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Soprano Pipistrelle

Wingspan: 19-26cm Weight: 3-7g Lifespan: max. 16 years

(Pipistrellus pygmaeus)


Identification: A small bat with ginger fur and slightly paler underparts, they are paler on the face than the common pipistrelle and are slightly smaller. General: A native species which forages in a variety of habitats, particularly woodland edges. They feed mostly on small insects such as mosquitoes and small moths. Mating takes place in the autumn and one or two pups are born in late spring in large maternal roosts and weaned after 6 weeks. Roosts are often in buildings particularly churches in which they often hibernate. Distribution - UK: There are approx. 720,000 distributed widely throughout the UK except the far north of Scotland. The population is stable. Sonogram



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