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Cold war

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Time Period/Dates: 1947-1960s’s when the cold war began and when it reached its weakest time.

Inventions/ what were brought to the world 1994 union developed atomic bombs European Economic community or common market.

Overall facts about this time

1973-1973: oil crisis 1981-1988: Reagan president of U.S 1985-1991: Gorbachev heads soviet union 1989: Berlin wall division ends 1992:End of economic restrictions within common market

Leaders of this time period Harry Truman/1884-1963: He worked in congress John F. Kennedy/1917-1963: U.S. would land on the moon. Neil Armstrong/July 20 1969: Landed on the moon,Apollo 11 mission.

Catastrophic Events/Disasters: Cuban missiles crisis Space race landmarks Fall of the Berlin Wall Soviet invasion of hungary Korean War Berlin Airlift

Cultural Contributions The cold war was reflected in culture through music,movies,books, television and other medias as sports.One major element of the cold war was a threat of nuclear war.


Cold war  
Cold war