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“The Simple, Time Tested 3 Step Formula For Making Money Online…”

Mark Huber, CFP, Author

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Let’s assume that you are just starting out online and have no list, no JV partners and no real marketing budget. And you need to make $5,000 in the next 30 days with your business!?!” You have no money, no credit cards, no line of credit and the ONLY option was to start from scratch with your internet marketing business and make $5,000 in the next 30 days, or else… We are going to seriously SIMPLIFY online marketing for you right now. And give you the exact same steps you can follow to create your own income-producing, lead-generating, high converting website funnel so you can actually start making money this week with YOUR current business. This 3 step formula is proven, time tested, and is hands down the easiest and most effective strategy for a regular person to create some real income in as little as 30 days. This strategy is not hype. It’s not some fad. It will never go out of style… Now of course everyone will get different results, and nothing is guaranteed, and YES real work is required… but this formula works and has been proven over and over again. This formula IS the foundation of all Internet marketing success. There are only 3 things that you absolutely MUST have in order to make a real income on the Internet in as little time as possible. 1)

You need a lead capture offer.


You need to send traffic to that lead capture offer.

3) You need a multi-tiered monetization funnel that PAYS you well! That’s it! Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved


If this sounds “to simple’ that’s because it is. But DO NOT make the mistake of thinking you “already know” this… The problem most struggling marketers have is that they over complicate things… they get pulled in to many directions, and they do NOT focus on the SIMPLE things that will actually put money in your pocket Now, pay close attention… because if you “get this” if you really understand “HOW” to use these 3 steps properly, which I am going to explain you could be making your first $5K in the next 30 days with whatever business you are currently building… So, let’s dig deeper into all 3 components… 1.

The Lead Capture Offer

A lead capture offer is essentially a website that offers a specific solution to your prospect’s problem in exchange for their name & email address. For Example: “Industry Leader Reveals The Top 10 Prospecting Tricks For Generating 50 Business Leads Per Day”

Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved


So if that appeals to someone they will enter in their name and email address to learn more. But for your “lead capture offer” to work effectively you must have a sexy & proven “replicated” affiliate lead capture offer. Why? Well, otherwise it could take you months to create your own offers, create lead capture pages and create compelling copy that converts. Your lead capture offer must be high-converting & laser targeted to convert your website visitors into LEADS And your lead capture offer must be FRESH, new and HOT… 2. Traffic Now that you have an offer, you need a strategy to get real people to go visit your capture page offer/site. Now this is usually where things begin to get really confusing. Every “guru” and his brother are telling you about the latest traffic getting scheme or magic software. Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved


Most people (especially “newbies” starting out) get overwhelmed with the amount of information, the different strategies and the incredible amount of work and time that many of these strategies take. So let us simplify TRAFFIC for you today also. You see there are only a handful of effective marketing strategies you should even consider starting with. SO, we need to FOCUS on the most effective marketing strategies. If you want to succeed with marketing and driving traffic to your website, CHOOSE only 1 or 2 marketing strategies and FOCUS ALL of your energy to master that one marketing strategy BEFORE you more on to any other strategies. The biggest mistake all newbies make is trying to do a little bit of everything and never really mastering even ONE strategy. Don’t make this mistake… Don’t do it, or I guarantee you will stay stuck and overwhelmed with very little (if any) chance for success. 3. A Multi-Tiered Monetization Funnel Now, you may be thinking, “What in the world is that?” Simply put, it’s a sales funnel designed for you to fully maximize how much MONEY YOU MAKE from your customers. It’s a tiered series of multiple products offered to your new customer once they buy something from you where YOU make ALL of the SALE… YES, 100% PURE PROFIT! This can be the difference between $8 in profit and $1,568 in profit for YOUR business PER CUSTOMER! Now, a proper sales funnel will begin typically with a low cost-high value product typically priced between $7 and $49. The purpose of this entry level product is to “convert” as many leads into paying customers as possible… so you offer a product that has Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved


high value, provides a solution (painkiller) a much needed problem (or pain) for a very low cost. But we can’t stop there! And unfortunately most struggling marketers do. They typically have ONE product, ONE service or ONE opportunity that they promote and they will collect only a tiny portion of each sale. This is a HUGE mistake and will guarantee that you LOSE money. The ONLY way to Make Money Effectively on the Internet is to have A Multi-Tiered Monetization Funnel After your customer purchases your entry level product, you MUST immediately offer to them additional products or services or opportunities that are valuable, congruent and higher priced. This is where your PROFIT is made! Of course these products MUST be highly relevant, provide the customer with exceptional value and give your new customer the solutions they are seeking. These additional products may be more detailed training courses, membership offers or business opportunities. Either way, this is your opportunity to give more value to your customers, allow them to spend more money with you as a customer and increase your income potential. And more importantly… these products MUST pay you a solid commission. We need to maximize our return on investment, so selling a $50 eBook and earning a 30% commission just won’t cut it. We are looking for higher priced products, with higher payouts so that you have the potential to make on average at least $200-$500 per customer up front! Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved


