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(Vulpes vulpes)

Size: 62-72cm – 40cm tail Weight: 5-8kg Lifespan: max. 10 years, average 2-3 years


Identification: Unmistakable - there are no confusion species. General: A native species common in the countryside and increasingly in urban areas. Mating takes place during the winter months and the courtship can be very noisy! Foxes usually live in a breeding pair and raise cubs in a den called an earth. They have a territory which they may share with other adults, particularly previous years’ cubs. Up to five cubs are born in the spring and they can reproduce the following year. Foxes are intelligent and opportunistic, and have readily adapted to urban environments in the last 50 years or so. Their traditional habitat is woodland and farmland but they also occupy marshes, mountains and moorlands. They are primarily carnivorous with rabbits, mice, voles and ground-nesting birds the main prey. They also take carrion and in the Footprint urban environment rely heavily on human food waste. Man is the only threat to foxes with road traffic collisions being the major cause of death, but they are also shot and snared. Distribution - UK: There are approx. 250,000 foxes distributed widely throughout the UK in all parts except for some Scottish islands. The population is stable.



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