย–ยŠย‡ ย‘ย”ย‹ย‰ย‹ยยƒยŽวก ยย—ย•ย– ย•ย‡ย‡ ย‹ย”ย“ย—ย‡ ย†ย— ย‘ยŽย‡ย‹ยŽ ย•ยŠย‘ย™ ย›ย•ย–ยฐย”ย‡วก ย‘ย” ย‡ยยŒย‘ย› ย–ยŠย‡ ย‘ย…ย…ยƒย•ย‹ย‘ยยƒยŽยŠย‡ยƒย†ยŽย‹ยย‡ย”ย…ย‘ยย‡ย†ย‹ยƒยย•ย—ย…ยŠยƒย•ย‹ยŽยŽ ยย‰ย˜ยƒยŽยŽวก ย‘ย›ย‘ย›ยƒยย†ยŠย‘ย‘ย’ย‹ ย‘ยŽย†ย„ย‡ย”ย‰วค ย”ย‡ยƒย•ย—ย”ย‡ ย•ยŽยƒยย†วฆ ย‹ย•ย…ย‘ยยย‡ย…ย–ย‡ย†ย„ย›ย–ย”ยƒย ย–ย‘ ยŠย‡ ย‹ย”ยƒย‰ย‡ ยƒย• ย™ย‡ยŽยŽ ยƒย• ยƒ ย’ย‡ย†ย‡ย•ย–ย”ย‹ยƒย ย„ย”ย‹ย†ย‰ย‡ ย–ย‘ ย–ยŠย‡ ยƒย•ยŠย‹ย‘ย ยŠย‘ย™ ยƒยŽยŽวก ยƒยย† ย™ย‹ย–ยŠย‹ย ย™ยƒยŽยย‹ยย‰ ย†ย‹ย•ย–ยƒยย…ย‡ ย‘ยˆ ยƒยŽยŽ ย–ยŠย‡ ย„ย‡ย•ย– ย†ย‹ยย‹ยย‰วก ย•ยŠย‘ย’ย’ย‹ยย‰ ยƒยย† ย‡ยย–ย‡ย”ย–ยƒย‹ยยย‡ยย– ย‘ย ย–ยŠย‡ยƒย•ย‡ย‰ยƒย•ย–ย”ย‹ย’วค



St. Marks Square at the Grand Canal Shoppes



3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 The amenities of The Venetian® Las Vegas stand preeminent among the world’s resort destinations. A Forbes Travel Guide Fourstar rated hotel, this all-suite integrated resort is home to some of the most ”‡•’‡…–‡†ƒ†Š‹‰ŠǦ’”‘ƤŽ‡…Š‡ˆ•ǡ”‡–ƒ‹Ž‡”•ǡ artists, and entertainers in the world. Best of all, these wonderful amenities are all under a single roof. Luxury Suite at The Venetian

As the only all-suite resort on the Las Vegas Strip, every key unlocks a suite at The Venetian. Each is spacious – roughly twice the size of the average Las Vegas hotel room – and features a sunken living room and an Italian-marble bathroom. Dining at The Venetian is a work of art in its own right. World-renowned chefs such as Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali create culinary marvels at their iconic restaurants.

Rock wall at Canyon Ranch SpaClub

Entertainment shines every night at The Venetian. And of course, a visit to The Venetian wouldn’t be complete

without taking a gondola ride down our Grand Canal. When physical and mental relaxation are called for, the world-famous Canyon Ranch SpaClub® answers with specialty treatments. Shoppers can delight daily in more than 160 specialty shops that make up the Grand Canal Shoppes®. These exceptional retailers offer everything from fine jewelry, to sweet delicacies and even wine.


Luxury Suite at The Palazzo



3325 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Among the world’s most revered resort destinations, The Palazzo® Las Vegas and its amenities stand apart. The Palazzo – an all-suite integrated resort rated four stars Forbes Travel Guide – plays host to some of the most sought-after and high-profile chefs, retailers, artists, and entertainers anywhere, all under a single roof. As the only all-suite resort on the Las Vegas Strip, every key unlocks a suite at The Palazzo. Each is spacious – roughly twice the size of the average Las Vegas hotel room – and features a sunken living room and an Italian-marble bathroom. Dining at The Palazzo is a work of art in its own right. World-renowned chefs such as Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali create culinary marvels at their iconic restaurants.

Entertainment shines every night at The Palazzo. And of course, a visit to The Palazzo wouldn’t be complete without taking a gondola ride down our Grand Canal. When physical and mental relaxation are called for, the world-famous Canyon Ranch SpaClub® answers with specialty treatments. Barneys New York at the Grand Canal Shoppes

Shoppers can delight daily in more than 160 specialty shops that make up the Grand Canal Shoppes®. These exceptional ”‡–ƒ‹Ž‡”• ‘ơ‡” ‡˜‡”›–Š‹‰ ˆ”‘ Ƥ‡ jewelry, to sweet delicacies and even wine.





129 Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas, NV 89101 The Golden Nugget Las Vegas is the most luxurious resort on the Fremont Street Experience, and consistently receives critical acclaim for exceeding customer expectations. Š‡ ‘Ž†‡Â? —‰‰‡– Â?‘™ ‘ƥ‡”• Â?‘”‡ –ŠƒÂ? 2,400 deluxe guestrooms and suites; a high-energy casino featuring the most popular slot and video poker machines, table games, race and sports book, and poker room; nightly entertainment with master impressionist and comedian Gordie Brown; world-class restaurants such as Grotto Italian Ristorante, Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse, Claim Jumper and Cadillac Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar; a luxury spa and salon; and The Tank, a year-round outdoor swimming pool complete with a 200,000 gallon, live shark aquarium and the new H20 poolside lounge. Since 2005, the Golden Nugget has made more than $300 million in upgrades, renovations and expansions under Landry’s, Inc., introducing

Ć¤Â”Â•Â–ÇŚÂ…ÂŽÂƒÂ•Â• ƒ……‘Â?Â?‘†ƒ–‹‘Â?•ǥ ‡š“—‹•‹–‡ †‹Â?‹Â?‰‘’–‹‘Â?•ƒÂ?†ˆ—Â?njƤŽŽ‡†‡Â?–‡”–ƒ‹Â?Â?‡Â?– venues. Throughout the upgrades, the Golden Nugget unveiled the Rush Tower in ÍžÍœÍœÍĽÇĄ„”‘—‰Š–ĥ‡‰ƒ•‹–•Ƥ”•–Šƒ”– ‘—•‡ Restaurant and introduced a beautiful new pool, The Hideout, as well as expanded the gaming, entertainment and retail options at the luxury resort. In 2014, the Golden Nugget invested $15 million in renovating the Gold Tower adding modern designs consistent with the upscale Rush Tower and invested $6.5 million transforming the Conference Center into a modern business space.


LAS VEGAS ))))1/2


11011 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89135 Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa is a proud recipient of AAA’s 4-Diamond Award. Located among the natural beauty of Red ‘…Â? ƒÂ?›‘Â?ÇĄ –Š‡ ”‡•‘”– ‘ƥ‡”• ‘˜‡” ͣͼ͢ luxury guest rooms and unique suites. ‡†‘…Â?ǯ•Â?ƒÂ?›”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?–••‡”˜‡ƒÂ?‡ƒŽ for any taste. Prime steaks are the specialty at T-Bones Chophouse. Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar brings the farm-to-table …‘Â?…‡’– –‘ ƒ ™Š‘Ž‡ Â?‡™ ÂŽÂ‡Â˜Â‡ÂŽÇĄ ‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰ rustic American cuisine prepared with the freshest ingredients. The menu at 8 Noodle Bar includes touches of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines. Â?†ƒ– ‡ƒ•–—ƥ‡–›‘—ǯŽŽƤÂ?†ƒ‰‘—”Â?‡– all-you-can-eat experience. Guests can enjoy a 4-acre backyard area, ˆ‡ƒ–—”‹Â?‰’‘‘Ž•ǥ’”‹˜ƒ–‡…ƒ„ƒÂ?ĥƒÂ?†–Š‡ Sandbar. The Spa at Red Rock is an ultraÂ?‘†‡”Â? ”‡–”‡ƒ– ‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰ ƒÂ? ‹Â?†—Ž‰‡Â?– menu of signature spa treatments. There’s ƒŽ•‘ƒ„‘™Ž‹Â?‰…‡Â?–‡”ƒÂ?†Â?‘˜‹‡–Š‡ƒ–‡”

…‘Â?’Ž‡šǥ‹†•—‡•–†”‘’nj‹Â?•—’‡”˜‹•‡† childcare, and the casino at Red Rock is ƤŽŽ‡† ™‹–Š –Š‡ Š‘––‡•– •Ž‘– ‰ƒÂ?‡•ǥ Ž‹˜‡ table games, poker, keno, and race and sports action. Red Rock Resort combines the luxury of a true resort getaway with the excitement and style of a Las Vegas …ƒ•‹Â?‘Ǥ ”‹‡Â?†Ž›ƒÂ?†’‡”•‘Â?ƒŽ‹œ‡†•‡”˜‹…‡ is always guaranteed.




GREEN VALLEY RANCH RESORT SPA CASINO 2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy., Henderson, Las Vegas, NV 89052

Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa & Casino is Las Vegas’ premiere boutique luxury resort. A proud recipient of AAA’s 4-Diamond Award, Green Valley Ranch ‘ƥ‡”•–Š‡„‡•–‘ˆĥ‡‰ƒ•‹Â?ƒ—Â?‹“—‡Ž› beautiful setting. The resort’s 495 deluxe guest rooms and suites combine oldworld style with modern amenities. ˜ƒ”‹‡–›‘ˆ…ƒ•—ƒŽƒÂ?†ƤÂ?‡†‹Â?‹Â?‰˜‡Â?—‡• await the hungry traveler. Incredible steaks and fresh seafood are served nightly at Hank’s Fine Steaks & Martinis. Grand CafĂŠ is open 24 hours a day and features a decadent selection of breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites. Tides Oyster & Sushi Bar is a true crowd-pleaser, and Pizza Rock is a pie-lover’s dream that never disappoints. At night, the resort’s bars and lounges are the ultimate gathering places for Las Vegas locals and out-of-towners alike, where live entertainment and refreshing cocktails go hand-in-hand. The unique

Mediterranean-themed casino features –Š‡ Žƒ–‡•–‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰• ‹Â?•Ž‘–•ǥ –ƒ„Ž‡‰ƒÂ?‡•ǥ race & sports gaming and live poker. When it’s time to wind-down, an expansive backyard pool area and world-class spa provide a restful and rejuvenating escape.

F INTGRTO-16-46290

rom the world-famous Theme Parks, enchanting Resort hotels and endless entertainment of Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California, to the sun-soaked paradise that is Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa in Hawai‘i, every moment transforms into an unforgeable vacation that families will cherish forever.



Unforgettable ab vacation o

Walt Disney World Resort

Disneyland Resort

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Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa

^ ˆÃ˜iÞ^E/ÕV>Ãw“Ì`°^ ˆÃ˜iÞÉ*ˆÝ>À V /,/"‡£È‡{Èәä


ith four uniquely magical Theme Parks, two amazing Water Parks, over 25 enchanting Resort hotels and one-ofa-kind shopping, dining and entertainment options, there’s never been a beer time to plan a Walt Disney World vacation. Plus with flexible options and great value, multiday tickets are the best way for families to discover everything Walt Disney World Resort has to offer.

A world of magical m l

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Walt Disney World Resort Hotels


As to Disney artwork, logos and properties: ŠDisney

WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT? Walt Disney World Resort includes 4 magical theme parks, over 20 uniquely themed Disney Resorts and 2 water parks. Plus, there’s Disney Springs, a recently re-imagined dining, entertainment and shopping destination. With a variety of special events like the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, International Flower & Garden Festival, Holidays around the World, marathon and half marathon weekends and the Atlanta Braves Spring Training, guests can easily spend an entire week trying to experience it all.

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES AT WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT? Every park has their own special attractions, entertainment and dining. But here are a few favorites. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park provides wildlife themed attractions like Expedition Everest, Festival of the Lion King and dining like Harambe Market. Then, Disney’s Hollywood Studios brings classic glitz and glam to rides like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™, entertainment like Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage and food like Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre Restaurant. Next, Epcot†‡Â?‘Â?•–”ƒ–‡•ƒÂ?‡š‘–‹…ĆŞÂƒÂ‹Â”™‹–Š”‹†‡••—…Šĥ‡•–”ƒ…Â?ÇĄ ŽŽ—Â?‹ƒ–‹‘Â?•ǣ‡ƪ‡…–‹‘Â?•‘ˆƒ”–Š and various entertainment and dining options around the World Showcase. Of course, Magic Kingdomƒ”Â?•Š‘™•‘ƥ–‹Â?‡Ž‡••…Šƒ”Â?™‹–Šƒ––”ƒ…–‹‘Â?•Ž‹Â?‡Cinderella Castle, Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade and dining like Be Our Guest Restaurant. Â?†ƤÂ?ÂƒÂŽÂŽÂ›ÇĄDisney Springs gives guests entertainment like La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil, and dining like Food Trucks, Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop and the Rainforest CafĂŠ.

WHAT’S NEW AT WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT? There’s always something new at Walt Disney World. Coming Summer 2016, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park will add the magic of nature with new nighttime experiences. Guests will watch in wonder as animal spirits within the Tree of Life come alive in mesmerizing color and light. Then they can pair their experience with Kilamanjaro Safaris Nocturnal Encounters, where they’ll adventure out onto the savanna for an evening safari. Then, opening Summer 2016, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be opening the much anticipated Star Wars™: A Galaxy Far, Far Away. It’s an all-new show that recreates favorite Star Wars™ scenes with Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Darth Maul. Also opening Summer 2016 is the Royal Sommerhus at Epcot. This charming cabin lets guests meet Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen. Next, they can experience the new ‘ƒ”‹Â?ÇŻ”‘—Â?†–Š‡‘”Ž†Ǥ –ǯ•ƒ”‹†‡–Šƒ––ƒÂ?‡•‰—‡•–•‘Â?ƒŒ‘—”Â?‡›–‘ÂˆÂƒÂ”ÇŚĆŞÂ—Â?‰ŽƒÂ?†•ƒÂ?†‘˜‡”•‘Â?‡‘ˆ–Š‡™‘”Ž†ǯ•Â?‘•–—Â?‹“—‡Â?ƒ–—”ƒŽŽƒÂ?†•…ƒ’‡•ƒÂ?†Â?ƒÂ?ÇŚÂ?ƒ†‡™‘Â?†‡”•Ǥ And last but not least, Magic Kingdom Park is opening Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire. Mickey Mouse and company will star in this new musical adventure featuring favorites from The Princess and the Frog, Tangled and Frozen. The Twilight ZoneÂŽ is a registered trademark of CBS, Inc. and is used with permission pursuant to a license from CBS, Inc. ŠDisney/CBS, Inc. Í ‹•Â?‡›ȀÂ—Â…ÂƒÂ•Ć¤ÂŽÂ?–†ǤÍ ĆŹÂ—Â…ÂƒÂ•Ć¤ÂŽÂ?–†Ǥ

W ^ ˆÃ˜iÞ^ ˆÃ˜iÞÉÕV>Ãw“Ì`°^ÕV>Ãw“Ì`°^ ˆÃ˜iÞÉ*ˆÝ>À /,/"‡£È‡{Èәä

ith two magical Theme Parks, unparalleled Resort hotels and a spectacular shopping, dining and entertainment district, there’s practically no end to the fun at Disneyland Resort. And by purchasing multi-day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper Tickets in advance, families can take advantage of added value including more time to experience all there is to see and do throughout both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

The vacation a n of their

Disneyland Park

Disney California Adventure Park

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DISNEYL AND RESORT INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO DISNEYLAND RESORT? The Disneyland Resort encompasses 2 theme parks, 3 hotels and Downtown Disney District all within close proximity making it a walking resort. With over 100 attractions and entertainment between both theme parks, we recommend a minimum 3 days to experience it all. There are many special events throughout the year, including Halloween Time, Holidays at the Resort, Three Kings’ Day and Lunar New Year. Experience Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park where guests will feel like they’re walking into the Disney•Pixar Cars movie because the town of Radiator Springs has been brought to life. Plus, Disney Parks is where Star Wars™ lives.

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES AT DISNEYLAND RESORT? World of Color is a one-of-a-kind nighttime extravaganza held at Paradise Bay in Disney California Adventure Park. The outdoor show projects images from beloved ‹•Â?‡›ƒÂ?†‹•Â?Â‡Â›Čˆ‹šƒ”ƤŽÂ?•‘Â?–‘ƒÍ?ÍĽÇĄÍœÍœÍœÂ•Â“Â—ÂƒÂ”Â‡ÇŚÂˆÂ‘Â‘Â–™ƒ–‡”Dz•…”‡‡Â?Çł…”‡ƒ–‡†„›Â?‡ƒ”Ž›Í?ÇĄÍžÍœÍœˆ‘—Â?–ƒ‹Â?••Š‘‘–‹Â?‰™ƒ–‡”—’–‘͜͜͞ˆ‡‡–‹Â?–Š‡ƒ‹”Ǥ‘Â?‡Â?–‘—•Â?—•‹… ƒ……‘Â?’ƒÂ?‹‡•–Š‡‹Â?ÂƒÂ‰Â‡Â•ÇĄĥ™‡ŽŽĥ•–—Â?Â?‹Â?‰Ƥ”‡ǥˆ‘—Â?–ƒ‹Â?ÇĄˆ‘‰ƒÂ?†Žƒ•‡”‡ƥ‡…–•Ǥ ƒÂ?‹Ž‹‡•™‹ŽŽ„‡ƒÂ?ƒœ‡†ĥ–Š‡™ƒ–‡”†ƒÂ?…‡•ƒÂ?†’›”‘–‡…ŠÂ?‹…•‡š’Ž‘†‡Č‚ƒÂ?†ƒ™‡†ĥ–Š‡ ‡Ž‡Â?‡Â?–•ƒÂ?†‡ƥ‡…–•™‡ƒ˜‡ƒ’‘™‡”ˆ—Ž–ƒ’‡•–”›‘ˆ…‘Ž‘”ǥÂ?ƒ‰‹…ƒÂ?†‹Â?ƒ‰‹Â?ƒ–‹‘Â?Ǥ Star Wars™ fans will be delighted with all the new and enhanced attractions and entertainment at Disneyland Resort. Eager explorers will travel to amazing alien worlds aboard a Starspeeder 1000 on Star ToursČ‚Š‡†˜‡Â?–—”‡•‘Â?–‹Â?—‡Ǥˆ–‡”ƒÂ?‡š…‹–‹Â?‰–”‹’ƒ”‘—Â?†–Š‡Â‰ÂƒÂŽÂƒÂšÂ›ÇĄ —‡•–•…ƒÂ?…‘Â?‡ˆƒ…‡–‘ˆƒ…‡™‹–Š•‘Â?‡‘ˆ–Š‡‹”ˆƒ˜‘”‹–‡Star Wars™ characters at Star Wars̓ƒ—Â?…ŠǤÂ?†™Š‡Â?‹–ǯ•–‹Â?‡–‘Â”Â‡ÂˆÂ—Â‡ÂŽÇĄ–Š‡ ƒŽƒ…–‹… ”‹ŽŽƒÂ?†ࠠ‘…Â?‡––ǯ•‹œœƒ‘”–’”‘˜‹†‡ƒ˜ƒ”‹‡–›‘ˆStar Wars™-inspired provisions for troops of all ages.

WHAT’S NEW AT DISNEYLAND RESORT? ”‘œ‡Â?ÇŚ‹˜‡ƒ––Š‡ ›’‡”‹‘Â?ÇĄƒÂ?‡™Â?—•‹…ƒŽ„ƒ•‡†‘Â?‹•Â?‡›ǯ•„Ž‘…Â?„—•–‡”ƒÂ?‹Â?ƒ–‡†ƤŽÂ?‹••…Š‡†—Ž‡†–‘‘’‡Â?ƒ––Š‡ ›’‡”‹‘Â?Š‡ƒ–”‡ƒ–Disney California Adventure ƒ”Â?Ǥ ‡–”‡ƒ†›–‘•‘ƒ”‘˜‡”–Š‡ ”‡ƒ–ƒŽŽ‘ˆŠ‹Â?ÂƒÇĄ™‹–œ‡”ŽƒÂ?†ǯ•ƒ––‡”Š‘”Â?Â?‘—Â?–ƒ‹Â?ÇĄƒÂ?†•’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ”•…‡Â?‹…™‘Â?†‡”•‘Â?‡˜‡”›…‘Â?–‹Â?‡Â?–‹Â?–Š‹•„”ƒÂ?†Â?‡™ƒ†˜‡Â?–—”‡Ǥ –Disney California Adventureƒ”Â?ÇĄ›‘—”‹Â?ƒ‰‹Â?ƒ–‹‘Â?…ƒÂ?–ƒÂ?‡ƪ‹‰Š–‹Â?–Š‹•‡’‹…”‡nj‹Â?ƒ‰‹Â?‹Â?‰‘ˆƒ…Žƒ••‹…ƒ––”ƒ…–‹‘Â?Ǥ‘Â?‡Œ‘‹Â?—•ˆ‘”SoarinÇŻ”‘—Â?†–Š‡‘”Ž†Ǩ


A whole new world of

“This is the Hawai‘i we all dreamed of.”

From the moment Guests set foot in Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, they will know that this family paradise nestled on the shores of Ko Olina on O‘ahu is the Hawai‘i they’ve always dreamed of. While here, they’ll discover something fun for everyone—from traditional Hawaiian activities and entertainment and acres of aquatic adventure to an interactive kids’ club, a world-class spa and beyond. ©Disney


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AUL ANI , A DISNEY RESORT & SPA INTERVIEW DEFINE AULANI IN ONE SENTENCE. Authentic Hawai‘i with a touch of Disney magic.

WHAT ARE THE UNIQUE FEATURES OF AULANI? Although it’s tough to pick just one aspect, I will condense my favorites as best as I can. Imagineers worked hand in hand with locals to incorporate Hawaiian art and •–‘”›–‡ŽŽ‹‰‹–‘–Š‡”‡•‘”–ǡ™Š‹…Šƒ‡•—Žƒ‹‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡Žƒ”‰‡•–…‘ŽŽ‡…–‹‘•‘ˆ…‘–‡’‘”ƒ”› ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒƒ”–‹–Š‡™‘”Ž†Ǥ–—–›ǯ•‡ƒ…ŠǡŠ‘—•‡›‘—ǯŽŽƤ†͡ǡ͜͜͞•“—ƒ”‡ˆ‡‡– of an exclusive club just for kids. At our Signature Disney shows, you’ll be entertained by Starlit Hui and Mo‘olelo Fire Pit Storytelling. Unwind at the award-winning Laniwai ’ƒˆ‡ƒ–—”‹‰ǮƒŠ—ǯ•‘Ž›‘—–†‘‘”Š›†”‘Ǧ–Š‡”ƒ’›‰ƒ”†‡Ǥƒ’‘ơƒ’‡”ˆ‡…–†ƒ›„›…Š‡…‹‰‘—––Š‡ƒ‹„‘™‡‡ˆȂ–Š‡Žƒ”‰‡•–’”‹˜ƒ–‡•ƒŽ–Ǧ™ƒ–‡”•‘”‡Ž‹‰”‡‡ˆ‘–Š‡‹•Žƒ†Ǥ

WHAT IS THE FOCUS OF AULANI? EX: FAMILIES, SINGLES, COUPLES ETC? Families help bring this kid-friendly resort to life.

WHAT’S NEW WITH AULANI? Our new Ulu Cafe meal plan add-on allows guests to pre-purchase a daily meal at our grab-and-go dining location.

ANY ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE TO GUESTS LOOKING TO STAY WITH YOU? ‹–Š•‘—…Š–‘•‡‡ƒ††‘ƒ––Š‡”‡•‘”–ȋ—…Š‘ˆ™Š‹…Š‹•‹…Ž—†‡†‹–Š‡…‘•–‘ˆƒ•–ƒ›Ȍ™‡”‡…‘‡†•–ƒ›‹‰ƒ–Ž‡ƒ•–͡‹‰Š–•ƒ†…‘‹‰†—”‹‰‘Ǧ•—‡”ƒ† non-holiday times to get the best rates and enjoy a more spacious vacation with your family.



Spanning over 90 acres of beautifullymanicured grounds, soothing fountains and sparkling pools, Sheraton Vistana Villages, International Drive appeals to families and active travelers seeking an unforgettable Orlando vacation. Feel at home with the one and twobedroom villas complete with a fullyequipped kitchen or kitchenette; a washer and dryer; free wireless high speed internet; private patio or balcony; Sheraton’s Signature Sweet Sleeper™ Beds, and more.

Whether relaxing with a drink while the little ones conquer the pirate-shipthemed activity pool; dining at the Flagler Station Bar and Grill or exploring the shopping, dining and popular attractions located nearby, Sheraton Vistana Villages, International Drive is an inviting oasis of fun, sun and service.

Š‡ Š‘–‡Ž ‘ơ‡”• ƒ “—ƒ”–‡”Ǧƒ…”‡ ’‘‘Ž featuring a waterfall, a zero-entry pool, –Š”‡‡ Ƥ–‡•• …‡–‡”•ǡ –™‘ ‰ƒ‡ ”‘‘•ǡ and tennis courts. In need of a quick meal or food to stock you in villas refrigerator, Š‡ ‹ŽŽƒ‰‡• ƒ”‡–’Žƒ…‡ ‘ơ‡”• …‘ơ‡‡ǡ ƒ deli counter, and basic groceries.



Nestled in the heart of Orlando, Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas, Lake Buena Vista is located just minutes from Walt Disney World® Resort, Sea World® and Universal Orlando® Resort. Situated amidst beautifully-landscaped gardens, manicured walkways and soothing fountains, guests of the resort enjoy a tropical setting complete with convenient dining and grocery options; seven sparkling swimming pools and eight whirlpools; 13 tennis courts, three Sheraton Fitness centers, and many other amenities and activities. Spacious one and two bedroom apartment-style villas feature a fullyequipped kitchen or kitchenette, washer and dryer, bedroom with Sheraton’s Signature Sweet Sleeper™ Bed, and separate living and dining areas. The ƒ” Žƒ…‡ ‘ơ‡”• •—†”‹‡•ǡ ‰”‘…‡”‹‡•ǡ

and casual meals making it easy to stock up your villa. With free scheduled transportation to the Walt Disney World® Resort and personalized service throughout your stay, Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas, Lake Buena Vista provides the comforts of home, in one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations.




9939 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL 32819 Rosen Shingle Creek luxury hotel is set ‘ ͟͜͞ Ž—•Š ƒ…”‡• ™‹–Š ƒ —•’‘‹Ž‡† natural setting along the headwaters of the Everglades. A hotel that surprises and delights. Designed to please in every possible way, ours is a one-of-a-kind hotel –Šƒ– ‘ơ‡”• ‹…”‡†‹„Ž‡ ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡• ƒ† delivers exceptional luxury. From 1,501 elegant guestrooms and suites located in the heart of Orlando, to 15 tantalizing restaurants and lounges, to our many ‘Ǧ•‹–‡ ƒ‡‹–‹‡•ǡ ‹…Ž—†‹‰ǣ ͤ͝ǦŠ‘Ž‡ ’ƒ” ͣ͞ …Šƒ’‹‘•Š‹’ …‘—”•‡ǡ Š‡ ’ƒ ƒ– Š‹‰Ž‡ ”‡‡ǡ •–ƒ–‡Ǧ‘ˆǦ–Š‡Ǧƒ”– Ƥ–‡•• …‡–‡”ǡ ͠ ‘—–†‘‘” ’‘‘Ž•ǡ ͞ –‡‹• …‘—”–•ǡ •ƒ† ˜‘ŽŽ‡›„ƒŽŽǡ „ƒ•‡–„ƒŽŽǡ Ƥ•Š‹‰ǡ ˜‹†‡‘ game room and more. Rosen Shingle Creek is in countless ways, Orlando’s most inspiring AAA Four Diamond hotel. Add in RFID locks, no resort fee, free Wi-Fi, close proximity to International Drive and all the world-famous attractions, for an unmatched Orlando experience.