This will cover ALL of your marketing expenses, will include a hefty profit, and allow you to market and generate as many leads as you want for your business… Using a Multi-Tiered Monetization Funnel is THE secret on how to grow your business fast, and is CRITICAL to you maximizing and monetizing your marketing efforts to the fullest extent. When you promote affiliate products or services the normal industry payout averages range from 30-50%. Good, but not good enough! Today, there are products and services available to promote that pay 100% affiliate commissions… THIS is how the big boys and girls capitalize and trust me, your business will NEVER be the same again. Case Study Example 1) Simple sales site: $27 (eBook) X 30% commission = $8 (this is most marketers – and why 95% FAIL!) 2) Simple sales site: $27 (eBook) X 100% payout = $27 (these are OK marketers) 3) Multi-Tiered Monetization Funnel $27 (eBook) to a $47 (related product-“upsell” to a $497 (training program) to a $997 (high end coaching) = $1568 (X 30% = $470 PROFIT) - these are even better marketers 4) Multi-Tiered Monetization Funnel $27 (eBook) to a $47 (related product-“upsell” to a $497 (training program) to a $997 (high end coaching) = $1568 (X 100% = $1568 PROFIT) - these are the BEST marketers & the top income earners… The Difference: $1578 paid to YOU! The PURE PROFIT OFFERS and PRODUCTS are critical to making the money FAST… So then, this is the 3-step formula that will give you an unfair advantage to reaching your goal of $5K in the next 30 Days! Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved


Again, it doesn’t matter what level of experience or success you’ve had in past. With your business following this time tested PROVEN simple 3 step formula. Just imagine… 30 days from now… Imagine how you will feel when you are finally able to generate leads for your business as money is simultaneously beginning to pour into your bank account faster than you ever dreamed possible thanks to this massively profitable 3-step formula! The blueprint to Create $5K in 30 days with your business is now yours, right here… right NOW! Dig in. And take action. Today is the start of a whole new marketing career for you so GET EXCITED! 30 days from now you could be well on your way to building the business of your dreams. For your convenience we have included links to 2 of the top 100% Profit Multi-Tiered services for your review… My Lead System Pro - sales funnels & lead generation and Empower Network - blogging platform and content aggregator And so in closing, all the very best to you in your “new found” knowledge and marketing success! Cheers! Mark Huber Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved


About the Author

Mark Huber, CFP, Author Mark Huber is a proud Canadian living in scenic Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Mark enjoys sharing cutting edge marketing ideas and practices with those who also share a passionate vision for creating true wealth and living their dream lives. “It’s Your Life! Plan For It! Then Live Like You Mean It!” The purpose of this report is to share the tips, tools and strategies to help business owners and individuals become financially and personally - Set For Life! My #1 passion is (and always has been) helping people to accomplish their personal and financial goals. With over 28 years of experience in the highly competitive financial services industry I do know a thing or two about marketing online… Even though I have been “online” since 1999 my really big successes were directly attributable to the “Internet Marketing” industry. My financial practice ramped up incredibly when I began to put into place the tools, ideas and strategies that I was learning – and continue to learn and implement… Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved


Furthermore, I subscribe to the ideal that when we discover something of great value it is our obligation and pleasure to share it with others…. Now I spend time crafting, refining and broadcasting MY message with my mouth and my mouse…as Alex Mandossian would say…

Alex Mandossion and Mark Huber Picture of Alex Mandossian and Mark Huber at the Canada Internet Marketing Summit, held in Vancouver, Canada in March, 2009. I have gotten into both industries respectively because I’ve long recognized that my role is not only to partner with individuals to assist them in creating prosperity and financial peace of mind for themselves and for their family but also to work proactively to bring the most innovative planning tools, strategies, ideas, products and people to the attention of my clients on an ongoing basis. One of my long time frustrations as a financial planner was that I felt I was only addressing one part of my clients “formula for success”… While advising on their investments, insurance, estate and financial needs and plans was important and rewarding enough – I often felt limited and “impotent” because of a families lack of financial resources to really make more of a meaningful impact on their life as collectively they planned and saved for their futures and personal and financial goals in life… The bottom line was that I had no way to show them how bring more money into their lives! Until now that is! Now, while I still can’t give individuals or families a salary increase I CAN show how to get “online” and to make money with the tools and resources and ideas that they have. This has been a very enriching and rewarding experience! Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved

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I am now really and truly making a real and meaningful impact in the lives of many individuals today! I have seen many investment and online offers come and go over the years. And after careful analysis most fall well short of expectations and profitability. That said, there are 4 services that do stand up to my rigorous scrutiny and not only perform as promised -but you can make a full time living promoting these superior products and services. Each pays a monthly residual income on every sale that you make‌ These are 4 services that all online businesses need and should be using for their online success... They are: GVO - web hosting My Lead System Pro - sales funnels & lead generation Empower Network - blogging platform and content aggregator AWeber - industry leader autoresponder service _______________________________________________________ "Our mission is to teach, support and empower people to transform their lives!"

_______________________________________________________ You can connect with Mark here Tel: 604-207-9970 Toll Free: 1-888-923-9133 Skype: mark.huber1 Email: For FREE marketing tips & tricks join our members site today http://SuccessOnTheFly.commembership site at: You should join our private Facebook group here _______________________________________________________ Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved

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MATERIAL CONNECTION DISCLOSURE: You should assume that Mark Huber, the author of this report, has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned in this message and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. You should always perform due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline. Even if this report contains useful content, you should still consider it an advertisement. Copyright 2012 SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises. All rights reserved world wide. All trademarks and service marks are property of their respective owners. Neither Mark Huber or SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises assume any liability whatsoever for the use of or inability to use any or all of the information contained in his Web Sites, Blogs, emails, reports, ebooks, audios, broadcasts and newsletters. The information expressed and contained in Mark Huber's Web Sites, Blogs, emails, reports, ebooks, audios, broadcasts and newsletters are solely the opinion of the author based on his personal observations and years of experience and those of 3rd parties. Use this information at your own risk. Be responsible! Always do your own due diligence. _______________________________________________________ The End

Copyright Mark Huber & SuccessOnTheFly Enterprises 2012 All Rights Reserved

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The Simple 3 Step Formula For Making Money Online  

The proven, time tested, simple 3 step formula for making money online. Discover the exact steps to create your own income-producing, lead-...

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