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(Mustela nivalis)

Size: 17-25cm –4cm tail Weight: 50-100g Lifespan: max.3 years


Identification: The weasel is Britain’s smallest carnivore with a long narrow body and short legs, brown fur above and white below with an irregular line parting the two. It could be confused with the stoat. However, stoats are larger with a longer black-tipped tail. General: The weasel is a predator specialising in voles and mice and due to its small size it can hunt these With prey within their burrows. Field voles are their favourite prey. They will also take young rabbits, eggs and nestling birds, particularly if rodents are sparse. Mating takes place in April-July and females produce litters of 45 kits which become independent within 3 months. Weasels can fall prey to foxes, cats and owls, and are subject to shooting and trapping by gamekeepers. Distribution - UK: Widespread MH but thought to be declining in numbers. 69

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