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Reeve’s Muntjac

(Muntiacus reevesi)

Shoulder height: 45-52cm Weight: 12-15kg Lifespan: max. 19 years


Identification: They are the smallest deer in Britain, approximately the size of a large dog and with a distinctive hunched back appearance. Both males and females have dark face markings which distinguish them from Chinese water deer. Females have a diamond-shaped marking whereas males have a dark V-shape starting at the nose. The coat of both sexes is reddish-brown. Males have short straight backward pointing antlers and protruding upper canines. General: Breeding occurs throughout the year with the male mating with any female in oestrus. Due to postpartum oestrus, the female may have continuous pregnancies for many years. As browsers they have a wide varied diet and are able to adapt to living in close Footprints proximity to humans. They can often be seen in gardens and city parks. Distribution - UK: They are widespread across East Anglia, the Midlands and north-east England, with increasing populations seen in south Wales and the south-west of England. PP


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