—” Š‘–‡Ž ‘ơ‡”• ‘—–Š™ƒ–‡”‹‰ …—Ž‹ƒ”› treats for every taste preference with Ƥˆ–‡‡ †‹‹‰ȀŽ‘—‰‹‰ ‘’–‹‘• –Šƒ– ƒ”‡ perfect for small gatherings or individual dining experiences, including two AAA Four Diamond restaurants -- A Land Remembered and Cala Bella. Also enjoy ‡ŽŽƒǯ• ƒ”Ǣ ƒˆ‡ •…‡‘Žƒǡ •‡”˜‹‰ „—ơ‡– for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a la carte menus; Banrai Sushi; Tobias Flats; Mi Casa ‡“—‹Žƒƒ“—‡”‹ƒǡͤ͝‘”‘‡–”‡‡–ƒ”‡–ǡ ‘—” ͞͠ǦŠ‘—” ƒ”‡–Ȁ†‡Ž‹Ǣ ‘‘‘–Š ƒ˜ƒ …‘ơ‡‡ǡ’”‘—†Ž›•‡”˜‹‰ –ƒ”„—…•̓ǡ ͞͠ǦŠ” Room Service and more. Complimentary scheduled shuttle service to Universal Orlando®, SeaWorld®, and Aquatica® is available by reservation only.

ORLANDO )))1/2

LAKE BUENA VISTA RESORT VILLAGE & SPA 8113 Resort Village Drive, Orlando, FL 32826

 ˆƒ‹Ž›Ǧ‘”‹‡–‡† Š‘–‡Ž –Šƒ– ‘ơ‡”• luxury two and three bedroom suites with fully equipped kitchens, washer and dryer and private balconies in all units. Families have room to kick back, relax and feel right at home within the spacious multi-bedroom suites. The resort features a zero-depth Pirate Plunge pool featuring a 61-foot long pirate shipwreck complete with towering water slide that spirals its way around the underbelly of the ship. Poolside sun loungers, hammocks, splash fountains and Jacuzzi add to the relaxing ambiance. For those desiring a more serene setting, a relaxation pool is located on the opposite side ‘ˆ –Š‡ ”‡•‘”–Ǥ Š‡ ”‡•‘”– ƒŽ•‘ ‘ơ‡”• Ƥ–‡•• …‡–‡”ǡ ‰ƒ‡ ”‘‘ ƒ† ‘•‹–‡ convenience store. The Lani’s Luau Pool Bar, Pizza Hut Express and Frankie Farrell’s Irish Pub guarantee a

variety of eatery options to satisfy every ’ƒŽƒ–‡ƒ†–Š‡‡ƪ‡…–‹‘•’ƒƬƒŽ‘ is a convenient addition for guests that want to enjoy a relaxing vacation experience. Scheduled shuttle service to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld are complimentary. The resort is self-catering and housekeeping services are available for an additional fee. Conveniently located on property, guests can shop ‘til they drop at the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores ‘ơ‡”‹‰ ‘”‡ –Šƒ ͤ͟͞ǡ͜͜͜ •“Ǥ ˆ– ‘ˆ Factory Direct brand name stores.

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1160 Gulf Blvd., Clearwater Beach, FL 33767 Set along the stunning waters of the Gulf of Mexico and 10 acres of private, white-sand Â„Â‡ÂƒÂ…ÂŠÇĄ Š‡”ƒ–‘Â? ƒÂ?† ‡› ‡•‘”– ‘ƥ‡”• an oasis ideal for families, beach and spalovers and couples. Amidst the beautiful island of Sand Key, the Mediterranean-style Sheraton Sand Key Resort has 390 spacious guestrooms and suites with the Sheraton’s Signature Sweet Ž‡‡’‡”̓ ‡†•ǥ ĆŞÂƒÂ– •…”‡‡Â? •ǥ ƒ ’ƒ–‹‘ ‘” „ƒŽ…‘Â?›ǥ †‡Ž—š‡ …‘ƥ‡‡Â?ƒÂ?‡”ǥ ÂŠÂƒÂ‹Â”Â†Â”Â›Â‡Â”ÇĄ iron and ironing board and complimentary wireless internet. Take comfort to a new level and stay in one of the Sheraton Sand ‡› ‡•‘”– •—‹–‡• –Šƒ– ‘ƥ‡” ‡˜‡Â? Žƒ”‰‡” rooms and provide views of the water. Spend the day basking in the Florida sun in a lounge chair by the pool while enjoying spectacular views and a signature cocktail from Turtle Bar. Or, play a game of tennis on one of three hard courts or take the game onto the sand courts. Š‡”ƒ–‘Â?ƒÂ?†‡›‡•‘”–‘ƥ‡”•Â‘Â—Â–ÇŚÂ•Â–ÂƒÂ?†‹Â?‰ restaurant and bar options. Rusty’s Bistro,

which recently received its 5th Golden Spoon Award, serves breakfast and dinner ™‹–Š ‘’–‹‘Â?• ‘ˆ „‘–Š „—ƥ‡– ƒÂ?† Â?‡Â?— service. In the evening, the rich woodwork and casually elegant atmosphere add the ’‡”ˆ‡…–…‘Â?’Ž‡Â?‡Â?––‘–Š‡ Ž‘”‹††‡ƒÂ?ĆŞÂƒÂ‹Â” present in every dish. Unwind from the day with a pampering spa service or get a good workout in at –Š‡ Â•Â–ÂƒÂ–Â‡ÇŚÂ‘ÂˆÇŚÂ–ÂŠÂ‡ÇŚÂƒÂ”Â– Ƥ–Â?॥ ˆƒ…‹Ž‹–‹‡•Ǥ ‘ give you that extra push while working out, –Š‡ Ƥ–Â?॥ …‡Â?–‡” ’”‘˜‹†‡• „”‡ƒ–Š–ƒÂ?‹Â?‰ views of the water. Looking to do a little shopping, Sheraton Sand Key Resort has you covered with boutique apparel, jewelry, and beach bags. A trolley service leaves from the front of the resort to transport guests to all the shops, dining and entertainment of Clearwater, while Sheraton Sand Key Resort’s tradition of excellent service and personalized touches provide the perfect setting for a ˆ—Â?njƤŽŽ‡†ǥ•—Â?njƤŽŽ‡†‡•…ƒ’‡Ǥ



Guy Harvey Outpost, a TradeWinds Beach Resort, is located on the award-winning white sands of St. Pete Beach on Florida’s Gulf of Mexico. Explore the shore along miles of soft sand beach, master a standup paddleboard, soar over the water with a Œ‡–’ƒ…ǡ‰‘‘ƒƤ•Š‹‰‘”†‹˜‹‰ƒ†˜‡–—”‡ǡ or simply watch the beach action from your cushioned beach cabana. Soak up the sun around the beachfront pool or the Oasis Courtyard with heated pool and whirlpool reserved for the peaceful relaxation of adults only. Enjoy an enhanced beach experience at The SandBox beach lounge with VIP private cabanas, serpentine lounge ˆ—”‹–—”‡ ™‹–Š Ƥ”‡ ’‹– –ƒ„Ž‡• ƒ† –Š‡ popular Sand Bar. Dine on cutting edge seafood at RumFish GrillTM - showcasing a 33,500 gallon aquarium featured on

Animal Planet’s “Tanked”, indoor and outdoor bars, live music nightly and a retail store carrying the area’s largest selection of Guy Harvey merchandise. Kids can dive into an ocean of fun with themed activities tailored just for them. Every guest room and suite at Guy Harvey Outpost has a new look. All rooms have new décor, luxury pillow-top bedding ™‹–Š…”‹•’™Š‹–‡Ž‹‡•ǡ‘†‡”ƪƒ–•…”‡‡ HDTVs, new carpeting, and walls that have been splashed with the iconic artwork of Guy Harvey. When you stay at this beachfront paradise that celebrates life on the water you get to enjoy all the activities, recreation and ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–• Œ—•– ͜͜͞ ƪ‹’ ƪ‘’• ƒ™ƒ› ƒ– TradeWinds Island Grand, including unlimited rides on the High Tide Slide!



5500 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach, FL 33706  ͜͞Ǧƒ…”‡ „‡ƒ…Šˆ”‘– ’Žƒ›‰”‘—† †‹”‡…–Ž› on award-winning St. Pete Beach, Tradewinds Island Grand was created with fun in mind. Fly over the water with a personal jetpack. Soar on a parasail or cruise along the shore on a waverunner. Party with RedBeard the pirate. Play on ƒ‹ƪƒ–ƒ„Ž‡‘ơ•Š‘”‡™ƒ–‡”’ƒ”Ǥ””‡Žƒš „›‘‡‘ˆƤ˜‡Š‡ƒ–‡†’‘‘Ž•ǡ‹…Ž—†‹‰‘‡ reserved for adults, and a wading pool for the kids. Indulge in a massage or escape to a beachside hammock with a beach book. Feast on the freshest Florida seafood and …‘‘Ž ‘ơ ™‹–Š ˆ”‘•–› –”‘’‹…ƒŽ †”‹•Ǥ ‹‡ and casual restaurants, sand-in-your-toes beach bars and convenient quick stops for pizza and ice cream means never having to leave the resort to satisfy your appetite. Kids will never be bored with KONK (Kids Only, No Kidding!) supervised and

–Š‡‡††”‘’Ǧ‘ơ…ƒ’•ǡ…”ƒˆ–•ƒ†ˆƒ‹Ž› activities. Dive in movies at the pool and poolside contests and games are popular with all ages. Unlimited plunges down a giant, 3-story waterslide are included for all guests, along with paddleboats along –Š‡ ‡ƒ†‡”‹‰ ™ƒ–‡”™ƒ›ǡ –‡‹•ǡ Ƥ–‡•• center use and deluxe cushioned beach cabanas. Hotel rooms and suites at Tradewinds Island Grand include custom-made dark ™‘‘† ˆ—”‹•Š‹‰• ƒ† †±…‘” –Šƒ– ”‡ƪ‡…–• the feel of a classic British West Indies plantation, crisp white linens, travertine ƪ‘‘”‹‰ƒ†‘‡‘ˆƒ‹†ƒ–—”‡Ǧ–Š‡‡† artwork that lends a serene island vibe to the living space.




5300 Gulf Blvd., St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 At Sirata Beach Resort, warm Gulf breezes, beautiful white sand and impeccable service combine for a casual at home experience. Stroll miles of white sandy beaches with cabanas and brilliant Florida West Coast sunsets. With thirteen acres of unspoiled beachfront that surrounds ‹”ƒ–ƒǡ‹–‹•‘‡‘ˆ–Ǥ‡–‡‡ƒ…Šǯ•Ƥ‡•– casual resorts and hotels. There are 382 guest rooms of which 170 are one bedroom suites, 3 heated pools, 2 whirlpools, beach & pool cabanas, „—•‹‡••…‡–‡”ǡƤ–‡••…‡–‡”ǡ‰‹ˆ–•Š‘’ǡ laundry faculties, kids arcade room, „‡ƒ…Šˆ”‘– Ƥ”‡ ’‹– ‘” Ƥ”‡’Žƒ…‡ǡ ‹†ǯ• ’Žƒ›‰”‘—†ǡ‰‘ŽˆƬƤ•Š‹‰ȋ‡ƒ”„›ȌǤ site are 3 restaurants and 2 beachfront bars. Compass Grille is our premier American restaurant serving breakfast lunch and dinner daily utilizing fresh

local produce and seafood. Rum Runners Bar & Grille serves breakfast beachfront as well as lunch and casual dinner. Harry’s Beach Bar is a local’s ˆƒ˜‘”‹–‡™‹–Šƒ’—„‡—ƒ†‰ƒ•Ƥ”‡’‹–Ǥ Air conditioned hotel room with 2 queen beds, TV, on-demand movies & games, ‹”‘Ȁ„‘ƒ”†ǡ ‹Ǧ”‘‘•ƒˆ‡ǡ…‘ơ‡‡ ƒ‡”ǡ work desk, mini fridge, free internet. At Sirata Beach Resort, there is something for everyone. Your memories are waiting.



480 S. Collier Blvd., Marco Island, FL 33415 From the moment you enter the beautiful Mediterranean-styled lobby then venture out to the sugar-sand beach and shimmering waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you know your visit to the Marco Beach Ocean Resort will be extraordinary.

The resort brings exceptional service, Ž‘†‰‹‰ǡ •’ƒ ƒ† Ƥ–‡•• …‡–‡”ǡ sparkling pool, 3.5 miles of sugarsand beach and several dining options to Marco Island, one of the fabled Ten Thousand Islands in Southwest Florida’s Gulf coast.

The all-suite Marco Beach Ocean Resort ‘˜‡”Ž‘‘‹‰ –Š‡ —Žˆ ‘ˆ ‡š‹…‘ ‘ơ‡”• an intimate environment found in 83 one-bedroom and 15 two-bedroom suites with views of the Gulf or tropical gardens from your private balcony ‘” –‡””ƒ…‡Ǥ  ŽŽ •—‹–‡• ‘ơ‡” ƒ”„Ž‡ showers and vanity tops, kitchen with granite countertop, Gilchrist & Soames amenities, cordless phone, iPod †‘…‹‰•–ƒ–‹‘ǡƪƒ–•…”‡‡–‡Ž‡˜‹•‹‘•ǡ keyless entry and complimentary wireless internet.

For your dining pleasure, Marco Beach …‡ƒ ‡•‘”– ‘ơ‡”• †‡Ž‹…‹‘—• †‹‹‰ choices for every taste from sumptuous casual fare to spectacular, elegant cuisine. Whether you plan on enjoying the indulgence of authentic Italian cuisine at Sale e Pepe, The Saletta or on The Terrace overlooking a beautiful sunset, or prefer the simplicity of a light lunch at our beautiful Beachfront Bar & Grill, you won’t be disappointed.


MIAMI )))))

FONTAINEBLEAU MIAMI BEACH 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140 Fontainebleau Miami Beach today reinvents the original vision of legendary architect Morris Lapidus – a stage where everyone plays their unique part. At Fontainebleau Miami Beach, striking design, contemporary art, music, fashion and technology merge into a vibrant new kind of guest experience. Guests are invited to enter a world of endless possibilities, where they are free to play, shop, dine, spa, meet or simply relax – however they †‡Ƥ‡ƒ’‡”ˆ‡…–†ƒ›Ǥ A landmark since its debut in 1954, Fontainebleau Miami Beach has been restored and transformed by a team of renowned architects and designers to create one of the world’s most dynamic destination resorts.

 ͤ͜͜͞ǡ ˆ‘ŽŽ‘™‹‰ ƒ ͊͝ „‹ŽŽ‹‘ ”‡‹˜‡–‹‘ǡ Fontainebleau Miami Beach reopened with an A-list celebrity-attended grand opening bash featuring the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and performances by Usher, Mariah Carey and Maroon 5.  –‘–ƒŽ ‘ˆ ͝ǡ͜͡͠ ‰—‡•–”‘‘• ‘ơ‡” Ž—š—”‹‘—• comfort and amenities, from deluxe guestrooms and three bedroom suites, to „”‡ƒ–Š–ƒ‹‰ ’‡–Š‘—•‡•Ǥ Š‡ ͜͞Ǧƒ…”‡•

oceanfront hotel features an expansive poolscape, a pristine Atlantic Ocean beach, state-of-the-art conference and event facilities, one chic nightlife venue, including LIV®, the ultra-exclusive and high-energy nightclub, home to celebrities and VIPS, and the 40,000-square-foot Lapis spa. At the direction of culinary celebrities from around the globe, Fontainebleau Miami ‡ƒ…Š ‘ơ‡”• ͝͞ Ƥ‡ †‹‹‰ ƒ† …ƒ•—ƒŽ restaurants, bars and lounges. Signature dining experiences include Scarpetta by Scott Conant, the James Beard award recipient who has created a regional Italian menu combining the simplicity of Italy’s …—…‹ƒ”—•–‹…ƒ™‹–Š–Š‡”‡Ƥ‡†ƪƒ˜‘”•‘ˆƤ‡ cuisine; Hakkasan, globally recognized as the pioneering concept that single-handedly changed the face of Chinese cuisine; Michael Mina 74, created uniquely for Fontainebleau, delivers a sophisticated, playful and inventive small plates-driven menu; and StripSteak by Michael Mina, the newest partnership with award winning chef and restaurateur Michael Mina, will be a steakhouse for today’s adventurous diner.





2201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 Just steps from the Atlantic, W South ‡ƒ…Š ‘ơ‡”• ƒ …—––‹‰Ǧ‡†‰‡ ‘ƒ•‹• ‹ –Š‡ Š‡ƒ”–‘ˆ‘—–Š‡ƒ…Šǡ™Š‡”‡–Š‡’—Ž•ƒ–‹‰ ™‘”Ž†• ‘ˆ —•‹…ǡ ˆƒ•Š‹‘ ƒ† †‡•‹‰ ‡‡– …‘–‡’‘”ƒ”› Ž—š—”›Ǥ …‘‹… †‡•‹‰ ƒ† •™ƒ›‹‰ ’ƒŽ• •‡– –Š‡ •…‡‡ ƒ– –Š‹• ͠Ǧ‹ƒ‘†’”‘’‡”–›Ǥ

‘‘ƒ”ǡ™Š‡”‡›‘—…ƒŽ‹•–‡–‘Ž‹˜‡—•‹… ƒ†‡Œ‘›ƒŠƒ†…”ƒˆ–‡†…‘…–ƒ‹Žȋ‘”–™‘ȌǤ

™‹‰‘’‡›‘—”†‘‘” –‘†‹•…‘˜‡” •–”‹‹‰ ‘…‡ƒ˜‹‡™•ˆ”‘•‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡Žƒ”‰‡•–”‘‘• ‹‘—–Š‡ƒ…Šǡ‡ƒ…Š™‹–Š–Š‡‹”‘™’”‹˜ƒ–‡ „ƒŽ…‘›ǡ ƒ• ™‡ŽŽ ƒ•ǡ Žƒ˜‹•Š –‘—…Š‡• Ž‹‡ ͥǦˆ‘‘– …‡‹Ž‹‰•ǡ –ƒŽ‹ƒ ƒ”„Ž‡ „ƒ–Š”‘‘• ƒ† ‹‘˜ƒ–‹˜‡ –‡…Š‘Ž‘‰›Ǥ ˜‡”› experience is as unique as the rooms, with ƒ……‘‘†ƒ–‹‘•‘ơ‡”‹‰’‡–Š‘—•‡•™‹–Š ’”‹˜ƒ–‡ ”‘‘ˆ–‘’ –‡””ƒ…‡•ǡ –Š”‡‡Ǧ„‡†”‘‘ •—‹–‡•ƒ†’Ž—‰‡’‘‘Ž•Ǥ

Š‡ •‹‰ƒ–—”‡ Šƒ–‡˜‡”ȀŠ‡‡˜‡”͂ –‡ƒ ƒ† †‡†‹…ƒ–‡†  •‹†‡”• ƒ”‡ ƒ˜ƒ‹Žƒ„Ž‡ ™‹–Šƒ•ƒ’–‘’”‘˜‹†‡™Šƒ–‡˜‡”›‘—™ƒ–ǡ ™Š‡‡˜‡” ›‘— ™ƒ– ‹–Ǥ  ‘—–Š ‡ƒ…Šǯ• †‡†‹…ƒ–‡† –‡ƒ ‘ˆ •‹†‡”• ‹• ‘Ǧ…ƒŽŽ ͞͠Ȁͣ –‘‡Ž‡˜ƒ–‡›‘—”‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ǡ™Š‡–Š‡”ƒ‹‰ ƒ ”‡•‡”˜ƒ–‹‘ ƒ– ƒ ‹’‘••‹„Ž‡Ǧ–‘Ǧ‰‡–Ǧ‹–‘ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–ǡ •Ž‹’’‹‰ „‡Š‹† –Š‡ ˜‡Ž˜‡– ”‘’‡ ƒ– ƒ ‡š…Ž—•‹˜‡ …Ž—„ǡ ‘” …”‡ƒ–‹‰ ƒ —ˆ‘”‰‡––ƒ„Ž‡‘‡–Ǥ

ƒ‡ƒ†‹’ƒ–‘—”’‘‘Žƒ†Ž‘—‰‡‹ ‘—” Ž—š‡ …ƒ„ƒƒ•ǡ •‘ƒ —’ –Š‡ •— ‘ ‘—” ’”‹˜ƒ–‡„‡ƒ…Šǡǡ‰‡– ‘”’Žƒ›ƒ‰ƒ‡ ‘‘—””‘‘ˆ–‘’„ƒ•‡–„ƒŽŽƒ†–‡‹•…‘—”–•ǡ   Ƭ  Ǥ ‹†’—”‡Ž‹••͂‹‘—” •‹‰ƒ–—”‡ •’ƒǤ ‹š ƒ† ‹‰Ž‡ ƒ– ‹˜‹‰

 ‘—–Š ‡ƒ…Š ‹• ™Š‡”‡ –Š‡ ™‘”Ž†ǯ• ‹ƪ—‡…‡”•…‘‡–‘•‡‡ƒ†„‡•‡‡ǡ‘”–‘ ‡•…ƒ’‡–Š‡‘”†‹ƒ”›Ǥ‹–Š‘—–Š‡ƒ…Šǯ• ‹…‘‘…Žƒ•–‹…–ƒ‡‘Ž—š—”›ǡ‡˜‡”›‰‡–ƒ™ƒ›‹• a new possibility.

‹‡‹•–›Ž‡ƒ–Š‡—–…Šǡƒ”‘‘–•Ǧ‹•’‹”‡† ‡”‹…ƒ …‘…‡’– „› †”‡™ ƒ”‡ŽŽ‹‹ǡ ‘”–Š‡ˆƒ‡†”Š‘™͂ǡ•‡”˜‹‰ƒ—–Š‡–‹… ‡‹Œ‹‰…—‹•‹‡™‹–Šƒ•‹†‡‘ˆ‰Žƒ‘—”Ǥ



2341 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139 Located on Collins Avenue, 1 Hotel South Beach stands where the Roney plaza was Ƥ”•– „—‹Ž– ‹Â? Í?ͼͥ͞Ǥ ‹–Š ƒ Ž‘”‡Â?–‹Â?‡ „‡ŽŽ tower and copper dome, the historic Roney Plaza was designed to be noticed. That’s why 1 Hotel South Beach brought the building and oceanfront property back to its former glory with a more Â?‘†‡”Â? ƒÂ?† Â?ƒ–—”ƒŽ ƒ‡•–Š‡–‹…Ǥ ‹–Š Í ÍžÍ˘ rooms featuring 650 square feet standard sleeping accommodations, the rooms at 1 Hotel South Beach are Miami’s largest standard size. This, paired with its historic pride, natural aesthetic and dining, help set it apart from any other hotel in Miami. 1 Hotel South Beach sits directly over 600 feet of pristine beachfront, and strives to inspire the world to live a more natural life. The brand wants to cultivate the best of eco-conscious design, and build with the intention of contributing to a celebration of nature. This hallmark is

evident in everything from the graceful twist of driftwood furnishings and natural ’‘—”‡†…‘Â?…”‡–‡ ƪ‘‘”•ǥ –‘ –Š‡ƒ„—Â?†ƒÂ?…‡ of living natural material and locally sourced foliage. Every detail of the hotel is designed to bring outside, inside, without Â•ÂƒÂ…Â”Â‹Ć¤Â…Â‹Â?‰•–›Ž‡ǥ…‘Â?ˆ‘”–‘”Ž—š—”›Ǥ Amenities at the hotel include four outdoor swimming pools, including South Beach’s largest Rooftop pool, a lounge, Ƥ‡Ž†Š‘—•‡‰›Â?ƒÂ?†Â?‹†ǯ•…Ž—„ǤŠ‡†‹Â?‹Â?‰ venues include BeachCraft, a farm-to–ƒ„Ž‡ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?–ǥ ƒÂ?† ƒÂ?Â†Â„ÂƒÂ”Č€ƒÂ?†„‘šǥ ƒÂ?ƒ—–Š‡Â?–‹…ÂƒÂ“Â—Â‡Â”Â‹ÂƒČ€ƒÂ?–‹Â?ƒǤ‘–Š™‡”‡ created in partnership with James Beard award-winning chef Tom Colicchio and New York’s STK Restaurant.



The Royal Palm South Beach Miami, A Tribute Portfolio Resort is an oceanfront oasis ideally located on world-famous Collins Avenue steps from Ocean Drive. ƥ‡”‹Â?‰ †‹”‡…– „‡ƒ…Š ƒ……‡•• ƒÂ?† ™‘”Ž†nj class amenities in the heart of South Beach with nightlife and historic attractions just a short walk away. The resort’s 393 guest rooms are warmly modern, residentially styled accommodations with an Art Deco architecture overlooking the tranquil turquoise Atlantic Ocean. Accommodations: 393 rooms with AC, cable TV, telephone, mini bar, in room safe, hair dryer, complimentary high speed ‹Â?–‡”Â?‡–ǥ †ƒ‹Ž› Íž …‘Â?’Ž‹Â?‡Â?–ƒ”› „‘––Ž‡• of water in-room, complimentary tea and …‘ƥ‡‡‹Â?nj”‘‘Â?ÇĄ‹”‘Â?Č€‹”‘Â?‹Â?‰„‘ƒ”†Ǥ ‡‹•—”‡ǣÍžÍ Š‘—”Ƥ–Â?॥…‡Â?–‡”ǥÍž•™‹Â?Â?‹Â?‰ pools, plunge pool and cabanas, Privai Wellness + Spa. We are also “pet friendlyâ€?.

Amenities: Business Center, Valet parking (fee), rooms with disabled access, Restaurant, ÍžÍ  Š‘—” …‘Â?…‹‡”‰‡ǥ ’‘‘Ž•‹†‡ Â„ÂƒÂ”ÇĄ …‘ƥ‡‡ Â„ÂƒÂ”ÇĄ gift shop. All hand-crafted guestrooms and suites are intelligently appointed with features such as separate seating areas for work or dining ƒÂ?† ‘ƥ‡” ˜‹‡™• ‘Â? –Š‡ –ŽƒÂ?–‹… …‡ƒÂ? ‘” renowned Art Deco architecture from Miami Beach. Â?Œ‘› ƒ „‡˜‡”ƒ‰‡ ˆ”‘Â? –Š‡ Ž‘„„›ǯ• …‘ƥ‡‡ bar each morning and experience onsite dining at Florida Cookery, an ideal dining venue for regional Florida fare. Relax poolside with assorted cocktails and spirits crafted at Florida Cookery Patio or socialize in the casual outdoor bar.





2901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33140 The Miami EDITION is a new urban resort hotel located in the Mid-Beach area of Miami Beach (approximately midway between South Beach and North Beach) on three and a half acres of private beachfront property stretching from Collins Avenue to the ocean shoreline. The project represents a careful renovation of the historic Seville Hotel, built in 1955, which was for many years a global playground for the rich and famous, and was regarded as one of the most prestigious hotels in the Mid-Beach area. It comprises ͥ͞͠ ‹†‹˜‹†—ƒŽŽ›†‡•‹‰‡†‰—‡•–”‘‘•ƒ† •—‹–‡•ǡ ‹…Ž—†‹‰ ͤ͞’”‹˜ƒ–‡ „—‰ƒŽ‘™•ƒ† a spectacular rooftop penthouse, together with an unusually wide array of public spaces, dining and drinking places, landscape and resort features, event rooms, entertainment hub, and other amenities. The modernistic façade of the EDITION can be spotted at a distance by one of the most distinctive architectural features in ƒŽŽ ‘ˆ ‹ƒ‹ ‡ƒ…Šǣ –Š‡ ͤ͝Ǧˆ‘‘–Ǧ†‹ƒ‡–‡” illuminated clock placed high on the „—‹Ž†‹‰ǯ•‡ƒ•–‡”ƤǤ

The room furnishings include a custom upholstered bed headboard with oak platform and custom oak nightstands with convenience outlets incorporated within and custom reading lights in oil rubbed bronze. Each of the oversized bathrooms features a custom-molded washbasin in stone composite with custom illuminated vanity mirror.

