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(Meles meles)

Size: 65-80cm –15cm tail Weight: 8-12kg Lifespan: max. 16 years, average 6-8 years


Identification: Unmistakable - there are no confusion species. General: Most common in areas containing deciduous woodland and pasture. They generally live in social groups based within a burrow system called a sett. The group maintains a territory, usually patrolling the boundary regularly and marking it with scent and latrines. Mating occurs in spring but implantation is delayed until December with cubs born in February, usually 1-3 per litter. Badgers are omnivorous taking a wide range of animal and plant food. Their main food item is earthworms but they will also dig out Footprint nests of small mammals and rabbits, as well as those of wasps and bumblebees, and eat the contents. Plant food includes fruit, acorns and cereals, especially sweetcorn. Man is the only threat to badgers with many killed on the roads. In spite of legal protection, some illegal killing occurs by shooting or digging or baiting with dogs. Distribution - UK: Most common in the west country, but widespread throughout the UK.



Cambridgeshire Mammal Atlas  
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