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Common Seal

(Phoca vitulina)

Size: 120-160cm Weight: 45-130kg Lifespan: max. 30 years


Identification: These have a variable coat colour with small numerous dark spots. The head has a concave profile and nostrils form a V-shape. General: They are opportunistic feeders which is possibly why they sometimes appear inland in Cambridgeshire. They eat 3 – 4kg of fish per day and are able to dive for up to 10 minutes. Common Swimming seals are smaller than the grey seal. Although there is a small difference in size and weight between the sexes, their similarity makes it difficult to tell them apart. Common seal pups are born in late June/early July and are able to swim immediately. They suckle for approximately 4 weeks both in and out of the water. The female will mate again once her pup is born. MH Distribution - UK : On the east coast, occurring in estuaries and sandbanks, in small groups - widespread along the west coast of Scotland.



Cambridgeshire Mammal Atlas  
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