—‡•– •‡”˜‹…‡• ‹…Ž—†‡ǣ ͥ͞͠ —‹“—‡ ”‘‘• and suites, some with oversized furnished –‡””ƒ…‡•ǡ ͤ͞ ’”‹˜ƒ–‡ „—‰ƒŽ‘™ ”‘‘• ™‹–Š private outdoor space— some with two stories, plunge pool and decks overlooking –Š‡ „‡ƒ…Šǡ ‡Ǧ‘ˆǦƒǦ‹† ͞ǡ͟͜͜ •“—ƒ”‡Ǧ foot penthouse, surrounded by a terrace Signature restaurant, Customized banquet menus for private events, luncheons, †‹‡” ’ƒ”–‹‡• ƒ† „—•‹‡•• ‡‡–‹‰•ǡ ͞͠Ǧ hour Room Service, Concierge Service, ‘’Ž‹‡–ƒ”› —•‡‘ˆ –Š‡ ͞͠ǦŠ‘—” Ƥ–‡•• facilities, Complimentary high-speed wireless internet access throughout the hotel, Executive Boardroom, Meeting ‘‘ƒ† ”‹˜ƒ–‡ ˜‡– ’ƒ…‡ Ƭƒ —Ž–‹Ǧ Ž‹‰—ƒŽ•–ƒơǤ



DIPLOMAT RESORT AND SPA, A CURIO COLLECTION BY HILTON 3555 S. Ocean Dr., Hollywood, FL 33019 Nestled between the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway in Hollywood, Florida, is the renowned Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood, Curio – A Collection by Hilton Worldwide hotel. Conveniently located just minutes from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the 36-story beachfront resort encompasses 998 contemporary guest rooms, including 96 suites. Each room is designed to be a comfortable retreat with sleek, sophisticated style, contemporary furnishings ƒÂ?† ƪ‘‘”nj–‘nj…‡‹Ž‹Â?‰ ™‹Â?†‘™• ™‹–Š •–—Â?Â?‹Â?‰ views of the ocean, Intracoastal Waterway or Hollywood skyline. An award winning property, Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood, Curio – A Collection by Hilton Worldwide has received top honors from Conde Nast Traveler and Trip Advisor. Connected by a pedestrian sky-walk, Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood, Curio – A Collection by Hilton Worldwide sits on the Intracoastal Waterway and features a private marina home to the resort’s Grand Floridian Yacht. The Landing ƒŽ•‘‘ƥ‡”•ƒ……‡••–‘–Š‡ ‘”–ƒ—†‡”†ƒŽ‡ƒ–‡” Taxi and on-site dining at RIVALS Waterfront Sports Grille - serving American cuisine, guests

will come for the games and stay for the food. ††‹–‹‘Â?ƒŽ”‡•‘”–ƒÂ?‡Â?‹–‹‡•‹Â?…Ž—†‡Ć¤Â˜Â‡Â?‘”‡ dining options spotlighted by the AAA Four Diamond rated Diplomat Prime signature steakhouse. Ideal for romantic meals, the sleek dark wood and sophisticated design sets the stage for a delectable menu that featuring Diplomat Prime’s 48-day dry aged steaks and fresh seafood dishes. For those looking for some R&R, the property also boasts a 14,000 square foot full-service spa with one-of-a-kind relaxation rooms with views of the Atlantic Ocean. Additional amenities ‹Â?…Ž—†‡ ƒ ÍžÍ ÇŚÂŠÂ‘Â—Â” Ƥ–Â?॥ •–—†‹‘ǥ ‹†• Ž—„ǥ ’”‹˜ƒ–‡„‡ƒ…ŠƒÂ?†ƒÂ?‡š’ƒÂ?•‹˜‡‹Â?ƤÂ?‹–›’‘‘Ž–Šƒ– overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. While Diplomat Resort & Spa Hollywood, Curio – A Collection by Hilton Worldwide hosts an abundance of activities on-site, guests are encouraged to explore the surrounding Hollywood area when visiting. From kayaking in the mangroves to ArtsPark at Young Circle or the historic Cinema Paridiso, Diplomat Resort & Spa is so much more than a hotel, it’s a destination.




SEMINOLE HARD ROCK HOTEL AND CASINO 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL 33314

Experience South Florida’s premier destination for fun and entertainment when you play and stay at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Located minutes from Fort Lauderdale’s world-famous beach, the AAA Four Diamond-rated hotel features 469 luxury guest rooms and suites, award-winning restaurants, a lagoon-style pool and Beach Club, a Rock Spa, and unique nightlife experiences. The luxury resort now also features L Bar, the hotel’s contemporary lounge and cocktail bar, and Kuro, the hotel’s newest culinary innovation that wows diners with its handcrafted, newstyle Japanese cuisine. ƒ…Š ”‘‘ ‹• ‘—–Ƥ––‡† ™‹–Š ˆ”‡•Š ƪ‘‘”‹‰ǡ ’Ž—•Š …ƒ”’‡–‹‰ǡ …”‹•’ „‡††‹‰ǡ contemporary hardwood furniture, ambient Ž‹‰Š–‹‰ǡ Š‹‰ŠǦ†‡Ƥ‹–‹‘‡Ž‡…–”‘‹…•ǡ•–ƒ–‡Ǧ of-the-art digital interactivity and, of course, the signature Hard Rock touches of classic artwork and musical accents throughout. ’‰”ƒ†‡ –‘ ƒ •—‹–‡ Ƥ– ˆ‘” ƒ ˆ”‘– ƒ featuring details that exude extravagance

from the top of the headboard to the bottom of the custom-designed plush carpets. Amenities in the suites include a dining room table, digitally enhanced electronic features and views of the pool. Get even more space with the 550-squarefoot CBGB King Suite that features one royalty-worthy king-size bed with an expansive and stylishly comfortable lounge area that’s perfect for entertaining or kicking back with a sprawling plush sofa, an oversized leather ottoman and two additional seating areas. The resort’s live music venue, Hard Rock Live, is a 5,500-seat, state-of-the-art indoor arena that has played host to top-name acts in music, comedy and sporting events including Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Carlos Santana, Pitbull, Jerry Seinfeld and more. ‘—…‹Žƒ–‡ƒ•Ƭ‡ƒˆ‘‘†ǡ–Š‡Š‘–‡Žǯ• Zagat-rated signature steakhouse, delivers ƒ•‘’Š‹•–‹…ƒ–‡†ǡƤ‡†‹‹‰‡š’‡”‹‡…‡™‹–Š


100% U.S.D.A. prime dry-aged stockyard beef and Japanese Wagyu beef, fresh seafood and an award-winning wine list that’s been recognized by Wine Spectator’s Award of š…‡ŽŽ‡…‡…‘•‡…—–‹˜‡Ž›•‹…‡ͥ͜͜͞Ǥ Make dining a social event at Kuro with a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner that is designed with sharing in mind and moves from lighter fare to bolder, richer dishes. Named by Zagat as one of its Top 10 Restaurants to Try Now, Kuro features locally sourced ingredients from Florida, as well as specialty items imported direct from Japan. Pair your dishes at Kuro with handcrafted cocktails, Old and New World wines, premium sakes, Japanese-imported and local …”ƒˆ– „‡‡”•ǡ ƒ’ƒ‡•‡ ™Š‹•‡›• ƒ† •ŠÛ…ŠóǤ ‡•‹‰‡† ƒ”‘—† –Š‡ Ƥ˜‡ –ƒ•–‡ ’”‘ƤŽ‡• ‘ˆ sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami, Kuro’s …‘…–ƒ‹Ž ‡—‘ơ‡”•–Š‡’‡”ˆ‡…–’ƒ‹”‹‰ˆ‘” each course. L Bar, the hotel’s contemporary lounge and bar, hosts an elevated space with opulent tones, modern textures and luxe touches. ‹š‘Ž‘‰‹•–• …”‡ƒ–‡ –Š‡ Ƥ‡•– Šƒ†…”ƒˆ–‡† cocktails using fresh, seasonal produce, house-made syrups and inventive techniques for a menu that’s progressive yet nostalgic and ever-evolving.





401 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 Located on 315 feet of South Florida’s sugarsand coastline, minutes from world-famous Las Olas Boulevard and Fort LauderdaleHollywood International Airport, W Fort Lauderdale is the hottest destination to emerge on the scene.

lounges that open out to the outdoor terrace, featuring digital lockers, sand-tiled steam showers, sink side soap sampling, fashion and beauty reading selections and spa snacks including olives, cheese, fruit ƒÂ?†‘—”Ž‡‰‡Â?†ƒ”›„”‘™Â?‹‡„—ƥ‡–Ǥ

The epicenter of modern luxury and choice ‰‘—”Â?‡– …—‹•‹Â?‡ǥ ‘”– ƒ—†‡”†ƒŽ‡ ‘ƥ‡”• world-class shopping, legendary beaches, 3,000 hours of sunshine year-round and 300 miles of waterways, and is considered the Venice of America.

Indulge at Steak 954, with sweeping ocean views by day and luminous starlit nights. The perfect backdrop for a one-of-a-kind Fort Lauderdale restaurant experience that’s sure to wow you.

It’s never been easier to arrive to escape, and to create one unforgettable experience. Glittering sand and surf on one side, intracoastal elegance on the other. W Fort ƒ—†‡”†ƒŽ‡ ‘ƥ‡”• ÍĄÍ?ÍŁ ‰—‡•– ”‘‘Â?•ǥ •—‹–‡• ƒÂ?† ĆŞÂƒÂ–Â• –Šƒ– ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡ ‡š’ƒÂ?•‹˜‡ •Â?›Ž‹Â?‡ views from every room. Step into Bliss spa to revive, relax and unwind like never before at this facial and Â?ƒ••ƒ‰‡ Â?‡……ƒǤ ‘—ǯŽŽ ƒŽ•‘ ƤÂ?† •‡’ƒ”ƒ–‡ men’s and women’s locker rooms and

Lounge in our sleek Living Room and toast with fabulous cocktails as you enjoy prime people watching and smooth grooves. Take it outside onto our terrace where perfect Â?ƒ”–‹Â?‹•ƒÂ?†ƒ–‡Â?’–‹Â?‰ƤÂ?‰‡”ˆ‘‘†Â?‡Â?— are enjoyed overlooking the azure waters of the Atlantic.


STARWOOD NYC INTERVIEW HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE STARWOOD NYC? Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. is the most global high-end hotel company in the world. Its strength lies from eleven distinct lifestyle brands, an award-winning loyalty program and 180,400 talented associates worldwide.

WHAT ARE THE UNIQUE FEATURES OF EACH OF YOUR PROPERTIES? Sheraton New York Times Square is the largest and most global brand. It provides guests the opportunity to explore, relax and enjoy the possibilities of travel. The ballroom, currency exchange services and sophisticated décor create an innovative, enriching and unexpected travel experience. Š‡–Ǥ‡‰‹• ‘–‡Ž’‡”ˆ‡…–Ž›…ƒ–‡”•–‘…‘‘‹••‡—”•™‹–Š–Š‡Ƥ‡•–‡š’”‡••‹‘•‘ˆŽ—š—”›Ǥ–Ǥ‡‰‹•’”‘˜‹†‡•ƪƒ™Ž‡••ƒ†„‡•’‘‡•‡”˜‹…‡–‘Š‹‰ŠǦ‡†Ž‡‹•—”‡ƒ†„—•‹‡•• travelers. It also provides butler service, athletic club and business center. Westin New York Grand Central provides innovative programs and instinctive services designed with our guests’ well-being in mind. With 774 spacious guest rooms and suites, and a location right in the heart of midtown Manhattan, it demonstrates modern features and unmatched service. W New York has an iconic design and cutting edge lifestyle. This sets the stage for exclusive and extraordinary experiences. Passionate and provocative, this iconic location ‘ơ‡”•ƒ•‘—Žˆ—Ž•ƒ…–—ƒ”›…Ž‘•‡–‘—•‡—•ǡ‹‡•“—ƒ”‡ƒ†”‘ƒ†™ƒ›Ǥ

CAN YOU SHARE ANY EXCITING NEWS OF THINGS TO COME? Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. opened a record 105 hotels in 2015. This represented approximately 22,500 rooms in 30 countries. “Our continued commitment to brands, design and innovation this past year allowed us to accomplish much. This is a true testament to the great work of our associates and •‘‡–Š‹‰‘—”–‡ƒ•Š‘—Ž†„‡’”‘—†‘ˆǡdz•ƒ‹†Š‘ƒ•ƒ‰ƒ•ǡŠ‹‡ˆš‡…—–‹˜‡ƥ…‡”‘ˆ–ƒ”™‘‘† ‘–‡Ž•Ƭ‡•‘”–•‘”Ž†™‹†‡ǡ …ǤDz•™‡„‡‰‹͜͢͞͝ǡ™‡™‹ŽŽ…‘–‹—‡–‘ vigorously compete in the marketplace, delight our guests and grow our brands into new markets around the world.”

ANY ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE TO GUESTS LOOKING TO STAY WITH YOU? ––ƒ”™‘‘†ǡ•Šƒ”‡†˜ƒŽ—‡•ƒ”‡…ƒŽŽ‡†’”‘‹•‡•ǤŠ‡•‡’”‘‹•‡•‰—‹†‡‡˜‡”›†ƒ›ƒ…–‹‘•ƒ†‡•—”‡ƒ…‘‘—†‡”•–ƒ†‹‰‘ˆ™Šƒ––‘‡š’‡…–ˆ”‘‘‡ƒ‘–Š‡”ǤŠƒ–‡ƒ• all guests should expect to experience the Starwood’s values of going the extra step, taking actions that build lasting loyalty, playing as a team to work globally across the company, and doing the right thing by using good judgement, respecting communities, associates, owners, partners and the environment.




541 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10022 Š‡„”ƒÂ?†ǯ•ĆŞÂƒÂ‰Â•ÂŠÂ‹Â’™Š‹…Š‘’‡Â?‡†‹–•†‘‘”• in 1998, embodies New York’s dynamic energy and is brought to life through lighting, color, pattern and furnishings ĥ ‡ƒ…Š †‡•‹‰Â? ‡Ž‡Â?‡Â?– ‘ƥ‡”• ƒ •—„–Ž‡ nod to iconic Manhattan. Celebrated architectural landmarks appear on the window scrims in each meeting room and a faint shadow of the city’s skyline on the ÂƒÂ”Â‡ÂƒÇŻÂ•Â?‡™Ž›…ƒ”’‡–‡†ƪ‘‘”Š‹‰ŠŽ‹‰Š–‡™ York’s unique character. Modern lighting ƒÂ?† …‘Â?’Ž‡–‡ ”‡…‘Â?Ć¤Â‰Â—Â”ÂƒÂ–Â‹Â‘Â? ‡Â?•—”‡ ‡Ž‡˜ƒ–‡†ˆ—Â?…–‹‘Â?ƒŽ‹–›ƒÂ?†ƪ‡š‹„‹Ž‹–›ǥ‡ƒ•‹Ž› transforming a daytime meeting room into an evening event space. The hotel’s, —Â?‹“—‡ ’‡”•‘Â?ƒŽ‹–› ƒÂ?† •–›Ž‡ǥ ‹• Â”Â‡ĆŞÂ‡Â…Â–Â‹Â˜Â‡ of its distinct New York neighborhood and features the W brand’s signature touches of cutting-edge design, Whatever/Whenever service, buzzing bars and restaurants, and insider access to what’s new and next in music, fashion and design for both guests and locals alike.



Two E. 55th St. at Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10017 O”‹‰‹Â?ƒŽŽ›ˆ‘—Â?†‡†„› ‘ŠÂ? ƒ…‘„•–‘” over a century ago, is revered as one ‘ˆ –Š‡ ƤÂ?‡•– ƒ††”‡••‡• ‹Â? –Š‡ ™‘”Ž†Ǥ Š‡ Â?ƒŒ‡•–‹… ‡ƒ—š ”–• ‡š–‡”‹‘”ǥ elegant public spaces, exquisitely designed guest rooms and suites and unparalleled, bespoke service have preserved its legendary status for more than 100 years. Committed to creating an extraordinary experience for guests, The St. Regis New York recently underwent a multi-million dollar, comprehensive renovation, debuting redesigned guestrooms, suites, hallways and public spaces. The new design boasts a “timeless is modernâ€? philosophy, embracing the design legacy of the hotel while infusing contemporary style. The hotel is also Š‘Â?‡–‘–Š‡ˆƒÂ?‡†‹Â?‰‘Ž‡ÂƒÂ”ÇĄŠ‘Â?‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‘”‹‰‹Â?ƒŽ Ž‘‘†› ƒ”›Ǥ  †‡ƒŽŽ› located in the heart of Manhattan at the …‘”Â?‡”‘ˆ ‹ˆ–Š˜‡Â?—‡ƒÂ?†ͥͥ–Š–”‡‡–ǥ

The St. Regis New York has received a myriad of awards and accolades over the years and is Manhattan’s longest ”—Â?Â?‹Â?‰Ć¤Â˜Â‡•–ƒ”Š‘–‡ŽǤ


SHERATON NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE HOTEL 811 7th Ave., W. 53rd St., New York, NY 10019

Located between Central Park and Times Â“Â—ÂƒÂ”Â‡ÇĄ –Š‡ Š‡”ƒ–‘Â? ‘ƥ‡”• •Ž‡‡Â?ÇĄ Â?‡™ surroundings, upscale amenities and signature innovations as energizing as New York City itself. One of the most ‹…‘Â?‹… „—‹Ž†‹Â?‰• ‹Â? –Š‡ ‹‰ ’’Ž‡ǥ –Š‡ award-winning Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel features 1,781 recently renovated accommodations. Guestrooms ƒÂ?† •—‹–‡• ‘ƥ‡” –Š‡ •‹‰Â?ƒ–—”‡ Š‡”ƒ–‘Â? ™‡‡–Ž‡‡’‡”‡†ǥÍ&#x;ÍŁÇłĆŞÂƒÂ–ÇŚÂ•Â…Â”Â‡Â‡Â? •ǥ –ƒ”„—…Â?•̓ …‘ƥ‡‡ ƒÂ?† Â?ƒÂ?› Â?‘”‡ ‹Â?ÇŚ room features. Enjoy spectacular city views ˆ”‘Â?‘—”•’ƒ…‹‘—•Í ͠–Šƪ‘‘”Ž—„‘—Â?‰‡Ǥ Relax with a great workout at Sheraton Fitness, the hotel’s state-of-the-art gym. Savor marketplace inspired fare at Hudson ƒ”Â?‡–‹•–”‘ǤÂ?™‹Â?†™‹–Š…‘…Â?–ƒ‹Ž•ƒÂ?† light bites in our lobby lounge. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, ›‘—ǯŽŽ ‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡ ‡ƥ‘”–Ž‡•• –”ƒ˜‡Ž ƒ– –Š‡ Sheraton New York Times Square.


THE WESTIN NEW YORK GRAND CENTRAL 212 East 42nd St., New York, NY 10017

With its ideal location in the heart of midtown Manhattan, The Westin New York Grand Central provides a haven of comfort and wellness with a sophisticated nod to the city that never •Ž‡‡’•Ǥ•Š‘”–™ƒŽÂ?ˆ”‘Â?”›ƒÂ?–ƒ”Â?ÇĄ ‹ˆ–Š ˜‡Â?—‡ •Š‘’’‹Â?‰ǥ ‹Â?‡• “—ƒ”‡ ƒÂ?† Â?‹†–‘™Â? …‘”’‘”ƒ–‡ ‘Ƽ…‡•ǥ –Š‡ hotel is also steps from Grand Central Terminal, a destination in itself with more than 75 shops and restaurants. Unwind in 774 spacious guestrooms and suites featuring Westin’s signature ‡ƒ˜‡Â?Ž› ‡† ƒÂ?† ƒ–Š ƒÂ?‡Â?‹–‹‡•Ǥ Energize in our 3,000 square-foot ‡•–‹Â? Í‚ Ƥ–Â?॥ •–—†‹‘ǥ opening 24/7. Indulge your taste buds ƒ–   ÇŁ ƒ” ĆŹ ‹–…Š‡Â?ÇĄ ƒ ˆ”‡•Š new concept from hospitality and nightlife leader, Gerber Group. In addition to food sourced from local purveyors and the hotel’s 1,344 square

foot rooftop garden, THE LCL also serves StarbucksÂŽ Coffee and fresh cold pressed juices. For events, the hotel offers 15,000 square feet of sophisticated meeting space, all with open room design and state-of-the-art technology. With unparalleled access to top city attractions, the Westin is the complete upscale experience in a hotel.

Mask optional. Fun inevitable.

In New Orleans, it’s Fat Tuesday every day of the week. Perhaps it’s because the city is the birthplace of jazz and the cocktail. There’s something to amuse and delight around every cobblestoned corner, especially the tax-free shopping savings.


NEW ORLEANS INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD VISITORS KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO NEW ORLEANS? Š‡”‡ǯ•‘•Š‘”–ƒ‰‡‘ˆŽ‹˜‡—•‹…‹–Š‡…‹–›ǤŠ‡•‘—†•‘ˆ ”‡…Š‡–”‡‡–ǡ‘—”„‘–”‡‡–ƒ†–Š‡’–‘™‹•–”‹…–ƒ”‡‡˜‡”›™Š‡”‡Ǥ‘–Š‡”‡ǯ•‰”‡ƒ–‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡– ‡˜‡”›†ƒ›‘ˆ–Š‡›‡ƒ”Ǥ††‘ǯ–ˆ‘”‰‡–ǡ‡™”Ž‡ƒ•‹•ƒ˜‡”›™ƒŽƒ„Ž‡…‹–›Ǥ —•–’ƒ…ƒ’ƒ‹”‘ˆ…‘ˆ‘”–ƒ„Ž‡•Š‘‡•Ǥ

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES IN NEW ORLEANS? There’s a lot to do and see, but here are a few highlights. Š‡ ”‡…Š—ƒ”–‡”Ǥ –•ƒ–‘•’Š‡”‡ƒ†‘Ž†Ǧ™‘”Ž†…Šƒ”‹•Ž‡‰‡†ƒ”›Ǥ –ǯ•„Ž‘…ƒˆ–‡”„Ž‘…‘ˆ…Žƒ••‹…Š‘–‡Ž•ǡƤ‡†‹‹‰ǡ—•‹…˜‡—‡•ǡ…Šƒ”‹‰„‘—–‹“—‡•ǡƒ–‹“—‡•Š‘’• ƒ†ƒ”–‰ƒŽŽ‡”‹‡•Ǥ†Œ—•–‘‡„Ž‘…ˆ”‘–Š‡‡˜‡”Ǧ‡‡”‰‡–‹…‘—”„‘–”‡‡–ǡ‘›ƒŽ–”‡‡–‹•–Š‡…‡–‡”•–ƒ‰‡ˆ‘”ƒ”–‹•–•ƒ†•–”‡‡–’‡”ˆ‘”‡”•™Š‘†ƒœœŽ‡…”‘™†•™‹–Š–Š‡‹” talents on every corner. Š‡ ‘‘†Ǥ ”‡•…‡–‹–›ǡˆ‘‘†‹•ƒƒ”–ˆ‘”ƒ†…Š‡ˆ•ƒ”‡”‘…•–ƒ”•Ǥ‘™‹–Š‘”‡–Šƒ͝ǡ͜͜͠”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•‹–Š‡ ”‡ƒ–‡”‡™”Ž‡ƒ•ƒ”‡ƒǡ‡˜‡”›‘‡‹••—”‡–‘Ƥ† •‘‡–Š‹‰–Šƒ–•ƒ–‹•Ƥ‡•–Š‡‹”’ƒŽƒ–‡Ǥ‘‡ˆƒ˜‘”‹–‡•ƒ”‡‘™ƒ”‘—†–Š‡™‘”Ž†ǡƒ†‹…Ž—†‡‘ƒ†‡”ǯ•ƒŽƒ…‡ǡ‡”‹Žǯ•‡Ž‘‹…‘ƒ†–‘‹‡ǯ•ǤŽ—•ǡ–Š‡”‡ǯ•ƒŽ™ƒ›• some treasured local secrets.

WHAT ’S NEW IN NEW ORLEANS? Š‡‘—–Šƒ”‡–‹•–”‹…–…‘„‹‡•‘†‡”Ž‹˜‹‰™‹–Š‡‰ƒ‰‹‰”‡–ƒ‹Žǡ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•ƒ†‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡–ǤŽŽ‹–Š‡Š‡ƒ”–‘ˆ†‘™–‘™‡™”Ž‡ƒ•ǤŠ‡ǡ–Š‡”‡ǯ•–Š‡…‡ Hotel New Orleans. It sits on the corner of Carondelet and Lafayette and really leans into the soul of the city. ‡š–ǡ–Š‡”‡ǯ•”‡•…‡–ƒ”Ǥ –ǯ•ƒ’ƒ”–‘ˆ–Š‡ ”‡…Šƒ”‡–‹•–”‹…–ƒ†‹•ƒ͜͞ƒ…”‡—”„ƒŽ‹‡ƒ”’ƒ”Ǥ –…‘‡…–•–Š‡…‘—‹–›ƒ†˜‹•‹–‘”•–‘–Š‡”‹˜‡”ˆ”‘–Ǥ†‘ˆ …‘—”•‡ǡ‘’‡ˆ‘”–Š‡Ƥ”•––‹‡•‹…‡ —””‹…ƒ‡ƒ–”‹ƒǡ‹•–Š‡ˆ—ŽŽ›”‡‘˜ƒ–‡†”’Š‡—Š‡ƒ–‡”ǤŠ‡›ǯ”‡”‡ƒ†›‘…‡ƒ‰ƒ‹–‘‰‹˜‡ƒ—†‹‡…‡•„”‡ƒ–Š–ƒ‹‰ƒ††‡Ž‹‰Š–ˆ—Ž performances.

CAN YOU SHARE ANY EXCITING NEWS OF THINGS TO COME? Š‡”‡ƒ”‡ƒŽ‘–‘ˆ‡™ƒ†‡š…‹–‹‰–Š‹‰•‹‡™”Ž‡ƒ•Ǥ‘‹‰‹ͤ͜͞͝ǡ‹‹‰‹˜‡””—‹•‡•™‹ŽŽ„‡‡•–ƒ„Ž‹•Š‹‰‡™”Ž‡ƒ•ƒ•–Š‡Š‘‡„ƒ•‡ˆ‘”–Š‡‹”Ƥ”•–‘”–Š ‡”‹…ƒ‹–‹‡”ƒ”›Ǥ‘‹‰‹ͣ͜͞͝™‹ŽŽ„‡ƒ‡™ ‘—”‡ƒ•‘• ‘–‡ŽǤŠ‡˜ƒ…ƒ–͟͟•–‘”›‘”Ž†”ƒ†‡‡–‡”‘ƥ…‡„—‹Ž†‹‰™‹ŽŽ„‡”‡‘˜ƒ–‡†‹–‘ƒ͟͜͡”‘‘Ž—š—”› Š‘–‡ŽǤ—–„‡•—”‡›‘—†‘ǯ–‹••™Šƒ–ǯ•Šƒ’’‡‹‰‹ͤ͜͞͝™Š‡‡™”Ž‡ƒ•…‡Ž‡„”ƒ–‡•–Š‡‹””‹…‡–‡‹ƒŽƒ‹˜‡”•ƒ”›Ǥˆ–‡”ƒŽŽǡ–Š‡›ǯŽŽ„‡…‡Ž‡„”ƒ–‹‰͟͜͜›‡ƒ”•Ǥ

CAN YOU SHARE SOME LOCAL TIPS AND SECRETS WITH US? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN NEW ORLEANS? Š‡Ž‘…ƒŽ•‡ƒˆ‘‘†ƒ†•–”‡‡–…ƒ”•ƒ”‡”‡ƒŽŽ›™Šƒ–ƒ‡–Š‡…‹–›ˆ‡‡ŽŽ‹‡‡™”Ž‡ƒ•Ǥ†–Š‡–Š‡”‡ǯ•‡š’Ž‘”‹‰‡‹‰Š„‘”Š‘‘†•Ž‹‡–Š‡ƒ”‡Š‘—•‡ƒ†”–•‹•–”‹…–•–Šƒ– ƒ‡ˆ‘”ƒ–”—Ž›—‹“—‡‡š’‡”‹‡…‡Ǥ ‹ƒŽŽ›ǡ–Š‡”‡ǯ•ƒ’Žƒ…‡…ƒŽŽ‡†ƒˆ±—‘†‡–Šƒ–ǯ•‘’‡͞͠Š‘—”•Ǥ –ǯ•ƒ‰”‡ƒ–’Žƒ…‡–‘‡‡–’‡‘’Ž‡ƒ†‡Œ‘›ƒ…ƒˆ±ƒ—Žƒ‹–ƒ†ƒ„‡‹‰‡–ȋƒ French donut covered in powdered sugar). Or, if you’re looking to sit outside, Woldenberg Park is right on the edge of the Mississippi River, and is a charming place to picnic.




