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(Barbastella barbastellus)

Wingspan: 24-29cm Weight: 6-13g Lifespan: max. 24 years


Identification: A medium sized bat with very dark brown fur with pale tips giving a frosted look. The dark face is very distinctive in shape and the bat cannot be confused with any other species. General: A native species which likes to forage in woodland, wet meadows, along rivers and farmland. They are agile slow skilful flyers feeding mostly on small insects caught in the air or gleaned from foliage. Mating takes place in the autumn and a single pup or occasionally twins are born in early summer in small communal maternal roosts and weaned after 6 weeks. They are migratory and may travel large distances. Roosts and hibernacula are usually in trees or underground. They may forage in mild weather during the winter. Distribution - UK: It is a rare bat with a population of approx. 5,000 distributed thinly throughout the south of England and south Wales. The population is stable. Sonogram



Cambridgeshire Mammal Atlas  
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