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Natterer’s Bat

(Myotis nattereri)

Wingspan: 24-30cm Weight: 7-12g Lifespan: max. 20 years


Identification: A medium sized bat with sandy grey upperparts and a white underside. It has rounded ears (which curve at the end) on the side of the head. They have a very pink dog-like face and pinkish arms and are very similar to Daubenton’s bats but lack the large feet. General: A native species which likes to forage in woodland. They are fast flying and agile hunters feeding mostly on small insects. Mating takes place in the autumn and a single pup is born in late spring in communal maternal roosts and weaned after 6 weeks. Roosts are usually in trees and buildings and they hibernate in underground sites. Distribution - UK: There are approx. 150,000 distributed widely throughout the UK in all parts except the extreme north-west of Scotland. The population is stable. Sonogram

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