214 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 ‡™”Ž‡ƒÂ?•Â?ƒ‹Â?•–ƒ›•‹Â?…‡Í?ͤͤ͢ǥ–Š‡ Hotel Monteleone rises majestically at the foot of Royal Street and the French Quarter. In fact, New Orleanians say the French Quarter begins in the hotel lobby. Hotel Monteleone has been home to some of the world’s most colorful characters. William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, Eudora Welty, Tennessee Williams, and Truman Capote all loved it and wrote about it—and have signature suites and cocktails named after them. Today’s hotel continues to win the hearts of creative types – writers, movie stars, directors, royalty, and political kingpins. For most guests, attention centers on –Š‡”‘‘ˆ–‘’’‘‘ŽǥÂ•Â’ÂƒÇĄƒÂ?†Ƥ–Â?॥…‡Â?–‡”Ǣ Criollo Restaurant with its innovative farm-to-table approach to New Orleans …—‹•‹Â?‡ǢƒÂ?†–Š‡”‡Â?‘™Â?‡†ƒ”‘—•‡Žƒ”

& Lounge, which features live music entertainment on certain nights while –Š‡„ƒ””‡˜‘Ž˜‡••Ž‘™Ž›ǥ‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰˜‹‡™•‘ˆ the kaleidoscope of street life outside. Overnight guests select from 570 deluxe accommodations, including 55 suites, an award-winning restaurant, Criollo, –Š‡ ˆƒÂ?‘—• ƒ”‘—•‡Ž ƒ” ĆŹ ‘—Â?‰‡ǥ ƒ ÂˆÂ—ÂŽÂŽÇŚÂ•Â‡Â”Â˜Â‹Â…Â‡ †ƒ› Â•Â’ÂƒÇĄ ’ƒ Â”Â‹ÂƒÇĄ ‘‰‘ Shop, saltwater rooftop pool, stateof-the-art exercise facility, 24 hour room service, and valet parking. Each •’ƒ…‹‘—• ‰—‡•– ”‘‘Â? ‘ƥ‡”• ‹Â?nj”‘‘Â? safe, refrigerator, complimentary high-speed Internet access, largescreen cable television, iHome audio system, phone with voice mail, Keurig …‘ƥ‡‡ Â?ƒÂ?‡”ǥ ƒÂ?† Â?‘”‡Ǥ ƒ…Š ‰—‡•– room features elevated ceilings, crown molding, and traditional decor.



320 Decatur Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 Just as the French Quarter is perfectly situated in the heart of New Orleans, –Š‡ ‹‡�˜‹ŽŽ‡ ‘—•‡ ‹� ‡™ ”Ž‡ƒ�• ‹• perfectly situated in the midst of the historic French Quarter. With a recent multi-million dollar renovation, the 83-room hotel is a truly distinctive French Quarter hotel.

– ‘ƥ‡”• ’”‡Â?‹—Â? ƒ……‘Â?Â?‘†ƒ–‹‘Â?• with a boutique hotel feel with many amenities, including a unique restaurant and bar venue named Latitude 29. The historic hotel has a sense of style and grace only to be ˆ‘—Â?† ‹Â? Â?Â‡Â”Â‹Â…ÂƒÇŻÂ• Â?‘•– ‹Â?–‡”‡•–‹Â?‰ city, New Orleans. ƒÂ?› ‰—‡•–• ƒ– –Š‡ ‹‡Â?˜‹ŽŽ‡ ‘—•‡ feel that they’re visiting a centuriesold French manor house, rather than an upscale French Quarter hotel. The lobby, reminiscent of a French Quarter

parlor, is elegantly appointed with hand-painted murals and Old World furnishings.  ĆŞÂƒÂ‰Â•Â–Â‘Â?‡ …‘—”–›ƒ”† •—””‘—Â?†• a crystal blue pool, wrought iron balconies grace many guest rooms, four welcoming sun decks invite you to ”‡ŽƒšƒÂ?††”‹Â?Â?‹Â?–Š‡ĆŞÂƒÂ˜Â‘”‘ˆ–Š‡Â?‘•– European of cities. Guests will delight in a host of luxury in-room amenities that make your French Quarter hotel room a welcome oasis from all the bustle of downtown New Orleans.

See Visit California Travel Trade Portal to access: Access to California’s Top 100 Images Gallery Maps and Itineraries Educational and Inspirational Online Training of California Product News & Events


CALIFORNIA INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO CALIFORNIA? ƒŽ‹ˆ‘”Â?‹ƒ„‘ƒ•–•ƒÂ?‹Â?…”‡†‹„Ž‡†‹˜‡”•‹–›‘ˆŽƒÂ?†•…ƒ’‡•ƒÂ?†‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡•ǥ™Š‹…ŠÂ?ƒÂ?‡•‹––Š‡’‡”ˆ‡…–†‡•–‹Â?ƒ–‹‘Â?ˆ‘”ƒÂ?›Â?‹Â?†‘ˆ–”ƒ˜‡Ž‡”Ǥ……‘”†‹Â?‰–‘ ƒ”‘Ž‹Â?‡Â‡Â–Â‡Â–ÂƒÇĄ    ”‡•‹†‡Â?–ĆŹÇĄ–Š‡ ‘Ž†‡Â?Â–ÂƒÂ–Â‡ÇŻÂ•ƒ„—Â?†ƒÂ?…‡‘ˆÂ?ƒ–—”ƒŽ™‘Â?†‡”•ǥˆ”‘Â?„‡ƒ…Š‡•–‘Â?‘—Â?–ƒ‹Â?•–‘†‡•‡”–•ǥ‘ƥ‡”• rich experiences for families, outdoor adventurers, luxury seekers, culture collectors and culinary connoisseurs.

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES IN CALIFORNIA? No matter what kind of experience they’re looking for, California has the perfect backdrop. From world-class vineyards, to exclusive palm-fringed beaches, to luxe desert hideaways, the Golden State is home to some of the most blissfully laid-back hotels in the country. These properties deliver ‡ƥ‘”–Ž‡••ÂŠÂ‘Â•Â’Â‹Â–ÂƒÂŽÂ‹Â–Â›ÇĄ–Š‡‹Â?–‹Â?ƒ…›‘ˆ„—Â?‰ƒŽ‘™•ƒÂ?†–Š‡Ž—”‡‘ˆ™‹†‡nj‘’‡Â?•’ƒ…‡•Ǥ ‘”ƒ–”—Ž›ƒŽ‹ˆ‘”Â?‹ƒÂ?Â‰Â‡Â–ÂƒÂ™ÂƒÂ›ÇĄƒ”‘Ž‹Â?‡•—‰‰‡•–•Â?ƒÂ?‹Â?‰•—”‡–‘ see plenty of the beaches, visit a winery and check out the amusement parks.

WHAT’S NEW IN CALIFORNIA? There’s always a new hotel, attraction, restaurant, winery or other feature opening throughout the state. That’s one of the amazing things about ƒŽ‹ˆ‘”Â?‹ƒǤŠ‡›…ƒÂ?…”‡ƒ–‡‰”‡ƒ–Â?‡Â?‘”‹‡•–Š‡Ƥ”•––‹Â?‡•‘Â?‡‘Â?‡Â˜Â‹Â•Â‹Â–•ǥƒÂ?†–Š‡Â?‡š––‹Â?‡–Š‡›…‘Â?‡„ƒ…Â?ÇĄ–Š‡”‡ǯŽŽ„‡•‘Â?‡–Š‹Â?‰Â?‡™–‘‡š’Ž‘”‡Ǥ

CAN YOU SHARE ANY EXCITING NEWS OF THINGS TO COME? 2016 is going to be a big year. One of the most anticipated attractions is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Studios Hollywood. The ‹Â?Â?‡”•‹˜‡‡š’‡”‹‡Â?…‡™‹ŽŽÂ‘ĆĽÂ…Â‹ÂƒÂŽÂŽÂ›‘’‡Â?’”‹ŽÍŁÇĄ͜͞Í?͢Ǥ‘”‡–ŠƒÂ?Ć¤Â˜Â‡›‡ƒ”•‹Â?–Š‡Â?ƒÂ?‹Â?‰ǥ–Š‡ƒ––”ƒ…–‹‘Â?‹•‹Â?•’‹”‡†„› ǤǤ‘™Ž‹Â?‰ǯ•…‘Â?’‡ŽŽ‹Â?‰ •–‘”‹‡•ƒÂ?†…Šƒ”ƒ…–‡”•–Šƒ–™‡”‡„”‘—‰Š––‘Ž‹ˆ‡‹Â?–Š‡„‘‘Â?•ƒÂ?†ƤŽÂ?•Ǥ Â?–Š‡…—Ž–—”ƒŽ•…‡Â?‡ǥ–Š‡ƒÂ? ”ƒÂ?…‹•…‘—•‡—Â?‘ˆ‘†‡”Â?”–™‹ŽŽ”‡‘’‡Â?‹Â?ƒ›ƒˆ–‡”ƒ–Š”‡‡›‡ƒ”…Ž‘•—”‡ǤŠ‡Â?—•‡—Â?™ƒ•ˆ‘—Â?†‡†‹Â?Í?ÍĽÍ&#x;ÍĄĥ–Š‡ Ƥ”•–Â?—•‡—Â?‘Â?–Š‡‡•–‘ƒ•–†‡†‹…ƒ–‡†–‘Â?‘†‡”Â?ƒÂ?†…‘Â?–‡Â?’‘”ƒ”›ƒ”–Ǥ –Šƒ•Ž‘Â?‰„‡‡Â?ƒ•Š‘™…ƒ•‡ˆ‘”ƒŽ‹ˆ‘”Â?Â‹ÂƒÇŻÂ•‹Â?Â?‘˜ƒ–‹˜‡ƒ”–‹•–•ƒÂ?†‹†‡ƒ•Ǥ The 10-story expansion allows visitors to enjoy even more exhibitions and programs. Following the opening, it will feature three new dining options and is expected to have more than one million visitors annually.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN CALIFORNIA? With so much to do in California, it’s hard to pick a favorite. There’s discovering hidden gems, enjoying a glass of wine, dining on a dish from an innovative chef or completely unwinding at one of the rejuvenating wellness retreats. Thankfully, with the delightful climate throughout the year, there’s never a limit to the options. California’s beaches, mountains, valleys and deserts are always a short trip away and can be enjoyed with any spare time.




HILTON ANAHEIM 777 West Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802 Imagine a uniquely designed, full service Hilton that has consistently been recognized with every major industry award. Now imagine all this on top of an environmentally conscious facility, ‘—–•–ƒÂ?†‹Â?‰Â•Â–ÂƒĆĄƒÂ?†—Â?’ƒ”ƒŽŽ‡Ž‡†•‡”˜‹…‡ at the heart of one of the most desirable destinations on the West Coast. That’s the ‹Ž–‘Â?Â?ƒŠ‡‹Â?Ǥ Whether visiting on business or pleasure, it’s for all reasons, and for all seasons. Guests can relax and rejuvenate as they’re surrounded by a brilliant collection of splendid and delightful comforts. Comforts that include the ability to make ‹•Â?‡›͂’ƒ”Â?–‹…Â?‡–’—”…Šƒ•‡•”‹‰Š–ƒ––Š‡ front desk. ’‡Â?‡† ‹Â? Í?ÍĽÍ¤Í  ˆ‘” Š‡ ‘• Â?‰‡Ž‡• Ž›Â?’‹… ƒÂ?‡•ǥ ‹Ž–‘Â? Â?ƒŠ‡‹Â? ‹• –Š‡ largest hotel in all of Southern California.

–‘ƥ‡”•‘˜‡”Í?ÍĄÍœÇĄÍœÍœÍœ•“—ƒ”‡ˆ‡‡–‘ˆÂ?‡‡–‹Â?‰ and event space and 1,576 non-smoking and spacious guest rooms, 1,000 of which

are furnished with 2 queen size beds. Š‡”‘‘Â?•‹Â?…Ž—†‡ƒ ‹Ž–‘Â?‡”‡Â?‹–›‡†ǥ Â‘Â˜Â‡Â”Ć¤ÂŽÂŽÂ‡Â† †‘™Â? …‘Â?ˆ‘”–‡”• ƒÂ?† Dz‘—…Š ‘ˆ ‘™Â?Çł ’‹ŽŽ‘™•Ǥ Š‡Â? –Š‡”‡ǯ• ƒ˜ƒ‹Žƒ„Ž‡ wireless internet access, newly added in-room mini refrigerators and digital connectivity panel for electronic devices. Guests can dine, socialize, and enjoy the latest culinary trends in the fabulous Mix Restaurant and Lounge. Then they can savor healthy, budget-friendly options in the food court, enjoy StarbucksÂŽ CafĂŠ with modern and sustainable design in –Š‡Ž‘„„›ƒÂ?†™‘”Â?‘Â?–Š‡‹”Ƥ–Â?॥‹Â?–Š‡ 25,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Health Club, complete with Precor equipment, group exercise classes, massage & spa services, steam rooms, locker facilities and indoor pool and hot tub. ‹–Š –Š‡ Â?ƒŠ‡‹Â? ‘Â?˜‡Â?–‹‘Â? ‡Â?–‡”ǥ ‹•Â?‡›ŽƒÂ?†ǥƒÂ?†™‘”Ž†”‡Â?‘™Â?‡†•Š‘’’‹Â?‰ and culinary delights just minutes away, the possibilities for every guest are endless.



HYATT REGENCY LAKE TAHOE RESORT, SPA & CASINO 111 Country Club Dr., Incline Village, NV 89451

Nestled at the base of Lake Tahoe’s Sierra Mountain range, the AAA four-diamond Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa & Casino is an escape like no other.

options in the summer, including the award-winning lakeside Lone Eagle Grille and the wild-west themed Cutthroat’s Saloon.

Located on the north shoreline and boasting a private beach, this mountain retreat offers luxury hotel amenities with the high-end but rustic charm of a classic mountain lodge.

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa & Casino boasts the best views in Tahoe from the private floating dock to the three lake and mountain-view fire pits, perfect for roasting s’mores or enjoying a sunset cocktail.

Enjoy an acclaimed combination of luxurious accommodations, breathtaking views, year-round recreation, and close proximity to world-class skiing, golf and water activities. Visit the luxurious Stillwater Spa and Salon, featuring 16 Tahoe-themed treatment rooms, year-round heated pools and Jacuzzi and full-service luxury salon. Š‡ ”‡•‘”– ‘ơ‡”• ˆ‘—” ›‡ƒ”Ǧ”‘—† restaurants and three outdoor dining

And with everything on-site from a 24-hour casino to private beach, catamaran tours to complimentary daily ski shuttles, and alpine modern guest rooms to snowy mountain lakefront cottages, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa & Casino has every amenity for the discriminating traveler. The resort is centrally located between the major ski resorts of North and South Lake Tahoe, and is located only three hours from the San Francisco/Bay area.

Nestled somewhere in between our award-winning brewpubs, hip new bars, and nationally recognized eateries, there’s that real, authentic American experience. It’s just one more reason the country’s newest high-tech region is Positively Electric!


RENO / TAHOE INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD VISITORS KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO RENO TAHOE? ‡‘ƒŠ‘‡Šƒ•ƒ†‹˜‡”•‡‰‡‘‰”ƒ’Š›‹ƒ”‡Žƒ–‹˜‡Ž›•ƒŽŽƒ”‡ƒǡ‘ơ‡”‹‰ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡•ˆ”‘•‹‹‰ƒ†„‘ƒ–‹‰–‘Š‹‹‰ƒ†ƒ›ƒ‹‰Ǥƒ”‰‡”‡•‘”–Š‘–‡Ž• ‘ơ‡”ƒƒ””ƒ›‘ˆ‹‰Š–Ž›‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡–ǡƒ•™‡ŽŽƒ•™‘”Ž†Ǧ…Žƒ•••’ƒ•ǡƒƒ„—†ƒ…‡‘ˆ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•ƒ†ˆƒ–ƒ•–‹…”ƒ–‡•Ǥ‹•‹–‘”•…ƒƒŽ•‘‡Œ‘›’”‘ˆ‡••‹‘ƒŽ •’‘”–‹‰‡˜‡–•ǡ™‹–Š–Š‡Ǧ‡ƒ‰—‡ǡ”‹’Ž‡ƒ•‡„ƒŽŽƒ†–Š‡‹–‡†‘……‡”‡ƒ‰—‡ƒŽŽŠ‘•–‹‰Š‘‡‰ƒ‡•‹–Š‡Š‡ƒ”–‘ˆ†‘™–‘™‡‘Ǥ Š‡‡•–‹–Š‡‡•–—‰‰‡–‹„‘‘Ǧ‘ơǡƒ–‹‘ƒŽŠƒ’‹‘•Š‹’‹”ƒ…‡•ƒ†ƒ‡ƒŠ‘‡Šƒ‡•’‡ƒ”‡ˆ‡•–‹˜ƒŽƒ”‡Œ—•–ƒˆ‡™‘ˆ–Š‡™‡ŽŽǦ‘™ ‡˜‡–•–Šƒ–„”‹‰’‡‘’Ž‡‹ˆ”‘ƒŽŽƒ”‘—†–Š‡…‘—–”›Ǥ ‹ƒŽŽ›ǡƒ›”‡•‘”–•’”‘˜‹†‡ˆ”‡‡•Š—––Ž‡•‡”˜‹…‡–‘–Š‡ƒ‹”’‘”–ǡƒ†‹ˆ‰—‡•–•†‘†‡…‹†‡–‘†”‹˜‡ǡ–Š‡›ǯŽŽ‘ˆ–‡‡Œ‘›ˆ”‡‡˜ƒŽ‡–’ƒ”‹‰Ǥ

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES IN RENO TAHOE? ‘”–Šƒ‡ƒŠ‘‡‹•ƒ„‘—–͜͠‹—–‡•ƒ™ƒ›ˆ”‘†‘™–‘™‡‘Ǥ—•–•‡‡ǤŠ‡‡˜ƒ†ƒ—•‡—‘ˆ”–‹•–Š‡•–ƒ–‡ǯ•‘Ž›ƒ–‹‘ƒŽŽ›ƒ……”‡†‹–‡†ƒ”– —•‡—ǡƒ†–Š‡ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ—–‘‘„‹Ž‡—•‡—‹•‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡‘’͡…Žƒ••‹……ƒ”‡šŠ‹„‹–•‹–Š‡…‘—–”›Ǥ†‹ˆ‰—‡•–•Šƒ˜‡…Š‹Ž†”‡ǡ–Š‡›•Š‘—Ž†–ƒ‡ –Š‡–‘–Š‡‡˜ƒ†ƒ‹•…‘˜‡”›—•‡—‘”–Š‡‹Ž† •Žƒ†ƒ–‡”ƒ”Ǥ

WHAT’S NEW IN RENO TAHOE? ”ƒˆ–„”‡™•ƒ”‡„‡…‘‹‰ƒ„‹‰Š‹–‹‡‘ƒŠ‘‡Ǥ‹–Š‘”‡–Šƒƒ†‘œ‡‘’‡‹‰‹–Š‡Žƒ•––Š”‡‡›‡ƒ”•ǡ‘”‡–Šƒ–™‘Ǧ†‘œ‡„”‡™’—„•ƒ”‡‘™ ‘’‡”ƒ–‹‰‹‡‘ƒŠ‘‡Ǥƒ›ƒ”‡™‹–Š‹™ƒŽ‹‰†‹•–ƒ…‡‘ˆ–Š‡†‘™–‘™…‘””‹†‘”ǡƒ†–Š‡Ž‘…ƒŽ˜‹•‹–‘”•ƒ—–Š‘”‹–›Šƒ•…”‡ƒ–‡†ƒ”ƒˆ–”‡™‡”‹‡•‘ˆ ‡‘ƒŠ‘‡ƒ’–‘Š‡Ž’ƒ˜‹‰ƒ–‡–Š‡‰”‘™‹‰Ž‹‡—’‘ˆ‰”‡ƒ–’Žƒ…‡•

IS THERE ANY EXCITING NEWS YOU CAN SHARE ABOUT THINGS TO COME? ƒŽ‡˜ƒ‡•‘”–‹•—†‡”‰‘‹‰ƒˆ—ŽŽ”‡‘˜ƒ–‹‘‹‘”–Šƒ‡ƒŠ‘‡ǡ™‹–Š‹–• ”ƒ†’‡‹‰‡š’‡…–‡†‹͜͢͞͝Ǥ‡™‘—”–›ƒ”†„›ƒ””‹‘–– ƒ†ƒ‡ƒ‹••ƒ…‡ ‘–‡Žƒ”‡ƒŽ•‘‡š’‡…–‡†–‘‘’‡‹͜͢͞͝ǡ‡ƒ”†‘™–‘™ǯ• ”‡ƒ–‡”‡˜ƒ†ƒ ‹‡Ž†ǡŠ‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡‡‘…‡•ƒ†‡‘ͤͤ͢͝ ǤŠ‡ ‡™ ƒ’–‘ ƒ†—‹–‡•‹•‘™‘’‡‹‘”–Š™‡•–‡‘ǡƒ†‹…–‘”‹ƒ“—ƒ”‡‹†‘™–‘™’ƒ”•‹•”‡ƒ†›–‘‡„ƒ”‘–Š‡͊͞͡‹ŽŽ‹‘ ”‡†‡˜‡Ž‘’‡–’”‘Œ‡…––‘…”‡ƒ–‡‘”‡”‡–ƒ‹Žǡ†‹‹‰ƒ†—”„ƒǦ•–›Ž‡Ž‘ˆ–•Ǥ

CAN YOU SHARE SOME LOCAL TIPS AND SECRETS WITH US? Š‡…‘—––Š‡‘–ŠŽ›™‹‡™ƒŽ•‡˜‡”›–Š‹”†ƒ–—”†ƒ›ˆ”‘͞ǣ͜͜’ǤǤȂ͡ǣ͜͜’ǤǤƒŽ‘‰–Š‡”—…‡‡‹˜‡”™ƒŽ‹•–”‹…–Ǥ‘–ŠŽ›—„”ƒ™Ž•ƒ”‡ —•—ƒŽŽ›Š‡Ž†‡˜‡”›ˆ‘—”–Šƒ–—”†ƒ›‹‰Š–ƒ•™‡ŽŽǤ—–‰—‡•–•™‹ŽŽ™ƒ––‘…Š‡…–Š‡•…Š‡†—Ž‡ˆ‘”•‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡•’‡…‹ƒŽ–Š‡‡†…”ƒ™Ž•ǤŠ‡—„”ƒ™Ž•ƒ† ‹‡ƒŽ•ƒ”‡‰”‡ƒ–™ƒ›•–‘‹–‡”ƒ…–™‹–ŠŽ‘…ƒŽ•ƒ†‰‡––‹’•‘‘–Š‡”‡˜‡–•ƒ†ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡•Ǥ



RENO )))))

PEPPERMILL RESORT SPA CASINO 2707 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89502 Experience the eco-conscious Peppermill Resort Spa Casino, Reno’s premier AAA Four-Diamond resort. Located in Reno, Nevada and nestled in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this ’”‘’‡”–› ‘ƥ‡”• ƒ……‡•• –‘ –‘’njÂ?‘–…Š ‡˜‡Â?–• and entertainment, world-class skiing and golf courses, and acclaimed dining. Enjoy exemplary service and accommodations just minutes from the fresh powder in winter or the hot sand and cool, blue water of Lake Tahoe beaches. ™ƒ”†‡† ”‹’Â†Â˜Â‹Â•Â‘Â”ÇŻÂ• Â‡Â”Â–Â‹Ć¤Â…ÂƒÂ–Â‡ ‘ˆ Excellence for the last six years, the resort boasts 1,623 luxurious guest rooms including the all-suite Tuscany Tower, ™Š‹…Š ‘ƥ‡”• Â?‹Â?‰ •‹œ‡† „‡†•ǥ Â?ƒ”„Ž‡ bathrooms with European soaking tubs, 42â€? Š‹ †‡ƤÂ?‹–‹‘Â?  –‡Ž‡˜‹•‹‘Â?•ǥ ˆ”‡‡ ”‡•‘”–nj wide Wi-Fi access, multi-media docking stations and more. Embark on a pampered journey at the remarkable 3-story, 33,000-square-foot Spa

& Salon Toscana featuring 24 treatment rooms, Northern Nevada’s only Caldarium with indoor pool, sun deck and secret garden, and a full-service salon. Enjoy slots, table games and poker in the 82,000-squarefoot casino and race & sports book. Come and enjoy a fabulous meal in one of our 10 award winning restaurants. From gourmet steaks and chops at Bimini –‡ƒÂ?Š‘—•‡ǥ–‘–Š‡”‘Â?ƒÂ?…‡ƒÂ?†ĆŞÂƒÂ˜Â‘”•‘ˆ ‘Ž†nj™‘”Ž† –ƒŽ› ƒ– ‘Â?ƒÂ?ÂœÂƒÇĄ ‘” ƒ—–Š‡Â?–‹… Chinese favorites like Peking Duck at Chi, –Š‡ ‡’’‡”Â?‹ŽŽ ‘ƥ‡”• –”—Ž› ‡š…‡’–‹‘Â?ƒŽ dining options for every palate. Resort amenities include a posh 9,900Â•Â“Â—ÂƒÂ”Â‡ÇŚÂˆÂ‘Â‘Â– Ƥ–Â?॥ …‡Â?–‡”Ǣ –™‘ „‡ƒ—–‹ˆ—Ž pools and three outdoor jetted spas, heated ™‹–Š ‘Â?nj•‹–‡ ‰‡‘–Š‡”Â?ƒŽ ‡Â?‡”‰›Ǣ †‡•‹‰Â?‡” „‘—–‹“—‡•Š‘’’‹Â?‰Ǣ‡Â?‘ǯ•Š‘––‡•–Â?‹‰Š–…Ž—„ǥ  Ǣ ƒÂ?† Í?ÍĄ „ƒ”• ƒÂ?† Ž‘—Â?‰‡•ǥ ‹Â?…Ž—†‹Â?‰ the Terrace Lounge, which hosts live music every night of the week.


