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Swimming pool enclosures

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Advantages of having a telescopic pool enclosure Flexibility


What could be more flexible than an enclosure that gives full covered protection to your pool, and can be completely or partially retracted so you and your family and friends can enjoy your pool whatever the weather. Our pool enclosures allow you to extend your season if not swim all year round. When the pool enclosure is closed it provides safety for children and animals, also preventing debris and leaves entering the water. The solar effect of the cover helps raise the water temperature to a comfortable swimming environment, particularly in the colder months. Pool Enclosure will mean you can use your pool whatever the weather, it's always clean, you can open and close it in a lot less time than it takes to roll up a bubble cover, and it's virtually maintenance free.

Heating the water with natural solar action through the enclosure

An enclosed swimming pool means your pool will cost less to run, as you avoid losing heat generated and actually make your own heat for free. Pool enclosures traps the heat of the sun and prevents the evaporation of water, thereby generating a comfortable warmth for your daily or evening swims.

Try a pool enclosure

Try out one of our pool enclosures you will be amazed by the experience, you will be able to enjoy swimming in a warm and relaxing indoor pool.

Cleaner Pool

An enclosure will also mean a reduced need to use chemicals for cleaning, as the pool will stay cleaner for longer, in most cases doubling the life of the swimming pool, and saving you money. Low level enclosed designs causes minimal impact on the garden and patio view.

Saving money by having a pool enclosure

Investing in a swimming pool enclosure actually helps you to save money on maintenance costs, However it's not all about cost saving, it has a lot to do with enjoying your pool for more of the year.

Telescopic enclosures are not only used for pools

We can design enclosures specified for patio and other entertaining areas. Telescopic or fixed enclosures can be installed anywhere an open air facility is needed

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Benefits of having a pool enclosed . Having .

a swimming pool enclosed achieves many goals

Pool enclosures allow you to extend your season, swim even when the sun isn't out! High solar efficiency results from the polycarbonate panels heats water in the pool considerably without running costs, polycarbonate panels also protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. Having your pool enclosed means the water in the pool is always clean, you can open and close it in a lot less time than it would take to roll up a bubble cover, and it's virtually maintenance free. Low-Level designs of our pool enclosures 80 - 1.45m cause minimal impact on the garden and patio view - the neighbours should not complain. Summer months or warm days simply slide the retractable enclosure behind the pool and enjoy swimming in the open air. Winter months there is no need to open or close your swimming pool enclosure, simple make use of the sliding or open door. Low level enclosure designed with safety in mind and will suit most budgets. Our pool enclosures are available in a range of styles. From the moment the pool is closed, there is much less messy dust, leaves, insects, etc.. Enclosures assure you have countless benefits and rewards to make better use of our pool. Less use of filtering process. Clean water means less need to filter it, which will lengthen the life of the purification equipment and save on pool chemicals.

Free-of-charge and environmentally-friendly water heating Protection against children or pets falling in the water Reduced temperature fluctuations of pool water overnight. Reduced weather damage to swimming pool. Reduction in evaporation loss. Reduce your pool maintenance by half. Extend your swimming season. Less chlorine evaporation. Easy to operate. Save money Add value to your property. More privacy. No Building permission required

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How does a pool enclosure heat the water Polycarbonate panels heat the water inside the pool enclosure Polycarbonate panels act like a greenhouse. Direct exposure to the sun's rays, the effect of diffused rays warms the air within the enclosure. The water temperature also rises on cloudy days even when there is no direct sun. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, flexible, lightweight, and weather resistant.

Evaporation/loss of heat Evaporation of water from the pool leads to loss of heat. Depending on the temperature difference between the water and the air many litres of water may be lost each day. With a pool enclosure, the water surface is isolated from the external atmosphere, which slows down the evaporation from the pool. This saves money by using less water. Our enclosure design allows all sections to be clamped down, making it very secure in bad weather. The sections of the enclosures frame is equipped with a brush and rubber seals, these seals keep the warm air inside the enclosure and keeps drafts out, This creates a warm enclosed environment, minimizing heat loss.

Using a pool enclosure in the winter months In the winter months or when the weather is not so good, the enclosed sections do not need to be opened, the sliding or opening door would be used, minimizing heat loss, open and sliding doors are lockable.

Opening the sections of a pool enclosure in warmer months Opening the sections of the enclosure in the summer months, simply remove the clamps/bolts, and slide the sections open, these bolts can be removed by using a quick release tool. It takes approximately two minutes to open the sections.

Cleaning and Maintaining a pool enclosure Very little maintenance is required, however, if you happen to live in an area that has dust flying about, then occasional cleaning may be required. The aluminium frame and polycarbonate panels can easily be cleaned by hosing them down, using sponges or brushes that can scratch the panels surface should NOT TO BE USED as these can damage the UV filter coating on the polycarbonate.

Heats the water

Seals and brush

Sealing against tiles

Enclose my pool Tel 673411362 English Tel 670510097 Spanish

Quick release tool

Construction of pool enclosure The frame is constructed of high quality, powder coated aluminium, the roof and walls are of UV filter coated polycarbonate, durable aluminium framework and polycarbonate which retain their characteristics for years. There are two types of clear polycarbonate can be used multi-wall, sizes are 6mm to 16mm and solid 4mm to 8mm. Pool Enclosure are Arched in Style to create a very strong structure. All sections of the enclosure are retractable. Enclosure are manufactured to your specification to suit your pool, patio or garden. The height of the overall low-level enclosure depends on the size of your pool, they can be up to 1.4m, Lean-pool enclosure up to 1.6m

Polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate is sealed at the sides making sure no dust enters inside the honeycomb channels.

Sealing the sections

Various sized rubber seals and brush seals are used at the bottom and pass over section of the enclosure, ensuring excellent rain and draft proofing. Doors can be sliding or opening In the side of arched sections there is a sliding door, which opens half the space of a section, allowing easy access from outside and from the inside, a lock is fitted the secure the door. A second sliding door can be installed if needed, the opening door can be fitted a the ends of the enclosure. Normally one door would be sufficient.


The wheels have built in suspension to allow all sections to be raised and moved. Telescopic sliding enclosure Sections of the enclosure run on wheels over the surface of the pool surround, The wheels are fitted the bottom of each section, they do not need a track to run on, making our pool enclosures trackless. NOTE: The patio or pool surround need to be a smooth,level surface, if they are not we fix an aluminium profile to the pool surround allowing the sections to move smoothly.

Securing the sections of a pool enclosure

Four securing brackets are fitted on each sections, allowing the sections to be securely clamped/bolted down.

Obstacles to enclose the pool

If there is an obstacle, for example a pool ladder is where the sections are to run, we can modified the ladder to suit the pool enclosure.

Lean-to pool enclosure

If your pool has been built very close to a garden or patio wall, we can build a Lean-to enclosures that will run along the side of the wall.

Wind resistant

Aluminium structure of our pool enclosure we manufacture is highly wind resistant. All enclosures are tested at the workshop making installation between one - three days depending on the design. All materials used to build the pool enclosure do not rust.

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Enjoy swimming in a warm and relaxing indoor pool

Enclose my pool Tel 673411362 English Tel 670510097 Spanish

Telescopic swimming pool enclosure  

What could be more flexible than an enclosure that gives full covered protection to your pool, and can be completely or partially retracted...

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