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(Eptesicus serotinus)

Wingspan: 33-28cm Weight: 15-35g Lifespan: max. 20 years


Identification: A large bat with dark brown fur - paler on the face and underparts. They have dark ears and a dog-like face with exceptionally large teeth. They have very large broad wings but their large ears are diagnostic. General: A native species which likes to forage in woodland and farmland. They are agile flyers feeding mostly on very large beetles and large moths. They regularly take food from the ground and can eat large prey on the wing. Mating takes place in the autumn and a single pup is born in late spring in small communal maternal roosts and weaned after 6 weeks. Roosts and hibernacula are usually in old buildings. Distribution - UK: There are approx. 15,000 distributed widely throughout the south of England - mostly south of a line from the Wash to the Severn. The population is stable.

Sonogram DH/AL


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