RENO ))))1/2


With three connected but distinctive casino resorts in downtown Reno, the Eldorado ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย–ย• ยƒยย‹ยŽย› ยย‘ย™ ย‘ฦกย‡ย”ย• ย•ย‘ยย‡ย–ยŠย‹ยย‰ ยˆย—ย ยˆย‘ย”ย‡ย˜ย‡ย”ย›ย‘ยย‡ย”ย‹ย‰ยŠย–ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ยŠย‡ยƒย”ย–ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย‹ย‰ย‰ย‡ย•ย– ย‹ย–ย–ยŽย‡ ย‹ย–ย›วค ยŠย”ย‹ยŽยŽย‹ยย‰ ย…ยƒย•ย‹ยย‘ ยƒย…ย–ย‹ย‘ยวก ฦคย˜ย‡วฆ ย•ย–ยƒย” ย†ย‹ยย‹ยย‰วก ย‡ยšย…ย‹ย–ย‹ยย‰ ยย‹ย‰ยŠย–ยŽย‹ยˆย‡วก ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย‹ย‘ย—ย• ยƒย…ย…ย‘ยยย‘ย†ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยย• ยƒยย† ย—ยย’ยƒย”ยƒยŽยŽย‡ยŽย‡ย† ย–ย‘ย’วฆ name entertainment. At the Eldorado ยƒยย† ย‹ยŽย˜ย‡ย” ย‡ย‰ยƒย…ย› ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย– ยƒย•ย‹ยย‘ย•วก ย…ยŠย‘ย‘ย•ย‡ ยˆย”ย‘ย ออฃ ย—ยย‹ย“ย—ย‡ ย†ย‹ยย‹ยย‰ ย‘ย’ย–ย‹ย‘ยย•วก ย”ยƒยย‰ย‹ยย‰ ยˆย”ย‘ยย–ยŠย‡ฦคยย‡ย•ย–ย…ย—ย–ย•ย‘ยˆย•ย–ย‡ยƒยย•ยƒยย†ย…ยŠย‘ย’ย•ย–ย‘ ยƒย—ย–ยŠย‡ยย–ย‹ย… ย–ยƒยŽย‹ยƒย ย…ย—ย‹ย•ย‹ยย‡ ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ย…ยŠย‡ยˆย• ย†ย‹ย”ย‡ย…ย– ยˆย”ย‘ย ย–ยƒยŽย›วค ยƒยœยœยŽย‡ ย›ย‘ย—ย” ย–ยƒย•ย–ย‡ ย„ย—ย†ย• ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยˆยƒย„ย—ยŽย‘ย—ย•ย™ย‹ยย‡ย’ยƒย‹ย”ย‹ยย‰ย•ยƒยย†ยƒย™ย‘ย”ยŽย†ยˆยƒยย‘ย—ย• ย—ยย†ยƒย›ยŠยƒยย’ยƒย‰ยย‡ย”ย—ยย…ยŠย™ย‹ย–ยŠย–ยƒย•ย–ย‡ย•ย•ย‘ incredible, youโ€™ll wish every day was Sunday. See the hottest headliners and popstars ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ย„ย‹ย‰วฆยยƒยย‡ ย‡ยย–ย‡ย”ย–ยƒย‹ยยย‡ยย– ยŽย‹ยย‡ ยƒย”ย”ย‹ย‡ Underwood, Kevin Hart and Maroon 5. ยŽย—ย•วกย‡ยยŒย‘ย›ยƒย•ย–ยƒย‰ย‡ย•ยŠย‘ย™ยƒย– ย–ยŠย‡ ย”ย‘ยƒย†ย™ยƒย›วฆ ย•ย–ย›ยŽย‡ ยŽย†ย‘ย”ยƒย†ย‘ ยŠย‡ยƒย–ย”ย‡ ยˆย‡ยƒย–ย—ย”ย‹ยย‰ ย•ยŠย‘ย™ย• ยˆย”ย‘ยยย—ย•ย‹ย…ยƒยŽย•ย–ย‘ย‹ยย–ย‡ย”ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยยƒยŽย’ย”ย‘ย†ย—ย…ย–ย‹ย‘ยย•วค ย—ย”ย”ย‡ยย†ย‡ย” ย–ย‘ ย–ยŠย‡ย˜ย‹ย„ย”ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยย‘ยˆ  ย•ยƒย–ย•ย‡ย˜ย‡ย ยย‹ย‰ยŠย–ย•ย’ย‘ย–ย• ยƒยย† ย•ย‹ย’ ย‘ย ย–ย‘ย’วฆยย‘ย–ย…ยŠ ย…ย‘ย…ยย–ยƒย‹ยŽย• ย…ย‘ยย…ย‘ย…ย–ย‡ย†ย„ย›ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย–ยย‹ยšย‘ยŽย‘ย‰ย‹ย•ย–ย•ยƒย–ออกย„ยƒย”ย•วค

ยย†ย—ยŽย‰ย‡ ย‹ย ย’ยŽย—ย•ยŠ ย…ย‘ยยˆย‘ย”ย– ย™ย‹ย–ยŠ ยย‘ย†ย‡ย”ย ฦชยƒย‹ย” ย‹ย ย‘ย—ย” อžวกอกอŸอฃ ยŠย‘ย–ย‡ยŽ ย”ย‘ย‘ยย•วก ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‹ยย‰ ย„ย”ย‡ยƒย–ยŠย–ยƒยย‹ยย‰ย˜ย‹ย‡ย™ย•ยˆย”ย‘ยย™ยŠย‹ย”ยŽย’ย‘ย‘ยŽย–ย—ย„ย•ย‹ย ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย‹ย‘ย—ย•ย•ย’ยƒย•ย—ย‹ย–ย‡ย•วคย‘ย•ย‡ย›ย‘ย—ย”ย•ย‡ยŽยˆย’ย‘ย‘ยŽย•ย‹ย†ย‡ ย‹ย ย•ย’ยƒย”ยยŽย‹ยย‰ ย™ยƒย–ย‡ย”ย•วก ย”ยƒย›ย• ย‘ยˆ ย•ย—ยย•ยŠย‹ยย‡ ยƒยย† ยยƒย‰ยย‹ฦคย…ย‡ยย– ย˜ย‹ย‡ย™ย• ย‘ยˆ ย–ยŠย‡ ย‹ย‡ย”ย”ยƒ ย‡ย˜ยƒย†ยƒวก ย–ยŠย‡ยย–ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย›ย‘ย—ย”ย•ย‡ยŽยˆย–ย‘ยƒ ยŽย—ยšย—ย”ย‹ย‘ย—ย• ยยƒย•ย•ยƒย‰ย‡ ยƒยย†ย•ย‘ย‘ย–ยŠย‹ยย‰ย’ย‡ย†ย‹ย…ย—ย”ย‡ย–ยŠยƒย–วฏยŽยŽย’ยƒยย’ย‡ย”ย›ย‘ย—ย–ย‘ ย’ย‡ย”ยˆย‡ย…ย–ย‹ย‘ยวค ยšย…ย‹ย–ย‡ยย‡ยย–ย‹ย•ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ย…ยƒย”ย†ย•ย™ย‹ย–ยŠย‘ย˜ย‡ย”ออขอวกอกอœอœ ย‘ยˆย…ยƒย•ย‹ยย‘ย•ย’ยƒย…ย‡ย‘ฦกย‡ย”ย‹ยย‰ยƒยŽยŽย‘ยˆย›ย‘ย—ย”ยˆยƒย˜ย‘ย”ย‹ย–ย‡ ย–ยƒย„ยŽย‡ ย‰ยƒยย‡ย• ย•ยŽย‘ย–ย•วก ย”ยƒย…ย‡ ยƒยย† ย•ย’ย‘ย”ย–ย• ย„ย‡ย–ย–ย‹ยย‰ ยƒยย†ยย‘ย”ย‡วคยŠย‡ยย‘ย•ย–ย—ยย‹ย“ย—ย‡ย•ยŽย‘ย–ยยƒย…ยŠย‹ยย‡ย• ย™ย‹ยŽยŽ ย–ยƒยย‡ ย›ย‘ย— ย‘ย ยƒ ยŒย‘ย—ย”ยย‡ย› ย–ย‘ ย…ยŽยƒย•ย•ย‹ย… ฦคยŽยย• ยŽย‹ยย‡ ยŠย‡ ย‹ยœยƒย”ย† ย‘ยˆ ยœวก ย—ย’วฆย…ยŽย‘ย•ย‡วฆยƒยย†วฆ ย’ย‡ย”ย•ย‘ยยƒยŽย™ย‹ย–ยŠย’ย‘ย’ย•ย‡ยย•ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยย”ย‹ย–ยย‡ย›ย’ย‡ยƒย”ย• ย‘ย”ย‘ยย•ย‡ย–ย‘ยˆยŠย‡ย‹ย‰ยƒยย‰ยŠย‡ย‘ย”ย›วค ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย›ย‘ย—ย”ย•ย‡ยŽยˆย–ย‘ยƒยŽยƒย˜ย‹ย•ยŠย™ย‡ย‡ยย‡ยย†ย‰ย‡ย–ยƒย™ยƒย› ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ยŠย‡ยƒย”ย–ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย”ย…ยŠย‹ย•ย–ย”ย‹ย…ย–ย‘ย”ย’ยŽยƒยย–ยŠย‡ ย‡ย˜ย‡ยย–ย‘ยˆยƒยŽย‹ยˆย‡ย–ย‹ยย‡ย™ย‹ย–ยŠย‘ย˜ย‡ย”ออขอวกอœอœอœย•ย“ย—ยƒย”ย‡ ยˆย‡ย‡ย–ย‘ยˆย…ย‘ยย˜ย‡ยย–ย‹ย‘ยย•ย’ยƒย…ย‡ยƒยย‹ย†ย•ย–ย–ยŠย‡ยˆย—ยยƒยย† ย‡ยšย…ย‹ย–ย‡ยย‡ยย–ย‘ยˆย‘ย™ยย–ย‘ย™ยย‡ยย‘วค



CHICAGO INTRODUCTION ˜‡”͜͡‹ŽŽ‹‘’‡‘’Ž‡…ƒ‡–‘Š‹…ƒ‰‘Žƒ•–›‡ƒ”ǡƒ†™Šƒ–†‹†–Š‡›Ƥ†ǫ˜‡”›–Š‹‰›‘—™‘—Ž†‡š’‡…– from a vibrant, ever-changing city — and then some. Š‡ƒ…‹–›„‘ƒ•–•ƒ„‘‘‹‰ƒ”–••…‡‡ǡƒ…‘—‹–›ˆ—ŽŽ‘ˆ…—Ž–—”‡ǡŽ‹˜‡—•‹…‡˜‡”›‹‰Š–‘ˆ–Š‡™‡‡ƒ†”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–• ‘™ƒ”‘—†–Š‡™‘”Ž†ǡ‹–ǯ•‘“—‡•–‹‘™Š›‹–•’‘’—Žƒ”‹–›‹•–Š”‘—‰Š–Š‡”‘‘ˆǤ ƒ‹”–Šƒ–™‹–Š–‘™‡”‹‰•›•…”ƒ’‡”•ǡ‡‰ƒ‡˜‡–•ǡ‹‘˜ƒ–‹˜‡‡™’ƒ”•’ƒ…‡•ǡƒ͢͞Ǧ‹Ž‡Žƒ‡ˆ”‘–ƒ†͢͜—•‡—•ƒ† ›‘—ǯŽŽ—†‡”•–ƒ†™Š›•‘ƒ›…ƒŽŽŠ‹…ƒ‰‘Š‘‡Ǥ


Š‹•…‘•‘’‘Ž‹–ƒǡŠ‹•–‘”›Ǧ’ƒ…‡†•‡…–‹‘‘ˆ‹…Š‹‰ƒ˜‡—‡ –‡‡•™‹–Š•Š‘’’‹‰ǡ†‹‹‰ǡƒ†‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡––”‡ƒ•—”‡•–Šƒ– ƒ‡ƒ›˜ƒ…ƒ–‹‘—ˆ‘”‰‡––ƒ„Ž‡Ǥ


THE WESTIN MICHIGAN AVENUE CHICAGO 909 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60611

There has never been a better time to stay at The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago. Boasting Chicago’s best address in the heart ‘ˆ†‘™–‘™ǡ™‡‘ơ‡”ƒ͠–ƒ”ǡ͠‹ƒ‘† Š‘–‡Ž‡š’‡”‹‡…‡‘–Š‡ƒ‰‹Ƥ…‡–‹Ž‡Ǥ The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago is proud to announce our recent guestroom ”‡‘˜ƒ–‹‘Ǥ‡ƒ”‡‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡Ƥ”•– Š‘–‡Ž• ™‹–Š –Š‡ ‡•–‹ ‡‡”ƒ–‹‘ ͠ ”‘‘ which incorporates more ‘pops of color’ and natural elements from our Chicago downtown location. Our recently unveiled š‡…—–‹˜‡Ž—„‘ơ‡”•…‘’Ž‹‡–ƒ”›Š‹‰ŠǦ speed internet access, complimentary continental breakfast & evening hors d’oeuvres, and the views of Michigan ˜‡—‡ ˆ”‘ –Š‡ ͝͠–Š ƪ‘‘” Ž‘—‰‡ ƒ”‡ absolutely stunning.

scent to the Heavenly bed linens, from our recently opened Body Ritual Spa and renovated Westin Workout, our hotel is more than a hotel – it is a place to unwind, to get rested, enriched and renewed all in a beautiful, tranquil and sophisticated setting.

The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago’s †‹•–‹‰—‹•Š‡† ƒ……‘‘†ƒ–‹‘• ‘ơ‡” –Š‡ intimacy of home. From the white tea



644 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60611 To amplify your W experience, this luxury hotel has gone sleeker and sassier than ever before with a recent $38 million dollar redesign. You’re invited to see for yourself the new guestrooms, meeting space, public space and our brand new restaurant, CURRENT. The only hotel overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan, this glamorous escape for trendsetters and jetsetters alike radiates what’s new/next in the city at the water’s edge. W Chicago Lakeshore is steps from iconic Chicago attractions like Navy ‹‡”ǡ –Š‡ ƒ‰‹Ƥ…‡– ‹Ž‡ǡ ‹ŽŽ‡‹— Park and countless museums and art galleries. We welcome you to experience our exclusive Whatever/ Whenever® Service culture, awake to sparkling sunrises over Lake Michigan and retire to the glittering lights of The Windy City Skyline.




301 E. North Water St., Chicago, IL 60611 The Sheraton Grand Chicago is ‹†‡ƒŽŽ› •‹–—ƒ–‡† ‘ –Š‡ Š‹…ƒ‰‘ ‹˜‡”ǡ ™‹–Š‹ ™ƒŽ‹‰ †‹•–ƒ…‡ ‘ˆ ƒ˜› ‹‡”ǡ ƒ‰‹Ƥ…‡– ‹Ž‡ •Š‘’’‹‰ǡ ‹ŽŽ‡‹— ƒ”ǡ ƒ† Š‹…ƒ‰‘ǯ• –Š”‹˜‹‰ Žƒ‡ˆ”‘–ǡ ƒŽŽ ‘ˆ ™Š‹…Š ƒ‡ Š‹…ƒ‰‘ ƒ ‘‡ ‘ˆ ƒ ‹† †‡•–‹ƒ–‹‘Ǥ ƒ…Š ‘ˆ –Š‡ Š‘–‡Žǯ• ‰—‡•– ”‘‘• ƒ† •—‹–‡•ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡Žƒ‡ǡ”‹˜‡”ƒ†…‹–›•›Ž‹‡ ˜‹‡™•ƒ†Š‡”ƒ–‘ǯ•—Ž–”ƒǦ…‘ˆ‘”–ƒ„Ž‡ Sweet Sleeper„‡†ǤŠ‡Š‘–‡Žˆ‡ƒ–—”‡• the Sheraton Fitness Center with indoor pool, the Link at Sheraton with ˆ”‡‡‹–‡”‡–ƒ……‡••ǡƒ†Ƥ˜‡†‹•–‹…–‹˜‡ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–• ƒ† „ƒ”• ‹…Ž—†‹‰ Š—Žƒǯ• –‡ƒ ‘—•‡ǡ ‘‡ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‘’ ͜͝ –‡ƒ Š‘—•‡•‹‡”‹…ƒǤ


THE WESTIN CHICAGO RIVER NORTH 320 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, IL 60654

The Westin Chicago River North is a newly renovated, premiere downtown Š‹…ƒ‰‘ Š‘–‡Ž‘ơ‡”‹‰ƒ ˆ—ŽŽ•’‡…–”— ‘ˆ •‡”˜‹…‡• Ž‘…ƒ–‡† ‹ –Š‡ Š‡ƒ”– ‘ˆ –Š‡ city along the Chicago River. This ”‡ƒ”ƒ„Ž‡ Š‘–‡Ž ”‡†‡Ƥ‡• •‡”˜‹…‡ –Šƒ– ‡•—”‡• ƒ –”—Ž› —ˆ‘”‰‡––ƒ„Ž‡ ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡Ǥ ‹•…‘˜‡” ‘—” ‰—‡•– ”‘‘• ‘ơ‡”‹‰ ƒ‰‹Ƥ…‡– ˜‹‡™• ‘ˆ –Š‡ majestic Chicago River, skyline that ™‹ŽŽ Ž‡ƒ˜‡ ›‘— ‹•’‹”‡† –‘ ‡š’Ž‘”‡ –Š‡ Windy City. This River North hotel is ‡•–Ž‡† ‹ –Š‡ Š‡ƒ”– ‘ˆ –Š‡ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ– ƒ† –Š‡ƒ–”‡ †‹•–”‹…–• ™Š‡”‡ ›‘—ǯ”‡ •—”‡ –‘ Ƥ† ’Ž‡–› ‘ˆ –Š‹‰• –‘ †‘ ‹ †‘™–‘™ Š‹…ƒ‰‘Ǥ —” …‘˜‡‹‡– Ž‘…ƒ–‹‘ ‰‹˜‡• ›‘— ƒ……‡•• –‘ ƒŽŽ ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‡šŠ‹Žƒ”ƒ–‹‰ ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡• ‹…Ž—†‹‰ –Š‡ Š‹…ƒ‰‘ ”…Š‹–‡…–—”ƒŽ ‘—”•ǡ ˆƒ‘—• ‹…Š‹‰ƒ ˜‡—‡ •Š‘’’‹‰ǡ the enchanting theatre district, only „Ž‘…• ˆ”‘ Š‹…ƒ‰‘ǯ• Dz ‡ŽŽ ‹–…Š‡dz neighborhood with endless dining

‘’–‹‘•ǡƒ†DzŠ‡‡ƒdzƒ–‹ŽŽ‡‹— ƒ”Ǥ ơ‡”‹‰ —ˆ‘”‰‡––ƒ„Ž‡ ˜‹‡™• ‘ˆ –Š‡Š‹…ƒ‰‘‹˜‡”ƒ†…‹–›•›Ž‹‡ǡ‘—” Š‘–‡Ž™‹ŽŽƒ‡›‘—”•–ƒ›‹–Š‡‹†› City extraordinary.


W CHICAGO - CITY CENTER 172 W. Adams St., Chicago, IL 60603

ƒ‡ Š‹•–‘”› ‹ –Š‡ ‹†› ‹–›ǡ ™Š‡”‡ –‹‡Ž‡•• ‡Ž‡‰ƒ…‡ ‡‡–• ‘†‡” Ž—š—”›Ǥ Set in the middle of the famed Chicago Loop, W Chicago - City Center is nestled ‹–Š‡‹††Ž‡‘ˆŠ‹…ƒ‰‘ǯ•˜‹„”ƒ–…—Ž–—”ƒŽ attractions. Only steps from the Willis ‘™‡”ǡ Š‹…ƒ‰‘ ”– •–‹–—–‡ǡ ˆ‡•–‹˜ƒŽ• ƒ– ‹ŽŽ‡‹— ƒ”ǡ ‘™–‘™ Š‹…ƒ‰‘ •Š‘’’‹‰ ƒ† Š‡ƒ–”‡ ‹•–”‹…–Ǥ ‡”‡ ‡ƒ—šǦ”–• ƒ”…Š‹–‡…–—”‡ ‡‡–• ‘†‡” design where the oversized scale of the „—‹Ž†‹‰ǡ •›•…”ƒ’‡” Žƒ’• Ƭ •‡”’‡–‹‡ •‡ƒ–‹‰ †‡Ž‹‰Š– –Š‡ •‡•‡•Ǥ ‡’– ›‘—” –ƒ•–‡„—†•™‹–Š‡™”„ƒ—‹•‹‡ƒ–  ‡•–ƒ—”ƒ– ‘” †‡Ž‹‰Š– ‹ ƒ •‹’ —†‡” –Š‡ ˜ƒ—Ž–‡† …‡‹Ž‹‰• ‹ –Š‡ ‹˜‹‰ ‘‘ ƒ”Ǥ ‘ƒ•–‹‰ ͜͟͠ ‰—‡•– ”‘‘•ǡ ’—– ƒ •‹’ ‹ ›‘—”•–‡’ƒ††‹˜‡‹–‘–Š‡…‘ˆ‘”–‘ˆ‘—” •‹‰ƒ–—”‡  „‡†ǡ ˆ—ŽŽ› ™‹”‡† –‡…Š‘Ž‘‰›ǡ ˆƒ„—Ž‘—• ‹Ǧ”‘‘‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡–ǡƒ†‘—” ‡š…Ž—•‹˜‡ Šƒ–‡˜‡”ȀŠ‡‡˜‡”͂ ‡”˜‹…‡ …—Ž–—”‡Ǥ



Š‹• ‡™Ž› –”ƒ•ˆ‘”‡† „‘—–‹“—‡ Š‘–‡Ž ‹• ‡•–Ž‡† ‹ –Š‡ Š‡ƒ”– ‘ˆ Š‹…ƒ‰‘ǯ• Gold Coast neighborhood and is Ž‘…ƒ–‡† Œ—•– ƒ ˆ‡™ ˆ‘‘–•–‡’• ƒ™ƒ› ˆ”‘ –Š‡ Š‹…ƒ‰‘ǯ• ™‘”Ž†Ǧˆƒ‘—• ‘‡Ǧ‹Ž‡ •–”‡–…Š ‘ˆ ‹…Š‹‰ƒ ˜‡—‡ǡ ™Š‡”‡ ‡š…Ž—•‹˜‡ •Š‘’•ǡ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•ǡ –Š‡ ‘Š ƒ…‘… ‘™‡”ǡ  –Š‡ Š‹•–‘”‹… Š‹…ƒ‰‘ ƒ–‡” ‘™‡”ǡ ƒ† –Š‡ —•‡— ‘ˆ ‘–‡’‘”ƒ”›”–ƒ––”ƒ…–•Š‘’’‡”•ƒ† •‹‰Š–•‡‡”•ƒŽ‹‡Ǥ—”͟͝͡‰—‡•–”‘‘•ƒ† •—‹–‡•„‘ƒ•–•Ž‡‡ǡ…‘–‡’‘”ƒ”›†‡•‹‰• ƒ†…ƒ’–—”‡–Š‡‡••‡…‡‘ˆŠ‹…ƒ‰‘™‹–Š ™‘”•„›Ž‘…ƒŽ’Š‘–‘‰”ƒ’Š‡”•Ǥ‡‹–‹‡• ‹…Ž—†‡ ™‘” †‡•• ™‹–Š ‡”‰‘‘‹… …Šƒ‹”•ǡ ƪƒ–Ǧ•…”‡‡ –‡Ž‡˜‹•‹‘•ǡ ‹ ‘‡͂ ƒŽƒ” …Ž‘…Ȁ”ƒ†‹‘•ǡ ƒ† Ž—š—”‹‘—• ‡™ „‡†•Ǥ Š‹Ž‡ ›‘— ƒ”‡ •–ƒ›‹‰ ƒ– Š‡ ”‡‘– Š‹…ƒ‰‘ ‘–‡Ž ƒ‰‹Ƥ…‡– ‹Ž‡ǡ ‘—– ‘ˆ –‘™ †‘‡•ǯ– ‡ƒ ‘—– ‘ˆ –‘—…ŠǤ ‡––‘‰‡–Š‡”‹‘—”†ƒ›Ž‹‰Š–ǦƤŽŽ‡† Ž‘„„›ǡ™Š‹…Šˆ‡ƒ–—”‡•ƒŽƒ”‰‡…‘—ƒŽ

–ƒ„Ž‡ ƒ† ƒ „—•‹‡•• …‡–‡”ǡ ™Š‹…Š ‹• ‹†‡ƒŽˆ‘”ƒ“—‹…‡‡–‹‰‘”…ƒ–…Š‹‰—’ ‘‡ƒ‹Ž•ǤŽ—•ǡ–Š‡ˆƒ‘—•‹‡‹–ƒǯ• ‡•–ƒ—”ƒ– ‹• …‘‡…–‡† –‘ –Š‡ Ž‘„„›ǡ ƒ† •‘‡–‹‡• Dzƒ ‘ƒ…Šdz Š‹•‡Žˆ ‹• ƒ”‘—†–‘‰”‡‡–ˆƒ•




A SHRINE TO HUMAN FORESIGHT Not just a great valley, Yosemite is a shrine to human foresight, the strength of granite, the power of glaciers, the persistence of life, and the tranquility of the High Sierra. First protected in 1864, Yosemite National Park covers nearly 1,200 square miles of mountainous terrain in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The best time to visit Yosemite depends what you’re looking for; each season has its advantages. Yosemite is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Reservations are not required to enter the park, though they are strongly recommended if you plan to camp or stay the night. Some areas are inaccessible by car from approximately November through May due to snow.


A LAND OF EXTREMES In this below-sea-level basin, steady drought and record summer heat make Death Valley a land of extremes and striking contrasts. Towering peaks are frosted with ™‹Â?–‡”•Â?‘™Ǥƒ”‡”ƒ‹Â?•–‘”Â?•„”‹Â?‰˜ƒ•–Ƥ‡Ž†•‘ˆ™‹Ž†ƪ‘™‡”•Ǥ—•Š‘ƒ•‡•Šƒ”„‘””‡ˆ—‰‡ˆ‘”™‹Ž†Ž‹ˆ‡ƒÂ?†Š—Â?ƒÂ?•ǤŠ‡˜ƒŽŽ‡›‹•‰‡Â?‡”ƒŽŽ›•—Â?Â?›ǥ†”›ǥƒÂ?†…Ž‡ƒ”–Š”‘—‰Š‘—– the year. Despite its morbid name, a great diversity of life survives in Death Valley. Death Valley is the largest U.S. National Park outside Alaska, covering 3.4 million acres. Even with nearly 1,000 miles of roads, more than 90% of the park is protected ™‹Ž†‡”Â?‡••ǤŠƒ–™‹Ž†…‘—Â?–”›‹Â?…Ž—†‡•Ž‘™˜ƒŽŽ‡›ƪ‘‘”•…”—•–‡†™‹–Š„ƒ””‡Â?•ƒŽ–ĆŞÂƒÂ–Â•ÇĄ”—‰‰‡†Â?‘—Â?–ƒ‹Â?•ǥ†‡‡’™‹Â?†‹Â?‰…ƒÂ?›‘Â?•ǥ”‘ŽŽ‹Â?‰•ƒÂ?††—Â?‡•ǥƒÂ?†•’”‹Â?Â‰ÇŚÂˆÂ‡Â† oases. Although chilly in winter and spring, summers are extremely hot and dry.


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SWEEPING VIEWS FROM BOTH RIMS ‡ƒ”Ž›Ƥ˜‡‹ŽŽ‹‘’‡‘’Ž‡˜‹•‹––Š‡͝Ǥ͢‹Ž‘‡–‡”†‡‡’ ”ƒ†ƒ›‘‡ƒ…Š›‡ƒ”ǤŠ‡͢͠͠‹Ž‘‡–‡”ǦŽ‘‰…ƒ›‘…”‡ƒ–‡†„›–Š‡‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘‹˜‡”•‡’ƒ”ƒ–‡•–Š‡’ƒ”‹–‘ ‘—–Šƒ†‘”–Š‹•ǤŠ‡”‡ƒ”‡•™‡‡’‹‰˜‹‡™•ˆ”‘„‘–Š”‹•ǡ„—–‘•–˜‹•‹–‘”••‡‡–Š‡…ƒ›‘ˆ”‘‘˜‡”Ž‘‘•ƒŽ‘‰–Š‡‘—–Š‹Ǥ…‡‡”›ǡ…Ž‹ƒ–‡ƒ†˜‡‰‡–ƒ–‹‘ ƒ”‡‘–‹…‡ƒ„Ž›†‹ơ‡”‡–„‡–™‡‡–Š‡”‹•„‡…ƒ—•‡‘ˆ–Š‡‹”†‹ơ‡”‡…‡‹‡Ž‡˜ƒ–‹‘Ǥ˜‡–Š‘—‰Š–Š‡ƒ˜‡”ƒ‰‡†‹•–ƒ…‡ƒ…”‘••–Š‡…ƒ›‘‹•‘Ž›͢͝‹Ž‘‡–‡”•ǡ‹––ƒ‡•–‹‡ǡ ’Žƒ‹‰ƒ†‡ơ‘”––‘„‡ƒ„Ž‡–‘˜‹•‹–„‘–Š•‹†‡•‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ›‘‹‘‡–”‹’ǣ‹–‹•ƒƤ˜‡ǦŠ‘—”†”‹˜‡„‡–™‡‡–Š‡‘—–Š‹‹ŽŽƒ‰‡ƒ†–Š‡‘”–Š‹‹ŽŽƒ‰‡Ǥ


FORESTS OF STONE Š‡”‡‹•‘’Žƒ…‡“—‹–‡Ž‹‡”›…‡ƒ›‘Ǥ ‘‘†‘‘•Ȅ‘††Ǧ•Šƒ’‡†’‹ŽŽƒ”•‘ˆ”‘…Ž‡ˆ–•–ƒ†‹‰ˆ”‘–Š‡ˆ‘”…‡•‘ˆ‡”‘•‹‘Ȅ…ƒ„‡ˆ‘—†‘‡˜‡”›…‘–‹‡–ǡ„—–Š‡”‡ Š‘‘†‘‘•ƒ†ˆ‘”‡•–‹š–‘‰‡–Š‡”ǡ…”‡ƒ–‹‰ƒŽƒ†•…ƒ’‡–Šƒ–•–”ƒ‹•…”‡†—Ž‹–›Ǥ ”›…‡ƒ›‘ƒ–‹‘ƒŽƒ”ǯ•ˆ‘”‡•–•‘ˆ•–‘‡‘ơ‡”•‘‡–Š‹‰•’‡…‹ƒŽˆ‘”ƒŽŽƒ‰‡•ƒ†‡˜‡”›‹–‡”‡•–Ǥ‘—…ƒ•’‡†ƒ™‡‡Š‡”‡ǡ‘”Œ—•–ƒˆ‡™Š‘—”•ǤŠ‡”‡ƒ”‡•‡˜‡”ƒŽ ‡ƒ•›ǡ‘†‡”ƒ–‡‘”…ŠƒŽŽ‡‰‹‰Š‹‹‰–”ƒ‹Ž•ǡƒ•™‡ŽŽƒ•„ƒ……‘—–”›Š‹‹‰ƒ†…ƒ’‹‰Ǥ


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Capture it.

