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Leisler’s Bat

(Nyctalus leisleri)

Wingspan: 26-32cm Weight: 12-20g Lifespan: max. 10 years


Identification: A large bat with long dark golden-brown shaggy fur, they have thickened fur on the upper back resembling a mane. They have distinctive large forward-facing ears and cannot be easily confused with any other species, although may appear similar to a small noctule. They have hairy forearms - unique amongst UK bats and a useful identification feature. General: A native species which likes to forage in fields, woodland and urban areas. They are powerful, fast and high-flying and emerge at sunset to feed on larger insects such as beetles and moths stooping at speed to catch them. Mating takes place in the autumn and males have a harem of females. A single pup is born in late spring in small maternal roosts consisting of a handful of females and it is weaned after 6 weeks. They are mainly a tree-roosting species but occasionally use bat boxes and buildings. They are rarely seen in winter and hibernate mostly in tree crevices. Distribution - UK: There are approx. 28,000 mostly in Northern Ireland where it is common, but it is restricted to a few areas in eastern England and one in southern Scotland. The population is stable. Sonogram



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