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European Roe Deer

(Capreolus capreolus) Shoulder height: 63-69cm Weight: 18-27kg Lifespan: max. 8-10 years


Identification: Roe deer are goat-size with sandy/brown coats in the summer turning to grey/brown in winter. They have a white inverted heart-shaped rump and a short white tail, black nose and white chin patch. Male antlers, which are shed in November, are small, fringed and branched. Footprints

General: They may be seen singly or in twos or threes in areas of scrub and open woodland with dense undergrowth. If alarmed they will bark loudly as they leap away. The males establish breeding territories in late spring and will mate in July/August. It is common for the female to give birth to twins in May/June - she hides them in undergrowth for the first week. Distribution - UK: Widespread across Scotland and northern England, East Anglia and the south-west. The population is spreading into the Midlands. MH


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