Backcountry Trails. Urban Explorations. Come for Scottsdale’s Sonoran Desert playground. Stay for the great outdoors – go treasure hunting at our open-air shopping centers, savor innovative cuisine on sun-drenched bistro patios, indulge in a moonlight massage. Your Scottsdale adventure is waiting.


SCOTTSDALE INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD VISITORS KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO SCOTTSDALE? ย…ย‘ย–ย–ย•ย†ยƒยŽย‡ย‹ย•ยƒย…ยƒย•ย—ยƒยŽยŽย›ย—ย’ย•ย…ยƒยŽย‡ย”ย‡ย•ย‘ย”ย–ย†ย‡ย•ย–ย‹ยยƒย–ย‹ย‘ยวค ย–วฏย•ยŽย‘ย…ยƒย–ย‡ย†ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ยŠย‡ยƒย”ย–ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย„ย”ย‡ยƒย–ยŠย–ยƒยย‹ยย‰ย‘ยย‘ย”ยƒยย‡ย•ย‡ย”ย–วคยŠย‡ย—ยย‹ย“ย—ย‡ย†ย‡ย•ย‡ย”ย–ยŽย‘ย…ยƒยŽย‡ยย‡ยƒยย•ย•ย—ยยย›ย•ยย‹ย‡ย•ยƒยย† ย…ย‘ยยˆย‘ย”ย–ยƒย„ยŽย‡ย–ย‡ยย’ย‡ย”ยƒย–ย—ย”ย‡ย•ยƒยŽยŽย›ย‡ยƒย”ยŽย‘ยย‰วกย‡ย˜ย‡ยย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ย™ย‹ยย–ย‡ย”วคยย†ย…ย‘ยย–ย”ยƒย”ย›ย–ย‘ย™ยŠยƒย–ยยƒยย›ย‹ยยƒย‰ย‹ยย‡ย™ยŠย‡ยย–ยŠย‡ย›ยŠย‡ยƒย”ย–ยŠย‡ย™ย‘ย”ย†ย†ย‡ย•ย‡ย”ย–วกย‘ย—ย”ยŽย—ย•ยŠยยƒย–ย—ย”ยƒยŽยŽยƒยย†ย•ย…ยƒย’ย‡ย‹ย•ยยย‘ย™ยยˆย‘ย”ย‹ย–ย• ย„ย‡ยƒย—ย–ย‹ยˆย—ยŽย…ย‘ย™ย‡ยŽยŽย‘ย—ยย–ยƒย‹ยย•วกย’ย”ย‹ย•ย–ย‹ยย‡ยŽยƒยย‡ย•ยƒยย†ย”ย‹ย˜ย‡ย”ย•วกยƒยย†ย–ยŠย‘ย—ย•ยƒยย†ย•ย‘ยˆย•ย’ย‡ย…ย‹ย‡ย•ย‘ยˆย’ยŽยƒยย–ยƒยย†ยƒยย‹ยยƒยŽยŽย‹ยˆย‡วค

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DOโ€™S AND MUST-SEES IN SCOTTSDALE? ยŠย‡ย‘ยย‘ย”ยƒยย‡ย•ย‡ย”ย–ยŠยƒย•ยย—ย…ยŠยˆย‘ย”ย‘ย—ย–ย†ย‘ย‘ย”ย‡ยย–ยŠย—ย•ย‹ยƒย•ย–ย•ย–ย‘ย‡ยšย’ยŽย‘ย”ย‡วค ย—ย‹ย†ย‡ย†ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย•ย„ย› ย‡ย‡ย’วก ย—ยยย‡ย”ยƒยย†ยŠย‘ย”ย•ย‡ย„ยƒย…ยย™ย‹ยŽยŽย–ยƒยย‡ย›ย‘ย—ย–ย‘ย–ยŠย‡ย†ย‡ย•ย‡ย”ย–วฏย•ยย‘ย•ย–ย’ย”ย‹ย•ย–ย‹ยย‡ยƒยย†ย„ย‡ยƒย—ย–ย‹ยˆย—ยŽ ย‡ยšย’ยƒยย•ย‡ย•วคย–ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ยšย…ย‹ย–ย‹ยย‰ย‘ย’ย–ย‹ย‘ยย•ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‡ยŠย‹ยย‹ยย‰วกยŠย‘ย–ยƒย‹ย”ย„ยƒยŽยŽย‘ย‘ยย‹ยย‰วกย”ย‹ย˜ย‡ย”ย”ยƒยˆย–ย‹ยย‰วกยƒยย†ยƒย‹ย”ย–ย‘ย—ย”ย•ย‘ยˆย…ย‘ย–ย–ย•ย†ยƒยŽย‡วกย‡ย†ย‘ยยƒย‘ย”ย–ยŠย‡ ย”ยƒยย†ยƒยย›ย‘ยย„ย›ยŠย‡ยŽย‹ย…ย‘ย’ย–ย‡ย”ย‘ย”ฦคยšย‡ย†วฆย™ย‹ยย‰ aircraft.

WHATโ€™S NEW IN SCOTTSDALE? ย‡ย•ย–ย‡ย”ยย’ย‹ย”ย‹ย–วฃย…ย‘ย–ย–ย•ย†ยƒยŽย‡วฏย•ย—ย•ย‡ย—ยย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย‡ย•ย–ย‘ย’ย‡ยย‡ย†ย‹ย ยƒยย—ยƒย”ย›อžอœออกวค ย–ย…ย‡ยŽย‡ย„ย”ยƒย–ย‡ย•ย–ยŠย‡ย’ย‹ย‘ยย‡ย‡ย”ย•ย’ย‹ย”ย‹ย–ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ยย‡ย”ย‹ย…ยƒยย‡ย•ย–ย–ยŠย”ย‘ย—ย‰ยŠย…ยŠยƒยย‰ย‹ยย‰ย‡ยšยŠย‹ย„ย‹ย–ย‹ย‘ยย•ย‘ยˆฦคยย‡ยƒย”ย–วก ย”ยƒย”ย‡ยŠย‹ย•ย–ย‘ย”ย‹ย…ยƒย”ย–ย‹ยˆยƒย…ย–ย•ยƒยย†ย…ย—ยŽย–ย—ย”ยƒยŽย–ย”ย‡ยƒย•ย—ย”ย‡ย•ยŽย‹ยย‡ย‡ยšยƒย•ยƒยย‰ย‡ย”ย„ยƒย†ย‰ย‡ย•วกยŠยƒยย†วฆย–ย‘ย‘ยŽย‡ย†ย•ยƒย†ย†ยŽย‡ย•ยƒยย†ย•ยŠย‹ยย›ย•ย’ย—ย”ย•วค

CAN YOU SHARE ANY EXCITING NEWS OF THINGS TO COME? ย†ย›ย‡ยƒย“ย—ยƒย”ย‹ย—ยย‹ย•ย•ย‡ย–ย–ย‘ยยƒยย‡ยƒย•ย’ยŽยƒย•ยŠย‹ยย…ย‘ย–ย–ย•ย†ยƒยŽย‡ย†ย—ย”ย‹ยย‰ย•ย—ยยย‡ย”อžอœออขวคยŠย‹ย•ย–ย™ย‘วฆยŽย‡ย˜ย‡ยŽวกอžอœอœวกอœอœอœวฆย•ย“ย—ยƒย”ย‡วฆยˆย‘ย‘ย–ยƒย“ย—ยƒย”ย‹ย—ยย™ย‹ยŽยŽย„ย‡ย–ยŠย‡ยŽยƒย”ย‰ย‡ย•ย–ย‘ยˆย‹ย–ย•ยย‹ยย†ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ย‘ย—ย–ยŠย™ย‡ย•ย–วค ย•ยƒยย’ยŽย‹ยย‰ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย’ยŽยƒยยย‡ย†ย‡ยšยŠย‹ย„ย‹ย–ย•ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‡ย•ย‹ย˜ย‡ย”ย•ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย‘ย”ยŽย†วกยŠย‡ยŠย‘ย”ย‡ย•วกย‡ยย‰ย—ย‹ยย•วกยŠย‡ ย”ย‡ยƒย–ยƒย”ย”ย‹ย‡ย”ย‡ย‡ยˆวกยƒยย†ยŠย‡ย‹ยœยƒย”ย”ย‡ฦฌย–ยŠย‡ย‡ยƒย—ย–ย‹ยˆย—ยŽวค ย–ย™ย‹ยŽยŽย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‡ยŒย‡ยŽยŽย›ฦคย•ยŠวก ย‘ย…ย–ย‘ย’ย—ย•วกยŽยƒย”ย‰ย‡ยย‹ยย‰ย…ย”ยƒย„ย•ยƒยย†ย•ย‡ยƒยŠย‘ย”ย•ย‡ย•วค

CAN YOU SHARE SOME LOCAL TIPS AND SECRETS WITH US? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN SCOTTSDALE? ยŠยƒยยย•ย–ย‘ย…ย‘ย–ย–ย•ย†ยƒยŽย‡วฏย•ย‹ย†ย›ยŽยŽย‹ย…ย›ย‡ยƒย”วฆย”ย‘ย—ยย†ย™ย‡ยƒย–ยŠย‡ย”วกยŽย‘ย…ยƒยŽย•ยŽย‘ย˜ย‡ย–ย‘ย†ย‹ยย‡ย‘ยย–ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ย•ย–ยƒย—ย”ยƒยย–ย•วฏย•ย—ยวฆฦคยŽยŽย‡ย†ย’ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ย•วคย‘ย…ยƒยŽยˆยƒย˜ย‘ย”ย‹ย–ย‡ย•ยยย‘ย™ยยˆย‘ย”ย„ย‘ย–ยŠย–ยŠย‡ย‹ย”ยŽย‘ย˜ย‡ยŽย›ย’ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ย•ยƒยย† ย‘ย—ย–ย•ย–ยƒยย†ย‹ยย‰ย…ย—ย‹ย•ย‹ยย‡ย‹ยย…ยŽย—ย†ย‡ยŠย‡ ย‘ย—ย•ย‡ย”ยƒย•ย•ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡วกยˆย‡ยƒย–ย—ย”ย‹ยย‰ย‹ยยย‘ย˜ยƒย–ย‹ย˜ย‡ยย‡ย”ย‹ย…ยƒยย…ย—ย‹ย•ย‹ยย‡ย„ย›ยŠย‡ยˆยƒย–ย–ยƒย”ย–ย‡ย”วขย‹ย”ย–รฏ ย‘ยย‡ย•ย–ย”ยƒยˆย–วกย•ย‡ย”ย˜ย‹ยย‰ยŠย‡ยˆ ย‹ย‘ย•ย•ย‘วฏย•ย‡ย†ย‹ย–ย‡ย”ย”ยƒยย‡ยƒย ยˆยƒย”ย‡ย‘ยย‘ยย‡ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย…ย‹ย–ย›วฏย•ยย‘ย•ย–ย”ย‘ยยƒยย–ย‹ย…ย’ยƒย–ย‹ย‘ย•วขยƒยย†ยŽย†ย‘ย™ยย‘ย”ย–ย‹ยŽยŽยƒ ยƒย…ย–ย‘ย”ย›วกย™ยŠย‹ย…ยŠย†ย‹ย•ยŠย‡ย•ย—ย’ย…ย‘ยย–ย‡ยย’ย‘ย”ยƒย”ย›ย‡ยšย‹ย…ยƒยย…ย—ย‹ย•ย‹ยย‡ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ย•ยŠยƒย†ย‡ย‘ยˆออœอœวฆย›ย‡ยƒย”วฆย‘ยŽย†ย’ย‡ย…ยƒยย–ย”ย‡ย‡ย•วคยย† ยŽย‹ยย‡ย‘ย—ย”ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย”ย•วกยŽย‘ย…ยƒยŽย•ยŽย‹ยย‡ย–ย‘ย•ย’ย‡ยย†ย’ยŽย‡ยย–ย›ย‘ยˆย–ย‹ยย‡ย„ยƒย•ยย‹ยย‰ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ย•ย—ยยƒยย†ย”ย‡ยŽยƒยšย‹ยย‰วกย…ย‘ย—ยย–ย‡ย”ย‡ย†ย™ย‹ย–ยŠย•ย‘ยย‡ยŠย‹ยย‹ยย‰ยƒยย†ย•ย‹ย‰ยŠย–ย•ย‡ย‡ย‹ยย‰ย–ย‘ย”ย‘ย—ยย†ย‘ย—ย–ย–ยŠย‡ย’ย‡ย”ยˆย‡ย…ย–ย†ยƒย›วค


ITINERARY When planning itineraries in the American West, think Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Everyone will enjoy a vibrant, rugged and exceptional experience in the Rocky Mountains. Home to more than 55 attractions and activities, 300 days of sunshine, spectacular scenery, Pikes Peak—America’s Mountain, three historic trains, Garden of the Gods Park, boutique shopping, and other exciting adventures—your clients will be glad you scheduled more than one day in this amazing destination just an hour south of Denver.

Contact Mark International for reservations.


COLORADO SPRINGS INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO COLORADO SPRINGS? ‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘’”‹‰•‹•‡•–Ž‡†ƒ––Š‡„ƒ•‡‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ‰‹Ƥ…‡–‘…›‘—–ƒ‹•Ǥ –‘ơ‡”•͟͜͜†ƒ›•‘ˆƒŒ‡•–‹…„Ž—‡•‹‡•ǡ•–—‹‰ƒ–—”ƒŽ„‡ƒ—–›ƒ†•ƒŽŽ–‘™…Šƒ”™‹–Š „‹‰…‹–›ƒ‡‹–‹‡•ǤŠ‡”‡ƒ”‡†‘œ‡•‘ˆƒ––”ƒ…–‹‘•ƒ†ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡•–‘‡Œ‘››‡ƒ”Ǧ”‘—†ƒ•™‡ŽŽƒ•‡†Ž‡••Š‹‹‰ƒ†„‹‹‰–”ƒ‹Ž•ƒ†™‘”Ž†Ǧ…Žƒ••’ƒ”•Ǥ

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES IN COLORADO SPRINGS? –ƒ†‹‰™ƒ–…Š‘˜‡”‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘’”‹‰•‹•‹‡•‡ƒǦ‡”‹…ƒǯ•‘—–ƒ‹Ǥ‹•‹–‘”•…ƒ„‹‡‘”†”‹˜‡—’–‘‹–•͠ǡ͟͜͞Ǧ‡–‡”•—‹–‘‹‡•‡ƒ ‹‰Š™ƒ›ǡ‘”–Š‡›…ƒ ”‹†‡Š‡”‘ƒ†‘‘”‘‰ƒ‹Ž™ƒ›ǡ–Š‡Š‹‰Š‡•–…‘‰‹–Š‡™‘”Ž†Ǥ†‹ˆ–Š‡›ǯ”‡—’ˆ‘”‹–ǡ–Š‡›…ƒŠ‹‡—’ƒ”””ƒ‹ŽǤŠ‡ǡˆ‘”ƒ–Š”‹ŽŽ‹‰ǡ›‡–•ƒˆ‡‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ǡ–ƒ‡ƒ‰—‹†‡† …›…Ž‹‰–‘—”†‘™‹‡•‡ƒ ‹‰Š™ƒ›Ǥ ƒ”†‡‘ˆ–Š‡ ‘†•ƒ”ǡŽ‘…ƒ–‡†ƒ––Š‡„ƒ•‡‘ˆ‹‡•‡ƒ‹•ƒˆ”‡‡…‹–›’ƒ”…‘’Ž‡–‡™‹–Š’ƒ˜‡†™ƒŽ‹‰’ƒ–Š••—””‘—†‡† „›•…”—„‘ƒƒ†’‹Ó‘–”‡‡•ǡ„‹”†•ǡ†‡‡”ƒ†„‹‰Š‘”•Š‡‡’ǤŒ‘›Š‹‹‰ǡ”‘……Ž‹„‹‰ǡ„‹…›…Ž‹‰ƒ†Š‘”•‡„ƒ…”‹†‹‰‹–Š‹•ƒƒœ‹‰ƒ–—”ƒŽ™‘†‡”Ǥˆ–‡”ƒ„—•› †ƒ›‘ˆŠ‹‹‰ǡ–ƒ‡–‹‡–‘•Š‘’‹ƒ‹–‘—’”‹‰•ǤŠ‹•Š‹•–‘”‹…ǡ“—‹”›ǡ‡…Ž‡…–‹…‘—–ƒ‹–‘™‹•Š‘‡–‘†‘œ‡•‘ˆƒ”–‰ƒŽŽ‡”‹‡•ǡ‘‡Ǧ‘ˆǦƒǦ‹†•ƒŽŽ„‘—–‹“—‡•ƒ† ƒ›ˆƒ˜‘”‹–‡‡ƒ–‡”‹‡•ǤŠ‡ǡ–ƒ‡ƒ„‡ƒ—–‹ˆ—Ž†”‹˜‡•‘—–Š™‡•–‘ˆ‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘’”‹‰•–‘ƒÓ‘‹–›ƒ†–Š‡‘›ƒŽ ‘”‰‡”‡‰‹‘Ǥ‘™ƒ•–Š‡ ”ƒ†ƒ›‘‘ˆ‘—–Š‡” ‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘ǡ–Š‡”‡ƒ”‡ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡•”ƒ‰‹‰ˆ”‘ƒ™ƒŽƒ…”‘••–Š‡‘”–Š‡”‹…ƒǯ•Š‹‰Š‡•–•—•’‡•‹‘„”‹†‰‡ǡ–‘ƒ–”ƒ‹”‹†‡ƒŽ‘‰‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘ǯ•‘•–Š‹•–‘”‹…–”ƒ…•ǡ–‘™‘”Ž†Ǧ…Žƒ•• ™Š‹–‡™ƒ–‡””ƒˆ–‹‰ƒ†ƪ›Ƥ•Š‹‰‘–Š‡”ƒ•ƒ•‹˜‡”Ǥ††‘ǯ–ˆ‘”‰‡––‘•–‘’‹–Š‡‹‡”›ƒ– ‘Ž›”‘••„„‡›ˆ‘”•‘‡–ƒ•–‹‰•Ǥ

WHAT’S NEW IN COLORADO SPRINGS? Š‡‘›ƒŽ ‘”‰‡”‹†‰‡Ƭƒ””‡‘’‡‡†‹͜͞͝͡ǤŠ‡‡™‹•‹–‘”‡–‡”‹•’‡”…Š‡†‘–Š‡‡†‰‡‘ˆ–Š‡‰‘”‰‡ǡƒ†–Š‡„”‹†‰‡‹••—•’‡†‡†‘”‡–Šƒͣ͞͠‡–‡”•‘˜‡”–Š‡ ”ƒ•ƒ•‹˜‡”ǤƒŽƒ…”‘••–Š‡„”‹†‰‡ǡ”‹†‡–Š‡‡™ ‘†‘Žƒ‘”„”ƒ˜‡–Š‡ƒ–‹‘ǯ•Š‹‰Š‡•–œ‹’Ž‹‡ǢƒŽŽ’”‘˜‹†‡–Š‡ˆ‡‡Ž‹‰‘ˆ„‡‹‰‘–‘’‘ˆ–Š‡™‘”Ž†Ǥ ‘–Š‡”ƒ”˜‡Ž–‘…Š‡…‘—–‹•Š‡”‘ƒ†‘‘”‡˜‡ ƒŽŽ•ǤŠ‹•”‡‘’‡‡†‹͜͞͝͡ƒˆ–‡”ƒ‡š–‡•‹˜‡”‡‘˜ƒ–‹‘Ǥ‘‹‡†DzŠ‡ ”ƒ†‡•–‹Ž‡‘ˆ…‡‡”›dz‹‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘ǡ‡˜‡ ƒŽŽ•‡š…‹–‡•–Š‡•‡•‡•ƒ†ˆ‘”‡•Šƒ†‘™•–Š‡†”ƒƒ–‹…Žƒ†•…ƒ’‡–Šƒ–Ž‹‡•ƒŠ‡ƒ†ǤŠ‡…”›•–ƒŽ…Ž‡ƒ”™ƒ–‡”ˆ”‘‹‡•‡ƒŠƒ••Šƒ’‡†–Š‹••’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ”ƒ–—”ƒŽ„‘š…ƒ›‘Ǥ ‘”•‘‡ƒ††‡†ƒ†”‡ƒŽ‹‡ǡŠ‡ƒ†–‘Š‡”‘ƒ†‘‘”‘ƒ”‹‰†˜‡–—”‡–Šƒ–…‘•‹•–•‘ˆ–‡œ‹’Ž‹‡•”ƒ‰‹‰‹†‹•–ƒ…‡ˆ”‘ͥ͞‡–‡”•–‘ͥ͡͠‡–‡”•Ǥ

CAN YOU SHARE ANY EXCITING NEWS OF THINGS TO COME? Š‡”‡ƒ”‡“—‹–‡ƒˆ‡™‡š…‹–‹‰‡™–Š‹‰•…‘‹‰–‘‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘’”‹‰•ǤŠ‡ǤǤŽ›’‹…—•‡—„”‡ƒ•‰”‘—†‹•’”‹‰‘ˆ͜͢͞͝ƒ†‘’‡•‹–•†‘‘”•‹‡ƒ”Ž›ͤ͜͞͝Ǥ – ™‹ŽŽ„‡–Š‡™‘”Ž†ǯ•‘•–ƒ……‡••‹„Ž‡—•‡—ƒ†…‡Ž‡„”ƒ–‡•ǤǤŽ›’‹ƒ•ƒ†ƒ”ƒŽ›’‹ƒ•Ǥ–ƒ”–‹‰ —‡͜͢͞͝ǡ–Š‡‡™‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘’”‹‰•‘†‡‘•‡”‹‡•–ƒ‡•’Žƒ…‡‘•– ‡†‡•†ƒ›‹‰Š–•ƒ––Š‡‘””‹•Ǧ‡”‘•‡˜‡–‡–‡”Ǥ’‡‹‰‹͜͢͞͝ǡ–Š‡‘›ƒŽ ‘”‰‡‹‘•ƒ—”š’‡”‹‡…‡™‹ŽŽ’”‘˜‹†‡„‘–Š‡†—…ƒ–‹‘ƒ†‡š’‡”‹‡–‹ƒŽ–Š”‹ŽŽ•ƒ•‰—‡•–• ‹–‡”ƒ…–™‹–Šƒ‹ƒ–”‘‹…’”‡Š‹•–‘”‹……”‡ƒ–—”‡•Ǥ

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN COLORADO SPRINGS? Š‡”‡ǯ•‘–Š‹‰Ž‹‡ƒ”‡Žƒš‹‰™‡•–‡”Š‘”•‡„ƒ…”‹†‡–Š”‘—‰Š ƒ”†‡‘ˆ–Š‡ ‘†•ǤŠ‡’”‘ˆ‡••‹‘ƒŽ‰—‹†‡•ƒ–…ƒ†‡›‹†‹‰–ƒ„Ž‡•™‹ŽŽ’ƒ‹”›‘—™‹–Š–Š‡’‡”ˆ‡…–Š‘”•‡ ƒ†–ƒ‡›‘—‘ƒ‘‡Ǧ‘”–™‘ǦŠ‘—””‹†‡–Š”‘—‰Š–Š‡’ƒ”ǤŠ‡›Šƒ˜‡‡š–‡•‹˜‡‘™Ž‡†‰‡ƒ„‘—––Š‡’ƒ”ǯ•Š‹•–‘”›ǡ‰‡‘Ž‘‰›ƒ†ˆƒ˜‘”‹–‡’Š‘–‘‘’•Ǥ





1 Lake Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80906 The Broadmoor located in Colorado Springs, ‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘Ƥ”•–‘’‡‡†‹ͥͤ͝͝–‘™‡Ž…‘‡–Š‡ country’s most seasoned travelers. Located at the base of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the property’s dazzling character and breathtaking scenery has made it a cornerstone and is the most —‹“—‡”‡•‘”–‹–Š‡™‘”Ž†Ǥ With a legacy of impeccable service and attention to detail, The Broadmoor has been honored as the longest running consecutive recipient of both the Forbes Five-Star and  ‹˜‡Ǧ‹ƒ‘†ƒ™ƒ”†•Ǥ The resort hosts 3,000 lush acres and ͣͣͥ ”‘‘• ƒ† •—‹–‡•ǡ ƒŽ‘‰ ™‹–Š –Š”‡‡ championship golf courses, shopping, indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, ‹†• …Ž—„• ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡• ƒ† ‘”‡Ǥ Š‡”‡ ƒ”‡ ͥ͝ unique dining options in restaurants, cafes and lounges including the Five-Star, FiveDiamond Penrose Room. There is also a FiveStar full service spa. Room categories range ˆ”‘ ‘—” ‡™Ž› ”‡‘˜ƒ–‡† ‡•– —‹Ž†‹‰ ™‹–Š ‘—” ”‡‹‡” ”‘‘•Ǥ Š‡ ’”‘’‡”–› ƒŽ•‘ ‘ơ‡”•…Žƒ••‹…ƒ†•—’‡”‹‘”…ƒ–‡‰‘”‹‡•Ǣ•—‹–‡•ǡ …‘––ƒ‰‡•ƒ†„”‘™•–‘‡•Ǥ

‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘ ’”‹‰• ‹• ‡ƒ•‹Ž› ƒ……‡••‹„Ž‡ǡ ™‹–Š †ƒ‹Ž› ‘Ǧ•–‘’ ƪ‹‰Š–• ˆ”‘ ƒ”‘—† –Š‡ …‘—–”›–‘‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘’”‹‰•‹”’‘”–ȋ‘Ž›͝͡ ‹—–‡• ˆ”‘ –Š‡ ”‡•‘”–Ȍ ‘” ˆ”‘ ƒ›™Š‡”‡ ‹ –Š‡ ™‘”Ž† –Š”‘—‰Š ‡˜‡” –‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ ‹”’‘”–ǡ Œ—•– ƒ ‡ƒ•› ͣ͡ ‹—–‡ †”‹˜‡ ‘” shuttle ride. The surrounding area features attractions such as the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and The Broadmoor’s Pikes Peak Cog ƒ‹Ž™ƒ›ǡ ƒ† ‡˜‡ ƒŽŽ• ”‡Ǧ‘’‡‡† ‹ ͜͞͝͡ ƒŽ‘‰™‹–Šƒ‡™”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–ͤͤ͝͡ƒŽŽŽ‘…ƒ–‡† near The Broadmoor. Š‡ ”‘ƒ†‘‘” ƒŽ•‘ ‘™ ‘ơ‡”• —‹“—‡ property experiences beyond the resort. Š‡ ‡™ ‹Ž†‡”‡•• š’‡”‹‡…‡ ’”‘’‡”–‹‡• ‹…Ž—†‡ Š‡ ƒ…Š ƒ– ‡”ƒŽ† ƒŽŽ‡› (pictured), Cloud Camp and Fishing Camp. These experiences combine the beautiful Rocky Mountains and the exceptional service Š‡”‘ƒ†‘‘”‘ơ‡”•Ǥ  •–ƒ› ƒ– Š‡ ”‘ƒ†‘‘” ™‹ŽŽ ˆ‘”‡˜‡” „‡ remembered for their attention to detail and the guests’ needs.


DENVER )))1/2


Experience the Sheraton Denver Downtown ‘–‡Žǡ™Š‡”‡›‘—™‹ŽŽƤ†›‘—”•‡Žˆ‡‡”‰‹œ‡†„› –Š‡…‹–›ǯ•„‡•–ƒ––”ƒ…–‹‘•ǡ…ƒ”‡†ˆ‘”„›ƒ‰‡—‹‡ •–ƒơǡ ƒ† …‘ˆ‘”–‡† „› ƒŽŽ –Š‡ …‘˜‡‹‡…‡• ›‘— Šƒ˜‡ …‘‡ –‘ ‡š’‡…– ˆ”‘ Š‡”ƒ–‘Ǥ ‡ ƒ”‡’‡”ˆ‡…–Ž›…‡–‡”‡†‹†‘™–‘™ǯ•„—•–Ž‹‰ „—•‹‡••ƒ†‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡–†‹•–”‹…–ǤŠ‡‹Ž‡Ǧ Ž‘‰ •–”‡–…Š ‘ˆ „‹•–”‘•ǡ ‹…”‘„”‡™‡”‹‡•ǡ •Š‘’’‹‰ƒ†‹‰Š–Ž‹ˆ‡ƒŽ‘‰Ž‹˜‡Ž›͢͝–Š–”‡‡– ƒŽŽ…ƒ„‡ˆ‘—†”‹‰Š–‘—–•‹†‡‘—”ˆ”‘–†‘‘”•Ǥ —–™‡ –Š‹›‘—™‹ŽŽ Ƥ†™Šƒ– ‹• ‹•‹†‡‘—” Š‘–‡Ž‡˜‡‘”‡‡Ž‹‰Š–‡‹‰Ǥ —” ‹‘˜ƒ–‡† ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–• ‘ơ‡” •‘‡–Š‹‰ ˆ‘”‡˜‡”›‘‡Ǥƒ•–‡ƒ‘—–Š™ƒ–‡”‹‰„”‡ƒˆƒ•– ƒ– ‘—” ͝͡ ‹ˆ–› ‡•–ƒ—”ƒ– ‘” ƒ —‡š’‡…–‡† …‘…–ƒ‹Ž ƒ– ‘—” ͢͝‹š ‘—‰‡Ǥ ‡Žƒš ‹ ›‘—” ‰—‡•–”‘‘ ƒ† ‡Œ‘› ‘—” ͞͠ǦŠ‘—” ‹Ǧ”‘‘Ǧ †‹‹‰Ǥš’‡”‹‡…‡‘—” ’”‘‰”ƒǣ•ƒ˜‘” ‘—”‘”‹‰‹ƒŽ‡—‘ˆ•ƒŽŽ’Žƒ–‡•ƒ–…Š‡†™‹–Š ‹‘˜ƒ–‡†™‹‡•ƒ†…”ƒˆ–„‡‡”•Ǥ ‘•‹†‡”‡† –‘ „‡ ‘Ž‘”ƒ†‘ǯ• Dz‡•– ‡‡” ‘–‡Ždzǡ ™‡ Šƒ˜‡ ‘”‡ –Šƒ ƒ …‘„‹‡† ͜͝͡ —‹“—‡ „‡‡” –ƒ’• —†‡” ‘‡ ”‘‘ˆ ‹ ͢͝‹š ‘—‰‡ǡƒ”† ‘—•‡ƒ†ƒ–‹‡—ŽŽ‡ǯ• ”‹•Š ‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–Ƭ—„Ǥ

‡…Šƒ”‰‡‹‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡‘Ž››‡ƒ”Ǧ”‘—†‘—–†‘‘” ’‘‘Ž• ‹ ‡˜‡” ‘” …ŠƒŽŽ‡‰‡ ›‘—”•‡Žˆ ™‹–Š ƒ ™‘”‘—– •‡••‹‘ ‹ ‘—” …‘’Ž‹‡–ƒ”›ǡ ͞͠Ǧ Š‘—”ǡ͡ǡ͟͜͜Ǧ•“—ƒ”‡Ǧˆ‘‘–Ƥ–‡••…‡–‡”Ǥ –ƒ› …‘‡…–‡† ™‹–Š –Š‡ ‹̿Š‡”ƒ–‘SM ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡† ™‹–Š ‹…”‘•‘ˆ–͂ǡ ˆ‡ƒ–—”‹‰ …‘’Ž‹‡–ƒ”› ‹‰ŠǦ’‡‡† –‡”‡– ……‡•• ƒ†’”‹–‡”•Ǥ ‹–Š ‘”‡ –Šƒ ͟͜͜†ƒ›•‘ˆ•—•Š‹‡ƒ›‡ƒ”ǡ ›‘— …ƒ ‡Œ‘› ‹–• ˜‹–ƒŽ‹–› ƒ† †‹˜‡”•‹–› Ȃ‘ ƒ––‡”™Šƒ––Š‡•‡ƒ•‘Ǥš’‡”‹‡…‡•’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ” ˜‹‡™• ‘ˆ –Š‡ ‘…› ‘—–ƒ‹•ǡ –Š‡ ’‘’—Žƒ” ͢͝–Š–”‡‡–ƒŽŽǡƒŒ‘”•’‘”–•˜‡—‡•ǡ‘—–†‘‘” ”‡…”‡ƒ–‹‘ǡ ƒ”–• ƒ† …—Ž–—”‡ǡ ƒ† †‹‹‰ ƒ† ‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡–Ǧ›‡ƒ”Ǧ”‘—†Ǥ ƒ–‡† –Š‡ ˆ‘—”–Š ‘•– ™ƒŽƒ„Ž‡ †‘™–‘™• ‹–Š‡ƒ–‹‘ƒ‡•‹–‡ƒ•›–‘‰‡–ƒ”‘—†Ǥ—” ‘–‡Ž ‹•…‘˜‡‹‡–Ž› Ž‘…ƒ–‡† ͞͠Ǥ͟ ‹Ž‡•ˆ”‘ ‡˜‡” –‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ‹”’‘”–Ǥ Š‡”ƒ–‘ ‡˜‡” ‘™–‘™ ‘–‡Ž †‡Ž‹˜‡”• ‡ơ‘”–Ž‡••–”ƒ˜‡Ž–‘ƒŽŽ‘ˆ‘—”‰—‡•–•ǡ•‘–Š‡›…ƒ ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡‘”‡™‹–Š‡˜‡”›•–ƒ›Ǥ


OREGON INTERVIEW It’s a scenic journey with incredible views. With more breathtaking byways and tour routes than any other state in the country, ˜‹•‹–‘”•™‹ŽŽ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ƒ–—”ƒŽ„‡ƒ—–›ƒ–‹–•Ƥ‡•–ǤŠ‡–Š‡”–Š‡›ǯ”‡„‡Š‹†–Š‡™Š‡‡Ž‡Œ‘›‹‰–Š‡–Ǥ ‘‘†ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ…‡‹…›™ƒ›ǡ ‘”‘–™‘™Š‡‡Ž•”‹†‹‰ƒŽ‘‰–Š‡‹Ž†‹˜‡”•‘ƒ•–…‡‹…‹‡™ƒ›ǡ‹–ǯ•‡ƒ•›–‘„‡…‘‡‹‡”•‡†‹–Š‡†”ƒƒ–‹…Žƒ†•…ƒ’‡•‘ˆ”‡‰‘Ǥ

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES IN OREGON? Š‡˜‹•‹–‹‰”‡‰‘ǡ˜‹•‹–‘”••Š‘—Ž††‡Ƥ‹–‡Ž›…‡Ž‡„”ƒ–‡Š‡ƒ–‹‘ƒŽƒ”‡”˜‹…‡ǯ•͜͜͝›‡ƒ”ƒ‹˜‡”•ƒ”›ǤŠ‹•‹…Ž—†‡•˜‹•‹–‹‰–Š‡†‡‡’‡•–ȋƒ† ƒ”‰—ƒ„Ž›„Ž—‡•–ȌŽƒ‡‹‘”–Š‡”‹…ƒƒ–”ƒ–‡”ƒ‡ƒ–‹‘ƒŽƒ”ǤŠ‡ǡŒ—•–ƒ•Š‘”–†”‹˜‡ˆ”‘–Š‡’ƒ”ǡ‹•–Š‡”‡‰‘ƒ˜‡•ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ‘—‡–Ǥ Š‡”‡ǡ–Š‡›…ƒ…Ž‹„–Š”‘—‰Š–Š‡Š‹‰ŠŽ›…‘’Ž‡šƒ”„Ž‡…ƒ˜‡•›•–‡‹–Š‡Ǯƒ”„Ž‡ ƒŽŽ•‘ˆ”‡‰‘Ǥǯ ‹ƒŽŽ›ǡ–Š‡›…ƒǯ–‹••–Š‡„”‡ƒ–Š–ƒ‹‰ ‘Ž—„‹ƒ‹˜‡” ‘”‰‡ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ…‡‹…”‡ƒǤŠ‡”‡ǡ˜‹•‹–‘”•…ƒ†”‹˜‡ǡŠ‹‡‘”„‹‡–Š‡‹”™ƒ›ƒŽ‘‰–Š‡„‡ƒ—–‹ˆ—Ž ‘”‰‡Ž‹‡†™‹–Š…ƒ•…ƒ†‹‰™ƒ–‡”ˆƒŽŽ•ǡ lush greenery and dotted with vibrant towns.

WHAT’S NEW IN OREGON? ”‡‰‘‹•ƒŽ™ƒ›•”‡˜‡ƒŽ‹‰•‘‡–Š‹‰‡™ƒ†‡š…‹–‹‰Ǥ ‘”‡šƒ’Ž‡ǡ‰—‡•–•…ƒ•–‡’„ƒ…‹–‹‡™‹–Šƒ•–›Ž‹•ŠŽ›”‡„—‹Ž–ͥ͜͝͡•‹”•–”‡ƒ–”ƒ‹Ž‡”ƒ– –Š‡‹–ƒ‰‡•”ƒ‹Ž‡”‡•‘”–Ǥ –ǯ•Œ—•–•–‡’•ƒ™ƒ›ˆ”‘–Š‡‹ŽŽƒ‡––‡ƒŽŽ‡›ǯ•ˆƒ‘—•‹‘–‘‹”Ǥ ‹ƒŽŽ›ǡ”‡‰‘”‡…‡–Ž›ƒ††‡†–™‘‡™‘ƥ…‹ƒŽ…‡‹… ‹‡™ƒ›•ǤŠ‹•„”‹‰•–Š‡–‘–ƒŽ‹–Š‡•–ƒ–‡–‘͝͠ƒ†…‘—–‹‰ǤŠ‡ƒ•…ƒ†‡‹•‹›‘—ƒ†‹Ž†‹˜‡”•‘ƒ•–„‹‡™ƒ›•–ƒ‡„‹…›…Ž‹•–•–Š”‘—‰Š•‘‡‘ˆ ”‡‰‘ǯ•‘•–‹•’‹”‹‰Žƒ†•…ƒ’‡•Ǥ

CAN YOU SHARE ANY EXCITING NEWS OF THINGS TO COME? ‘—–Š‡””‡‰‘Šƒ•„‡‡…Š‘•‡„›‹‡–Š—•‹ƒ•–•ƒ•‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡͜͝‡•–‹‡”ƒ˜‡Ž‡•–‹ƒ–‹‘•ˆ‘”͜͢͞͝Ǥ‘ƒ•–‹‰•‹š‡”‹…ƒ‹–‹…—Ž–—”ƒŽ ”‡ƒ•ȋ•Ȍǡ–Š‡”‡ƒ”‡͜͝͞™‹‡”‹‡•–Šƒ–…ƒŽŽ‘—–Š‡””‡‰‘Š‘‡ǤŠ‹Ž‡–Š‡˜‹‡›ƒ”†•ƒ›„‡–Š‡Š‹‰ŠŽ‹‰Š–‘ˆ–Š‡‹”™‹‡…‘—–”›Œ‘—”‡›ǡ–Š‡ •—””‘—†‹‰–‘™•‘ˆ•ŠŽƒ†ƒ† ƒ…•‘˜‹ŽŽ‡ƒŽ•‘‘ơ‡”†‡…ƒ†‡–‡ƒŽ•ǡ…‘ˆ›„‡†•ƒ†…—Ž–—”ƒŽ‡˜‡–•Ž‹‡–Š‡”‡‰‘Šƒ‡•’‡ƒ”‡ ‡•–‹˜ƒŽǤ


–ǯ•Šƒ”†–‘…Š‘‘•‡Œ—•–‘‡ˆƒ˜‘”‹–‡–Š‹‰–‘†‘‹”‡‰‘Ǥ—–ƒ‘˜‡”‹‰Š–ƒ–”ƒ–‡”ƒ‡‘†‰‡‹”ƒ–‡”ƒ‡ƒ–‹‘ƒŽƒ”™‘—Ž†Šƒ˜‡–‘„‡ƒ––Š‡ –‘’‘ˆ–Š‡Ž‹•–Ǥƒ‹‰—’‹ƒ™ƒ”ǡŠ‹•–‘”‹…‰—‡•–”‘‘ǡƒ†‰ƒœ‹‰‘—–ƒ™‹†‘™ƒ––Š‡†‡‡’„Ž—‡™ƒ–‡”•‘ˆ”ƒ–‡”ƒ‡ǡ‹•ƒ’Ž‡ƒ•—”‡ˆ‘”Ƥ”•––‹‡ ‰—‡•–•ƒ•™‡ŽŽƒ•”‡’‡ƒ–˜‹•‹–‘”•ǤŠ‡›…ƒ”‹†‡ƒ”‘—†–Š‡”‹‘ˆ–Š‡Žƒ‡‘–Š‡‹”„‹‡‹–Š‡•—‡”ǡ‘”Š‹‡—’–Š‡•‘™Ƥ‡Ž†•ƒ†•‹„ƒ…†‘™ ƒ‰ƒ‹‹–Š‡™‹–‡”Ǥ†‘ˆ…‘—”•‡ǡ–Š‡›…ƒƒŽ™ƒ›•Œ—•–‰”ƒ„ƒ†”‹ˆ”‘–Š‡”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–ǡ”‡Žƒšƒ†‡Œ‘›–Š‡˜‹‡™Ǥ‡‰ƒ”†Ž‡••‘ˆ–Š‡•‡ƒ•‘ǡ‘”–Š‡ ™‡ƒ–Š‡”‘—–•‹†‡ǡ”ƒ–‡”ƒ‡‘†‰‡”‡ƒŽŽ›‘ơ‡”••‘‡–Š‹‰ˆ‘”‡˜‡”›‘‡Ǥ


©2016 Offi ce of the Governor, Economic Development and Tourism.


TEXAS INTERVIEW WHAT SHOULD PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE THEY TRAVEL TO TEXAS? ‡šƒ•‡„”ƒ…‡–Š‡‹”‡•–‡”Š‡”‹–ƒ‰‡ƒ†…—Ž–—”‡ǡƒ•‹•‡˜‹†‡–„›–Š‡ƒ„—†ƒ…‡‘ˆ”‘†‡‘•ǡ”ƒ…Š‡•ǡƒ†ˆ‡•–‹˜ƒŽ•Ǥ”‹‰‹‰›‘—”…‘™„‘›ƒ––‹–—†‡ ‹•‰”‡ƒ–„—–‡š’‡…––‘•‡‡ƒ†‡š’‡”‹‡…‡•‘—…Š‘”‡Ǣ‰‡–”‡ƒ†›–‘‡š’Ž‘”‡Ǥ‡šƒ•Šƒ•ƒŠ—‰‡˜ƒ”‹‡–›‘ˆƒ†˜‡–—”‡•–Šƒ–ƒ”‡—‹“—‡Ž›‡šƒǤ –ǯ• ”‡…‘‡†‡†–Šƒ–‰—‡•–•’Žƒ–Š‡‹”Š‘Ž‹†ƒ›„‡ˆ‘”‡Šƒ†‹‘”†‡”–‘ƒ‡–Š‡‘•–‘—–‘ˆƒ–”‹’–‘‡šƒ•Ǥ––”ƒ…–‹‘•ƒ†–‘—”•…ƒ„‡„‘‘‡†–Š”‘—‰Š ƒ” –‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽƒ†‡š’Ž‘”‡†ƒ–”ƒ˜‡Ž‡šƒ•Ǥ…‘Ǥ

WHAT ARE THE MUST-DO’S AND MUST-SEES IN TEXAS? ƒ–…Š‹‰ƒ•—•‡–ˆ”‘ƒ‡šƒ•”ƒ…Š‘”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ’ƒ”‹•ƒ†‡Ƥ‹–‡—•–Ǧ†‘™Š‹Ž‡˜‹•‹–‹‰–Š‡‘‡–ƒ”–ƒ–‡Ǥ‘–Š‹‰…ƒ„‡‘”‡‡šƒ–Šƒ ƒ––‡†‹‰ƒ”‘†‡‘ǡŽ‹•–‡‹‰–‘Ž‹˜‡—•‹…ǡ†ƒ…‹‰–Š‡‡šƒ•–™‘Ǧ•–‡’ƒ–ƒŽ‘…ƒŽŠ‘›Ǧ–‘ǡ•ƒ˜‘”‹‰•‘‡„ƒ”„‡…—‡ƒ†–ƒ–ƒŽ‹œ‹‰‡šǦ‡š‘” ˜‹•‹–‹‰™‘”Ž†Ǧ…Žƒ••—•‡—•ƒ†ƒ”–‰ƒŽŽ‡”‹‡•Ǥ‹–Š‰”‡ƒ–™‡ƒ–Š‡”‘•–‘ˆ–Š‡›‡ƒ”–Š‡”‡‹•ƒŽ™ƒ›•–‹‡ˆ‘”‘‡‘ˆ‘—”•—›„‡ƒ…Š‡•‘”›‘—…ƒŒ—•– ‰‘‘ƒ•Š‘’’‹‰•’”‡‡Ǣ‹–‡”ƒ–‹‘ƒŽ–”ƒ˜‡Ž‡”•‰‡––‘•Š‘’ƒš ”‡‡‹‡šƒ•Ǥ‹–Š‘”‡ƒŒ‘”•’‘”–•–‡ƒ•‹‡šƒ•–Šƒƒ›‘–Š‡”•–ƒ–‡ǡ…Š‡‡”‹‰‘ ›‘—”ˆƒ˜‘”‹–‡–‡ƒ‹•‡ƒ•›™Š‡–Š‡”‡ǯ•ƒŽ™ƒ›•ƒ‰ƒ‡–‘…ƒ–…ŠǤ

WHAT’S NEW IN TEXAS? Š‡‹˜‡”™ƒŽ‹ƒ–‘‹‘Šƒ•ƒ‡™͞͠‹Ž‘‡–‡”‡š–‡•‹‘–Šƒ–…‘‡…–•–Š‡‡ƒ”Ž”‡™‡”›–‘–Š‡‘”Ž† ‡”‹–ƒ‰‡‹–‡ǡ–Š‡’ƒ‹•Š ‹••‹‘•ǡ‹…Ž—†‹‰–Š‡Žƒ‘Ǥ †‡’‡†‡…‡ŽƒœƒŠƒ•‘’‡‡†ƒ––Š‡’ƒ…‡‡–‡”‹ ‘—•–‘™Š‡”‡˜‹•‹–‘”•…ƒ‡–‡”ƒ•’ƒ…‡•Š—––Ž‡‹ƒ††‹–‹‘ –‘–Š‡‘‡‹‰ͣͣ͠–Šƒ–™ƒ•†‡•‹‰‡†–‘…ƒ””›–Š‡•Š‹’ǤŠ‡ƒ…‘ƒ‘–Š‹–‡‹•ƒ‡™—‹–‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ–‹‘ƒŽƒ”›•–‡ǤŠ‹•’ƒŽ‡‘–‘Ž‘‰‹…ƒŽ•‹–‡ ”‡’”‡•‡–•–Š‡ƒ–‹‘ǯ•‘Ž›”‡…‘”†‡††‹•…‘˜‡”›‘ˆƒ—”•‡”›Š‡”†‘ˆ‘Ž—„‹ƒƒ‘–Š•Ǥ

CAN YOU SHARE ANY EXCITING NEWS OF THINGS TO COME? ‡šƒ•‹•…‘•–ƒ–Ž›ƒ††‹‰‡™†‹”‡…–ƪ‹‰Š–•ˆ”‘ƒ”‘—†–Š‡™‘”Ž†–‘‘—”—Ž–‹’Ž‡‰ƒ–‡™ƒ›…‹–‹‡•ǡƒ‹‰–”ƒ˜‡Ž–‘‡šƒ•‡ƒ•‹‡”–Šƒ‡˜‡”ǤŠ‹••’”‹‰ǡ—•–‹ ™‹ŽŽ„‡Š‘‡–‘–Š‡Ƥ”•–ƒ˜‡’ƒ”‹‘”–Š‡”‹…ƒǡ–Š‡ƒ†—”ˆƒ”™‹ŽŽˆ‡ƒ–—”‡͝͝•—”Ƥ‰ƒ”‡ƒ•™‹–Šˆ‘—”†‹ơ‡”‡–•—”Ƥ‰Ž‡˜‡Ž•”ƒ‰‹‰ˆ”‘„‡‰‹‡” –‘’”‘ˆ‡••‹‘ƒŽǤŠ‡ƒ”–‹Ƥ…‹ƒŽ™ƒ˜‡–‡…Š‘Ž‘‰›™‹ŽŽ…”‡ƒ–‡‘‡Ǧˆ‘‘–ǡˆ‘—”Ǧˆ‘‘–ƒ†’‡”ˆ‡…–Ž›–—„‹‰•‹šǦˆ‘‘–™ƒ˜‡•‡˜‡”›͢͜•‡…‘†•Ǥ‡š–•—‡”ƒŽŽƒ•™‹ŽŽ•‡‡ –Š‡…‘’Ž‡–‹‘‘ˆ–Š‡•‡…‘†‘ˆ–™‘‡™„”‹†‰‡•†‡•‹‰‡†„›ƒ–‹ƒ‰‘ƒŽƒ–”ƒ˜ƒ™Š‹…Š•’ƒ–Š‡”‹‹–›‹˜‡”ƒ†Šƒ˜‡ƒ††‡†–‘–Š‡„‡ƒ—–‹ˆ—ŽƒŽŽƒ••›Ž‹‡Ǥ

CAN YOU SHARE SOME LOCAL TIPS AND SECRETS WITH US? WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO IN TEXAS? Š‡‹–‡†–ƒ–‡•ƒ–‹‘ƒŽƒ”•›•–‡‹•–—”‹‰͜͜͝›‡ƒ”•‘Ž†•‘„‡•—”‡–‘˜‹•‹–‹‰‡†ƒ–‹‘ƒŽƒ”ƒ†•‡‡–Š‡—‹“—‡ǡ•…‡‹…ƒ†“—‹”› ƒ––”ƒ…–‹‘•‹–Š‡ƒ”‡ƒǤ‹†›‘—”™ƒ›–Š”‘—‰Š–Š‡‡šƒ• ‹ŽŽ‘—–”›ƒ†–ƒ•–‡•‘‡ƒ™ƒ”†Ǧ™‹‹‰™‹‡•ƒ–ƒ›—‹“—‡˜‹‡›ƒ”†•Ǥƒ•–ǡ„—– ‘–Ž‡ƒ•–ǡ™ƒ†‡”‹–‘ƒ›Ž‘…ƒŽ™ƒ–‡”‹‰Š‘Ž‡ƒ†ƒ”˜‡Žƒ–Œ—•–Š‘™ˆ”‹‡†Ž›–Š‡Ž‘…ƒŽ‡šƒ•”‡ƒŽŽ›ƒ”‡ǤŠƒ–ǯ•‘›‘—”‡šƒ•–‘†‘Ž‹•–ǫ ‹†•‘‡ ‹•’‹”ƒ–‹‘ƒ–”ƒ˜‡Ž‡šƒ•Ǥ…‘ƒ†™ƒ–…Š‘—”‡šƒ•‘‘ ‹Ž•™Š‹…Šƒ”‡ƒ””ƒ–‡†„›Ž‘…ƒŽ‡š’‡”–•Ǥ



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LA CANTERA HILL COUNTRY RESORT 16641 La Cantera Pkwy., San Antonio, TX 78256

Prepare for an experience of relaxed sophistication. The newly transformed La Cantera Hill Country Resort is …‘ˆ‘”–ƒ„Ž‡ ƒ† ƤŽŽ‡† ™‹–Š ‡™ discoveries around every corner. Set on 550 acres atop one of the highest points in San Antonio, the 496 rooms ƒ† …ƒ•‹–ƒ• †‡Ž‹˜‡” –Š‡ ƒ—–Š‡–‹… ƪƒ˜‘” of Texas Hill Country plus the best of San Antonio shopping, dining and attractions. All of this is just 20 minutes from the Riverwalk and San Antonio International Airport. With nine new restaurants and bars dining ranges from casual to gourmet, each with a distinctive personality that’s tied to La Cantera Hill Country Resort’s remarkable setting. When it is time to play enjoy an array of choices to meet the needs of every guest. Golf two world class ‰‘Žˆ…‘—”•‡•ǡ†‹’‹‘‡‘ˆ–Š‡Ƥ˜‡’‘‘Ž• or spend the day at Loma de Vida, the

resorts full service brand new destination •’ƒ–Šƒ–‘’‡•‹•’”‹‰‘ˆ͜͢͞͝ǤơǦ•‹–‡ you are a short complimentary shuttle ride away from luxury shopping, Topgolf, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and numerous dining options. La Cantera Hill Country Resort is a place ™Š‡”‡’‡ƒ…‡ƒ†–”ƒ“—‹Ž‹–›ƪ‘—”‹•ŠǤ Find a new sense of relaxation in Texas Hill Country. Welcome to La Cantera Hill Country Resort.

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HAWAIโ€˜I INTRODUCTION ยƒย™ยƒย‹วฎย‹วฏย•ย–ย”ย‘ย’ย‹ย…ยƒยŽย„ย‡ยƒย—ย–ย›ย‹ย•ยƒยย’ยŽย‹ฦคย‡ย†ย„ย›ย–ยŠย‡วฒย•ย’ย‹ย”ย‹ย–ย‘ยˆยƒยŽย‘ยŠยƒวณยˆย‘ย—ยย†ย‹ยย‹ย–ย•ย’ย‡ย‘ย’ยŽย‡วคย‘ย‰ย‡ย–ยŠย‡ย”วกยŠย‘ย•ย’ย‹ย–ยƒยŽย‹ย–ย›ยƒยย†ย•ย…ย‡ยย‡ย”ย›ยŽย—ย”ย‡ย˜ย‹ย•ย‹ย–ย‘ย”ย•ย–ย‘ย‡ยšย’ยŽย‘ย”ย‡ย„ย‡ย›ย‘ยย†ย–ยŠย‡ย„ย‡ยƒย…ยŠยƒยย†ย†ย‹ย•ย…ย‘ย˜ย‡ย” ย‡ยšย’ย‡ย”ย‹ย‡ยย…ย‡ย•ยˆย‘ย—ยย†ยย‘ย™ยŠย‡ย”ย‡ย‡ยŽย•ย‡วกยŽย‹ยย‡ยŠย‹ยย‹ยย‰ยƒย‹ยย‡ยƒยƒยย›ย‘ยวกย†ย”ย‹ย˜ย‹ยย‰ย–ยŠย‡ย”ย‘ยƒย†ย–ย‘ ยƒยยƒย‘ย”ย•ย—ย”ฦคยย‰ยƒย‹ยย‹ยย‹ย‡ยƒย…ยŠวค ยƒย™ยƒย‹วฎย‹วฏย•ย•ย‹ยšยยƒยŒย‘ย”ย‹ย•ยŽยƒยย†ย•ศ‚ยƒย—ยƒย‹วกยƒยŠย—วกย‘ยŽย‘ยยƒย‹วก ยƒยยƒย‹วกยƒย—ย‹วกยƒยย† ยƒย™ยƒย‹วฎย‹วฏย• ย•ยŽยƒยย†ศ‚ย‘ฦกย‡ย”ย‡ย˜ย‡ย”ย›ย–ยŠย‹ยย‰ยˆย”ย‘ยยŠย‹ย‰ยŠวฆย‡ยย†ย”ย‡ย–ย”ย‡ยƒย–ย•ย–ย‘ย…ย‘ย•ยย‘ย’ย‘ยŽย‹ย–ยƒยยŠย‘ย–ย‡ยŽย•วกยƒยŽย‘ยย‰ย™ย‹ย–ยŠย•ย‘ยย‡ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ยย‘ย•ย–ยƒยยƒยœย‹ยย‰ย‰ย‘ยŽยˆย…ย‘ย—ย”ย•ย‡ย•ย‹ยย–ยŠย‡ย™ย‘ย”ยŽย†วค


ยƒย™ยƒย‹ย‹ ย•ยŽยƒยย†วกยƒยŽย•ย‘ยยย‘ย™ยยƒย•ย–ยŠย‡วฒย‹ย‰ ย•ยŽยƒยย†วกวณย…ย‘ยย–ยƒย‹ยย•ออ ย‘ยˆย–ยŠย‡ย™ย‘ย”ยŽย†วฏย•ออŸย…ยŽย‹ยยƒย–ย‡ยœย‘ยย‡ย•วค ย‡ย”ย‡วกย›ย‘ย—ย…ยƒยย•ย‡ย‡ย•ยย‘ย™วฆ ย’ยƒย…ยย‡ย†ย’ย‡ยƒยย•วกย™ยƒย–ย…ยŠยŽยƒย˜ยƒฦชย‘ย™ย‹ยย–ย‘ย–ยŠย‡ย‘ย…ย‡ยƒยยƒยย†ย’ยŽยƒย›ย‘ย ย„ย‡ยƒย…ยŠย‡ย•ย‘ยˆย™ยŠย‹ย–ย‡วกย‰ย”ย‡ย‡ยวกย„ยŽยƒย…ยวกยƒยย†ย”ย‡ย†ย˜ย‘ยŽย…ยƒยย‹ย…ย•ยƒยย†วค

HAWAII ] ͜͝͝

MAUI )))


2525 Kaanapali Parkway, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 96761 ‘…ƒ–‡† ‹ –Š‡ Š‡ƒ”– ‘ˆ ƒ—‹ǯ• ’”‡‹‡” ”‡•‘”– ˆ”‘–‹‰ –Š‡ –Š”‡‡Ǧ‹Ž‡ •–”‡–…Š ‘ˆ –‘’Ǧ”ƒ–‡† ¢Ǯƒƒ’ƒŽ‹ ‡ƒ…Šǡ ¢Ǯƒƒ’ƒŽ‹ ‡ƒ…Š ‘–‡Ž ‹• ‘ƥ…‹ƒŽŽ› ”‡…‘‰‹œ‡† ƒ• Dz ƒ™ƒ‹Ǯ‹ǯ• ‘•– ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ ‘–‡Ždzˆ‘”†‡‘•–”ƒ–‹‰ƒ‘‰‘‹‰ …‘‹–‡––‘Š‘‘”‹‰ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ…—Ž–—”‡Ǥ ‘–‡† Dz ‘–‡Ž ™‹–Š ‡•– Ž‘Šƒ ’‹”‹–ǡdz –Š‡ hotel surroundings provide a relaxed and true ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ ƒ–‘•’Š‡”‡ ƒ…”‘•• ͝͝ ƒ…”‡• ‘ˆ Ž—•Š tropical lawns and gardens. ‹–Š ͟͠͞ •’ƒ…‹‘—• ”‘‘•ǡ „‡ƒ…Šˆ”‘– ˆƒ‹Ž› •—‹–‡• –Šƒ– •Ž‡‡’ Ƥ˜‡ǡƒ ˆ”‡‡›‡ƒ”Ǧ”‘—† DzŽ‘Šƒ ƒ••’‘”– ˆ‘” ‹†•dz ’”‘‰”ƒǡ ¢Ǯƒƒ’ƒŽ‹ ‡ƒ…Š ‘–‡Ž ’”‘˜‹†‡• ƒ ˆƒ‹Ž›Ǧˆ”‹‡†Ž›ǡ ˜ƒŽ—‡Ǧ’ƒ…‡† ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡™Š‡”‡…Š‹Ž†”‡ͣ͝›‡ƒ”•ƒ†›‘—‰‡” •–ƒ›ˆ‘”ˆ”‡‡Ǥ  ”ƒ‰‡ ‘ˆ ƒơ‘”†ƒ„Ž‡ ƒ™ƒ”†Ǧ™‹‹‰ †‹‹‰ ‘’–‹‘•ƒ”‡ƒ˜ƒ‹Žƒ„Ž‡™‹–Š‰Ž—–‡Ǧˆ”‡‡‘ơ‡”‹‰Ǥ ‡”‡…Š‹Ž†”‡‡—•ƒ”‡ƒ˜ƒ‹Žƒ„Ž‡™‹–Š•’‡…‹ƒŽ ’”‹…‡• ˆ”‘ …Š‹Ž†”‡ —†‡” ͝͞ ƒ† ‹†• Ƥ˜‡ ›‡ƒ”• ƒ† ›‘—‰‡” ‡ƒ– ˆ”‡‡ ƒ– ’ƒ”–‹…‹’ƒ–‹‰ restaurants when accompanied by a paying ƒ†—Ž–ǤŠ‡–Š‡”†‹‹‰‘”‡Œ‘›‹‰”‡ˆ”‡•Š‹‰ tropical beverages, guests will be entertained by the complimentary sunset hula show and Ž‹˜‡ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ ‡–‡”–ƒ‹‡– ‹ –Š‡ ”‡…‡–Ž› ”‡‘˜ƒ–‡†‹‹‘—”–›ƒ”†ǡŠ‘‡–‘–Š‡‹•Žƒ†ǯ• largest outdoor tiki.

‘†ƒ›‡˜‡‹‰•ǡ‹‹‘—”–›ƒ”†’”‘˜‹†‡• –Š‡ ’‡”ˆ‡…– ˜‡—‡ ˆ‘” –Š‡ ‡™ ‡‰‡†• ‘ˆ ¢Ǯƒƒ’ƒŽ‹ —Ǯƒ—Ǥ ˆ–‡” ƒ ™ƒ” ™‡Ž…‘‡ǡ ‰—‡•–• ˆ‡ƒ•– ‘ ƒ „‘—–‹ˆ—Ž ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ „—ơ‡– ™Š‹Ž‡ ™ƒ–…Š‹‰ –Š‡ •–‘”› ƒ† Š‹•–‘”› ‘ˆ ¢Ǯƒƒ’ƒŽ‹ —ˆ‘Ž† –Š”‘—‰Š ‡…Šƒ–‹‰ Š—Žƒ ƒ†‘Ʈ‘Ž‡Ž‘ȋ•–‘”›–‡ŽŽ‹‰ȌǤ Š‡ Š‘–‡Žǯ• ˆ—ŽŽǦ–‹‡ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ …—Ž–—”ƒŽ ƒ†˜‹•‘”• •Šƒ”‡ —‹“—‡ ƒ† ƒ—–Š‡–‹… cultural experiences with guests by hosting …‘’Ž‹‡–ƒ”› †ƒ‹Ž› ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡• ‹…Ž—†‹‰ Š—Žƒ Ž‡••‘•ǡ Ž‡‹ ƒ‹‰ǡ Ǯ——Ž‡Ž‡ lessons, cultural garden walks, lauhala ™‡ƒ˜‹‰ǡ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ Žƒ‰—ƒ‰‡ Ž‡••‘•ǡ ’ƒ”‡‘ ƒ† ——‹ „”ƒ…‡Ž‡– ƒ‹‰ǡ ƒ† ’‹‡ƒ’’Ž‡Ǧ cutting demonstrations. Š‡‘Ǧ•‹–‡ǮŠƒƒ —‡–‡”ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡•ƒ† tour desk, beach activities center, signature ™ŠƒŽ‡ •Šƒ’‡† ’‘‘Žǡ †ƒ‹Ž› ƒ”–• Ƭ …”ƒˆ–• ˆƒ‹”ǡ ƒ† ˆƒ”‡™‡ŽŽ Ž‡‹ ——‹ …‡”‡‘› ƒ†† –‘ –Š‡ —ˆ‘”‰‡––ƒ„Ž‡‡š’‡”‹‡…‡Ǥ ¢Ǯƒƒ’ƒŽ‹‡ƒ…Š ‘–‡Ž‹•–Š‡‹†‡ƒŽ•‡––‹‰–‘ –—” ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ†”‡ƒ•‹–‘Ž‹ˆ‡Ž‘‰‡‘”‹‡•Ǥ Œ‘› ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ Š‘Ǯ‘‹’ƒ ȋŠ‘•’‹–ƒŽ‹–›ȌǥƒŽ‘Šƒ at its best!



HYATT REGENCY WAIKIKI BEACH RESORT 2424 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815

Discover the ancient spirit of aloha at Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort. Balanced between the idyllic beauty of the legendary Waikiki Beach and the dynamic city center, this hotel and resort offers a vibrant escape that seamlessly combines relaxation, adventure and authentic Hawaiian hospitality. Spread out in spacious, newly remodeled guestrooms with private lanais and enjoy views of the spectacular Pacific Ocean and famed Waikiki Beach. Get adventurous. Sink your toes in legendary sands, or hike Diamond Head, and walk to the Honolulu Zoo or the Waikiki Aquarium. Awaken your adventurous side with surfing lessons on Waikiki Beach.

Relax, refresh and recharge with a visit to Na Ho’ola Spa. This award-winning spa features fabulous views of Waikiki Beach. Skilled practitioners rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit with a wide variety of massages, facials, stone treatments, and wraps. Savor a variety of culinary delights, all of which are all thoughtfully sourced and carefully served. From the flavors of Hawaii Regional Cuisine to light tropical fare, Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort specializes in carefully sourced cuisine that has been thoughtfully prepared. Reward yourself with a stay at our island paradise and experience the true meaning of Hawaiian hospitality.

MAUI ))))1/2

HYATT REGENCY MAUI RESORT & SPA 200 Nohea Kai Dr, Lahaina, HI 96761

‹•…‘˜‡” –Š‡ —Ž–‹Â?ƒ–‡ ÂƒÇŻÂƒÂ?ƒ’ƒŽ‹ ‡ƒ…Š Š‘–‡ŽÇŚ ›ƒ––‡‰‡Â?…›ƒ—‹‡•‘”–ĆŹ’ƒǤ —””‘—Â?†‡†„›Í ÍœŽ—•Šǥ‹Â?Â?ƒ…—Žƒ–‡Ž› ŽƒÂ?†•…ƒ’‡† „‡ƒ…Šˆ”‘Â?– ƒ…”‡• –Š‹• „”‡ƒ–Š–ƒÂ?‹Â?‰ ƒ—‹ ”‡•‘”– ’”‡•‡Â?–• ƒÂ? ƒ•–‘Â?‹•Š‹Â?‰ ƒ””ƒ› ‘ˆ †‡Ž‹‰Š–ˆ—Ž ™ƒ›• –‘ spend your days and nights. ”‘Ž‹… ‹Â? –Š‡ ™ƒ–‡” ’Žƒ›‰”‘—Â?†ǥ ’ƒÂ?’‡” ›‘—”•‡Žˆ ƒ– –Š‡ ƒ”‹Ž›Â? ‘Â?”‘‡̓ Â’ÂƒÇĄ ’Žƒ› …ŠƒÂ?’‹‘Â?•Š‹’ ‰‘Žˆ ƒÂ?† –‡Â?Â?‹•ǥ •Â?‘”Â?‡Ž ƒ– Žƒ…Â? ‘…Â?ÇĄ ”‹†‡ –Š‡ Â™ÂƒÂ˜Â‡Â•ÇĄ even spend an evening with the heavens ƒ– –Š‡ ”‘‘ˆ–‘’ ƒ•–”‘Â?‘Â?› ’”‘‰”ƒÂ?Ǥ ‡Ž‹‰Š– ‹Â? –Š‡ ‰—‡•–”‘‘Â?• ™‹–Š ‘…‡ƒÂ? views, or priceless art collection, or even ‹Â? –Š‡ Â?ƒÂ?› †‡Ž‡…–ƒ„Ž‡ ÂƒÂ™ÂƒÂ”Â†ÇŚÂ™Â‹Â?Â?‹Â?‰ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒÂ?–•Ǥ Â?†—Ž‰‡‹Â?ƒŽŽ–Š‡”‡‹•–‘‘ƥ‡” –‘ …”‡ƒ–‡›‘—” ‘™Â? ’‡”ˆ‡…– ƒ—‹ ‰‡–ƒ™ƒ›Ǥ ‡ ‡Â?…ŠƒÂ?–‡† „› –Š‡ —Ž–‹Â?ƒ–‡ ‡š’”‡••‹‘Â? ‘ˆ ‹•ŽƒÂ?† Š‘•’‹–ƒŽ‹–› ƒ– –Š‡ ”—Â?• ‘ˆ –Š‡

ÂƒÂ…Â‹Ć¤Â…—ƒ—ÇŚƒ•’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ”Œ‘—”Â?‡›˜‘–‡† –Š‡„‡•–Ž—ƒ—‘Â?ƒ—‹Ǥ Â?Œ‘› ˆ—Â? ’‘‘Ž• ™‹–Š ƒ ”‘’‡ „”‹†‰‡ stretched out across them and a •’‡…–ƒ…—Žƒ” Í?ÍĄÍœÇŚÂˆÂ‘Â‘Â– Žƒ˜ƒ –—„‡ •Ž‹†‡Ǥ Ž—•ǥ –Š‡”‡ǯ• ƒÂ? ƒ„—Â?†ƒÂ?…‡ ‘ˆ Â™Â‹ÂŽÂ†ÂŽÂ‹ÂˆÂ‡ÇĄ ‡˜‡”›–Š‹Â?‰ˆ”‘Â?’ƒ””‘–•ƒÂ?†ĆŞÂƒÂ?‹Â?‰‘•–‘ •™ƒÂ?•ƒÂ?†’‡Â?‰—‹Â?•ǤƒÂ?‡•—”‡–‘…Š‡…Â? ‹Â? ™‹–Š –Š‡ ‡š–”‡Â?‡Ž› ˆ”‹‡Â?†Ž›ǥ Š‡Ž’ˆ—Ž Â•Â–ÂƒĆĄƒÂ?†ĥÂ?ƒ„‘—––Š‡ˆ”‡‡™‹Ž†Ž‹ˆ‡–‘—”• ˆ‘”„‘–ŠÂ?‹†•ƒÂ?†ƒ†—Ž–•ǤƒŽÂ?–‘ŠƒŽ‡”• ‹ŽŽƒ‰‡ ˆ‘” ƒ Â?—Ž–‹–—†‡ ‘ˆ ƒ††‹–‹‘Â?ƒŽ entertainment, shopping and restaurants.

HAWAII ] ͜͟͝ MAUI )))))

ANDAZ MAUI AT WAILEA RESORT - A HYATT HOTEL 3550 Wailea Alanui Dr., Wailea, HI 96753

‡‡•ƒ…–—ƒ”›ƒ–ƒŠ‹††‡‰‡ƒŽ‘‰–Š‡ …‘ƒ•–‘ˆƒ™‘”Ž†Ǧˆƒ‘—•‹•Žƒ††‡•–‹ƒ–‹‘Ǥ †ƒœ ƒ—‹ ƒ– ƒ‹Ž‡ƒ ‡•‘”– Ǧ ƒ ›ƒ–– ‘–‡Ž”ƒ†‹ƒ–‡•Ž—š—”›ƒ–‡˜‡”›–—”ǡ‹˜‹–‹‰ ›‘—–‘”‡˜‡Ž‹ƒ—‹“—‡ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ…—Ž–—”ƒŽ experience. ‡”…Š‡† ƒŽ‘‰ …”‡•…‡–Ǧ•Šƒ’‡† •Š‘”‡•ǡ ‘—” ͝͡Ǧƒ…”‡ „‡ƒ…Šˆ”‘– ”‡•‘”– ‹‡”•‡• ›‘— ‹ –Š‡ ™ƒ”ǡ ™‡Ž…‘‹‰ •’‹”‹– ‘ˆ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ǡ ™‹–Š †ƒœ —‡•–”‘‘• ƒ† —‹–‡• –Šƒ– ‘ơ‡” ”‡ˆ”‡•Š‹‰ ”ƒ‹ •Š‘™‡”• ƒ†ƒŠ‘•–‘ˆŽ—š—”‹‡•Ǥ ƒ• ‹ ƒ „‡ƒ…Šˆ”‘– Ž‘…ƒ–‹‘ǡ †‹”‡…–Ž› on Wailea’s shores, with exclusive resort ƒ‡‹–‹‡•ƒ†•‡”˜‹…‡•‹…Ž—†‹‰Ǥ—‹–‡• ƒ† ‹ŽŽƒ• ‘ˆˆ‡” ™‡Ž…‘‡ „‡˜‡”ƒ‰‡•ǡ •ƒ…• ƒ† ‘ǦƒŽ…‘Š‘Ž‹… „‡˜‡”ƒ‰‡• ”‡’Ž‡‹•Š‡††ƒ‹Ž›ǡ‹Ǧ”‘‘ƒ†Š‘–‡Ž‹Ǧ ‹ǡƒ†•‡†ƒ•‡”˜‹…‡ƒ”‘—†ƒ‹Ž‡ƒǡƒ† recreational activities. Relax on your private Žƒƒ‹ǡŒ—•–•–‡’•ƒ™ƒ›ˆ”‘‘ƒ’—‡ƒ…Šǡ

„ƒ…‡†„›”‹…ŠǦŠ—‡†•—•‡–•Ǥ ”‡ƒ– ›‘—”•‡Žˆ –‘ ƒ†˜‡–—”‡ǡ ™‹–Š Š‘–‡Ž ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡• –Šƒ– ‘ơ‡” ‡˜‡”›–Š‹‰ ˆ”‘ …ƒ‘‡‹‰ ƒ† ƒ›ƒ‹‰ –‘ •—”ˆ Ž‡••‘• ƒ†‘”‡Ǥš’Ž‘”‡–Š‡„‡•–‘ˆƒ—‹ǡˆ”‘ ’”‹•–‹‡„‡ƒ…Š‡•ǡ–‘ƒ‰‹Ƥ…‡–’‡ƒ•ƒ† ”ƒ‹ˆ‘”‡•–•‘”•…‡‹…™‘†‡”•Ǥ ‡Ž‹…‹‘—•Ž› …”ƒˆ–‡† …—Ž‹ƒ”› ‘’–‹‘•ǡ with locally sourced, natural and organic ‹‰”‡†‹‡–• ‡„”ƒ…‡ –Š‡ ƒ”‡ƒǯ• ˆ”‡•Š‡•– ƪƒ˜‘”•ˆ”‘ˆƒ”–‘–ƒ„Ž‡Ǥ ‹•…‘˜‡”›‘—”’‡”•‘ƒŽ•’ƒǤ‘Ǧ–”ƒ†‹–‹‘ƒŽ ƒ† ™Š‘ŽŽ› —‹“—‡ǡ Ʈ¢™‹Ž‹ •’ƒ ƒ† •ƒŽ‘ invites you to mix, blend and entwine the ’—”‡•–‡Ž‡‡–•‘ˆƒ—‹‹–‘ƒ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ that’s custom tailored to you. ‹•…‘˜‡”‡šƒ…–Ž›™Šƒ–›‘—ǯ”‡Ž‘‘‹‰ˆ‘”‹ „‡ƒ—–‹ˆ—Ž ƒ‹Ž‡ƒǡ ƒ—‹ǯ• ’‘•–…ƒ”† ’‡”ˆ‡…– destination.

MAUI )))))

FAIRMONT KEA LANI MAUI 4100 Wailea Alanui Dr., Wailea, HI 96753

ƒ‹”‘–‡ƒƒ‹ǡ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ǯ•‘Ž›ƒŽŽǦ•—‹–‡ ƒ† ˜‹ŽŽƒ ”‡•‘”–ǡ •‡–• ƒ ‡™ •–ƒ†ƒ”† ˆ‘” Ž—š—”›™‹–Š–Š‡”‡…‡–…‘’Ž‡–‹‘‘ˆƒ͊ͣ͜ million renovation. Ideally located amidst ͞͞ ’”‹•–‹‡ ‘…‡ƒˆ”‘– ƒ…”‡• ‘ ƒ—‹ǯ• …‘˜‡–‡† ƒ‹Ž‡ƒ …‘ƒ•– ƒ† ‘Ž‘ ‡ƒ…Šǡ ƒ‹”‘–‡ƒƒ‹‹–”‘†—…‡•ƒ”‡ˆ”‡•Š‡†ǡ contemporary design throughout each ‘‡Ǧ„‡†”‘‘•—‹–‡ƒ†Ž—š—”›„‡ƒ…Š˜‹ŽŽƒǤ Š‡ ”‡•‘”–ǯ• ͥǡ͜͜͜ •“—ƒ”‡Ǧˆ‘‘– ‹ŽŽ‘™ –”‡ƒ ’ƒǡ ”‡…‘‰‹œ‡† ƒ• ƒ™ƒ‹‹ǯ• ‘’ ‘–‡Ž ’ƒǡ ˆ‡ƒ–—”‡• Ž‘…ƒŽŽ›Ǧ‹•’‹”‡† ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡• …‘„‹‹‰ ƒ—‹Ǧ•‘—”…‡† ’”‘†—…–•™‹–Šƒ…‹‡– ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ–”ƒ†‹–‹‘ ƒ† –Š‡ Žƒ–‡•– ‹ •’ƒ –‡…Š‘Ž‘‰›Ǥ Œ‘› ˆ—ŽŽ •‡•‘”› ‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ •Š‘™‡”• ‹•’‹”‡† „› ƒ—‹ ”ƒ‹ǡ •–‡ƒ ƒ† •ƒ—ƒǡ ƒ† ƒ •‘‘–Š‹‰’¢Ž‘Ž‘ȋ—†Ȍ„ƒ”Ǥ Ûǡ –Š‡ ”‡•‘”–ǯ• •‹‰ƒ–—”‡ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–ǡ ‘ơ‡”•‰—‡•–•ƒ—‹“—‡†‹‹‰‡š’‡”‹‡…‡ Š‹‰ŠŽ‹‰Š–‹‰ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ǯ• ’Žƒ–ƒ–‹‘ ‡”ƒǦ

‹•’‹”‡† …—‹•‹‡Ǥ ‡† „› ƒ™ƒ”†Ǧ™‹‹‰ ‡š‡…—–‹˜‡ …Š‡ˆ ›Ž— ƒ‰ǡ Û …—‹•‹‡ showcases local ingredients and the …—Ž‹ƒ”›‹ƪ—‡…‡‘ˆ ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒǡŠ‹‡•‡ǡ ‹Ž‹’‹‘ǡ ‘”–—‰—‡•‡ǡ ‘”‡ƒ ƒ† ƒ’ƒ‡•‡ ‹‹‰”ƒ–• ‘ –Š‡ †‹•–‹…– ƪƒ˜‘”•‘ˆ–Š‡‹•Žƒ†•Ǥ ‹–Š ˆ‘—” —‹“—‡ ”‡•–ƒ—”ƒ–•ǡ –Š”‡‡ •™‹‹‰ ’‘‘Ž• ‹…Ž—†‹‰ ƒ ƒ†—Ž–•Ǧ ‘Ž›’‘‘Žǡ ͜͝͠ǯ™ƒ–‡”•Ž‹†‡ǡ…‘’”‡Š‡•‹˜‡ Ƥ–‡•• ƒ† ™‡ŽŽ‡•• ’”‘‰”ƒǡ ‹†• …Ž—„ǡ ƒ† ƒ™ƒ‹‹ƒ …—Ž–—”ƒŽ ’”‘‰”ƒ‹‰ǡ ƒ‹”‘– ‡ƒ ƒ‹ ‹• –Š‡ ’‡”ˆ‡…– ’Žƒ…‡ –‘ ˆ‡‡Ž ’ƒ’‡”‡†ǡ ”‡‡‡”‰‹œ‡ ƒ† ”‡…‘‡…– ™‹–ŠŽ‘˜‡†‘‡•Ǥ‡ƒ”„›ƒ…–‹˜‹–‹‡•‹…Ž—†‡ snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, outrigger …ƒ‘‡ ƒ†˜‡–—”‡•ǡ •…—„ƒ †‹˜‹‰ǡ ‹•Žƒ†Ǧ wide excursions, as well as complimentary –”ƒ•’‘”–ƒ–‹‘–‘‡ƒ”„›ƒ‹Ž‡ƒ ‘ŽˆŽ—„ǡ –‡‹•…‘—”–•ƒ†Š‡Š‘’•ƒ–ƒ‹Ž‡ƒǤ



MEXICO INTRODUCTION ‹–Š…‘ƒ•–•‘„‘–Š–Š‡ƒ”‹„„‡ƒ‡ƒƒ†ƒ…‹Ƥ……‡ƒ•ǡ‡š‹…‘„‘ƒ•–•‘”‡–Šƒ͜͠͡„‡ƒ…Š‡•ǡ‡ƒ…Š‘‡™‹–Š‹–•‘™•–‘”›ƒ†—‹“—‡•—””‘—†‹‰•Ǥ‹–Š •–”‹‹‰•…‡‡”›ƒ†Ž—š—”›”‡•‘”–•ǡ‘•ƒ„‘•„ƒŽƒ…‡•‘†‡”…‘ˆ‘”–™‹–Šƒ–”ƒ†‹–‹‘ƒŽ‡š‹…ƒƒ–‘•’Š‡”‡Ǥƒ…—‹•‡š‹…‘ǯ•‘•–’‘’—Žƒ”†‡•–‹ƒ–‹‘†—‡ –‘‹–•’‹…–—”‡Ǧ’‡”ˆ‡…–„‡ƒ…Š‡•ƒ†™‹†‡•‡Ž‡…–‹‘‘ˆ”‡•‘”–•ˆ”‘–”—•–‡†Š‘–‡Ž„”ƒ†•ǤŠ‡‹˜‹‡”ƒƒ›ƒ…‘ƒ•–‹•Ž‹‡†™‹–Š™‘”Ž†Ǧ…Žƒ••”‡•‘”–•”ƒ‰‹‰ˆ”‘”—•–‹…–‘ ‡š–”ƒ˜ƒ‰ƒ–Ǥ —•–‘ơ–Š‡…‘ƒ•–‹–Š‡„”‹ŽŽ‹ƒ––—”“—‘‹•‡™ƒ–‡”•‘ˆ–Š‡ƒ”‹„„‡ƒ‹•‡š‹…‘ǯ•…”‘™Œ‡™‡Žǡ‘œ—‡ŽǤ


‡š‹…‘ǯ••‹œ‡‡•—”‡•ƒ‡˜‡”Ǧ‡†‹‰…‘”—…‘’‹ƒ‘ˆ †‡Ž‹‰Š–•ˆ‘”–Š‘•‡™Š‘ƒ”‡‹–‡”‡•–‡†ǤŠ‡–Š‡”›‘—ǯ”‡‹–‘ ˆ‘‘†ǡƒ”…Š‹–‡…–—”‡ǡ—•‹…‘”…—Ž–—”‡ǡ‹–•”‹…ŠŠ‹•–‘”›Šƒ• …”‡ƒ–‡†ƒ—‹“—‡ƒ–‹‘ǡ–Š‡ƒ’’‡ƒŽ‘ˆ™Š‹…ŠŽ‹‡•‹–Š‡ †‹˜‡”•‹–›ƒ†•’‹”‹–‘ˆ‹–•’‡‘’Ž‡Ǥ







Lat20 by Live Aqua Playa Del Carmen

Live Aqua Cancun All Inclusive Adults Only

Grand Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Adults Only

Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun

Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos All Inclusive Golf & Spa

Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun All Inclusive

Fiesta Americana Cozumel All Inclusive

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive & Spa

Fiesta Americana Villas Acapulco

The Explorean Cozumel by Fiesta Americana

At Fiesta Americana Resort Collection, you’ll discover the Spirit of Mexico as it surrounds you. It’s an experience like no other that brings to life everything that is unique and exhilarating about Mexico – our rich culture, traditional and modern cuisine, serene soul nurturing waters at the best beaches in the world, warm, world-class hospitality, unrivaled accommodations and amenities.


HYATT ZILARA AND HYATT ZIVA Distinguished addresses, stunning oceanfront settings, vibrant culture and authentic cuisine, all inspired by natural beauty and perfected with luxurious amenities. Enjoy an adults-only escape at Hyatt Zilara or bring the family and reconnect at Hyatt Ziva. Indulge in unexpected adventures, unwind in pure relaxation or celebrate your romance. It’s all included, and it’s all bestowed with our genuine Service From The Heart®. Luxurious accommodations featuring breathtaking ocean, pool and resort views Fine dining options at à la carte and gourmet buffet restaurants, and 24-hour in-suite dining Sprawling resort infinity pools with swim-up bars, hot tubs and cabanas Unique activities including themed beach parties and pool games for all ages

Contact Mark International for reservations CANCUN • LOS CABOS • MONTEGO BAY • PUERTO VALLARTA The Hyatt Zilara™ and Hyatt Ziva™ trademarks and related marks are trademarks of Hyatt International Corporation. © 2016 Hyatt International Corporation. All rights reserved. PLA07000316





PARADISE WITH UP TO $1,800 LIMITLESS RESORT CREDIT Live the rock star lifestyle and let loose with $1,800 Limitless Resort Credit to put toward whatever you please. Golf, spas, tours, you name it, we’ll have the stacks waiting at check-in. Come get some of this top-shelf, sun-soaked decadence at the all-inclusive Hard Rock Hotels of Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Get up to






$1,800 Limitless Resort Credit based on a 7-8 night consecutive stay per room. Bookings of 3 nights receive $500, up to $750 with a 4 night stay, up to $1,500 with a 5-6 night stay, up to $2,000 with a 9-11 night stay and up to the equivalent of $2,500 with a stay of 12-13 night stay and up to $3,600 with a stay of 14 nights or more. A 20% service fee will apply over the final price of all transactions using the Limitless Resort Credit promotion on all services or products available at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, and Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta. Service fee can only be paid with cash, room charge and credit card. Service fee cannot be paid with the remaining Limitless Resort Credit promotion balance. Other restrictions may apply.





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